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When To Switch From Puppy Food To Dog Food Labrador

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Puppy

ð If You Feed Labrador Retriever With Dry Dog Food â? Stop Immediately!

The last puppy food for labs that we will be looking at is the Blue Buffalo Life Protection. While this is not specific for large breeds, it does have a lot of great nutrition for all developing puppies, including DHA and ARA.

DHA and ARA are both found in mothers milk and are essential for brain development. This food has no fillers either, making it a healthy choice.


Contains DHA and ARA for brain health Formulated with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals No chicken by-products No fillers, corn, wheat, or preservatives Contains nutrition for joint health


Not breed or size specific

No Diet Is Complete Without Water

There should be a clean, fresh bowl of water available for your puppy at all times, allowing them to help and regulate their intake themselves.

How much they need will vary depending on the heat, their recent activity levels and their diet and its rare for a puppy to drink to excess. So let them decide.

However, though water should always be available you should monitor their intake because both drinking too much and drinking too little can be a sign of medical issues.

If you see a dramatic change in the amount of water they drink that cannot be explained by dramatic changes in exercise levels or temperature, you would be wise to consult a vet.

Also, its good advice to take away their water up to 2 hours before bed to help with your house training.

This enables you to take them to potty before bed and know theyll be empty and can make it through the night without needing to wee.

To learn more, please see my article: How much water a puppy needs each day

Ad Libitum Puppy Feeding

You may have heard of the ad lib feeding system, where puppies can help themselves to food at any time from a hopper.

The idea is that the puppy will regulate his own food intake if food is never restricted.

However, studies have shown that puppies fed this way have a higher incidence of bone and joint problems. As a result, it really is not a good idea.

Choosing the right time of day to give your puppy his meals is important, because it determines whether you can keep your puppy clean and dry at night. Feeding schedules can also influence how long your puppy sleeps for at night.

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What Other Food Should You Feed With Puppy Kibble

If your are feeding your Labrador puppy kibble, there is no need to provide anything else apart from water. Puppy kibble from a reputable manufacturer is intended to be a complete and balanced food. Some owners like to mix in canned dog food or even scraps of raw food with kibble.

Theres probably no harm in doing this occasionally with an older dog, but with puppies you may find it causes upset tummies and theres a risk that you wont be feeding a balanced diet unless you include considerable variety in your extras.

Dog Feeding Equipment And Storage

IAMS ProActive Health Adult Labrador Retriever Dry Dog ...

There is a huge choice of feeding bowls available. Youll probably want to make sure the bowls you choose are dishwasher safe and not easily breakable. You can get some very cheap and colorful plastic bowls. But they tend to scratch easily and look a bit sad when theyve been through the dishwasher a few times.

I like stainless steel. But I admit it is quite noisy to handle and use. And not as pretty as some of the ceramic products. Think carefully before you buy raised bowls as some studies have associated these with bloat.

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Is It Worth It To Buy Expensive Puppy Food

Premium food has higher nutritional density, so you can feed your dog less to achieve the same results. Also, premium foods have stable ingredient profiles the composition of bargain brands can vary from batch to batch.

The major dog-food companies invest heavily in product development and research, constantly upgrading formulas to keep up with their competitors. This means that feeding premium food puts you on the cutting edge of canine nutrition.

Can You Feed Human Food To Puppies

Many people wonder if they can feed their puppy human foods, anything found in the fridge or larder.

Unless you really understand canine nutrition, whats good, whats not and what a puppy should eat in what proportions, its best you dont feed them human food at all.

Furthermore, there are many human foods that are toxic to dogs that you should avoid at all costs.

Additionally, if youre feeding your puppy a complete and balanced diet by way of a commercially available kibble or wet food, you shouldnt add anything to it. The key word here is balanced.

In a balanced food, all the nutrients are in just the right amounts and if you add human foods on top, you are upsetting this balance.

Too much of some nutrients can be bad in itself, but also prevent the absorption and use of other nutrients too. So supplementing a balanced diet is a bad thing to do.

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What’s The Difference Between Puppy Food And Adult Food

It is highly recommended that your puppy eats a commercially formulated dog food specifically for puppies until they are fully grown. This is because growing puppies have different nutritional needs compared to adult dogs. Puppy diets tend to be higher in calories to support growth and have a slightly different balance of vitamins and minerals to provide optimal nutrition for growing bones and muscles. Most veterinary nutritionists do not recommend homemade, raw, or adult diets for puppies because they do not contain the right balance of nutrients to support rapid growth. Therefore, these diets may lead to developmental abnormalities or deficiencies.

