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Can Dogs Be Tested For Food Allergies

Affinity Dna Dog Allergy Test

How To Find Out If Your Dog Has Food Allergies | Hair Testing

Where To Order:

Samoyed at the vet

Affinity DNA write on their website that their test can help pet parents discover the possible reasons for your dogs problems, whether theyre behavioral or biological,

They go on to add that their Dog Allergy Test can help dog owners to take steps to avoid potential allergens, ensuring your pet is no longer exposed.

Affinity DNAs at-home Dog Allergy Test is done at home and the company promise a painless experience for your canine companion, with minimal hassle and distress possible.

Main Points

116 allergens Affinity DNA will produce a report that details the 116 most common possible allergens, whether theyre food related or in items found in the household.

2-3 week turnaround This DNA-testing company will aim to get your results back to you within 2-3 weeks.

Simple Their website writes that the test is simple. Youll be provided with a kit that provides instructions on how to collect a suitable sample.

Detailed Report Affinity DNAs detailed report will outline some of the foodstuffs and products that you dog has shown to reaction to, giving you peace of mind that your pooch is safe around them.

Price, Shipping and Where To Buy

Affinity DNAs Dog Allergy Testing is priced at $99 on their official website. You can select free standard shipping or pay for USPS tracked shipping. Customers outside the USA will have to pay an international shipping fee.

What Are Customers Saying About This Product?

Allergies Caused By Fleas And Parasites

Almost every dog will get fleas, ticks, mites, or other parasites at some point in its life. Usually, these parasites are easily removed, and the dog will not have an adverse reaction. However, some pets will develop allergies, mainly relating to biting parasites. It is typically the parasites saliva that causes the allergic reaction in dogs.

Flea bite hypersensitivity in dogs will cause extreme itching and discomfort to your pet, this is known as flea bite dermatitis or pruritus. Symptoms and signs include:

  • excessive scratching
  • hair loss
  • formation of scabs or lesions on the skin.

Symptoms are episodic and tend to worsen in summer months, as well as when the pet ages.

Diagnosis of a parasite or flea allergy is relatively straightforward, as you or your veterinarian will be able to identify the parasites on the dogs skin.

Treating the allergic reaction usually involves removing the parasite, either with a topical medicine or by grooming. This should stop the reaction.

For excessive itching, vets may prescribe steroids , antihistamines or antibiotics for a secondary infection.

Signs & Symptoms Of Food Allergies In Dogs

Food allergies and sensitivities often don’t appear until the dog reaches their first birthday, although they can develop in dogs of any age.

If your dog is displaying any of the following symptoms they may be suffering from a food allergy and should be examined by your vet to determine the root cause of the symptom:

  • Itching
  • Rashes on the ears and feet
  • Gassiness
  • Diarrhea

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Treatment: The Importance Of Nutrition

Food allergies or food intolerance may last a lifetime. The main goal in managing allergies or adverse reactions to food is to find and avoid the food ingredient responsible for causing the skin and/or gastrointestinal signs. If your dog suffers from food allergies, its even more important to feed the right dog food.

Dietary elimination trials – removing the ingredient from the food your dog eats is the most practical and accurate methods of diagnosing food allergies in dogs. The food your dog eats should be balanced and contain as few ingredients and additives as possible. Be mindful to remove access to all other dog food, table food, treats, snacks and chew toys while you are isolating the allergen.

If your dog has an allergic reaction to a certain meat, you may want to try a food with a new protein source that is new to your dog such as egg, duck, salmon, lamb, venison or whitefish. If none of this helps, your dog may be allergic to all of these proteins and will need a food with specially broken-down proteins. For accurate diagnosis and treatment options, always consult your veterinarian and ask them to recommend the best food for your dogs food allergies

Environmental Allergiesanother Common Dog Allergy

How To Conduct Allergy Testing For Dogs? Symptoms &  Types ...

Environmental allergies in dogs are very common and can be difficult to manage if the allergen is something that is very prevalent in the environment, such as pollen.

Some owners swear by bathing their dogs more frequently during allergy season to remove allergens from the coat. Others install air purifiers in their houses to remove particles.

Dogs with environmental allergies may respond well to hyposensitization, as this can be easier than trying to remove contact with the allergen.

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After 35 Hours Of Research And Testing My Recommendation Is:

  • Food allergens
  • Allergic reactions on materials

Each lab uses different techniques to perform the test, and these techniques may vary in accuracy and clinical relevance, of course.

As said, blood allergy tests can also determine food allergies and allergic reactions to materials like cotton or nylon, but this test is less reliable than skin allergy testing.

Pros and cons

Blood allergy testing is convenient, and it can easily be performed in general practice. Also, patients do not have to be sedated or shaved, which is great since this might be stressful for dogs. All that is needed for this procedure is a single blood sample.

However, there are drawbacks to blood allergy testing.

