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Homemade Dog Food For Seizures

Dogs With Epilepsy: Diagnosis & Treatment

Seizures RESOLVED With Homemade Dog Food (RMF)

There is no cure for epilepsy, but there are treatments available to treat dogs who suffer from the condition.

An underlying cause of your dogs seizures must be determined before treatment can begin. Your pet will be diagnosed with structural epilepsy if there is an obvious cause for the seizures.

Dogs are very commonly affected by idiopathic epilepsy, which indicates that there is no apparent cause for the dogs seizures. In response to a temporary problem, such as poisoning, a dog may have a reactive seizure. Reactive seizures usually subside after the underlying cause has been resolved.

Anti-epileptic drugs are used to treat epilepsy in dogs, but these drugs do not treat the cause of epilepsy. Instead, they are used to reduce the severity and frequency of your dogs seizures without causing unacceptable side effects. Between 15 and 30 percent of dogs can be helped with this approach.

Depending on the type of seizures your dog is having, the size and age of your dog, as well as their overall health and overall condition, your vet or veterinary neurologist will prescribe the best medication for your dog.

Other drugs may be tried if your pets epilepsy cannot be controlled with the first drug.

The correct dosage of medication prescribed by your vet should be given every day to your pet if it is taking medication to control seizures, and you shouldnt discontinue the medication without first consulting your veterinarian.

What Is A Natural Remedy For Seizures In Dogs

Many pup owners may be hesitant to give their pups prescription medication for their seizures because it can potentially cause severe side effects. The good news is that pup owners can give their pups natural remedies for seizures as part of a natural diet and improve a dogs life.

There are many natural remedies for seizures in dogs including honey, omega-3 fatty acids, herbs, eggs, and gelatin. These natural remedies have also been shown to improve overall health in epileptic dogs. If you want to know the best natural remedy for your pup, its a good idea to ask a vet.

Instinct By Natures Variety Raw Boost Small Breed Grain

Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Chicken, 2.Chicken Meal, 3. Chickpeas, 4. Tapioca, 5. Chicken Fat

This raw boost recipe formulated for small breed dogs helps maintain their optimal health. Rich in protein, the formula supports the organs and immunity in dogs and is recommended for smaller dogs that experience seizures. The nutrient-dense recipe stimulates the benefits of unprocessed food and helps with the absorption of nutrients. This recipe is sourced from high-quality ingredients and loaded with essential nutrients to keep your dog healthy and thriving.

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What Can I Give My Dog To Prevent Seizures

The best way to prevent seizures in epileptic dogs is to give your pup food that doesnt cause this condition. Gelatin is always great preventative food for seizures in dogs. In addition to giving your dog the right foods, you should also ensure that your dog has optimal health by monitoring its blood sugar, taking it on daily walks, visiting a vet regularly, and eliminating stress whenever possible. Dont hesitate to take your dog to the vet if you ever suspect that it is having a seizure.

Understanding Seizures In Dogs

Homemade Dog Food Recipes for Epileptic Dogs

When a canine experiences a momentary disturbance in normal brain function, it often leads to seizures. There are many reasons behind the condition. It can happen due to liver disease, toxic ingestion, and even genetics.

While switching to a more appropriate diet sounds like a great idea, you must also seek professional assistance to give your beloved four-legged friend an appropriate anti-seizure medicine. As far as the diet is concerned, you can choose the best option after the initial diagnosis. For instance, if the seizures are associated with liver disease, a diet that guarantees improved liver function is more suitable. So you can always speak to your vet before switching to a more appropriate food option.

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Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Dog Food

Natural pet food from Wellness Complete Health is formulated with carefully selected, authentic ingredients. Providing whole-body nutritional support to promote complete health with an optimal balance of nutrient-rich whole foods for your dog.

Omega fatty acids, antioxidants, glucosamine, probiotics, and taurine contribute to maintaining a heart-healthy diet. Veterinarians and scientists have carefully crafted this nutritional supplement to ensure the well-being of your pet.