While an adult dog is less likely to become unwell from eating puppy food, there are still some concerns with feeding your dog a diet that does not match their current life stage. The biggest problem with giving a puppy food or a generic “all life stages” diet to an adult dog is that these diets are often too high in calories. Adult dogs that are no longer growing do not require as many calories as puppies and can gain weight if they are fed puppy food. Spaying and neutering your dog, while very beneficial, also causes a decrease in your dog’s metabolism that can lead to weight gain. Specifically formulated diets for neutered dogs are available and contain fewer calories to keep your dog’s weight healthy.

How To Feed A Labrador Slowly

My Dog Patiently Waits For Food | Adorable Labrador Puppy #shorts

A much more common problem in Labradors, is the dog that scoffs his dinner in a heartbeat and then begs for more with pleading eyes. There is an association between bloat and rapid eating, so if you can slow down your dog a little, it is probably good thing. The best way to do that is by using a slow feed bowl*.

Check out this link: how to slow down your dogs eating for more information.

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Experts Disagree On Puppy Feeding

One problem for puppy owners is that even the experts disagree on what is the best food for puppies. People often feel very strongly that one way of feeding is better than another, and you can always find evidence to support your view.

You will find veterinarians on YouTube pronouncing that BARF is the only way to keep a dog healthy. Other veterinarians and nutritionists argue that kibble is the only way you should feed your puppy, warning of dire consequences if you attempt to go natural.

To make things even more complicated, dog breeders also tend to be divided into those that feed a natural raw diet and those that feed kibble. Take a look online you will find plenty of claims for the benefits of one method over the other.

The truth is that there is no good quality evidence showing that kibble is better for the long term health of your dog, or that raw feeding is better. There are risks and benefits to both, and the main thing is to ensure that your dog has good quality food to eat. So, well now take a quick look at some of the pros and cons of the different puppy foods.

Raw Fed Dogs And Small Children

I dont recommend raw feeding in families with very small children. This is because raw fed dogs get messy. It is hard in this situation to keep raw meat juices containing pathogens, away from children too small to understand the importance of hand washing

The important fact here is that there is no right way to feed a dog. No single best way to provide a balanced diet.

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What If My Puppy Is Still Hungry

One of the things people most often ask is, what if my puppy is still hungry? They have followed the guidelines on the packet, but the food doesnt seem to be enough to satisfy the puppy.

If your puppy clears up his food in a few seconds and begs for more, dont panic. This is perfectly common and perfectly normal.

Your puppy doesnt know for sure when his next meal will be along, so it makes sense to him to eat as much as he possibly can right now!

And, puppies are very good at using every trick in the book to win you round.

Stand firm!

When To Switch Doberman Puppy To Adult Food

Top 5 Best Dry Dog Food Brands for a Labrador Retriever ...
  • Switching From Doberman Puppy Food To Adult Food At 18 to 24 months, its time to switch your puppy to an adult diet. This shouldnt be a sudden change. The following guideline can also be used if youre switching from one brand to another.

You should switch to an adult dog food when your puppy is anywhere from 18 months to 24 months old. Large or giant breed puppies take a little longer to reach maturity, and many of them are still growing until they turn two years old.

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Choosing How To Feed A Labrador

Dont be a slave to them, they are just there to help.

  • If you have a small puppy you may be happier feeding kibble
  • With children under five, it may be safer for you to feed kibble
  • If your dog has a close relative that has suffered from bloat, he may be safer eating raw
  • If your dog suffers from allergies, he might do better on raw

Now may be the right time to feed raw for you, or it may be the right time to feed kibble. Your circumstances are unique so only you can decide. For those of you that will be feeding kibble. Lets look at a few more concerns

What A Puppy Needs From Its Diet

A puppys body is going through significant changes as it grows rapidly, whatever size or breed it is. Puppies require greater calcium in their diet than adult dogs to support the proper development of their skeleton.

They also need more protein, as they are rapidly building muscle and other body tissues. Their food should be more energy-dense than a fully grown dogs, as they are unable to eat as much but need plenty of energy to support their developing physiology.

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How Often To Feed A Puppy How Many Times To Feed A Puppy Each Day

Feeding a puppy too much food in one go is a common cause of tummy upset and diarrhea. To avoid this you must split their daily intake into a few smaller meals spread throughout the day.

This makes each meal easier to digest, your puppy gets more goodness from each meal and keeps their digestive system running smoothly, while ensuring a steady and stable flow of energy throughout the day instead of peaks and troughs.

For large breed puppies, the advice is for under 3 months feed them 4 times each day, for 3 to 6 months old, feed them 3 times each day, and at 6 months and older you can feed them just twice each day.

