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Best Dog Food For Puppy Philippines

Best Overall Dog Food

Best dog food for puppies in the Philippines? Usapang GRAIN FREE DIET (Vlog#36)

First ingredients are salmon, barley, and rice | Large breed | Dry food

According to the experts we spoke to, owners of large and giant-breed dogs should avoid foods that contain legumes as a protein source. Nicole Goudey-Rigger, the owner and CEO of doggy-day-care service Pets a Go Go, told us she took her two purebred Akitas and two medium-size mixed breeds off their low-grain diets after the potential connection between DCM and grain-free food was identified. Instead, she now feeds her four big dogs Purina Pro Plan Salmon Sensitive Stomach, which contains brewers rice and barley . She and three other experts we spoke with like Purina Pro Plan foods because, as Gstrein points out, the recipes meet AAFCO standards and are formulated by a veterinary nutritionist. Goudey-Rigger adds that the Purina Pro Plan line features a wide variety of proteins, including chicken, beef, salmon, duck, lamb, pork, and even quail. Looking for a variety of proteins in a brands line is important, she says, because not all proteins agree with all dogs. Ochoas dog also likes Purina Pro Plan and gets a small portion of the brands shredded-chicken food as a complement to Hills Science Diet.

How Do I Know If My Puppy Is A Large Breed

The pet food industry3 defines a large breed puppy as one whose adult weight is expected to be over 70 pounds.


Since its impossible to know your puppys adult weight before shes fully grown

Its safer to use a more conservative 50 pound definition advocated by others.45678

If you expect your dog to weigh over 50 pounds when shes fully grown then shes considered a large breed puppy.

Best Dry: Royal Canin

  • Formulated by scientists and nutritionists

  • Highly palatable to most dogs

  • Some formulas can be expensive

Dry dog food is a popular choice for many pet owners thanks to its convenience and shelf stability, and one of the best dry dog food brands is Royal Canin, which offers more than 80 dry formulas. In addition to dry food for adults, puppies, and senior dogs, Royal Canin has a unique line of breed-specific foods, each of which is tailored to that dog breeds traits and common problems. Even the kibble shape is selected based on the breeds jaw structure and biting pattern.

Royal Canin is another brand that Dr. Frione personally recommends, and the company employs nutritional and research teams that help create its products. The brand takes a nutrient-focused approach to pet food, evaluating the specific nutritional needs of dogs and creating optimal diet profiles based on scientific findings.

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Recommended Food For Different Life Stages

While browsing the pet aisle at your local grocery store, you might have noticed labels like formulated for all life stages. Although these mostly cover the basics, they might not have all the nutritional needs of a growing puppy or a nursing mother. Many veterinarians recommend feeding your dog according to their life stage to maintain optimal health and wellness.


From birth to nine months old, puppies need the right amount of nutrition to support their growth and development. At six to eight weeks, they need to be fed as often as four to six meals a day. At six months, they are about 75% to their adult size and can be fed two to three meals a day.

Puppy dog food should include high amounts of calcium and protein to support bone and muscle growth, especially for large breeds. After weaning, they lose their ability to digest lactose. Although small amounts can be tolerated, milk may cause an upset stomach and diarrhea.


Choosing adult dog food depends on weight and activity levels. Compared to puppy food, adult maintenance dog food usually contains lower fat and protein. Overweight dogs need less fat and protein and vice versa for underweight dogs. Active and sports dogs can consume food for all life stages since it covers all the basics.


Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Dog Food

Top Breed Puppy Dog Food 20Kg
  • Is Pedigree good dog food?
  • When choosing a brand for a dog food product, its important to consider the core fundamentals behind what makes up a great choice for your pet.

    Dog have their own sets of needs that are specific to their breed, size, and age, making each decision that much more complex.

    This guide is created to make it easy for you to decide which product will best match the needs of your dogs!

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    Recommended Best Puppy Food For Labs And Large Breeds

    In this next section we give you 4 of the best foods on the market made from high quality ingredients but still available at a reasonable price.

    These foods will provide your puppy with all the nutrients they need in just the right mix and quantities, not just so they survive, but so they can truly thrive.

    Transition: How To Switch From Puppy To Adult Dog Food

    Switching from one food to another, whether from a different brand, life stage, or simply a different flavor should all be done slowly.

    An abrupt change may cause an upset stomach in your tiny pooch, and you dont want that. Small dogs can suffer from dehydration rather easily.

    Instead, swap out tiny portions of their existing food for their new food and do this over several days. You can take it as slow as you want, but it should never be done in less than seven days.

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    What Should I Not Feed My Dog

    You probably want to feed your dog all of your delicious human food. Who can resist those puppy-dog eyes pleading for a crumb? But hold off on spoiling your pet. Knowing when to say No is an important part of being a good dog parent. Some foods are just plain bad for dogs and can cause a variety of health issues.

    These particular foods are not meant for dogs Candy, Gum, Toothpaste, Baked Goods, Avocado, Liquor, Onions, Garlic, Coffee, Tea, Grapes, Raisins, Dairy Products, Macadamia Nuts, Chocolate, Fat Trimmings and Bones, Peaches, and Plums, Raw Eggs, Raw Meat, Fish, not even your own Medicine.

