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How To Make Wet Dog Food Out Of Dry

When A Dog Isn’t Drinking Water

Vet Advice | Should I Feed My Dog Wet or Dry Food?

Several dogs can be poor drinkers of water. Therefore, soaking dry dog food in water will help to hydrate your pet. Weve already discussed the dangers of dehydration however, it is worth noting that it could be a symptom of a health issue.

Here are some health problems in which dehydration can be an alarming and common symptom:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Injury inside or near to themouth of your dog
  • Damaged teeth
  • Urinary infection

Therefore, if the problem persists, you should visit your veterinarian to discard any of the aforementioned issues. Another tip to help dogs drink more is to use a water fountain. Indeed, running water entices dogs a lot more than still water.

Why Do People Mix Wet And Dry Dog Food

As a general rule, it is common practice for people to blend both wet and dry dog foods in their pup food and this practice has many benefits for both people and their dogs. Furthermore, by helping a dog get more moisture out of its diet which is beneficial for dogs with kidney problems or bladder problems, it also reduces their risk of dehydration.

How Dry Dog Food Is Cooked

There are multiple ways that dog food companies cook their products, but one of the most common is through extrusion. Once all the raw ingredients are collected, theyll be ground down and mixed together to create a dough or paste. Extrusion is a process where these mixtures are pushed through a machine so that it can be formed and cut into multiple pieces of the same shape. As the dough is forced through the machine, its exposed to extreme pressure and extreme temperatures that cook the mixture before it is cut off into identical pieces, similar to Cheerios®.

The extrusion process allows companies to quickly produce large amounts of dog food. However, these efficiencies come at a cost. The high temperatures and pressures needed for extruding dog food may damage the key nutrients found in the raw ingredients. That damage means your dog might not benefit as much as youd expect from this food because of the particular way it was processed by that dog food company.

In addition, extruded dry dog food kibbles almost always need additional flavoring to make up for what was lost during manufacturing. This process, sometimes called enrobing, sprays on a combination of rendered fat and additional liquid or powder flavoring to the finished dry food to make it taste better and be more appealing to dogs than it would be otherwise. However, this sprayed-on taste only covers up for a loss in true nutrition and flavor.

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Keep your dog healthy and fit with this easy peasy homemade recipe its cheaper than store-bought and chockfull of fresh veggies!

I never thought I would be one of those dog owners who made homemade human food for their pups. Not in a million years.

But when Butters recently fell sick with an upset stomach, our vet advised us to feed him a bland diet chicken and rice without any kind of seasoning. So thats what we did we poached a chicken, shredded it in a food processor, and mixed in some white rice and fed him this bland diet for 3 days.

Thats when I started to do some research on homemade dog food, and I have been so amazed as to how many different kinds of vegetables dogs can have. And with the help of Balance IT, you can create so many different recipes for your pup!

Now the best part about making homemade dog food just like making anything at home is that you know exactly what is going into the dog bowl, and not any of that questionable gelatinous gunk from the canned food.

But its important to note that dogs have different nutrient requirements than humans for their proportional body size, such as:

  • High-quality protein
  • Fat
  • Calcium
  • Essential fatty acids
  • Now this recipe here has a balance of 50% protein, 25% veggies and 25% grains, but the ratios can easily be adjusted to suit your pups breed and/or needs.

    What Are The Benefits Of Mixed Feeding


    Dogs love food or, rather, dogs love eating! Some dogs wont eat wet food, some wont eat dry, but almost all will eat mixed food. Like us, they love variety, and mixed feeding adds more tastes, textures and aromas to their bowl.

    Mixing wet and dry dog food means your dog gets the best of both worlds. It can make mealtimes extra special and win over the pickiest of eaters.

    Mythbuster: dogs dont get bored with eating the same thing over and over

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    Do Consider Mixing Canned And Dry Pet Food

    Adding canned food to dry food is another way to increase the moisture content and enhance the flavor of the meal, while allowing you the flexibility of buying different types of food that fit your budget. Talk to your veterinarian about complementing your dry dog food or dry cat food with a canned food that compliments his or her dietary needs as well as the appropriate ratio of dry to wet food to provide for each meal.

    Making The Right Choice

    There is no single right or wrong way to feed your dog. What matters most is that the food you choose is as healthy as possible and is a good match with your feeding philosophy.

    If you feed your dog only canned dog food, give them opportunities to crunch on snacks that can help clean their teeth and satisfy their need for a good chew. Likewise, dogs that are fed dry food may occasionally enjoy a delectably meaty treat. Balancing out the crunchy with the yummy is just one more way you can provide the best possible care for your dog.