With Wellness food, you can easily add a fresh scoop of dog food to your container every time. Our tasty grained and grain-free dog food options will appeal to your small or large dog, puppy, senior dog, or adult dog.

The high protein dog food is made in the USA with ingredients sourced worldwide. There is a recipe for every dog food taste, whether youre looking for lamb dog food, chicken dog food, salmon dog food, or whitefish dog food!

Our Rating: 8.5/10

  • Add Fresh Scoop Every Time

What We Dont Like

  • The smell is fine, but I had hoped for something fresher. I get a barnyard smell from it. Perhaps a different formula would be better and smell fresher. I will give it a try.

Is It Normal For My Dog To Have A Seizure Episode During Sleep

Yes, theres a possibility for that to happen. However, the reason for it is still unknown. Almost ninety percent of cases of seizures occur during sleep. It is during this period that certain brain functions can be triggered abnormally. Other times when seizures typically happen are during feeding or in the event of excitement.

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Use Of Acupuncture Treatment In Treating Dog Seizures

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine that uses needles to relieve pain in specific body points.

According to acupuncturists, illnesses occur when there is a barrier or imbalance in someone’s energy. Thus, needles are placed in affected areas to clear these blockages.

Depending on which area the needle penetrates, it enhances the body’s blood circulation, nervous system activity, anti-inflammatory function, and more.

Aside from using needles, acupuncturists also use pressure in the same principle. However, this form of treatment is now called acupressure.

Veterinarians who have received special training in this field use acupuncture or acupressure as complementary medicines. This sort of therapy will aid in the prevention and shortening of future epileptic episodes.

However, keep in mind that you should avoid these treatments while the dog is experiencing seizures.

Diagnosing Seizures In Dogs

Dog & Cat Tips : The Best Food to Feed Dogs That Have Seizures

If you believe your dog is having seizures, its important to bring him to the vet immediately for a full workup. This will include taking a detailed history, a complete physical examination, and blood work to help determine the underlying cause of the episodes and the best course of action, Barrack says. An MRI may also be required to evaluate your pets brain and to look for other causes of seizures, says Dr. Stephanie Liff, medical director of Pure Paws Veterinary Care in Manhattan.

Your pet could be having seizures for many different reasons, including:

  • Idiopathic epilepsy: The most common cause of seizures in dogs, these seizures occur without an identifiable underlying cause, usually due to a heritable disorder

A full workup from your vet will help determine what the cause is and how to best move forward.

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Homemade Dog Food Delivered

In the age of UberEats, DoorDash, and having just about anything you wish delivered, you also have the option to buy fresh, natural dog food for doorstep delivery. It can be a huge time-saver and may be worth the cost after adding all the ingredients youll need to buy to cook a recipe.

The Farmers Dog ships frozen, allowing you to keep it on hand or serve it daily as a regular meal. This food is made with fresh, healthy, and easy-to-pronounce human-grade ingredients. And you can spend your time on more important things, like belly rubs and walks.

Dangers Of Seizures In Dogs

Although a single seizure is seldom hazardous, having cluster seizures can be one. A dog suffering from several attacks during a short period might cause the dog’s body temperature to rise, causing hyperthermia.

When you are not present, your pet may suffer a seizure randomly in critical spots of your house, for example, on the stairs or in your children’s playroom.

Thus, it would be best if you always take precautions when leaving them. As much as possible, call a trusted person who can look after them whenever you leave your house.

In contrast, they may also have seizures whenever you walk them out. It can happen during their playtime at the park or whenever both of you are crossing the road.

Hence, you have to stay attentive and reactive at all times.

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Caring For Your Dogs Seizures

Before considering a switch of food for your pet friend or any medication recommended here, the first port of call should be your veterinarian.

The vet would take the necessary examinations to diagnose your dogs seizures this is where keeping seizure episodes would come in handy. Then hed be given appropriate medication, and you can make suggestions on a diet.

