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What Aisle Is Dog Food In Walmart

What Dog Food Should I Avoid At Walmart


The subject of the worst dog food brands or brands that you should avoid is a delicate subject. Not only will many consumers or the brands themselves disagree, but the formulas produced by some brands vary in quality tremendously, and therefore it may be unfair to label the whole brand as junk when some of their recipes are satisfactory.

That being said, there are certainly some trends that are worth noting. Very low-cost brands such as Pedigree, Ol Roy, and Kibbles N Bits are safe bets on the list of dog food brands that you should avoid unless absolutely necessary.

These ultra-low-cost brands tend to use inferior quality ingredients, including meat by-products, grains such as Corn or Wheat, and ingredients like Bone Meal and Soy.

None of these ingredients are considered average-quality, let alone high-quality, and are not appropriate for a dogs diet. Also, they provide a poor overall nutrition profile that is high in carbohydrates and low in protein and fat. This balance of nutrients poorly reflects a dogs ancestral diet.

Furthermore, many of these ingredients can cause or worsen allergies or intolerances. These allergies and intolerances can cause symptoms such as rashes, bloat, and diarrhea, which could cause a dog great discomfort.

Wheres The Canned Cat Food And The Freshpet Lehigh Valley Shoppers Find Bare Shelves In Pet Food Aisle

First, it was toilet paper. Then, it was hand sanitizer. Now? Its hitting Garfield right in the stomach.

If you went shopping recently, you may have noticed increasingly bare shelves in the canned cat food aisle. Thats been the case at several local stores, including Giant, Weis, Tractor Supply and Target, that offer only a skimpy selection of Fancy Feast and Sheba if youre lucky. Even at South Malls Petco, well stocked compared with the grocery stores, there were noticeable gaps on the shelves, including Blue Buffalo Healthy Gourmet and Science Diet canned cat food.

And dont forget about Fido, especially if Fido has high-end taste. For one, refrigerated pet food maker Freshpet has struggled to keep up with skyrocketing demand amid coronavirus-induced labor shortages, which has meant a limited supply of dog food in its fridges.

High demand and low worker supply have been a major theme of the pandemic, something that has reflected the waves of COVID-19 cases in the community. Its a dynamic that has hit the U.S. Postal Service, various fulfillment centers in the area and manufacturing plants, too, creating a backlog of orders, causing delays and ruffling the feathers of sometimes impatient consumers.

Grocery stores and pet food manufacturers say the situation is improving, though supply will remain tight for a little while longer.

We have been fortunate so far, but I do think this shortage is going to be difficult for the general public, she said.

Shop For These Vegan Goodies At Walmart

Being vegan is officially mainstream. With so many delicious animal-free foods widely available at every grocery store in the U.S., its never been easier to save nearly 200 animals each year.

Most people in the U.S. live within 15 miles of a Walmart, and folks can even shop for groceries from there online . This means that along with the staples , the average American has access to an array of delicious vegan products at an affordable price.

So if youre heading to Walmart, keep an eye out for these choice vegan gems in the grocery aisles:

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Best For Allergies: Iams Proactive Health Adult Dry Dog Food Grain Free Recipe With Real Chicken And Peas

Food allergies are no fun. For your pup, sensitivities to certain ingredients or processed foods can result in ear infections, stomach issues, and itchy, uncomfortable skin. If youve noticed your dog suffering from these symptoms, try transitioning him to a sensitive skin and stomach recipe like this one from Iams. Its made only with easy-to-digest ingredients like chicken , peas and beet pulp. Its also grain-free and doesnt include fillers like poultry by-products. Meanwhile, the texture of the food works to give your dogs teeth a scrub, and the inclusion of Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids help to keep their coat shiny and their skin itch-free.

The food consists of 24% protein, 14% fat, 4% fiber, and 10% moisture. Reviewers say its also great for gas issues, and that theyve successfully used it as a less expensive alternative to prescription dog food.

Best For Large Dogs: Nutro Natural Choice Adult Large Breed Dry Dog Food Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe

PERRY GEORGIA Houston Restaurant Hotel Dr.Hospital ...

How about the needs of larger breeds? Big dogs need to be fed a diet that promotes strong muscles and healthy joints, helping to relieve some of the common issues they experience as they age. Nutro Wholesome Essentials is made with ingredients that serve as natural sources of glucosamine and chondroitin, nutrients that contribute to joint health, and also includes antioxidants like vitamin E to support their immune system. The first ingredient is chicken, and the recipe also features brown rice and sweet potato.

Consisting of 21% protein, 13% fat, 3.5% fiber, and 10% moisture, Nutro Wholesome Essentials offers a complete and healthy meal for large breeds. While its on the expensive side, customers say the natural-ingredient recipe is ideal for their labs and Great Danes, who can experience bloat when they eat foods that arent as protein-forward and feature additional fillers.

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Are Pet Dogs Allowed In Walmart

Walmarts official website indicates that dogs that are not service dogs are not allowed. See the screenshot below:That non-service animals aren’t permitted in grocery stores mostly due to food safety concerns.