    To help find the right foods for your dog, check out our Food-Finder Tool. With so many nutritious and delicious choices, your dog will have a hard time deciding which is their favorite.

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    For Puppies Being Weaned Off Milk

    If you want to help their transition from milk to solid food, then adding some water will help tremendously. Because their teeth arent developed yet, therefore turning dry dog food into wet will allow them to chew it easily and digest it properly.

    We recommend you to use warm water and turn it into a kind of gruel, just like baby food. We guarantee you that your puppy will love it. That is why in an encounter of dry dog food versus wet, the latter will win most of the time because puppies are fussy eaters and they prefer a moist texture and richer aroma.

    However, when to stop soaking puppy food? There is no definitive answer, but 8 to 12 weeks seems to be the ideal range. You have to test and see how your puppy reacts.

    What Is Dry Matter Basis And Why Does It Matter

    Homemade Wet Dog Food Recipe (Healthy, Extremely Easy to Make)

    What is dry matter basis and why is it important for pet food? Weve got the answersand a calculator to help you determine the ratio of nutrients to moisture content.

    When looking at the nutritional values of pet food, the guaranteed analysis listed on the package is misleading because its based the total weight. To get a correct reading, you need to eliminate the moisture content to find a proper distribution of nutrients.

    Sounds confusing? Dont worry. Our calculator will take the mystery out of the process, giving you a more accurate reading of nutritional analysis in your pets food.

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    The Look And Smell Of Dog Kibble Soaked In Water Seems Disgusting To Us But Our Dogs See No Problem With It At All There Are A Couple Of Good Reasons To Add Water To Dry Dog Food Here’s When You Should

    Sometimes, I soak my dogs dry food in warm water for 15 or 20 minutes before I feed them.

    I do this for a couple of reasons. My older dog has had a few dental extractions, and doesnt chew up his food as well as he used to not that any dog grinds up much of the kibble he or she eats unlike ours, canine teeth are not much for grinding. Mostly, a few of the kibbles get crunched, and more likely get swallowed intact. My younger dog is prone to eating way too fast just bolting down all his food whole in less than a minute and I am guessing that it will put less of a strain on his digestive system if the food arrives even slightly pre-moistened.

    And I know that feeding both of them soaked food makes them feel more full. Dry foods are so nutrient-dense, that the volume of the amount of food that is calorically appropriate for their weight might not come close to filling up their tummies. If their meal is full of water, it definitely increases satiety that sensation of fullness. They quit walking around the kitchen looking unsatisfied after their meals when their food is soaked.

    Neither of my dogs are reluctant or picky eaters, but adding water can definitely increase the palatability of dry food for some dogs.

    However, one shouldnt moisten food and leave it sitting out at room temperature for very long I would start being concerned about bacterial growth in moistened food that had been left out at room temperature for more than an hour.

    Do Consider Adding Water To Dry Kibble

    There are plenty of dogs and cats that love their dry kibble. But if your pet has begun showing less interest in the food, it may be time to add a little “gravy.” It’s real simple, too. Just take about a ¼ cup of filtered water and add it to the top of the bowl of kibble in order to moisten and enhance the flavor of the pet food. Cats often stand to benefit the most from doing this, as they frequently have issues with dehydration. Consult your vet if your pet would benefit from adding water to your pet’s diet.

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    Best Dog Food For Senior Dogs

    Senior dogs, usually considered 7+, vary in their individual nutritional needs. Younger senior dogs may struggle with being overweight and older senior dogs may struggle with being underweight, which is why there is such a variety.

    Choosing the best senior dog food may come down to what your dog finds palatable. Many older dogs prefer wet food while others may need their food warmed up to enhance the aromas. Ultimately, your vet can help choose the best dog food for an older pet.

    Do Consider Mixing Pet Foods With Different Shapes Textures And Aromas

    How to make dry dog food seem like canned at home

    The shape, texture and aroma are among the most important pet food attributes that entice your dog or cat’s appetite. Try to shake things up a bit by offering your pet a mix of foods with different shapes, textures and/or aromas. You may be pleasantly surprised to discover how much your dog or cat will enjoy the adventure that is eating again.

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    Mixing Wet And Dry Dog Food

    Wet food. Dry food. How do you serve your dog theirs? Are you a combination feeder and like to give your dog a little bit of both types, everyday? Or do you pop a little bit of wet food on top as a treat? When it comes to your dogs food, it can feel like a minefield out there on the best this or best that.