    Consider Your Dogs Size And Breed

    Whats the best DOG FOOD? (Filipino)

    Just like with life stages, different sizes and dog breeds have different dietary requirements, and this is based on their physical features. Most packaging of dry dog foods will indicate which dog breed or size the food caters to. Some labels indicate for small breeds or for large breeds.

    Choose Small-Sized Kibbles for Smaller Breeds

    For small breeds, choose small-sized kibbles that are easy for them to chew and swallow. Small breed dogs, mainly younger dogs, puppies, or dogs that are too active, are also prone to hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. Hence, its important to choose food with sufficient carbohydrates to keep their sugar level stable.

    Aside from the size and breed, we also should know the lifestyle of our dogs. If the dog is too active and burns too much energy, do not restrict the amount of food you are giving to them to sustain their level of activity each day.

    Dry Dog Food for Larger Breeds Have Bigger Kibbles, so Be Careful Not to Give Them More Food Than They Need

    Large breed dogs are susceptible to being overweight. Owners have a high tendency of giving them large amounts of food, thinking that what they give isnt enough. Dry dog food allows easier portion control, and with large breed-specific formulas, you can ensure that the food meets your dogs dietary requirements.

    There are also ones that are for specific breeds. For instance, Royal Canin has kibbles specifically for Chihuahuas with a certain age and weight requirements.

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    Cooking Our Way To A Healthier Dog Diet

    Ever since I started raising my own dogs, Id always wanted to make their food at home but thought it would be too expensive or too time consuming, or that they wouldnt get the nutrition they needed.

    During the month of Bugs doggy depression, I vowed to make her precious life as comfortable as possible.

    Both of my pugs had a range of health issues growing up, which I unfortunately found out were common for the breed.

    My older one had persistent hot spots and itchiness that no commercial dog food could cure .

    Bug was overweight for a while when she was younger, even though she ate the recommended amount of food for her target weight. Eventually, I settled on Wellness kibbles and they did well with that brand.

    But, I wanted to explore other options. I wanted to give them real food fresh, nutritious ingredients that I recognized and could even eat myself.

    Ive mentioned in my post on homemade whole grain chicken feed that the entire household all share the same whole grains and seeds that we buy in bulk, as well as the bounty that comes from our edible garden.

    Everything our animals eat, we can eat.

    When it comes to homemade feed for our laying hens, we stick to a tried-and-true formula that works for every layer: 16 to 17 percent protein , vitamins, minerals, and amino acids from a wide variety of grains and seeds, and free range of a pasture for weeds, greens, and insects.

    Dogs, on the other hand, arent bred for a standard function the way chickens are.

    Best Dog Food For Pitbullsaugust 2022

    Annamaet Ultra is one of 8 recipes included in our review of Annamaet dog food.

    • First 5 ingredients: Chicken meal, brown rice, chicken fat, whole dry eggs, herring meal
    • Type: Grain-inclusive
    • Profile: All life stages
    • Best For:Adult pitbulls and all puppies

    Annamaet Ultra derives most of its animal protein from chicken meal and dry eggs. Label analysis reveals the recipe contains 36% protein, 22% fat and 34% estimated carbs with a fat-to-protein ratio of 63%.

    Why We Like This Brand
    High protein, low carb design for superior nutrient balance
    Grain-inclusive recipe without corn, wheat or soy
    Contains probiotics for healthy digestion
    Includes DHA to strengthen blood vessel linings
    Omega-3 fats to support flexible joints

    Bully Max High Performance is featured in our review of Bully Max dog food.

    • First 5 ingredients: Chicken meal, brown rice, chicken fat, dried plain beet pulp, ground grain sorghum
    • Type: Grain-inclusive
    • Profile: All life stages
    • Best For:Adult pitbulls and all puppies

    Bully Max High Performance derives most of its animal protein from chicken meal and fat. Label analysis reveals the recipe contains 33% protein, 22% fat and 36% estimated carbs with a fat-to-protein ratio of 67%.

    Why We Like This Brand
    Flaxseed with omega-3 fats for healthy skin and coat
    No BHA or other high-risk preservatives for lower cancer risk
    Rich in meat-based protein

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    American Journey Large Breed Adult Dog Food


    Large Breed Adult is one of 17 dry recipes covered in our review of the American Journey Grain-Free dog food product line.

    • First 5 ingredients: Deboned chicken, chicken meal, turkey meal, peas, chickpeas
    • Type: Grain-free
    • Profile: All life stages
    • Best for:Lab puppies and adults

    American Journey Grain-Free Large Breed Adult gets the lions share of its animal protein from deboned chicken, chicken meal, and turkey meal. Dry matter label analysis reveals the recipe contains 33% protein, 13% fat and 45% estimated carbs resulting in a fat-to-protein ratio of about 40%.