These tests are very often associated with false positives that cannot be confirmed through intradermal skin testing. Positive allergy test results have also been observed with no evidence of atopic dermatitis, and usually, allergen-specific IgE does not correlate with the real clinical picture and severity of the allergic reaction

These findings put a shade on the validity of blood allergy testing. However, the patients treated on the basis of blood allergy testing often report clinical improvement, so blood testing can’t be ruled out as a bad decision, but skin testing will always be more accurate.

What Is Atopic Dermatitis

There are three common causes of allergic skin disease in dogs:

  • Food allergy: an allergy to the proteins found in food
  • Flea allergy: an allergy to proteins in flea saliva
  • Atopy: an allergy to inhaled environmental allergens

Atopy is skin reaction to inhaled irritants, and a common cause of seasonal allergic skin disease in dogs.

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When To Visit A Dog Allergy Specialist

Most pet owners will identify a possible dog allergy through the symptoms, including behavioral changes, that a dog exhibits. Those symptoms may include:

  • Itchingin specific locations, or all over the body
  • Swelling in the mouth, ears, eyes, or face
  • Sneezing
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea

You may also notice your dog compulsively licking its skin. In addition, certain allergies can cause chronic ear infections.

When symptoms develop, its wise to contact your local vet, report the symptoms, and find out if additional action is required. When the development of symptoms is acute, you may be asked to closely monitor your dog for the next few days, including the food they eat and/or possible allergens they may have encountered in their environment, such as outdoors.

If symptoms are severe, chronic, or your dog is clearly in discomfort, its recommended that you visit a vet promptly to make sure this reaction isnt being caused by other, more serious health complications.

Four Common Allergies In Dogs And What You Can Do About Them

Best Dog Food Allergy Test

17 September 2020

Want to know more about the common allergies in dogs? They might not be what you expect

Every year, vets diagnose more and more allergies in dogs. In fact, around 9% of dogs in the US are considered to have environmental allergies, and thats only the most common type.

Allergic dogs are itchy, and often chew or lick their feet they may get recurrent ear infections. Getting to the bottom of their allergy is essential, but allergies in dogs can be frustrating and expensive. Its important to be prepared, so read on to discover the most common allergies in dogs and to get an idea of what you might be facing.

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Intradermal Allergy Testing: How Its Done

Intradermal allergy testing involves injecting small quantities of allergens into the patients skin. This procedure is typically performed under sedation or general anesthesia, following a strict monitoring protocol. Approximately 40-60 injections are given in a single area of the body with a small sample of each allergen injected just under the skin.

A positive response to an allergen appears as a visible swelling, which looks like a hive. This swelling forms at the injection site and is typically observed within 20 minutes of injection. If such a swelling does not occur, a patient is assumed to not be allergic to that specific allergen.

Allergy Medicine For Dogs

Other allergy medications for dogs include Chlortrimeton and Atarax , both of which are antihistamines.

Another popular way to treat dog allergies is to give supplements of EPA , which is an Omega-3 Fatty Acid and can work in synergy with an antihistamine to reduce allergic reaction symptoms in dogs.

Atopica for dogs is definitely well worth asking your vet about!

It takes on the most chronic of allergies!

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Symptoms Of Grain Allergies In Dogs

Symptoms of grain allergies can vary from dog to dog. Symptoms may include

  • Itchy skin
  • Inflamed, red paw pads
  • Gastrointestinal upset

Grain allergies in dogs may develop immediately or may develop after years of being fed the same diet.


There are a variety of grains that can be found in your dog’s food. Some of these grains include wheat, rye, barley, oats, rice, amaranth, buckwheat, corn, millet, quinoa, and certain beans. “Gluten” is a term to describe the protein in some of these grains, but not all of them. A “gluten-free” diet and “grain-free” diet are two different things. “Gluten” covers only a few of the grains listed above, grain includes them all. If you believe your dog has a grain allergy, you will have to stick with the “grain-free” diets.

Winner: Allergy Test My Pet Review

Can Dogs Be Tested For Food Allergies?

The Allergy Test My Pet kit tests for 120+ common food and environmental allergens by measuring the antibodies in your dogs saliva against each allergen. Antibodies are produced by the immune system in response to something foreign invading the body. High antibody levels indicate sensitivity and intolerance to the item. Once you mail in your dogs saliva sample , youll receive a report in two to three weeks by email.

The report ranks each substance: strong intolerance, mild intolerance, or no reaction. For each item your dog shows a strong or mild intolerance for, the report gives you details about each substance and associated symptoms to look for. The report also includesextensivedietary and lifestyle guidelines on elimination diets, topical treatments, supplements like probiotics, and the use of corticosteroids .

You can also order an add-on Food Suggestion Report for an additional $35. It provides a personalized list of specific food brands and recipes you can incorporate into your dogs diet based on his food insensitivities.


The extensive 5Strands Pet Intolerance Test kit tests for a whopping 250+ food ingredients and preservatives and 100 environmental items. The laboratory scans your pets hair sample using bio-resonance technology, which creates a profile of energies that radiates from a person or pet, according to the companys website. The test also provides you with an easy-to-understand report.



