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Best Dog Food For Australian Cattle Dog

How To Measure The Right Amount Of Dog Food For Your Australian Cattle Dog

The Australian Cattle Dog 101: Making your Own Dog Food

Research has shown that most owners over-measure a cup of dog food. As a result, most dogs owners overfeed their dogs. This is because dog owners do not level off the cup when measuring out the food they give to their dogs.

See how and how not to measure ONE cup of dry dog food in the picture below:

Note that one cup of dog food equals 8 oz of dog food or ~237 milliliters of dog food.

Feeding Guide For Mature Adult Australian Cattle Dogs: 6 Years And Older

You should feed the mature adult Australian Cattle Dog food that has been formulated to improve their quality of life, increase their life expectancy, and increase their overall health.

Older dogs are prone to age-related health problems. A good diet is essential to minimize the possibility of becoming frail with age.

See our recommendation on the best food for the mature adult Australian Cattle Dog below:

Best Puppy Foods For Australian Cattle Dogs

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The Australian Cattle Dogs also called Blue Heeler is a breed of dogs trained for herding and hunting. They maintain a curious, pleasant, and friendly temperament and used as a family pet. These energetic and intelligent animals require high-nutritional meals to boost their physical strength and maintain an active lifestyle right from puppy stage to adulthood.

Varieties of puppy food for Australian Cattle Dogs are on the market but choosing the right one is difficult. As a pet parent, this guide will help you to know the types of puppy foods to buy.

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Canidae Grain Free Pure Dry Dog Food

Canidae grain dry dog food is just one of the very best dog foods for Australian Cattle Dog.

This dog food is formulated using 6-7 kinds of meat to fulfil the nourishment need for a lively puppy such as blue heelers.

This pet food is constructed from locally sourced fish components to provide high-quality protein.

The kibbles are uncooked coated with various tastes to fulfil the early cravings of an Australian cattle dog.

Each kibble is blended with probiotics to maintain wholesome digestion.

The puppy food has a considerable quantity of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids to encourage the gorgeous coat and skin of your Australian Cattle Dog.

Canidae grain-free can also be grain-free, chicken, and red meat-free for dogs with a sensitive stomach.

Coupled with farm-fresh vegetables, they are certain to satisfy your dogs taste bud.

Filled with all the vital minerals and high-quality components, you can purchase this Australian Cattle Dog dog food with confidence.

What I like about it:

  • Contains locally sourced components.
  • Formulated with 7 distinct forms of meat.
  • Coupled with probiotics for healthier digestion.
  • Raw coated kibbles for crazy and good taste.

What I do not like:

  • Low carb dog foods, may require another resource for carbohydrate intake.

Canine Caviar Limited Ingredient Diet Puppy Dry Dog Food

Best Dog Food for Australian Cattle Dog of 2020


This wonderful puppy food made by Canine Caviar provides a diet with loads of nutrients.

This is an excellent choice for small and medium breed puppies. Its also selected for pregnant or nursing dogs.

This is a very natural dog food recipe, one that does not contain meat by-products, chemical preservatives, GMOs, gluten, BHT, BHA, or ethoxyquin.

It is also hormone, pesticide, and antibiotic free.

Contains papaya and yucca, which support probiotic and prebiotic health.

The recipe contains high quality proteins and complex carbohydrates. These ingredients will give your ACD puppy energy and endurance.

The recipe is specifically made to help develop muscles, organs, bones, and teeth.

Its also formulated to support the healthy growth of the heart, kidney, and liver.



Blue Buffalo Life Protection was made for the health of all dogs and is one of the best dog food for blue heelers you can find.

The recipe starts with real meat, whole grains, and natural fruit and vegetables.

For additional nutrition, they add a precise mixture of nutrients and antioxidants.

Life Protection Formulas recipe contains increased levels of protein and L-Carnitine. These provide for healthy muscles and carbohydrates for energy that lasts all day long.

Glucosamine and chondroitin are added for hip and joint health.

