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Dog Food Recipes With Ground Turkey

How To Make Ground Turkey Dog Food Recipe

Homemade Ground Turkey and Lentil Dry Dog Food Recipe

You could cook all of these ingredients in one pot but this recipe cooks the meat and rice separately. The vegetables are added to the cooked meat to cook.

The steps for this ground turkey and vegetable recipe are

  • Cook the brown rice in a saucepan
  • In a large saucepan, cook the ground turkey.
  • Add chicken giblets.
  • In go the shredded carrots
  • Chopped kale is added
  • Cook the vegetables
  • Can You Feed Dogs Cooked Ground Turkey

    You may have noticed that turkey is a common ingredient in dog treats and dog food. Skinless, unseasoned white turkey meat thats been properly cooked is actually fine for dogs to consume in small amounts. Ground turkey, as long as its plain and has no additives, is also perfectly healthy for dogs.

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    Meat Forms The Base: Veggies Starches & Healthy Fats Fill Things Out

    Along with meat as a dietary base — about 50 to 75 percent of the diet — dogs should also have about 15 to 18 percent fat and 25 percent carbs. So a balanced recipe will also include produce, fats and starches in the correct ratios.

    Dogs can eat many vegetables, including carrots, broccoli, peas and leafy greens. Healthy oils include flax and safflower oil, which offer essential nutrients and omega-3. Starches include rice, potatoes and other similar items.

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    Diabetic Home Made Dog Food

    If your dog has a diabetes problem, this recipe may be a lifesaver. The author has made this diabetic dog food recipe for seven years now and has run through her vet for approval. With the main ingredient consisting of a beautiful yellow bean from India called chana dal that ranks incredibly low on the GI chart, its a good complement to your pet’s diet.

    • 1 can Libbys 100% Pure Pumpkin
    • 2 bags frozen broccoli cuts
    • 2 bags frozen crinkle cut carrots
    • 2 bags frozen green beans
    • 2 packages frozen chopped spinach
  • Pour water into a 20-quart pot. Bring to a boil over high heat.
  • Add chana dal, brown lentils, black-eyed peas, green split peas and barley. Reduce heat to medium, stir occasionally.
  • Cut and add chicken breast.
  • Add ground turkey.
  • Stir in pumpkin.
  • Add in the frozen vegetables. .
  • Reduce heat to medium-low, stirring occasionally until most of the water is absorbed. Let stand and cool before storing.
  • For the full recipe and instructions check out Myuntangledlife

    What Can I Put In Ground Turkey For My Dog

    Turkey and Veggie Dog Food Recipe made with Whole Food Ingredients ...

    First off, you should know what you should NOT put in your pets new turkey dog food. You want to make sure that the turkey is cooked plain and that there are no additives. This includes salt, sugar, pepper, and other spices. While those taste good to you, they can harm your dog.Do a little research to make sure you do not buy vegetables and fruit that are harmful to your pet. Onions and garlic are two food items that everyone talks about. There may be more vegetables that may not sit well with your pets health.Along with the turkey, some people put carrots, zucchini, potatoes, rolled oats, flaxseeds, and non-fat yogurt. You may find other ingredients in other recipes. Also, anything that is good for your pet and he or she likes the flavor, can go in your turkey dog food .Meat should be 50 to 75% of the dog food and then 15 to 18% should be fat and 25% should be carbs. You can play with the numbers and adjust them to get to 100% in any combination.Just remember to cook all these items plain. No sauces, spices, herbs, and so on.Another recipe

    • ½ package of frozen broccoli, carrots and cauliflower combination

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    People Food = Dog Food

    Before commercial pet food was invented — only about 100 years ago — dogs ate what humans ate, and thrived. They still can, as long as it’s done gradually, and each recipe includes healthy options in the correct ratios for nutritional balance.

    Remember to watch for any signs of tummy upset. Also, egg whites can cause intestinal upset in some dogs. If tummy upset occurs, use the yolk next time and save the whites for your egg white omelet.

    Always check with your veterinarian before changing your pets diet, medication, or physical activity routines. This information is not a substitute for a vets opinion.

    Tools Needed For Cooking Dog Food At Home

    • Food Processor: Before I start cooking a batch of homemade dog food, I blend up all the vegetables in my food processor. This Cuisinart food processor is my go-to. Its a bit smaller than traditional food processors but works just as well as a larger model. Blending up the veggies nice and fine will speed up the cooking process.
    • Dutch Oven: I make the entire batch in my large Le Creuset round Dutch oven. I love using a Dutch oven because I can ground the meat first, and then finish off the batch right in the same pot. The process is very similar to making chili except for dogs. Ya knowDog Chili. .
    • Measuring Cups: Rascal has his own set of measuring cups now because it makes measuring out food ingredients and the finished batch WAY easier.
    • Meal Prep Containers: This is basically meal prepping for your dog, so you will need some great Tupperware.

