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What Dog Food Is Yeast Free

Recommended Serving Amounts For Homemade Dog Food

Homemade Dog Food for Yeast Infections

As a general rule, dogs will eat around 2 to 3 percent of their ideal body weight in fresh food daily. Larger breeds may need as little as 1 1/2 percent, and smaller breeds may need as much as 4 percent.

This works out to be approximately:

  • 2 pounds of food per day for a 100-pound dog
  • 1 to 1 1/2 pounds of food per day for a 50-pound dog
  • 1/2 to 3/4 pound of food per day for a 25-pound dog
  • 5 to 6 1/2 ounces of food per day for a 10-pound dog

There is much variation in what the ideal amount should be as it depends on how much your dog weighs and how active she is.

I feel that the best approach is to feed and watch if your dog is losing weight, give more, and if your dog is gaining weight, give less.

For our pugs, we feed a scoop each in the morning and a scoop each in the evening, plus all their supplements.

We have an easy system for this: homemade food is refrigerated in a sealed container with a measuring cup , and all the supplements are lined up together in a cupboard in the kitchen. Keeping your ingredients organized and accessible will make feeding time fast and smooth.

Compared to feeding commercial food, where you might scoop out kibbles or open up a can, feeding homemade food with all the supplements takes maybe 10 seconds more. And even if it took 10 minutes more, fresh wholesome food for our furbabies is worth it.

Best Dog Foods Without Flaxseed

Over the previous few years, Fresh Home-Delivered dog food has seen a surge in popularity in the United States. This new style of dog food is drastically different from dry or canned food. It is freshly prepared, pre-portioned, and then delivered straight to a customers door.

Nom Nom, formerly NomNomNow, is one of the most popular providers of this service and is available in all 48 of the contiguous states.

Prospective dog owners enter various key pieces of information in during the signup process, and then Nom Nom interprets this information to tailor-make a diet and gauges the dogs nutritional needs. You can see an extract of this signup process below.

Wed recommend checking out their FAQ page for the full rundown on how the service works.

Nom Nom currently has four fresh dog food recipes available, and all four of these are flax-free which is excellent news for those searching for alternatives.

Weve chosen the above-mentioned Tasty Turkey Fare to discuss as it is our favorite, but you can choose one of their other recipes or a mix of multiple for your dog.

Turkey takes center stage as the recipes primary meat ingredient. While not as popular as Chicken, it provides extremely similar nutrition, high in protein and fat.

It is joined by a generous proportion of Eggs, which are one of the most bioavailable sources of protein available and incredibly underutilized in dog food.

Lets Talk Dog Nutrition Six Essential Nutrients Dogs Need

Here is a link to an article regarding Dog nutrition, originally published in Dogster Magazine in 2017. You can also link to the article by clicking on the picture below.

Diana Laverdure-Dunetz, M.S., is a canine nutritionist and co-author, with M. Jean Dodds, D.V.M., of two books including Canine Nutrigenomics: The New Science of Feeding Your Dog for Optimum Health. Their online course, Complete Canine Nutrition can be found at myhealthydog.dog.

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Yeast In Canine Meals

Yeast is a typical ingredient in hottest pet food manufacturers. This ingredient is a sort of fungus.

Its full title is Saccharomyces cerevisiae, however yow will discover a number of various kinds of yeast elements in canine meals.

Yeast Tradition

Canine meals typically use yeast as a probiotic for digestive help. Yeast tradition will be energetic or inactive, however each sorts help the great micro organism naturally present in your canines intestine.

Nonetheless, an excessive amount of energetic yeast may cause gassiness.

Brewers Yeast

Brewers yeast is a nutrient-rich by-product of the beer brewing business. This deactivated yeast is a wonderful supply of B-vitamins and enzymes.

However by-products are usually thought of decrease high quality elements in pet food.

Dietary Yeast

This ingredient comes from the identical pressure of yeast as brewers yeast. It has a naturally candy taste from rising in molasses.