A balanced formula of fatty acids is included for healthy skin and coat.

The immune system of your senior dog was considered in the making of this food.



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History Of The Red Heeler

The nickname of the Australian Cattle Dog, which is Heeler, arose because of their tendency to nip at cattles heels to encourage the direction of movement while they are being herded. They were bred to herd cattle over long distances and special characteristics such as their high energy levels and stamina were desired to cope with the rough terrain and high temperatures of the Australian outback.

This background means that they are very energetic and playful dogs with a high intelligence. Youll need to make sure that you have enough time to spend with your Red Heeler outside, although they also do well as a pet rather than a working dog when they are trained and socialized properly.

There are two different types of Australian Cattle dogs and therefore there are two different types of Heelers the Original Cattle Dog, from New South Wales, and The Queensland Heelers, who are a variant of the breed from the 1940s. Both are now known as Heelers. Often, you might hear of the Red Heeler referred to as the Queensland Heeler or Blue Heeler. Dont worry, they are the same dogs, just different colors!

Considerations For Pet Parents

Researching this breed is crucial to determining if you and your lifestyle are ideal for an Australian Cattle Dog. They are loving, loyal, protective companions for the active owner who is excited and committed to finding them jobs or working them on farms or through canine sports.

Australian Cattle Dogs who do not receive enough stimulation mentally and physically can become frustrated and act out in destructive ways. This can progress to severe separation anxiety that impacts the lives of both the dog and pet parent.

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Australian Cattle Dog Faqs

Is an Australian Cattle Dog a good family dog?

Australian Cattle Dogs can be good family dogs, and can be raised with children. They are playful and will enjoy the high-energy companionship of children. However, given the breeds propensity to nip and herd, they should be supervised when around young children.

Are Australian Cattle Dogs smart?

Yes, extremely. Australian Cattle Dogs are one of the most intelligent dogs you will find.

What are the drawbacks of an Australian Cattle Dog?

Australian Cattle Dogs need a job. They will not be content as couch potatoes and are not well suited to apartment living. However, they will do well with owners who are interested in high-energy, active companions.

What is the difference between a Blue Heeler and an Australian Cattle Dog?

There is no differencethey are the same breed. All blue heelers are Australian Cattle Dogs, but not all Australian Cattle Dogs are blue heelers some are red heelers.

What do Australian Cattle Dogs love to do?

Australian Cattle Dogs love working, whether it is on the farm to herd livestock or in canine sports such as agility, frisbee, or fetch.

Why are Australian Cattle Dogs so tough?

Bred to work on a farm, Australian Cattle Dogs are clever and will take on animals much larger than themselves with gusto and fearlessness. They can handle hot and cold climates, rain, shine, or snow.

Are Australian Cattle Dogs the same as Australian Shepherds?

Reasons Why You Should Get An Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler Hybrid

Food Discussions: Types Of Diets For Your Dog ~ Australian Cattle Dog ~
  • Blue Heeler Australian Shepherd Hybrids do not require an elaborate grooming routine. Because of its short and sparse coat, you will only need to brush its fur weekly. They also just shed in moderate amounts. You will only have to be concerned about keeping their hair untangled.
  • Blue Heeler Australian Shepherd Hybrids are highly intelligent. This trait makes the dog quite enjoyable to train. They love learning new things and exploring new challenges. You will not have a hard time teaching them. Just keep in mind to do it at a young age and apply positive reinforcement so that they learn well.
  • Blue Heeler Australian Shepherd Hybrids are very protective. The breed is very affectionate to its owner and family. It can serve as a guard dog and protect you and your family with its life. They will only ever bark and true intruders and strangers that they believe are harmful to you.

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Caring For An Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle Dogs are known for their stocky, muscular build designed to maximize strength, endurance, and stamina.

They are double-coated with short, dense undercoats and water-resistant straight outercoats. They do well in hot or cold climates and can thrive outdoors with adequate shelter, but they also enjoy being indoors with their owners.