If the seizures are liver-related, a diet that boosts liver function wouldnt be out of line.

Causes And Signs Of Dog Seizures

Pin on Chihuahua

Several reasons can cause seizures in dogs. If its an existing condition, you may have heard your vet refer to these episodes as epilepsy. Caused by sudden and irregular electrical bursts in the brain, it is similar to what happens when humans experience seizures. This condition in dogs is characterized by uncontrollable shaking or twitching that may last one whole minute or even more.

Symptoms of seizures in dogs may include jerking, loss of consciousness, drooling, stiffening of muscles, chomping, tongue chewing, and foaming at the mouth. In some cases, you will also see dogs that fall on their sides while making paddling motions with their limbs. Witnessing your dog like this, especially if its their first seizure, is both disheartening and terrifying. Additional behaviors during an episode may sometimes include uncontrolled pooping or peeing.

In other cases, dogs will exhibit a dazed or confused state before having a seizure. After the episode, the dog may seem unsteady, disoriented, and temporarily blind. Such an experience may confuse or frighten your pet, urging him to go into hiding. The confusion might also cause your pet to bump into things accidentally or move in circles uncontrollably. Do not aggravate your pets further by invading their space or touching them.

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Other Causes For Seizures In Dogs

Make sure there aren’t any other environmental toxins in your control that could be contributing to your dog’s seizures. Pests like killer bees and even some house plants such as sago palms are known to cause seizures.

Indigestion of many household products such as cleaning supplies or pesticides, smoke inhalation, alcohols, or even human delectables such as caffeine, dark chocolate, or salts are all harmful to dogs. Be sure to keep them stashed away and out of reach from curious noses!

What Household Foods Can Puppies Eat

There are a lot of different opinions on which household foods puppies can eat. As a general rule, its best to avoid giving your puppy anything that isnt specifically designed for dogs. That features such things as chocolate, onions, grapes, and other human food items that can be harmful with their health. However, there are certainly a few exceptions to this rule. Here are a few safe and well-balanced meals that puppies can eat:

Cooked, mashed sweet potato

Canned tuna or salmon

Grated cheddar cheese

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Coconut Oil Improves Dental Health

Award winning doggie smile, fresh doggie breath, less plaque, and less gingivitis What is the common denominator between all of these benefits? The answer is simple: coconut oil.

Remember that wonderful long word Medium Chain Triglycerides? Well, studies show its antibacterial properties can help reduce gingivitis in dogs.

According to the National Institutes of Health, coconut oil may be effective in decreasing plaque formation and plaque-induced gingivitis. Thats because the lauric acid in coconut oil kills the bacteria that causes tooth decay and bad breath in your dogs mouth.

Feeding your dog coconut oil could be a treatment and preventative measure in keeping your dogs mouth happy and healthy.

How To Make Homemade Dog Food On The Stove

HOMEMADE DOG FOOD | healthy dog food recipe

Published: March 8, 2020· Updated: August 9, 2022 by Kari · · This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases at no cost to you.

Homemade dog food is such an easy way to spoil your dog and feel great about doing it. All you need is a stove and a large pot to make a yummy and healthy meal for your dog.

This recipe is the stovetop directions to make my Instant Pot Dog Food Recipe. I know not everyone has an Instant Pot so I decided to make directions that everyone can use.

These recipes came about because the commercial dog food options that were available to us didnt provide exactly what we were looking for in terms of optimal nutrition and we wanted something that didnt come with unnecessary additives, so we talked to our vet and decided that homemade dog food would be a great option for us.

  • Pin this recipe for later!

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Dogs Are Omnivores And Will Eat A Variety Of Foods

Dogs are omnivores, meaning they will eat a variety of foods. They are not picky eaters and will eat anything they can find or steal. They will even catch their own food if they have to.

For many years, I thought my dog was eating dog food when in fact she was eating small animals like mice and birds.