It offers comparable advantages, but most canines want the style of dietary yeast. However, this ingredient might not be appropriate for pups with sugar sensitivities.

Selenium Yeast

Selenium yeast is a typical supply of selenium, an important mineral in pet food. This mineral helps shield the physique from oxidative stress.

Yeast-free pet food makes use of sodium selenite instead.

Castor & Pollux Pristine Yeast Free Dog Food

Recipe: Homemade Dog Food for Yeast Infections

The Castor and Pollux dog food is made for those dogs who cant handle yeast, the natural and healthy ingredients making one of the best yeast free dog foods on the market. With no grains or poultry, this food is designed for your dogs health while offering excellent nutritional value. No artificial ingredients, flavors or colors are added to keep the food as healthy as possible.

  • Made for dogs with yeast intolerance or allergies
  • No grains or poultry for greatest health food on the market
  • No fake or artificial ingredients to boost your dogs health

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Remove Sugar And Starch From Your Dogs Diet

Sugar and starch feed the growth of yeast in your dogs system. By eliminating your dogs intake of these ingredients, youll essentially starve the yeast by reducing your dogs blood glucose levels. Always be aware of the ingredients in your dog food. Even if it states that its grain free, your dog food may still contain potatoes, which are full of starch.

Top 5 Picks For Best Dog Food For Yeast Infections In 2021

  • Supports a healthy digestive system and immune system
  • Suitable for all dogs, except large breed puppies
  • U.S-grown chickens as the first ingredient
  • Suitable for all breeds
  • Perfect for sedentary dogs that have to watch their weight
  • Excludes common allergens like corn, potatoes, chicken, wheat, or soy
  • Contains nutrients for immunity and a healthy development
  • Contains quality ingredients that will enhance your dogs skin and coat
  • Includes ingredients with anti-fungal properties
  • A grain-free recipe that is also suitable for dogs with food sensitivities
  • Supports a healthy digestive system and immune system
  • Suitable for all dogs, except large breed puppies

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Why Is Yeast In Dog Food

While you may hear yeast and think about beer or yeast infections, yeast can be a beneficial ingredient in dog food. There are different types of yeast, officially known as Saccharomyces cerevisiae, that may be found in dog food. These include:

  • Yeast culture: Yeast cultures are often included in dog foods to support the digestive system by working as a probiotic. Both active and inactive yeast cultures can help support a dogs gut and the healthy bacteria found in the gut.
  • Brewers yeast: Brewers yeast, which is by-product from brewing beer, is a deactivated yeast. It contains many enzymes and B-vitamins that can benefit a dogs health.
  • Nutritional yeast: Nutritional yeast, which is from the same yeast strain as brewers yeast, is naturally sweet and offers many of the same benefits of brewers yeast. Many dogs enjoy the flavor added by nutritional yeast, but dogs with a sensitivity to sugar should likely stay away from it.
  • Selenium yeast: Selenium yeast can help protect dogs against oxidative stress.

Why Does My Dog Keep Getting Ear Infections

Yeast Or Allergy – What Is Causing Your Dog To Itch?

You should take it very seriously if your dog repeatedly contracts ear infections. There are many reasons for this. The most common reasons are environmental and food-related allergies. If you fail to keep a check on your dogs ear health or provide the right food, your dog may remain vulnerable to allergies and infections.

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Top Yeast Free Dog Food Brands

There are a whole range of diet-conscious companies out there producing great anti yeast dog food. Some great options are:

  • Wholesome Homemade. They have a range of grain- and potato-free dehydrated foods. Their range of ingredients helps support a nutritious and healthy diet. Just add water and youll have a healthy stew.

The Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Grain Free Dog Food The Dog Food For Yeast Problems Removal

There is a detailed menu that comes with the pack. Check out to calculate the perfect diet for your dog. To find out the proper portion, you need to know the dogs weight and level of its usual activity best dog food for yeast infections. You may pick among the next flavors: seafood, turkey, chicken, and beef.