It might not be the same in all Walmart branches, as some store managers might apply different policies, the so-called per manager policy. One compromise might be to have people who legitimately need the relief of emotional stress from the emotional support pets to meet with a Walmart manager and make an effort to get permission to bring the animal into the store.

What Food Should You Buy For Your Dog

While dogs enjoy eating meat, they aren’t strictly carnivores. They also need the nutrients provided by fruits and grains. Quality dog foods offer a good balance of all of the food groups to ensure your dog’s well-being. Just keep in mind that as dogs get older their nutritional needs change, so always buy dog food that’s appropriate for their age.

Regardless of the brand you shop, one of the biggest decisions is whether to opt for wet food or dry food. Both types of food have their benefits, and which one you choose depends on the needs of your dog:

  • Wet food: Wet food is often easier to digest than dry foods, making them a good choice for older dogs, dogs with delicate stomachs, or dogs that have trouble chewing for any reason. Buying food in cans often makes it easier to get portion size right, since you don’t need to worry about weighing.
  • Dry food: Purchasing large bags of dry food often represents the best value, and chewing on crunchy pieces is good for your dog’s teeth. Such foods are also less messy than wet alternatives, and you don’t need to struggle with a can opener whenever it’s feeding time.

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Walmart Grows Pet Category Debuts Premium Private Label Pet Food

In honor of National Pet Month and the fact that more than 11 million U.S. households adopted a new dog or cat during the pandemic Walmart is growing its position in the pet category, debuting Pure Balance Pro+, a new private brand of dog and cat food that is vet-formulated and exclusive to the retailer.

The retailer announced the brand in a blog post from Melody Richard, vice president, pets, Walmart U.S., saying the line is focusing on nutrition, yet still meeting a lower price point compared with other premium brands. The new store brand will also be joined by a larger assortment of pet treats and accessories from national brand and exclusive brand partners such as pet beds that contain recycled mattresses and on-trend apparel with tie-dye. Additionally, Walmart will stock exclusive supplements from Milk Bone that can aid a dogs digestion and pet beds will include items from the retailers exclusive Vibrant Life line.

The sleek Pure Balance Pro+ line of foods joins Walmarts existing private brands such as the venerable Ol Roy brand of dog food and Special Kitty foods and products.

American Journey Large Breed Dog Food Best Value

Customer tackles deer in Minnesota Walmart pet aisle – TomoNews

The best dog food from Walmart for the money is the Active Life Formula dog food from American Journey. This food contains real deboned chicken as the first ingredient, which is a great source of high-quality protein to aid your dog in muscle growth and keep their energy levels at their peak. There are also nutrient-rich vegetables like carrots and sweet potatoes for added energy in this best cheap dog food at Walmart, with a precise blend of vitamins and antioxidants to support optimum immune functioning. With the included omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, you can be sure that your pooch will have a shiny coat and healthy skin, and the easily digestible grains will provide your dog with the fiber they need for optimum digestive function. The food also contains no wheat, soy, corn, or artificial colors or flavors.

Some customers report their dogs getting loose stools from this food, possibly from the added fiber. Some also report that the food has a strange smell, causing their dogs to not want to eat it. These small caveats keep this food from the top position on this list. With all that said, we think this is the best dog food at Walmart for the money this year.

There has been a recent recipe change in this food, leading to some dogs become picky about eating it. The grain-free recipe may also cause some dogs to get gassy and bloated and may result in loose stools too.

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Best For Small Dogs: Natures Recipe Natures Recipe Small Breed Grain Free Chicken Sweet Potato & Pumpkin Recipe

Small breeds have faster metabolisms than larger breeds, so their dietary needs are slightly different. Unsurprisingly, they also do much better with small-bite foods they can easily chomp down. Natures Recipe small breed food is another grain-free, easy-to-digest offering, featuring real chicken and nutrient-rich sweet potatoes. Formulated for dogs under 25 pounds, its free of artificial flavors and preservatives and tiny enough for smaller mouths.

The food is 25% protein, 15% fat, 4% fiber and 10% moisture, and also features minerals like copper and zinc to promote healthy skin and coat. Customers say Natures Recipe small breed food is a winner even with picky eaters, with the added benefits of being both affordable and healthy.

Latest Shortage On Store Shelves Pet Food

CLARKS SUMMIT, Pa. Pet owners came to the canned cat food aisles of local Walmart and Giant stores this week to find bare shelves and possibly their favorite brands out of stock.

It’s a problem Kevin Young started noticing back in December. He’s the president of Pawsitively for the Animals, a Scranton nonprofit that’s been delivering pet food to area food pantries during the pandemic.

“We’re paying more money now because where we normally go, we’re tax-exempt, and it is the lowest in the area. But in order to keep the need going that our food pantry requires, we have to purchase elsewhere and pay a premiere price, and that’s adding up,” Young explained.

In a statement to Newswatch 16, Petsmart said more people have added pets to their families during the pandemic, which is driving demand and causing shortages among manufacturers.