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    How Much To Feed

    Adult Dogs:

    • 10 lb dog: Recipe will make a 22 day supply
    • 25 lb dog: Recipe will make an 11 day supply
    • 50 lb dog: Recipe will make a 6-7 day supply
    • 75 lb dog: Recipe will make a 5 day supply
    • 100 lb dog: Recipe will make a 4 day supply


    • 5 lb dog: Recipe will make a 15 day supply
    • 10 lb dog: Recipe will make an 8-9 day supply
    • 25 lb dog: Recipe will make a 4-5 day supply
    • 50 lb dog: Recipe will make a 2-3 day supply

    Turkey And Veggie Dog Food Recipe

    Home Made Dog Food Recipe Turkey and Eggs | Husky Squad

    Gale Compton

    Gale co-founded SkinnyMs. with a goal to provide women with delicious recipes, fitness routines, and ways to reach their ideal weight. Gale has been featured on the Today Show in which she won a cook off for the best Lasagna. Be sure to search for her winning recipe, Skinny Lasagna Rolls.

    Guided by her firm belief in healthy eating and the power of exercise, Gale has written two cookbooks and several fitness ebooks. She earned her Fitness Training Certification from, National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association. Gale loves to run with her dog Maggie and has completed numerous half-marathons.

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    At The End Of 2019 During Our Yearly Vet Check We Received The Horrible News That Our Dog Was In Stage 4 Kidney Failure

    Honestly, I was in total shock, how did we miss this?! He is with me all day, every day!! He just seemed like he was dealing with some symptoms of old age frequent urination, sometimes excessive water drinking, and I would notice occasionally that he would have a mild case of diarrhea. It definitely didnt feel like life threatening symptoms to us! As much as the diagnosis was a shock, the price tag of the prescription diet that we were told he would need to eat for the remainder of his life was pretty horrifying too! When I asked our vet how long we had left with him the prognosis wasn’t good, 3-6 months maybe 9 if we were lucky. We had to wait 6 weeks for a follow up blood panel to really know what kind of timeline we were looking at.

    Is Homemade Food Better For Dogs

    While there are no scientifically-supported benefits to homemade diets, whole ingredient-based diets are better in the long term. Commercial foods are made to be complete and balanced, adds Dr. Bartges, albeit not the most exciting of meals. Put that way, feeding your dogs a variety of whole foods makes a lot of sense.

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    Can You Give Cooked Ground Turkey To Dogs


    Yes, you are allowed to do so however, in your creativeness when preparing meals, you need to be careful about the spices and herbs that you use to make the great-tasting meal. There is only a very slight distinction between ground turkey and ground beef.

    It has a lower sodium content, fewer calories, and less fat, but it has a lower total amount of grams of iron and protein. The good news is that both of these categories are only marginally distinguishable from ground beef. Thats great for the harmful ingredients in meat, but not so much for the healthier ingredients in either meat.

    It is important to remember that when you are preparing a turkey for your dog to eat, you should not include a lot of salt, fatty ingredients, or spices that could be harmful to your pet. To give one specific illustration, butter of any kind should under no circumstances be applied to the turkey.

    The turkey dinner that you give your dog should not include any spices, and pepper is just one of them. It is best to only give your dog turkey in its most natural form. This way, you can rest assured that your cooking did not contribute in any way to an upset stomach or other illness.

    Ground White Meat Turkey

    homemade dog food recipe

    You may have noticed that turkey is a common ingredient in dog treats and dog food. Thoroughly cooked and drained ground white meat turkey, as long as it’s plain and has no additives or salt, is perfectly healthy for dogs. However, there are some parts of the turkey you should never feed to your pup. Obviously, never feed your dog turkey bones as they can splinter and cause serious problems for them. Also, the fat in turkey skin may cause pancreatitis, a condition in which the pancreas becomes inflamed and swollen, so you do not want to feed them the skin either. The seasoning added to pre-cooked store bought turkey and deli meat usually contains onion and garlic which can irritate your dog’s bowels and cause serious digestive issues, such as vomiting and diarrhea.

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    Ground Turkey Vegetable Dinner

    This easy ground turkey dog food recipe mixes ground turkey, chicken giblets, brown rice, carrots and kale for a homemade high protein dog food.

    Chicken giblets have been added to this turkey dog food recipe as they are full of nutrients and high in protein. They can be omitted if you don’t have them. Like the ground turkey, they must be cooked well.

    Make this for a dog thanksgiving dinner if you want your dog to enjoy a holiday dinner too!

    Ingredients For Ground Turkey Dog Food

    There are so many people who want to know how to cook dog food. So, lets start with the ingredient list.

    This simple dog food recipe is made from 7 ingredients:

    • Apple any kind that is available to you.
    • Hard-boiled egg excellent source of protein.
    • Grated carrots full of vitamin A. Buy pre-shredded as a time saver, if needed.
    • Idaho® Russet potatoes my preferred spud, they are a great source of vitamins B6 and C, plus potassium.
    • Coconut oil a healthy fat
    • Grated zucchini again, buy pre-shredded to save a few minutes if needed.
    • Ground turkey because Sugar needs a low fat diet, we buy the leanest ground turkey.