Australian Cattle Dogs require a high degree of exercise and do best with extended sessions of running, jogging, frisbee, fetch, or agility training. They are not well suited to apartment living or in a small living space/yard.

With fierce devotion to their owners, Australian Cattle Dogs often bond strongly to one person and will object to being separated from them.

Eating And Exercise Habits

Australian Cattle dogs grow up to be medium-sized dogs, so there isnt a huge amount of growth that happens from the time they are puppies. Despite this, you still shouldnt slack on the quality of nutrition they need because these are dogs who have a ton of energy. This energy must be fueled by the right kind of nourishment. As your dogs owner, its your job to find appropriate food for them to eat throughout each life stage. Its important that you also promote good eating habits for your dog at an early age.

Dogs need to have scheduled meals as soon as they are around eight weeks old. To help them regulate their sugar and energy levels better throughout the day, you should be feeding them four portions of food a day. You can transition them from four meals to three when they reach about 12 weeks. When they are at six months old, they can eat two portions of food. They remain at two portions of food throughout their lives.

Bear in mind that the portion sizes are determined by how heavy your dog is. You should measure out their food at the start of the day and then divide it into portions. Kibble pieces are also great as treats when teaching them commands and tricks. Feeding them kibble when they complete tasks correctly helps them look forward to their kibble and curbs pickiness.

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Foods To Avoid Feeding Your Blue Heeler

Blue Heelers are not the sensitive type. They are the breed that does not worry their owners every other day regarding their diet or health.

However, there are always some exceptions, and we cant overlook any ingredient if your Blue Heeler is allergic to it.

Just to be on the safe side, there are a couple of ingredients that are particularly not favorable for your poodle to eat. Such ingredients are mostly meat by-products.

Nothing harms a dog more than cheap fillers, and cheap meat by-products added to increase the weight of a dry food bag.

It would be best if you were careful when choosing the brand for your dog. The list mentioned above is all of high quality and does not contain inappropriate ingredients for your Blue Heeler.

On the other hand, ingredients like wheat, soy, corn are prime culprits and should not be fed to your Blue Heeler. You also need to avoid meals that have artificial flavoring or ingredients added to them.

Why Raw Food Is Best For My Australian Cattle

15 Best Dog Foods for Blue Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog): Our Guide

A dog’s stomach is not anatomically designed to digest and ferment carbohydrates . Even grain-free kibble often contains high levels of starchy carbs, including legumes, peas and lentils. Feeding this to a dog puts their system under pressure, creating metabolically stressful insulin, glucagon and cortisol spikes throughout the day as well as causing inflammation and putting strain on vital organs, leading, in some cases, to a host of serious health conditions.

There’s no doubt the canine species is resilient, and despite eating a diet which isn’t providing the natural components they may need, they will adapt and survive for some time. Still, there’s a world of difference between surviving and thriving.

Whether you choose ProDog Raw’s no fuss, no-nonsense, natural raw dog food or raw puppy food, or you decide to create your own DIY raw food recipes at home, you can be sure that the move to a wholesome, species-specific diet will fuel your dog’s well-being, regardless of thier breed.

Read on to find out what the benefits of raw dog food are for your Australian Cattle.

Read on to find out more of why raw food is the best food for your Australian Cattle

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Fatty Acids And Fats Should Be Added

Do you know that fats provide great energy for your Australian Cattle Dogs puppies? Fats regulate hormones and support the absorption of food nutrients in the body. These smaller dogs need fats to enhance proper mental functions and boost physical energy.

Fatty acids are required to maintain healthy coats and beautiful hairs.

How Much Food To Feed A 9

You should feed your 9-year-old Australian Cattle Dog 2.2 cups of dry dog food every day.

Ration this food into two or three separate portions and give it to your Australian Cattle Dog over the day.

Our recommendation on how much food you need to feed your 9-year-old Australian Cattle Dog assumes that the weight of your Australian Cattle Dog is typical for its age.