The smallest pack is 1.75 oz, the biggest is 10 lb. Since anti yeast dog food it is a daily meal, I recommend you to buy 10 lb. It is totally free of grain, which may cause allergies and provoke itching and skin reddening. One pack has a high level of proteins, a low number of calories, and fats. So, I recommend not only as no yeast dog food but also a great diet.


  • Flavors: turkey, beef, chicken, seafood
  • Weight: from 1.75 oz to 10 lb
  • Extra feature: free of allergens
  • Recipe: Check the dosage on the pack, add water to the dry food.
  • Answers FDA standards of safety.

Honest Kitchen is a US-based company that meets FDA safety rules and offers a human-grade label on the pack. Since the food is dry, you receive many more supplies in the end. For example, the 10 lb pack mixed with water equals somewhere near 40lb. The food is made inside the human food department. The company has produced human-grade food since 2002. They use the same products that can be found in our food.

Things We Like:

  • It costs slightly more than other packages of dog food.

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Buying Guide: Things To Consider When Looking For Dog Food For Yeast Infections

If you have a dog who is prone to yeast infections, seeing a veterinarian is always important.

In my experience as a dog parent, I have found out that diet can help manage canine diabetes.

But there are a few things that you need to consider when searching for the best dog food for yeast infections.

Key Components Of An Anti

Pin on Frankie

Like I said earlier on, the first thing to avoid would be high-sugar and starch diets. But thats not where it ends. There are a few other things you should take into consideration when looking for the best anti-yeast dog food.

If you have no idea how to read pet food labels, now is the perfect time to learn. Heres a video to guide you through it:

To begin with, here are some things you should avoid:

  • Highly processed ingredients
  • Starchy grains such as wheat, rice, and corn
  • Starchy vegetables such as potato and peas
  • High fructose corn syrup

On the other hand, there are some ingredients whose presence makes the diet more ideal for dealing with a yeast infection. Those include:

  • Wholesome natural foods/unprocessed foods

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Dietary Requirements For Dogs With Yeast Infections

Since yeast infections can be a problem for many dogs, it is important for owners to select a food that has been uniquely formulated to assist with skin and stomach sensitivities which can be related to yeast. The primary determining factor in the best food for dogs with yeast infections is the absence of ingredients rich in sugar and starch.

Unfortunately, it can be very challenging to find a dog food that is completely free from starchy foods since items such as potatoes and rice are commonly used to help fuse kibble pieces together. Grain-free foods are often the best choice but even these diets can contain ingredients that can prove problematic for dogs plagued by yeast.

As a general rule of thumb, avoid foods that contain wheat, corn, rice, potatoes, and sweet potatoes whenever possible. Select a diet that contains as many whole and natural foods as possible and that includes a high-quality animal protein and a healthy serving of optimal animal-based fats.

Since fiber is also very important for dogs suffering from yeast infections, it is important to boost digestive health through fiber-rich, low-sugar/starch foods. Other important helps include the addition of probiotics and digestive enzymes to encourage healthy gut flora to flourish.

Here is a list of things to avoid in any food for dogs suffering from yeast infections:

  • Processed foods
  • Starchy grains such as corn, rice, or wheat
  • Starchy vegetables such as sweet potatoes and white potatoes

Nulo Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food

If you want the convenience of kibble with the benefits of raw, this freeze-dried raw food is an excellent choice. These little nuggets are even easier to feed than the patties other brands offer. Each recipe contains at least 80% meat, organs, and bone.

  • At least 80% meat, organs, and bone and up to 20% fruits and vegetables
  • 22% carbs
  • The benefits of raw with the convenience of kibble

First 5 Ingredients: Duck, duck necks, duck heart, duck wings, duck liver

Customer Reviews: The most common complaints were about the price and the product occasionally being crushed and arriving as dust rather than nuggets. Most dogs love and thrive on this food.

Our Take: This food is an excellent choice that many dogs will do well on.