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    How To Prepare Homemade Food For Dogs

    When preparing a diet at home for your dog, it is essential that you follow a recipe that is complete and balanced. Once you and your vet have chosen an appropriate recipe, it’s time to get started.

  • Before you begin, it’s best if you have ready a food scale, food processor, pots and pans, and containers or bags for portioning the food.
  • Purchase fresh, high-quality ingredients that are not canned, seasoned, or heavily processed.
  • Set yourself up in a clean area of the kitchen that is free of foods that may be harmful to your dog.
  • Measure out the ingredients. Use a food scale if possible for accuracy.
  • Cook ingredients as directed on the recipe
  • Mix food and supplements together well .
  • Place food in containers and store in the refrigerator or freezer.
  • In general, refrigerated food will stay fresh for three to four days. Frozen dog food is best within about two months. Avoid feeding homemade dog food that has been in the freezer for more than six months.
  • Many owners choose to prepare food in bulk and refrigerate or freeze it in pre-portioned containers. This is a great idea to save time and money, but you might want to begin by making smaller quantities so you can see how your dog does on the diet.

    How To Transition Your Dog To Homemade Food

    Cooking For My Dog! Healthy Ground Turkey Recipe for Your Fur Baby!

    Abruptly changing your dogs diet could cause them gastrointestinal distress, if you catch my drift, and thats not fun for anyone.

    If youre currently feeding your pup store-bought dog food, start the transition by replacing a portion of their regular food with homemade.

    For example if your dog eats 1 cup of food a day, replace 1/4 cup of that food with homemade dog food and mix it in. Do this for a few days, then up it to 1/3 or 1/2 of the food.

    Dogs with sensitive bellies may require an even slower transition. Trust me on this one youll thank me for it later. In the long run, it will be better for your dogs digestion.

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    Our Backstory: Common Food Allergies For Dogs

    After Rascal turned a year old or so, he started developing really strange eating habits. He wasnt finishing his food, had loud intense stomachaches and frequently threw up. We went through a number of blood tests. He had been diagnosed with things like pancreatitis, anxiety and one vet even thought he had parvo. We were stressed and at a loss at how to move forward. That is until we did an allergy test.

    We uncovered that Rascal was allergic to a dozen different food items, one being beef, the main ingredient in his traditional dry dog food. Our vet introduced us to an all-natural human-grade dog food company called Just Food for Dogs. The company sells premade food and teaches people how to make a homemade dog food recipe at home. Once we started this all-natural diet, the stomach aches subsided and he was the happiest we had ever seen him.

    Is Ground Turkey Good For Dog Food

    First, buying turkey is usually good for your budget. Most often, unless around thanksgiving, Easter, or Christmas where turkey is in demand, the ground turkey will cost less than ground beef.

    You can buy more turkey to make sure your food budget stretches a little further. Second, ground turkey is about as nutritious as ground beef. The slight differences are too huge so you can safely feed it to your dog.

    But serve it plain to be on the safe side of his or her health. Additional ingredients may be safe for you to eat but dogs are different, and those same ingredients can cause them pain, discomfort, and so on.

    Turkey is an essential ingredient in many dog food options. It is healthy, tastes good, and is easy to prepare. Plus, it is as healthy as beef or chicken, so your dog is not missing out on any essential nutrients.

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    Can I Pan Fry Ground Turkey For My Dog

    Dogs dont require the higher protein content of meats such as lamb, fish, chicken, and turkey, but if your dog doesnt like beef, these meats can be cooked in the same way. To boil ground beef, add the meat to a large, cold skillet, break it up and spread to fill the pan, then cover in water and bring to a boil.

    How Much Ground Turkey Should I Feed My Dog

    Easy Slow Cooker Dog Food with Ground Turkey and Veggies

    A good rule of thumb is to practice moderation in all aspects of life. Its possible that your dog is begging for more of your turkey because it smells and tastes so good. When you say no, however, you must maintain your strength and not give in to the temptation to look into those puppy dog eyes.

    Feed your dog just the right amount, but dont overdo it. You do not want to put your pet in danger of developing obesity-related diseases like diabetes and joint pain. If something like that does occur, you should prepare yourself to pay some hefty medical bills.

    It is fine to give your dog turkey, but the portions should not be too small unless you have a very small dog. The size of the portions you feed your dog will be determined by a number of factors, including the breed and size of your dog. But even large dogs can get fat.

    One more point to make: Make sure that the turkey is fully cooked before you give it to your pet at any time. Turkeys are similar to chickens in that the meat of both can harbor bacteria and other pathogens that are harmful to humans and dogs.

    Keeping this information in mind, you should never give your dog raw turkey. Always make sure that it is cooked all the way through, just like pork, to ensure that there are no uncooked areas in the portion that you are giving to your friend. Always cooking the meat ensures that it is safe for consumption.

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