Manufacturer Nestle Purina tells Newswatch 16 it’s producing and shipping more than ever before and working hard to keep up.

Bethlehem-based pet food maker Freshpet said in a statement on social media that COVID-related staffing shortages, plus the December snowstorm, have made it more difficult to stock the fridges of retail stores, but the company said, “more is coming.”

Smaller businesses such as Stately Pet Supply in Clarks Summit have not seen an issue with supply.

All the more reason to shop small during the pandemic.

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Before You Go Shopping With Your Dog

If you have a small dog, using a soft and handy carrier is a good idea. A sling carrier bag, a portable backpack, or a carrying case are all possible.

Bigger dogs need a comfortable collar and a leash. It is best to attach the service dog card clearly visible or to place a harness for better control. Choose an appropriate leash and collar depending on the purpose, like an LED glow leash for night walks or a traffic leash for emergencies. Before you go, practice with your dog in advance. A well-trained dog is more popular with guests. However, a busy retail environment may not be suitable for all dogs. For instance, a lively child or loud noises can frighten or intimidate your dog. Make sure your dog can handle an accident or feel comfortable in the crowd. It is recommended to train it to be well-socialized before you venture out. It is not a good idea to bring anxious pets to public places, leaving them at home could be a better option.

It is best to contact the store before you go shopping, even the one with dog-friendly policies, because it will leave it up to the store managers to decide whether to let our furry friends into the location they take in charge of. If it does not allow pets inside, you can find other dog-friendly stores. Walmart is not the only place to shop, there are other places where your furry friends are welcome. There are also a number of pet-friendly stores in your area, such as Lowes and Petsmart.

Artificial Colors And Dyes

Old Dog New Treats

There are additives to some dog foods to make them more eye appealing to humans. You will usually find these in brands that brag about their vegetable content or savory flavors.

The dyes are added to make the food look more like the flavor that was also added, so the kibble that tastes like carrots will be dyed orange to look more like a carrot piece.

The problem here is two-fold. First, the dyes can come off on your dogs fur, especially around the mouth and paws. It can also leach into their skin and discolor their fur. Lighter colored dogs will be more affected by this, but it can happen to any dog and any coat type or color.

The second and more serious problem is allergies. Food-borne allergies are generally triggered by these colors and dyes. It may not even happen right away, either. Some breed and individual dogs are allergic to the dyes from birth. Others will develop the allergy as they continue to ingest it.

For these two reasons, any time you see things on the ingredient list such as Red 40, Blue 2, Yellow 5 & 6, etc. you should avoid them completely. It is better to find an all-natural food without these additives than to chance an allergic reaction in your pup. We promise, that while the food may not be bright and colorful, your dog wont mind at all.

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Does Walmart Sell High

Contrary to popular belief, yes, Walmart does sell some high-quality dog food products. Walmart, just like all other major dog food retailers, has clued in on the increased consumer demand for higher quality dog food.

This increase in consumer awareness has to lead to the inclusion of brands or ranges of products that appeal to these knowledgeable consumers who want to provide their dogs with appropriate nutrition from high-quality ingredients.

Are some of the most popular and highly rated premium brands such as Orijen, Acana, Instinct, or Merrick sold at Walmart? Sadly not.

These premium brands dont appeal to Walmarts customers who can not afford dog food brands such as these. Also, many of these brands attempt to support small local retailers and avoid partnering with large brands or stores such as Walmart or PetSmart.

However, there are some, what can be best described as affordable or medium-priced yet reasonably high-quality dog food brands that are sold at Walmart.

While not all of these brands recipes may be rated as highly as other brands by reviewers such as ourselves, some do, in fact, provide excellent nutrition from high-quality ingredients and deserve to be brought into the limelight.

Purina Pro Plan Focus Adult Dry Dog Food

Purina formulated this Pro Plan dry dog food with adult and senior dogs firmly in mind. The food contains nutrient-rich salmon as the first ingredient to give your pooch the essential omega fatty acids they need for a healthy coat and skin and to aid in joint health and mobility. The prebiotic fiber is great for dogs with sensitive stomachs, as the highly digestible fiber will help your dogs digestion while nourishing the beneficial bacteria in their gut. The included oats and rice provide easily digestible sources of carbohydrates for an energy boost, and the food contains no wheat, soy, or corn.

This food may cause bloating and gas in some dogs, and the salmon smell may turn off picky eaters. Several customers reported increased shedding after switching to this food, with itchiness and skin irritations too.

Made with sustainably caught wild salmon as the very first ingredient, Halo Holistic dry dog food will provide your pooch with the essential fatty acids that salmon is packed with. The recipe also includes GMO-free garden vegetables, like sweet potatoes and carrots for energy-boosting carbohydrates and blueberries for immune-boosting antioxidants. There are no rendered meats like chicken or fish meal, so you can be sure that the food is hormone and antibiotic-free. It also contains no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. The small-sized kibble is specially formulated for dogs with small mouths.

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