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What’s The Best Low Fat Dog Food

Eagle Pack Natural Dry Dog Food

Healthy Dog Treats: top 5 low fat treats for dogs
  • First 3 ingredients: Pork meal, dehulled barley, peas
  • Best for: For all breeds
  • Price: $

Eagle Packs natural dog food comes in large 15-pound or 30-pound packs giving you great overall value and making this one of the most cost-effective dog foods for weight loss.

Protein and carbs are balanced in the right proportions to promote lean muscle growth without any attendant fat gains.

As well as keeping Fidos weight in check, this formula is also rich in antioxidants, so youll be helping to strengthen his immune system, too. Packed with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, youll also ensure his coat and skin health are fully supported.

Theres no corn, wheat, or soy in this stuff. You get no cheap bulking agents or fillers either. With no artificial flavors or preservatives, youll be doing everything you can to support your pups whole body health while also keeping his weight within healthy limits.

Youre buying into a brand with decades of experience helping dog owners just like you manage their furballs weight without depriving them.

Choose A Fully Nutritional/balanced Diet

View all ingredients on the label. Every ingredient is essential and must be displayed in the correct proportion. For a dog to lose weight, its nutritional formula must contain:

  • Above-average protein
  • Below-average fat
  • Below-average calories

Higher protein levels help your dog feel saturated while eating less . Low-fat is essential, but low-calorie intake is even more critical. Lean, dry dog food must contain less than 9% fat, and wet food must contain less than 4% fat. Low-fat diets should not contain more than 400 kcal/cup calories. If you buy bulk, make sure that the diet has less than 3,100 kcal/kg for dry food and less than 900 kcal/kg for wet food.

Nutro Natural Choice Healthy Weight Adult Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food Review

At a Glance

  • Fiber: 11%

Nutro Natural Choice Healthy Weight is a delicious and nutritious food that owners can feel good about feeding their dog as it tries to shed a few extra pounds. The main ingredient in this diet is whole chicken, a high-quality meat that is reinforced by the addition of chicken meal. Together, these two proteins ensure the flavor and staying power dogs are looking for each time they enjoy a meal.

The outer layer on each piece of kibble contains a unique formulation of protein and fiber to increase the foods appeal for dogs. Though this diet does include grains, each item is a whole grain that was carefully selected for its ease of digestibility. Antioxidants have been supplemented to encourage strong immunity as protection against disease.

Nutro Natural Choice Healthy Weight, one of the best low-fat dog foods, contains no by-products, corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids have also been included in this recipe to provide dogs with vital energy and to encourage healthy skin and coat.



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Dietary Requirements For Low

It is very important when starting a dog on a low-fat food that the amount of food given should not be drastically altered within the first week. Feeding too few calories can lead to setbacks and can also encourage the development of poor manners such as excess begging. Just as with people, physical and emotional satisfaction are important components to the diets success.

Not all low-fat dog foods are created equally. It is important to select a food that is comprised of the highest quality ingredients included in the correct ratio to encourage eating satisfaction. To this end, the primary ingredient in any low-fat food suitable for dogs who need to lose weight is a lean protein from animal origins. Whole meats are preferred, but meat meals also are an excellent dense source of high-quality protein.

Carbohydrates play an important role in low-fat foods, providing the necessary dietary fiber that helps dogs to feel full. Fruits and vegetables are often the best sources as they offer not only staying power through their fiber but also antioxidants to help fight disease. Since digestion and elimination are critical components of any weight loss program, high-quality carbohydrates are an absolute must whether they are derived from whole grains, fruits, or vegetables.

As a general guideline, low-fat foods should contain at least 18 percent protein. Fat totals generally range between 5-10 percent with slightly more acceptable but not less.

Whats The Safest Rate Of Weight Loss For An Overweight Dog

The Best High Fiber Dog Food for Regulating Poop and Anal ...

A dog that loses weight too quickly can develop serious health problems.

Which is why

Its important to keep the rate of weight loss to about 1-2% of your dogs total body weight per week.5

For example

If youre feeding an overweight, 100-pound German Shepherd, your pet should be able to safely lose about 1 to 2 pounds per week.

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Dog Food Which Is Based On Meat Instead Of Grain

That is the secret to your dogs optimum health. Poor-quality dog food will almost always be grain-based. Beef, poultry, or fish would be the source of good quality food. Youll pay more for meat-based dog food, but the higher the price, the better the quality the higher the quality of the ingredients, the higher the nutritional value.

Dogs need to eat more low-quality dog food in an attempt to fulfil their nutritional needs. Again, you are going to pay more for higher consistency, but you are going to buy less, and your dog is going to eat less. The dog will also clearly move less stools when fed a high-quality meat-based diet.

For dogs, meat is the appropriate source of protein and fat is the appropriate source of energy. In high-quality meat, all the proteins, vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients needed for dogs to live a long and healthy life are found. Yet, carbohydrates have become the primary nutrient present in most dog foods.