Common Causes Of Seizures In Canines

As mentioned earlier, there are many causes of convulsions in canines. The most common ones are:

You should have a better idea about your fur buddy and his condition based on the symptoms. It is best to discuss it in detail with your vet to give your pup the right medication. Finding out the underlying cause can also help with opting for a more appropriate diet that could control the occurrence of seizures in canines.

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Recipe Four: Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits


½ cup peanut butter, unsalted

¼ cup honey

Whole wheat grains flour

Preparation: Combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix well. Add water if needed to produce a dough consistency, then knead on floured surface until smooth. Roll out into thin sheet & cut with a cookie cutter or kitchen scissors! Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes or golden brown in color.

What Can Trigger A Seizure In Dogs

Golden Paste

Pay attention to environmental factors that trigger your dogs seizures. Once you make the connection, you can reduce his exposure to these triggers.

Triggers can be things like products you use around the house, foods, medications and stress. The full moon can even be a factor!

Avoid using chemical products in your home and yard.

  • Use natural cleaning products
  • Avoid scented candles and products with artificial perfume
  • Dont smoke around your dog
  • Be careful with loud music or flashing or bright lights
  • Make sure you dont have any plants or flowers that could be toxic.
  • Dont use chemical pesticides and herbicides in your yard

Caution: Avoid pharmaceutical flea and tick or heartworm preventives. These drugs work by paralyzing the parasites nervous systems which means they can also affect your dogs nervous system.

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What Foods Can Help With Seizures In Dogs

A raw diet can greatly help canine epilepsy because it doesnt contain many additives. Much research has shown that foods with additives can cause seizures in dogs.

This special diet usually consists of uncooked foods like veggies, organic raw meat, nuts, eggs, fruits, and dairy products. Just keep in mind that the most beneficial raw diet for canine epilepsy is one that has a lot of protein. A raw diet with uncooked foods that are rich in protein will be extremely beneficial to your dogs health.

How To Make It

Here’s how to make homemade dog food on the stove.

First, heat up a medium or large-sized pot on the stove and cook your ground meat. Drain off any fat and once cooled, discard it.

Next, add your drained meat back to your pot and add your coconut oil and frozen vegetables. Stir to combine and let the coconut oil melt.

Mix well then add your bone broth and oats.

Bring to a boil, then reduce to a simmer until most of the liquid cooks off and the oats soften.

Remove your pot from heat and let your dog food cool before serving or storing. You can divide the food into portions depending on your needs – I usually split it in half and freeze one batch. I use a measuring cup when I serve the food, so I don’t take the time to split it into individual portions.

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Doc Ackermans Epilepsy & Seizure Formula

Use Doc Ackermans Epilepsy and Seizure Formula to calm your adorable dog during a seizure. It is also natural, like the first entry. In addition to Passion Flower and blue vervain, the company only used organic ingredients.

Not only are the ingredients safe for your pet, but they are also environmentally friendly. Valerian root, a well-known antispasmodic, and the anticonvulsant herb is part of Doc Ackermans formula.

It has been used for centuries to treat seizures and epilepsy in people and pets. Its a game-changer for a dog who is excited. It will help calm his nerves and improve the quality of his life.

Our Rating: 8.5/10

In third place is the SeizureGuard PLUS Epilepsy and Seizure Supplement for Dogs. An epileptic or seizing dog is supposed to benefit from the products soothing and calming effects. The system is designed to reduce the frequency of attacks.

Additionally, this formula also builds a strong immune system. Doggies dont damage themselves or their surroundings much when they get attacked. This supplement has the advantage of being able to be used along with other seizure medications.

Dogs who already take medication may benefit from this. Because it is made in the United States, it can be trusted to be of high quality and safety. Natural ingredients have been used in its formulation, so you can trust it when dealing with your pet.

Our Rating: 8.6/10

What We Dont Like

  • Some dogs may experience side effects.

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