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What Is A Yeast Infection In Dogs

A yeast infection happens to be a somewhat common inflammatory skin or ear condition in dogs and other pets. It involves an overgrowth of the Malassezia species of yeast, which is naturally found on your dogs skin, in your dogs ears, and in other mucocutaneous areas.

For dogs with floppy ears, theres a greater opportunity for a favorable environment for yeast to grow. Other factors that can lead to a yeast infection include hot, humid conditions, trapped water from bathing or swimming, and certain allergens, both airborne and what your dog ingests.

Blue Buffalo Freedom Adult Beef Recipe Grain

Dog Yeast Infection Home Remedy (5 Natural Treatments For Yeast Infections in Dogs)

Top Ingredients: Deboned Beef, Turkey Meal, Potatoes, Peas, Pea Starch, Potato Starch, Chicken Fat

  • Deboned beef as the primary source of protein
  • Grain-free, gluten-free
  • Rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids
  • Free from poultry by-products, corn, soy
  • Helps maintain a healthy oxidative balance

If youre mindful about feeding allergens to your dog with an ear infection, pick this high-quality dry food blend. This grain-free option works perfectly with allergic and sensitive dogs and offers them the right balance of healthy antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to promote overall wellbeing. This ones a popular choice amongst animal nutritionist for including the perfect ingredients to support your canines immune health.

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Instinct Original Grain Free Dog Food The Natural Dog Food For Yeasty Dogs

This product contains 70 percent of real animal meat and 30 percent of fruits, vegetables, and hypoallergenic nutritious ingredients. There are several exquisite flavors to choose from beef, duck, chicken, salmon, and rabbit. You may also decide whether you want 4 lb, 11 lb, 20 lb, or 22.5 lb bag. Since it will be a daily ratio of your dog, I suggest you buy the biggest one. There is no soy or wheat in the pack. This product is hypoallergenic, which reduces the chances of getting a yeast infection.


  • Flavors: chicken, salmon, duck, beef, rabbit
  • Weight: 4 lb, 11 lb, 20 lb, 22.5 lb
  • Ingredients: 70 percent meat, 30 percent veggies, and fruits
  • No allergens.

Instinct is a well-known producer from the USA. They offer high protein food for your pets without any chemical flavors. This food helps with the healthy digestion of your dog.

The meat is raw dog food recipes for yeast infections, so all the nutrients the dog has to receive in the food it receives from this dried meal.

Things We Like:

  • Less affordable than simple dog food.

Is Brewers Yeast Bad For Dogs With Yeast Infections

Yeast is very high in protein and vitamin B. It also helps with digestion and is considered by some to be an excellent tick and flea repellent. Because of this, it can have a positive effect on the health of dogs. However, if your canine is prone to yeast infection or has a yeast allergy, you should look for a dog food that does not contain this type of fungus.

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Best Yeast Free Dog Foods In 2021

This is our review of the best yeast free dog foods in 2021.

Most pet food brands use yeast in their recipes. This microorganism can act as a probiotic or source of nutrients in a dog food formula. But, yeast ingredients can also cause digestive upset in some dogs.

Im a former vet tech who knows that eliminating yeast from your dogs diet can be difficult.

So I researched the best yeast-free dog foods to help you choose the best food for your yeast-sensitive pup.

Canidae All Life Stages Multi-Protein Formula Dog Food is my top pick for the best dog food without yeast.

But every pup has different needs. So Ive reviewed yeast-free dog foods in every major category.

Lets get started!

Turning To A Raw Or Home

How Anti Yeast Dog Food Helped My Puppy Live Healthy ...

Home-cooked meals are a great solution for pet parents that have the time and means.

What homemade food can I give my dog for yeast infection?

A personalized meal plan lets you control these ingredients more easily. You can limit carbs and use nothing but real lean meat and vegetables. These real meals also wont have the added starch binders. However, it may be more difficult to add extra enzymes and ingredients to boost health without supplementation. This isnt the cheapest solution, but it can help in the short term if dogs are dealing with big infections.

By the way, it is also good for dogs with food sensitivities and allergies. You know how they say better safe than sorry!

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