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Shipping And Where To Buy

The majority of the Dog Allergy Tests listed in this article are available to purchase online. Youll need to make sure that your Dog Allergy Test can be shipped to your country if you live outside USA. You should bear in mind that there could be custom duties to pay.

Some of the companies listed in this article have different versions of their website.

If youre not based in the USA, you may be able to select the version of their website specific to your country, which could make shipping the Dog Allergy Test cheaper and quicker.

Bronzing Around The Lips

This is most noticeable, again, in breeds with white coats. You will notice their lips, feet, or skin are pink and inflamed. This can indicate a yeast colonization, often triggered by an allergy.

What It Looks Like: Lips, jowls, and toes may be red, pink, and inflamed. Dog will itch often.

What It Means: Yeast-based infection or food allergy.

But First! Rule Out Yeast infection or sunburn

Try This

  • Wipe the area with a 50/50 mix of purified water and organic apple cider vinegar.
  • You can also add apple cider vinegar to your dogs water or food to reduce acidity and discourage yeast.
  • Avoid many veterinary-grade solutions such as benzoyl peroxide-based products, which can dry out the skin, increasing irritation.

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Treating Food Allergies In Dogs

The only effective way to treat a food allergy in dogs is to change their diet.

While grain-free foods are often touted as good for food allergies, science tells us that protein sources are more likely to be the culprit. According to a study published in 2016, the top three most common causes of food allergies in dogs are beef, dairy, and chicken.

Elimination Diet For Dogs With Food Allergies

Food Allergy in Dogs: Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

If an elimination diet is recommended for your dog, a specially formulated hypoallergenic food will be prescribed. For 8-10 weeks you will only feed your dog the prescribed food, completely eliminating all other food sources from your pet’s diet.

If one or more of the ingredients in your dog’s regular food is the source of the symptoms, the elimination of the regular dog food should help to improve your dog’s condition.

It’s important to note that, for the elimination diet to work you must stop giving your dog treats during this period as well as their regular food. Only the hypoallergenic food should be fed to your dog while they are on the elimination diet.

Being on the elimination diet for 10 weeks will allow your dog’s body to adjust to the new prescription food, and give your vet the opportunity to assess your dog’s overall health.

If the allergy symptoms clear up while your dog is on the elimination diet, your vet may request that you return to feeding your dog their original diet to see if the allergy symptoms reappear.

While an elimination diet can be helpful in determining food allergies in dogs, other tests can also be useful, and provide quick results. Here at Germantown Parkway Animal Hospital our in-house lab allows our vets to test for the root of your pets problem and offer a customized treatment plan to start the healing process.

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Dog Food Allergies Vs Dog Food Intolerances

“What most people think of as a dog food allergy is more appropriately called a cutaneous adverse food reaction or CAFR,” says Dr. Justin Shmalberg, DVM. “It basically means there’s some association between a food and a certain group of symptomsusually skin problems or gastrointestinal problems.”

In a true dog food allergy, according to Shmalberg, the culprit is often a food protein that triggers an adverse immune response, which then causes cells in the body to release histamines or compounds that lead to itching and many other allergic signs.

A dog food intolerance, on the other hand, doesn’t involve an immune responsebut the signs of dog food intolerance can look pretty similar to the signs of a food allergy. One example is a lactose intolerance, which happens when a dog’s body just doesn’t process lactose in milk products well, leading to gastrointestinal problems .

Both allergies and intolerances fall under that category of CAFRs, or, in more general terms, adverse food reactions. So, how prevalent are adverse food reactions in dogs? One 2017 research review published in BMC Veterinary Research examined just that. The findings suggest that, of dogs seeing vets for any diagnosis, 1 to 2 percent have food intolerances or allergies among dogs with skin diseases, the number jumps up a bit, to about 6 percent. For dogs with itching and allergies, even moreabout one in fiveshow signs of adverse food reactions.

Easy Dna Dog Allergy Test

Where to order:

A Siberian Husky gets his ears checked at the vet

Easy DNA have over 18 years of experience in the DNA testing industry. Theyve got a variety of different tests catering for humans and canines.

Their website explains that their DNA tests are performed by internationally accredited laboratories and operate a network of offices and agents in over 25 countries worldwide and growing.

Easy DNA look to provide pet parents with peace of mind on their website by stating that they only use the latest state-of-the-art technology and equipment.

Main Points

Over 110 allergens test Easy DNAs Dog Allergy Test will test for over 110 allergens.

Ranking System Easy DNA use a three-tier ranking system: strong intolerance, mild intolerance and no intolerance.

2-week waiting period Theyll deliver your dogs tests results within two weeks of receiving the sample.

Simple at-home sample collection EasyDNA have a specific testing kit to allow pet parents to take a sample for analysis.

Price, Shipping and Where To Buy

EasyDNAs Dog Allergy Test is priced at $99 on their official website. If you order a second or third EasyDNA Dog Allergy test, you can get a $10 discount.

You can only buy EasyDNAs Dog Allergy Test from their official website, so you wont find this product in shops or on other online marketplaces.

What Are Customers Saying About This Product?

Another dog owner was thrilled with an even faster turnaround than advertised.

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