    Mixed feeding is really common so its good to know a little bit more about it, so you can make an informed choice between wet or dry dog food, or the whole kit and kaboodle.

    The key is quality and any dog food has to have the right nutrients for your dog, however youre planning on serving it. That means looking at portion sizes, too, taking any changes slowly and finding the best wet food to mix in.

    Dry Dog Food Versus Wet Or Canned Dog Food

    Freeman argued the amount of water in wet food might make it an unwise investment, and instead recommended you go with dry food. One benefit to dry food , she noted, is that the friction of chewing it can help keep your dogs teeth and gums healthy. Its also less messy. Morgan added that bags of dry food also tend to be more affordable compared to the other options.

    However, Morgan noted that kibble typically includes less meat and often includes some sort of grain, legume, or potato. If you go with kibble, Morgan suggested topping the dry food with a bit of canned food, meat from home, or other toppers.

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    Wet Food Is A Treat For Dogs

    Most dogs prefer wet food over dry kibblebut the cost of wet food along with a shorter shelf-life means the majority of dogs will be eating dry food. However, that doesnt mean you cant give your dog a treat and turn their dry kibble into wet food every once in a while. Give one of the six methods a try, your dog is going to love you for it!

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    Is It Cheaper To Make Your Own Dog Food

    Dry kibble made into wet kibble

    Its possible to cut down on food costs for your pet when you feed your pup home-cooked meals. Especially if you are making the switch from expensive high-end dog food or lots of pricey canned dog food. You can take your dogs diet from better to best in this way.

    Also, a lot of the ingredients you will use are likely a part of your familys diet or at least they should be! Things like broccoli, ground turkey, and sweet potato are easy to acquire and also make a pretty tasty meal for humans!

    The price of store-bought dog food varies greatly, and some high-end varieties go for double the cost of others.

    On average, commercial dog food will run you about $3-6 a day to feed your dog.

    Comparatively, homemade dog food on average will cost about $3-8 for a day of meals.

    Naturally, the price of your homemade dog food will increase if you shop for organic ingredients. So, making your pets food at home doesnt come out to be the cheapest option, but it is competitive to moderate to high-end dog food prices.

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    How Long Can You Leave Dry Dog Food Out

    Its perfectly fine to leave our air dried food out for your pet to eat on, as long as they are protected by it from bacteria, which could spoil over time. You are therefore advised to dispose of the spoiled food in your pets bowl if it has been out for over 8 hours without spoiling.

    The Pros And Cons Of Mixing Wet And Dry Dog Food

    Dog food options abound when you walk into a pet store and while there are fresh, frozen, and even freeze-dried options, the most common types of food you will find are either dry kibbles or canned, wet dog foods.

    Some dog owners will mix both kinds of food for various reasons. It is helpful to know the benefits of both kinds of food individually as well as whether mixing them negates these benefits so that you can provide the best diet for your dog.

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    Benefits Of Wet Dog Food Compared To Dry Dog Food

    Wet dog food, or canned food, sometimes provides benefits that dry food doesnt offer, such as:

    • Higher moisture content: Wet food may be a good choice if your dog doesnt drink as much as they should, or if they have a medical condition that could benefit from proper hydration. One example would be a dog with a history of urinary or kidney disease.

    • Palatability: Canned dog food is often more aromatic and flavorful when compared to dry food. This may entice sick or older dogs to eat if their appetite is decreased.

    • Satiety: Wet dog food tends to create a longer-lasting feeling of being full. Increased satiety is useful in weight management, especially in dogs that seem to have a never-ending appetite.

    • Easier to chew: Dogs that have dental disease or other oral abnormalities may find wet food easier to chew than dry food.

    How Much Canned And Dry Food To Feed A Dog

    What is the difference between wet and dry dog food ...

    Using two or more meals a day would amount to feeding one 10 oz container to each 1012 1212 pound body weight daily. Keeping your dogs ideal state of body with this amount should be adjusted. One 10-ounce container can replace about 3 1 cup of dry dog food if mixed with dry food.

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    How To Soften Food For Kittens

    Kittens are a common reason why cat owners switch to soft foods temporarily. Kittens often have problems swallowing, which can become a major hazard if not addressed. You can get your kitten started on a particular food and slowly transition it from wet back to dry.

    To soften the food for kittens, start with the right amount of dry food in a bowl. Add enough water to fill 1/4th of the bowl, but make sure that all of the food gets wet. Let it sit for a few minutes to soak it in. If needed add more water and stir. Continue this process until you reach the right consistency for your kitten.

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