You should space these meals out evenly: 3 hours apart for 4 meals, 4 hours apart for 3 meals and 6 to 7 hours apart for 2 meals.

Avoid feeding your puppy in the 3 hours leading up to bed time so they dont feel the need to potty during the night, waking you up to do so.

If your puppy regularly has soft stools or diarrhea, feeding them a higher number of smaller meals instead of fewer large meals can sometimes help. Certainly give it a try.

Lab Puppy Feeding Chart

Leaving My LABRADOR PUPPY Alone With His Favorite Dog Food..

The Lab puppy feeding chart below is only a very rough guide. The quantity of food you need for your puppy will vary depending on your puppy and on the brand of food you are feeding him.

Many food manufacturers provide similar dietary charts on the bag of food or on their website. You can also check with a vet or dog nutrition specialist to make sure that your puppy grows to be strong and healthy with just the right amount of food.

The diet charts are always useful when selecting the best dog food brand for your puppy.

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What Causes Changes In A Dogs Coat Condition

Changes in diet can lead to changes in your dogs skin and coat condition, but the most common causes are season and life stage. As cold weather approaches, most dogs grow a thick coat to help keep heat in and cold air out. As the weather warms up, they shed their thick, heavy coat.

Most puppies are born with soft, fuzzy hair, but as they age, they grow a coarser coat. Pregnant or nursing dogs also might experience a change in coat condition or hair loss. And, just like humans, a dogs hair might thin out and become coarser and white as they reach their mature years.

The Diet Is Incomplete Without Water

You need to make sure that clean freshwater is 24/7 available for your canine, enabling them to regulate their intake themselves. How much amount of water they need depends on the weather, their activity level, and their diet. Dogs dont drink water in excess, so let them figure out how much they want to drink.

Remember, drinking too much and too little can be a sign of serious health issues. If they dont perform a lot of physical activities and the temperature is also normal, but they drink too much water, then you must consult with the vet.

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Month Old Lab Puppy Weight

At 2 months, your Labrador Retriever puppy should weigh anywhere from 9 to 15 pounds. Any less than that and your puppy is going to need to eat more frequently in order to close the gap.

Puppies that weigh more than that should also be watched for food to make sure they are not gaining weight excessively. The placement on the range of your puppy will depend on his natural size, sex, and how much he ate from his mother.

How Much Should A Lab Puppy Eat

Royal Canin Labrador Retriever Adult Dry Dog Food, 30

Like any new baby, your puppy is growing quickly and will need to maintain a steady flow of nutrition to grow up well. Once your puppy has weaned off of moms milk, its time for dog food.

Puppies typically need at least three meals a day but depending on where they are in the Labrador growth chart cycle, they might need more or less.

Your puppy is likely to eat all of the food available, which could lead to excessive weight gain, which can cause bone issues down the road.

For this reason, it is best to follow a lab puppy feeding chart to know you are on the right track. Its important that you feed them only the best dog food for Labradors.

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When Feeding Problems Need Veterinary Help

All puppies need regular veterinary check ups and when you take your puppy to the vet for his vaccinations. This is a great time to ask any questions you might have on his diet and welfare generally.

All dogs may eat less in very hot weather. But changes in appetite, especially sudden changes, can be a sign that a dog is not well. If your Labrador goes off his food, dont just put it down to old age. This information is part of a range of articles in our Diet and Exercise pages. If you enjoyed this article you might like to read Labrador Puppy Growth

Transitioning To Homemade Dog Food

Most dogs dont have a problem making the switch to homemade food. If yours is prone to digestive issues, start slowly by mixing a little bit of the homemade food with the commercial food.

Over the course of a week or two, gradually increase the amount of homemade food while decreasing the commercial food.

If your dog vomits or has diarrhea, try introducing only a couple of new ingredients at a time until their systems are well adjusted to the fresh diet.

For dogs with health issues, please consult with a veterinarian if you arent sure what kind of supplements are needed. Use your best judgment, the way you would when feeding yourself or your family.

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What Human Foods Are Dangerous For A Labrador Puppy

Some human foods are dangerous, some are poisonous, and some can affect the health of your Labrador. The following are foods that you should not feed your puppy:

  • Chocolate contains theobromine which is a toxic compound for dogs.
  • High sugar foods such as candy and ice cream can cause heart disease, obesity, joint pain, dementia, and diabetes.
  • Raw wild boar and raw salmon contain parasites that can be fatal.
  • Macadamia nutscan cause vomiting, hyperthermia, and tremors in your puppy.
  • Grapes, wine, and raisins can lead to kidney failure.
  • Others include alcohol, coffee, tea, and foods with xylitol such as sodas, toothpaste, and candies.

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