Buying Guide For Best Low Fat Dog Foods

In the above portion of our review, we mentioned various best dog food for weight loss for pet owners. We need to provide essential nutrients and vitamins for dogs for their growth and keep an eye on their weight. Dogs could face specific health issues if their weight increased more than necessary. And that is why low-fat foods come into the picture. However, besides picking one product from the above list, there are some other things to know. From what exactly is low-fat food and brands famous for supplying those meals to factors that we need to consider while buying the food pack, here comes this guide.

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Different Types Of Dog Foods For Weight Loss

There are basically two types of weight loss dog foods.

  • For a dog that needs to their weight at the level they are or if the dog is slightly overweight, you want to look at lean or light kinds of dog food to get them down to an ideal body weight.
  • For dogs that are already overweight or obese, reduced-calorie and reduced-fat foods are what you will want to keep your eye open for.

Wellness Core Reduced Fat Dry

How To: Calculate Carbs in Dog Food!

First 5 Ingredients : Deboned Turkey, Turkey Meal, Chicken Meal, Potatoes, Peas

The Wellness pet food company is dedicated to providing high-quality, natural diets for pets. This company follows a holistic approach to pet nutrition and they make it their goal to use natures finest ingredients combining them in exact proportions to help support your pets health and wellbeing. Not only does Wellness seek to produce high-quality pet foods, but they also support various animal wellness programs and educate pet owners about the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle for their pets. When it comes to their products, Wellness offers their customers the Wellness difference which promises an ideal balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrate with no empty calories. Each and every one of Wellness products is made with premium protein as the first ingredient and is balanced with a variety of fresh, wholesome ingredients for nutritional balance.

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Victor Select Nutra Pro Active Dog & Puppy Formula

First 5 Ingredients: Chicken Meal, Blood Meal, Whole Grain Millet, Chicken Fat , Yeast Culture

Victor Nutra Pro is a high-quality dry dog food. Its nutrient profile is significantly above average and it provides a significantly excellent proportion of protein and fat and a significantly low proportion of carbohydrates.

This formula is the highest-protein, lowest carb multigrain formula for dogs of All Life Stages from the Victor company.

This nutrient-dense recipe is high in protein and contains low carbs to provide sustained energy for sporting dogs and furry friends with high physical demands. It is also ideal for growing puppies and pregnant or lactating females.

Made with gluten-free grains, Victor purpose Nutra Pro Dry Food is an excellent choice for dogs with moderate to high levels of daily activity.

VICTOR Nutra Pro for Dogs is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for All Life Stages, including growth of large size dogs .

Read The Labels Carefully

Be careful when choosing a type of weight loss diet for your dog. Always read the labels.

If you are looking to cut out grains in your dogs food because of carbohydrates, make sure that the type of dog food you are buying is not supplementing other carbohydrates into the dog food recipe.

The bag may read grain free, but when looking at the ingredients, they may have added potatoes instead.

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American Journey Healthy Weight Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe

Most Affordable Low-Fat Dog Food: For an affordable but still high-quality option in low-fat dog food, consider this American Journey Healthy Weight Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe dry food. This recipe features fresh chicken as the first ingredient with chicken meal as a supplemental source of protein and a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin. It contains digestible whole-grain carbohydrates like brown rice and barley with peas for supplemental fiber. This formula is rich in protein with 25% and has only 9% fat. It contains just over 300 calories per cup and is supplemented with fresh fruits and vegetables to provide natural sources for key nutrients. Youll also be glad to know that it contains chelated minerals to ensure optimal nutrient absorption with vitamins for nutritional balance.

  • Pros: Affordable price, real chicken as first ingredient, low in fat , fresh fruits and vegetables, digestible whole-grain carbohydrates, chelated minerals, nutritionally balanced
  • Cons: May be too high in fiber for some dogs, not a grain-free recipe

Best Low Fat Dog Food Complete Guide Top 5 Picks Reviews & More

The Best Low Protein Dog Food for Kidney and Liver Health ...

Not even dogs have been left behind in the wake of this low fat trend. Eating low fat diets appears to be the healthiest thing you could do in your commitment to enhance your well-being.

Youve probably come across those shakes and formulas at every corner store that purport to be low in fat with an ability to help you shed a few unwanted pounds, right?

Well, the doggie world seems to have caught on, and your canine is not going to be left behind on this trend.Just like with human food, there is more to low fat dog diets than meets the eye. You will learn about all that in a few minutes and later on get to meet some of the best low fat dog foods available today.

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What Is The Best Low Fat Dog Food

There are a few reasons why you might require low-fat dog food for your pet. One of the most common is to feed a dog that suffers from pancreatitis, a painful condition where the pancreas becomes severely inflamed. Some dogs are prone to bouts of this illness due to high circulating fat levels, so a low-fat diet can help keep things under control. Some dogs with inflammatory bowel disease may benefit from an easy-to-digest low-fat food, and this type of diet can also be useful in helping to manage weight in obese animals. Here is what to look for in low-fat dog food.