The typical weight for a 9-year-old Australian Cattle Dog puppy is 32.9 lbs .

Our recommendation on how much food to feed your Australian Cattle Dog also assumes that you feed your Australian Cattle Dog dog food of that contains 389 kilocalories of energy per cup.

Use our Australian Cattle Dog food calculator for a more accurate estimation of how much food to feed your Australian Cattle Dog.

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Best Dog Food For Blue Heeler Puppies

Your puppy has a long and active life ahead of them, and the first year of their life is when they are most active. Puppies have high-energy needs and need food to fulfill those needs. This can only be found in food specifically formulated for puppies, labeled as puppy formula.

Since Blue Heelers grow up to be hardworking dogs, you must set a good foundation for their health while they are still a puppy. This gives them a great start in life and sets the stage for wellness for all their years. Puppyhood is the most important developmental stage of your dogs life, so its important that they are eating food that contributes to their healthy development.

Here are some of our favorite choices for your puppy.

Best Dog Food For Australian Cattle Dogs With Medical Or Sensitivity Issues

Australian Cattle Dog FOOD + TREATS

With so many types of dog food on the market today, its crucial you understand and get to know what youre giving your Australian Cattle Dog.

This is especially true if they have unique health issues. Here are our best picks to consider:

The Wellness Simple Limited Ingredient dog food is made specifically for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

It includes a recipe of natural, limited-ingredients.

It is a simple recipe with a single source of protein, easy to digest carbohydrates, without fillers or additives.

With sensitive dogs in mind, this recipe is made without potatoes.

Fiber and probiotics are included to promote digestive health. A fantastic mixture of fatty acids helps promote healthy skin and coat.

High quality ingredients are added to the mixture that provide your dog with lots of energy.

The healthy ingredients are added to promote whole-body health and longevity.


  • Known to solve many stomach and digestive issues in dogs
  • High quality, natural ingredients with a single source protein
  • Strong carbohydrates give your dog energy
  • Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids


  • Extra packaging and shipping costs

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Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Lamb & Brown Rice Adult Recipe

If youre looking for an affordable dog food made with high-quality and digestible ingredients, try this Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Lamb & Brown Rice Adult Recipe. Formulated for adult dogs, this recipe features fresh lamb as the main ingredient with menhaden fish meal for supplemental protein and whole-grain carbohydrates. It also contains an assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as beneficial supplements.

Best Supplements For Your Australian Cattle Dog

If your dog is getting a balanced diet, supplements is not necessary in their diets. Only provide them with supplements if they are weak due to some sickness, pregnant, and having problem in growing. Following are the supplements that you can provide your Australian Cattle:

  • Wild Fur Skin and Coat Supplement for Dogs
  • Dyne High Calorie Liquid for Dogs
  • Omega Alpha Pet Probiotic 8 Plus Probiotics, Enzymes, and Fibre for Better Pet Digestion

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Purina Pro Plan Large Breed


Large Breed Adult is one of 19 dry recipes evaluated in our review of the Purina Pro Plan product line.

  • First 5 ingredients: Chicken, rice, corn gluten meal, whole grain corn, poultry by-product meal
  • Type: Grain-inclusive
  • Profile: Maintenance
  • Best for:Adult Aussies

This Purina Pro Plan obtains the majority of its meat protein from fresh chicken. Dry matter label analysis reveals the recipe contains 30% protein, 14% fat and 49% estimated carbs which creates a fat-to-protein ratio of about 46%.

Even though Aussies are considered medium size dogs, larger kibbles have been scientifically shown to be preferred by animals of all breed sizes.

A classic, grain-inclusive dog food, one of the most frequently recommended brands by vets and professional breeders. Reasonably priced.

Sample buyer reviewGood source of protein for your big dog. It gives him a shiny coat and helps maintain his weight. Huge improvement in his poops from Kibbles n bits. They are more solid as compared to the soupy mess he was making.

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