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American Natural Premium Dog Food Where To Buy

American Natural Premium Ingredients

âDog Food: Best Dog Food (Buying Guide)

American Natural Premium uses a range of common meat ingredients in their recipes. This includes poultry ingredients like Chicken and Turkey and red meat ingredients like Beef and Lamb.

These are reliable and affordable sources of animal-based protein and fat. American Natural Premium places these are the core of the recipes, which is where they should be.

Some American Natural Premium recipes contain Liver ingredients such as Chicken Liver. Liver is the most common organ meat included in dog food, and it is used because it can provide some vitamins and minerals in high concentrations that may be lacking in traditional meat cuts.

American Natural Premium Information

American Natural Premium was founded in 1998 by Gene Large and Jennifer Burlo. The founders owned a kennel and wanted to produce better food for the dogs. Since then, they have grown to produce and distribute dog and cat food countrywide.

American Natural Premium is one of a growing number of brands to take advantage of concerns around the use of Legumes in dog food. They have chosen to produce three new legume-free recipes, and they heavily advertise these on their site.

However, they still produce their legume-inclusive recipes along with some other common and traditional recipes.

While information is scarce, we believe that American Natural Premium recipes are made in the United States at a facility shared with the well-known brand Fromm. The manufacturing plants that produce the food for both brands are in Wisconsin.

American Natural Premium is available from select retail stores across the United States but is not sold as commonly as other brands. However, you can easily purchase American Natural Premium online from some of the large pet food websites like Chewy.

Where To Buy Pentobarbital For Dogs

Where can you buy Pentobarbital Sodium Injection? You can get it from your veterinarian or health food store, but keep in mind that there may be restrictions on how and where you can get these medications. If you have a registered prescription for euthanasia, you can contact your veterinarian for details.

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Where Is Natural Balance Dog Food Made

Who makes Natural Balance and where is it produced? Natural Balance is headquartered in Burbank, California, and Diamond Pet Foods manufactures/makes its product. It has facilities in California and South Carolina. The downside to this is that Natural Balance is not in full control of the manufacturing process.

Affordable Responsible And Reliable

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Ingredients Found In American Natural Premium Dog Food

The main ingredients in American Natural Premium dog food are:

  • Vegetables like carrot, lettuce, and celery
  • Vitamins and chelated minerals

The total protein is around 23%. American Natural Premium Dog Food uses mixed tocopherols as a natural preservative. Meat meals used in the dry food contains 300% more protein than fresh meat.

Is American Natural Premium A Good Dog Food

Judging by its ingredients alone, American Natural Premium Dog Food looks like an above-average dry product. American Natural Premium is a grain-inclusive dry dog food using a moderate amount of named meat meals as its main source of animal protein, thus earning the brand 4 stars. – Dog Food Advisor

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American Natural Premium Dog Food Review

American Natural Premium Dog Food has dry foods available in formulas with grain and without grain. Puppy food and treats are also part of the American Natural Premium Dog Food products. American Natural Premium Dog Food is prepared from ingredients bought in small batches to maintain freshness. The food is also cooked in small batches to ensure high quality in taste and nutrition value.

The grains used in American Natural Premium Dog Food are easy to digest and add fiber to the diet. For dogs that are sensitive to certain types of food, there are not only grain-free options but also a variety that does not contain potato or pea. None of the products contain wheat, soy or corn. The brand also boasts a Sensitive Care variety of dog food and Endurance Plus variety among others.

American Natural Premium Recalls

American Journey Grain-Free Wet Dog Food | Chewy

Based on our research , American Natural Premium has no history of recalls and is, therefore, a recall-free brand.

This is a positive sign and shows that American Natural Premium take their quality and safety measures seriously.

Despite this, all consumers should be wary of any future recalls of American Natural Premium or any other pet food brand.

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American Natural Premium Company Overview

American Natural Premium is a pet food brand that was founded in 1998 by Gene Large and Jennifer Burlo in Milwaukee. The Riverview Kennel owners were unhappy with the choices of pet food available at the time and so decided to create their own formulas. Their aim was to make affordable pet food which was rich in nutrition.

Twenty years later, the American Natural Premium brand is still going strong, and its dry food for dogs is the preferred choice of many pet parents. The brand has earned itself a 4-star rating and has never seen a single recall in the past two decades. All ingredients required for American Natural Premium Dog Food are sourced from within the US. The company makes it a point to tell customers that there are no ingredients from China in any of their products. The food goes through stringent quality checks both during and after the cooking process. American Natural Premium Dog Food is never sent out to stores without passing a quality check. The plant at which the American Natural Premium Dog Food is manufactured has passed USDA inspections.

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Is Grain Free Bad For Dogs

According to a warning from the Food and Drug Administration released last week, grain-free food might be giving dogs a life-threatening heart problem called dilated cardiomyopathy, or DCM. The science is still preliminary, and it’s based on a potential association between diet and heart disease in fewer than 600 dogs.

Is Mexican Food Native American

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What Do People Like And Dislike About American Natural Premium Dog Food

Most people like that its still affordable despite being a higher quality food than a lot of what you find on the shelves at your local grocery store. It uses only ingredients sourced from reputable providers, but the company is able to balance the cost with the value.

Customers also like that there are options specific for working dogs, show dogs, and large breed puppies. These are categories that can be difficult to shop for and its nice to have options that dont break the bank but address these specific needs. They also like that their dogs seem to like the taste well enough.

As with most foods, theres always the possibility that your dog wont like the taste. Some customers noted that their pickier dogs wouldnt eat the kibble. Others complained that their dogs seemed to have more gas than usual on the food.

If thats the case, you can introduce the food slowly by mixing it with the old food until you gradually phase out the old. As for the taste, putting a little wet food on top can sometimes encourage picky eaters.

Theres no option for small breeds, which can be frustrating if your toy breed cant chew the kibble. You may have to look elsewhere for a food that your small breed dog can comfortably chew. You can always wet the kibble, but that can be messy.

American Natural Premium 78787 Original Recipe Pet Food

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The Dog Food Market Is Evolving And Growing

“More and more veterinarians and breeders are recommending COOKED human grade food for dogs to replace traditional nutritionally lacking commercial dry and canned dog food – but there are not a lot of places to obtain it.”

Unlike cats, dogs are not strictly carnivores and require additional nutrients like humans, which they may not be getting in the proper proportions with dry dog food.

Another alternative being touted is Raw Meat but consider this unhealthy choice. The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association’s web site does not recommend raw meat and states:

“Problems can and do occur if raw foods are fed. For example, meats should not be fed raw because of the danger of transmitting parasites and harmful bacteria .”

In addition, studies show that most dogs and cats prefer cooked meat.”

People would not eat any of the above dog foods that are commercially available, why should their dogs?

Reconsider the daily food choices you make for your pets! You cannot expect to maintain your dog’s good health, zest for food, weight and energy level on over processed, denatured, contaminated foods or table scraps. The composition of dog food is very important in order to provide a dog’s optimal health and interest in their food, especially as they grow older.

There are alternative ways of feeding your pet to make necessary healthy changes!

So what’s the solution?


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