Things To Look For In The Best Low

Here is a basic list of the most important things to look for in a low-fat dog food:

  • Whole meat or meat meal proteins heading up the ingredients list
  • Prepared without the addition of chemicals, flavorings, fillers, or mystery ingredients
  • Enriched with probiotics and helpful supplements
  • Meets AAFCO nutritional requirements for a complete and balanced food
  • Contains 5-10 percent fat

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Whats The Best Way To Switch My Dog To A Weight Loss Food

To minimize the risk of digestive upset

Its best to transition from regular dog food to a weight loss food gradually.

Take your time. Dont rush.

Start by mixing about 25% of the new weight loss food with 75% of the regular food. Then, slowly increase that amount to a full 100% over the next 5 to 7 days.

What About Food Allergies And Sensitivities To Low

Ketogenic Diet for Dogs // Dog Cancer, Diabetes & Obesity Discussed

Dogs can suffer from food allergies just like humans do and they can be allergic to some of the same ingredients.

The most common culprits for dog food allergies are low-quality grains like wheat, corn, and soy as well as common proteins like chicken, beef, pork, and eggs.

If your dog suffers from frequent ear infections or recurrent skin problems, it could be a sign of an allergy.

Switching to a grain-free diet may work for some dogs but for others you might need to switch to a hypoallergenic limited ingredient dog food diet until all signs of the allergy disappear then reintroduce common allergens one at a time until you identify the problem.

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Fromm Weight Management Gold Dog Food

Crude Fat Min: 10% 334 calories per cup

Family-owned, and based out of Wisconsin, Fromms Weight Management Gold dog food is one of the few non chicken-based ultra-low calorie diets on the market. With real turkey liver headlining as the first ingredient, this recipe is unique compared to most low calorie alternatives.

Fromm Weight Management Gold dog food also contains nutrient-dense plant based ingredients like oats, pearled barley, brown rice, potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, and more. L-Carnitine is added to help metabolize fats, as well.

At as low as $2.45 per pound, this is the most affordable low fat option on our list.

Cost per pound: $4.50/5 lb bag, $3.13/ 15 lb bag, $2.45/ 33 lb bag


Turkey liver, chicken meal, turkey broth, oat groats, pearled barley, menhaden fish meal, whole oats, dried tomato pomace, whitefish, whole barley, brown rice, millet, white rice, oat hulls, flaxseed, pea fiber, salmon oil , chicken fat , dried egg product, potatoes, brewers dried yeast, cheese, carrots, sweet potatoes, celery, alfalfa meal, salt, potassium chloride, taurine, chicory root extract, monosodium phosphate, Vitamins , Minerals , yucca schidigera extract, l-carnitine, sorbic acid , dl-methionine, l-tryptophan, sodium selenite, dried Lactobacillus acidophilus fermentation product, dried Bifidobacterium longum fermentation product, dried Lactobacillus plantarum fermentation product, dried Pediococcus acidilactici fermentation product.

Orijen Fit And Trim Biologically

  • First 3 ingredients: Deboned chicken, chicken liver, turkey liver
  • Best for: For all breeds with weight issues
  • Price: $$$

Orijen Fit and Trim formula aims to give your dog a tasty and balanced diet that wont have him piling on the pounds. All you need to do is feed him the right amount of this food in combination with a breed and age-appropriate exercise regime.

The fresh and raw animal ingredients ensure Rover gets a taste of the wild. Protein is derived mainly from real deboned chicken, the primary ingredient. This helps your dogs lean muscle development without causing him to put on any fat.

85% of all the ingredients here come from real animals.

One of the key selling points used by the manufacturer is the fact they have raw ingredients delivered to their kitchens. This formula is then made from these all-natural powerhouses to deliver a balanced and nutrient-dense food that wont have your dog putting on weight.

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Signs Of Food Allergies In Dogs

If an underlying health condition has been ruled out, and your dog continues to suffer from chronic diarrhea, it may be time to consider a dog elimination diet for allergies.

We have an excellent 8-page reference for you to download about how to detect and treat dog food allergies, as well as how to conduct a controlled elimination diet.

When Should You Switch To Senior Dog Food

4 Best Low Fat Dog Foods: When &  Why Your Dog Might Need ...

The size and breed of your dog determine what age is considered senior. In general, larger dogs tend to have shorter lifespans than smaller dogs. Dogs are considered senior during the last 25 percent of their lives. Below are the average ages when dogs are considered senior based on size and weight.

What is considered a senior dog?
  • Small dogs weighing under 25 lbs are considered senior at age 8
  • Medium dogs weighing 25-60 lbs are considered senior at age 7
  • Large dogs weighing 60-90 lbs and up are considered senior at age 6
When should you put your dog on senior food?
The right time for putting your dog on senior food depends on their size, breed and age. If your pet has some health issues, such as diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, kidney disease, dental problems or cancer, it may be time to shift to senior food with ingredients that address these specific issues.

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