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Doctor Marty’s Freeze Dried Dog Food

Dr Marty Dog Food Exposed

Don’t buy Dr. Marty’s Food anymore!

Since Dr. Martys pet foods and supplements are premium products and of course, they seem overpriced, many people have asked whether Dr. Marty dog food is a scam.

There are some reviews of Dr. Marty Natures Blend on the internet that obtrusively says its a scam because of the overpricing issue.

But let me tell you, its NOT a scam.

Our dog loves Dr. Marty Natures tasty, healthy food but it can be a little expensive. Our team curated this special offer for you.

GOOD NEWS: while supplies last, you can SAVE 50% on your first order!

Have you seen a documentary named The Dog Doc? If yes, Im sure youre quite impressed by Dr. Marty Goldstein and his work. And wouldnt want to question his credibility.

The documentary is about how Dr. Marty and his colleagues combine a conventional veterinary approach with cutting-edge technology to save the pets that other vets have already given up on.

All in all, Dr. Martys contribution to veterinary science vouch for the greatness of the food formulated by him.

Heres our review of Dr. Marty Natures Blend Dog Food and the nitty-gritty of it.

Dr Marty Yourpets Best Friend

For over four decades, Dr. Marty has been a leading voice in veterinary medicine. Many experts and thousands of satisfied clients consider him to be Americas foremost integrative veterinarian. Dr. Marty knows what your dog needs to stay their healthiest. Thats why our premium pet food is always grain free, with multiple protein sources and essential vitamins and minerals to keep your best friend healthy and happy.

How To Transition Your Dog To New Food

Source: Dr. Marty

If your dog is new to Natures Blend, it may take their body a little time to adjust to its dense nutritional content this is perfectly normal.

To avoid overwhelming your poochs digestive system with too many new nutrients all at once, you should wean them onto Natures Blend gradually. They recommend adding 1/4th of their food every 3 days until their food is completely replaced with Natures Blend.

Here are a few important things to note while transitioning your dogs food:

Make the transition slowly to avoid an upset stomach.

Pets with allergies or sensitive stomachs may need a longer transition time.

The proof is in the keep an eye out for any abnormalities.

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How Safe Are The Ingredients

Many ingredients come from unhealthy, inflammatory sources or are full of pesticides so we look for:

  • How processed is the food?
  • Does the food contain known genetically modified foods?
  • Does the food contain ingredients known to be high in pesticides?
  • Does the food contain natural flavor, which are often MSG or animal digest?
  • Does the food contain rice, which is high in arsenic?

Each food is objectively evaluated by these criteria and a score is assigned using the average of ingredient quality and safety.

Dr Marty Dog Food Review is NOT a paid list and there are no affiliate links. Weve partnered with DogFoodReviews to make sure dog owners have unbiased, objective criteria to help them choose the best dog food on the market. You can view the full Evaluation Criteria at DogFoodReviews.com.


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Dr Marty Nature’s Blend Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food

Dr. Marty Natures Blend Premium Freeze

Dr. Marty’s

Natures Blend, Dr. Marty Premium Freeze-Dried Dog Food, is a nutrition-packed formula designed to give your dog a healthier, happier life. We blend a variety of meats, fish, ranch-raised beef and duck, and other protein sources with fruits and vegetables for the balanced, complete nutrition your dog needs. We receive all our ingredients fresh, then gently freeze dry them so theyre bursting with flavor and nutrition.

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Dr Marty Natures Blend Dog Food

Score: 9/10

Package ingredients for Natures Blend Essential Wellness Dog Food Recipe: Turkey, beef, salmon, duck, beef liver, turkey liver, turkey heart, flaxseed, sweet potato, egg, pea flour, apple, blueberry, carrot, cranberry, pumpkin seed, spinach, dried kelp, ginger, salt, sunflower seed, broccoli, kale, mixed tocopherols

Using our evaluation criteria, Dr Marty Natures Blend Essential Wellness is considered a low risk dog food. Here are our concerns:

Source: Dr. Marty

Dr. Marty Makes preparing your dogs food simple by clearly noting the feeding recommendations on the back of the bag. To make a meal, simply follow the instructions on the bag that tell you the food to water ratio.

If you want to use the food as a topper on your pets regular food all you have to do is add the desired amount of Natures Blend on top of your dogs current food. When mixing Natures Blend with other foods, be sure to reduce the amount of other food equal to the amount of dry Natures Blend to avoid overfeeding your pet.

What Customers Are Saying:

I have been reading dog food labels pretty much since we got Scruffy because we want him to live a long healthy life. This is the only food that has only pure meat and veggies in it with no fillers.

Lorrie F.