    An affordable, all life stages dry kibble, recently added to our best budget-friendly dog food list. Fully-balanced nutrient content with an exceptional calcium-to-phosphorus ratio. Highly recommended.

    Sample buyer reviewMy dog has stomach issues and this is the best dog food I have found since Performatin is not available. Have tried Hills Science and most of the other high end dog foods without success. Highly recommend. I use the large dog instead of medium because the kibble is larger about the size of a nickel.

    What Is The #1 Best Dog Food

    Top Breed Dog Food Adult/Puppy 1kg
  • complete health dry dog food from Wellness is manufactured to order and contains no fillers.
  • Instinct Original Grain-Free Dry.
  • Natures Logic Dry Dog Food is a healthy and tasty treat for your dog.
  • Blue Buffalo Life Protection is dry.
  • Canidae Grain-Free Pure Dry Dog Food is formulated to meet the nutritional needs of dogs.
  • Orijen Dry Dog Food.
  • Diamond Naturals Dry Kibble.
  • Nulo Dry Dog Food is a dry dog food that is free of artificial flavors and colors.
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    Getting The Best Dog Food In The Philippines

    Here are some tips on choosing a healthy meal for your dog. First, before purchasing good dog food, you should always know your dogs age, breed, and if there are ingredients that can be allergic to your dog.

    If your dog is one year old or older you should purchase dog food that is for adult dogs, for younger dogs you should choose food for puppies.

    Dog food for smaller and bigger breed dogs is also different. Make sure to check the labels on each dog food that you choose. If your dog has allergies, choose a food that is hypo-allergenic to avoid any danger to your dogs health. Dog food that meets the complete and balanced nutrition requirements is also a must.

    If you want dog food that meets your budget always make sure if it meets the nutrition requirement of your pet. A dog that has complete nutrition every day keeps them healthy and makes their immune system strong.

    Best Value: Essence Grain Free Dog Food

    Orijen is still one of the best that you can get if you are concerned about human-grade food traceability.

    Orijen is a Canadian pet food company dedicated to sourcing its raw ingredients from Canada only.

    But over the years that has changed in the past couple years to Kentucky.

    What’s so important about that is Canada has higher standards for raising their meat production animals.

    The company publishes the exact province where the fish, meats, fruits, and vegetables are sourced for its products on its website.

    All Orijen products meet AAFCO standards and Fidos taste test, too!

    Orijen would normally be at the top of the list, but that ranking has changed over time.

    The company has gotten much bigger over the past few years so they have changed their nutrition panel.

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    Can Maltipoo Eat Human Food

    Its never advisable for any dog to eat human food. Our dishes are often seasoned with salt and herbs such as onions and garlic, all of which may cause health problems in your Maltipoo.

    You also want to prevent your dog from begging, which is what theyll start doing if you keep giving them delicious morsels off your plate.

    Wet Or Dry Food: Pick The Type Thats Best For Your Puppy

    Best Dog Food! (Easy, Tipid, Healthy, & Homemade) / ft. My Furbabies / Vlog 007

    Dry and wet puppy foods can both provide nutrients to your fur baby, but they each have their own advantages. You may choose to integrate them both on your pups diet, but if youre on a budget, only one of these will do. Here are some of the differences between dry and wet food to help you choose the right one.

    Wet Foods Have Higher Moisture and Better Taste

    If your puppy doesnt drink as much water as it should, you may opt for wet foods as they have a higher moisture content than dry food. They can also be easily ingested because they commonly come with softened meat chunks.

    Wet foods are also more flavorful and aromatic for dogs, which is why most of them prefer them, especially picky eaters. Moreover, if your fur baby is sick and has less appetite, wet food can entice your pup to eat because of its flavorful smell and taste.

    Dry Foods Are Convenient and Have Dental Benefits

    Compared to wet food, dry food or kibbles do not spoil easily and can be pre-portioned. They are also cheaper than the other type, making it a more cost-efficient diet for your puppy. Moreover, dry food encourages your pup to chew on their food, which helps remove tartar buildup and encourages the development of stronger teeth.

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    Best Dog Foods For Beagles In 2022

    With their great sense of smell, Beagles are one of the best of all breeds when it comes to their scenting abilities. In fact, they have been called a nose with a stomach attached since the breed enjoys a good meal so much. Adult Beagles can weigh 20-25 pounds which means they can eat a food for small or medium-sized dogs. We can help you choose the best dog foods for Beagles.

    Whether you prefer the big Beagle or the small Beagle , this breed is gentle and intelligent. However, they can be a little hard to train. Centuries of hunting on their own has made the breed an independent thinker so they dont always follow commands. A Beagle that finds an interesting scent, especially something like a rabbit, can start following it and pay no heed to you. Beagles are usually very good with children and make good family pets. They do require regular exercise. Beagles can be prone to gaining weight so regular exercise is important. As your Beagle gets older you will need to be vigilant about how many calories you are feeding him so he doesnt become obese.

    One of the good things about Beagles is that they are not predisposed to many health issues. You can choose your dogs food based on his age, activity level, and your own thoughts about dog food, along with your budget.

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