Hunter was a picky eater. Most of the time I would have to add some kind of meat to his food to entice him to eat. Now he comes to the kitchen and waits for me to fix his food and eats every morsel he even comes back to lick the empty bowl.

Cynthia T.

After three weeks of dining on Dr. Martys, my 18-year-old Min-Pin is back. Bright eyes, shiny coat and plenty of playful energy. She can hardly wait for her evening walk. Truly amazing!! THANK YOU DR. MARTY.

Ellen P.

I have two buddies, one Chihuahua and one Jack Russell. They almost act addicted to this food. There is no more sauntering to the food bowl, just an all out race to be first. I want nothing but the best for them and Dr. Martys Natures Blend is without a doubt the best on the market today.

Jesse R.

When I get the bag of Dr. Marty out my dogs start dancing in circles. They know the bag. They lick their bowls clean. Its a very exciting experience for them. Im a little jealous :):)

Anne S.

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Dr Marty Reviews: What Do Fur Parents Have To Say

While reading the thousands of Dr. Marty reviews, I noticed the common theme that pups and their fur parents love their products. Many people noted that their picky eaters were very enthusiastic about their food and that their pups danced with joy when it was treat time. There were several comments on the price point, which is a valid concern because their food is pricier than most.

While their price point is higher than most, the reviews sing praises to the amazing results that fur parents have seen with their dogs gut health and overall energy and health. Pup parents are overall very happy with their products and buy them over and over again. I love it when a producer stands behind their product, and Dr. Marty is so confident that you will love their products, they offer a 90-day money-back guarantee and if you arent happy with their products you will receive a full refund.

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Dr Marty Sponsors Freedom Service Dogs Of America

Dr Marty’s dog food review

Many people know that I am extremely passionate about supporting brands that give back to the community. I am especially particular with the pet brands that I support I want them to be giving back to the animal community. As someone who has spent years in the rescue community, giving tirelessly to animals in need, I love when I see brands having a positive impact on the rescue community. This company does just that, they are a sponsor to Freedom service dogs of America, which is an organization that trains shelter dogs to assist people with a variety of needs.

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Which Type Of Dog Is Dr Martys Natures Blend Dog Food Best Suited For

While this food is full of nutrients and made to help your dog feel great, we recommend that only healthy dogs with no underlying immune conditions eat this food. There are puppy and senior versions of the food which are tailored to their life stages, so most dogs should thrive off of Dr. Martys Natures Blend. However, because the food is raw , there is still the possibility of bacterial contamination.

Dogs with immune conditions or underlying illnesses should try another brand.

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What Did Ollie And Blast Think Of Dr Martys Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food

Obviously, the best meals in the world are useless if your pets wont eat it. But I didnt have any problems getting my pooches to scarf down Dr. Martys.

In fact, I dont think that I have ever seen my dogs inhale food as fast as they did when I gave them the Natures Blend raw freeze-dried dog food. I used to let my dogs out first thing in the morning to go to the bathroom and then feed them breakfast afterward. However, I now have to feed them their breakfast first thing when I wake up, because they get so excited to eat!

Since Ollie and Blast get to try dog food often, I always start slowly when introducing something new into their diet. This time, I started them off by using Dr. Martys food as a booster/mixer that I put on top of their food. One thing to note if you plan to use this as a meal rather than a topper, you do have to prepare it by mixing it with water. A hidden benefit is that you can make your dogs food as soft or hard as they need it to be, which is ideal for people who need soft dog food anyway.

The last topper that I tried with Ollie and blast was from Hungry Bark and they loved it as well. In comparison to Hungry bark, I think their reaction to Dr. Martys was slightly more obsessive and when comparing their price, I use a smaller amount of Dr. Martys as a topper than I did with Hungry Bark, which brings the total cost down.

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Be Mindful If You Have A Larger Dog

ByKathy C.,Seattle, WA, Verified Reviewer

My sister recommended Dr. Marty’s dog food. It was hard to determine on the site how long a bag of food would last. I impulsively ordered 3 bags and was quickly upsold to 12 bags with an enticing one-time savings offer. The bill was over $500.

After the purchase, I did some more digging and discovered that for my 70 lb shepherd, ONE BAG would last ONE DAY. That translates to about $42.00 per day/$21.00 per meal! I do love my dog, but that is extreme.

I tried to cancel the order within 5 minutes but the big box still arrived. I was able to return the food, but it cost me $57.00 in shipping.

I’m sure it’s fantastic food – just be aware that it will cost over $1200 per month to feed a dog over 60 pounds!

Length of Use: Less than 3 months

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

Pros and Cons

Dog’s delight of the food

Raw and high quality

Company Response from Dr. Marty Pets

The Verdict On Dr Martys Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food

Dr. Marty Biologically Balanced Nutrition Freeze

Overall I think that all of Dr. Martys offerings are impressive and I would love it if I could exclusively give my dogs this brand, unfortunately, the cost is a huge factor for me when looking at food and supplements for my dogs.

If price is not an issue for you, I 100% recommend going with the Dr. Marty brand, whether you are looking for healthy and nutritious raw dog treats, high-quality pet supplements, or premium freeze-dried raw food. I love the quality of Dr. Martys ingredients and the care that they put into formulating their products. Another major positive with the raw dog food is that its freeze-dried, which means that you dont have to dedicate refrigerator space to your dogs food. And because its important to me that the brands I use support the community, I appreciate the philanthropy aspect of the brand, which sponsors Freedom Service Dogs of America.

Overall, this was a great product, my dogs loved it, and if you are serious about your pets digestive health Id strongly recommend it. Click here to explore Dr. Martys dog food options for yourself!

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Dog Loved It But It Almost Killed Him

My Chihuahua/terrier mix loved the food. We decided that after a few weeks this would be his new dog food. We placed orders for 18 bags and 6 liver treats. Then he got sick and then sicker. He has pancreatitis. The fat content is way too high for small dogs. He has always been so healthy so it was scary when the vet had to keep him for a while.

Length of Use: Less than 3 months

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

Pros and Cons

No pros were specified in this review

High fat content

Company Response from Dr. Marty Pets

Hello Sharon. My name is Kat, I am with Dr. Marty Pets. I am very sorry to hear about your pups experience with our formula. That is not a typical side effect of Natures Blend. We understand that our product may not be right for all pets, and as always, we recommend consulting with your vet to see if this food is a good option for your pet. I have escalated your review to our customer relations team, so that an agent may provide you with personalized care. If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. My email is kat@drmartypets.com. Have a nice day.

Posted on Aug 10, 2022

There’s A Reason You Have To Search To Find Out How Big The Bags Are

I am sure this is terrific food for dogs, and I love my dogs more than anything. But to feed my two dogs, who are 60lbs and 80lbs, I would have to feed them a bag a day. Even with the discount, that is over $400 per week. A house payment a month for food! For comparison, a big bag of food costs $40$60 and is 40lbs or more. This bag of food is 16oz, or 1lb, for $30$60 depending on the sale. That is 40x more expensive!

I watched the video, but the second I clicked on it, I knew it was going to be something to be sold on, they all look the same and it’s always something at the end, and the videos are created in a way to strike fear and urgency in people. Which is why they can get away with not including the size of the bags anywhere on the site, just how much you can order, and how much you save if you buy more of these unknown-sized bags on a subscription.

Just because you don’t buy this food that you can buy a house for each month doesn’t mean you don’t love your dog. There are other ways out there to feed your dog correctly if you spend a little time on research. I will say that at least the video is full of great information and he does explain what not to feed, and what to feed your dogs. It just plays on it being too complicated for people and that this expensive food is the only easy option.

You know what to look for now, so go make an educated purchase, don’t purchase this because of the fear it has stoked in you.

Pros and Cons

Sales based on fear and panic buying

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Are The Ingredients High Quality

Here are some common low quality ingredients or markers we look for:

  • Is there excessive carbohydrate content, which can cause gut imbalances?
  • Does the food contain unnamed proteins, which are low quality?
  • Does the food use cellulose as a source of fiber instead of real food?
  • Are there excessive vitamins and minerals added in place of real food nutrition?
  • Are there excessive added amino acids or plant proteins instead of expensive meat protein?
  • Does the food contain inflammatory processed seed oils?

Meet The Lucky Taste Testers

Dr. Marty Nature’s Blend

Our dogs Ollie and Blast were our first fur babies and are joined at the hip. In the first few years of them being a part of our family, we tried to find the right diet to keep them happy and healthy. With Ollies skin condition, we tried new food and donated what didnt work to our local rescue that I volunteered with. Ollie is very stubborn with eating and we really couldnt get answers on what diet would work best for him.

So if you have a picky dog with a medical condition, I feel your pain finding the right nutritional dog food that your dog will eat, can be so challenging. I wish that six years ago I had access to more information on gut health and the effects that dog food has on their gut, which leads to healthy skin and coats. Not all dog food is created equally, and even if they have similar ingredients, it is important to find a food that has high quality and sustainably sourced ingredients for your pups.

I remember seeing Raw dog food in the freezer section at the pet store but knew I couldnt stomach serving my dogs that every day. Dr. Martys freeze-dried raw dog food is the perfect option because you dont have to give up freezer space or serve stomach-churning wet dog food that looks like processed meat. As you can see in the video, Ollie and Blast couldnt get enough of their food with Dr. Martys used as a topper.

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