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Dr Marty’s Dog Food Exposed

Dr Marty Pets Ingredients

Dr. Marty Pets – Marty’s Mission

We are happy to state that Dr. Marty Pets only uses fresh ingredients from across the United States and Canada.

While one could argue that there are many other countries where high-quality and safe ingredients can be sourced, many consumers in North America are wary of ingredients from other continents. This fear of outside sources is especially true of anything that is sourced from China.

Good Afternoon Dr Marty

Good Afternoon Dr. Marty. My English Cream Golden Retriever loves the food. She is 1.5 years old. The only problem is that the cost of the food is a little pricey for a retired Disabled Navy Veteran like myself. I can’t afford to feed her the food straight out of the bag. I have to mix it with other food. My Pooch Grace loves the food. I can tell she has a ton of energy now and can’t wait for her next meal. I think the food is AMAZING!

Date of experience:August 22, 2022

Dr Marty Pets Introduces Brand Refresh

LOS ANGELES On May 25, Dr. Marty Pets officially rolled out a rebrand of its premium dog and cat nutrition portfolio, including updated package designs, a modernized logo and a new website. The new aesthetic was developed to illustrate the companys core mission of being Champions of Change.

“At Dr. Marty Pets, we’re changing the way pet parents think about pet food,” said Marty Goldstein, DVM, founder of Dr. Marty Pets. “We’re committed to bringing education and awareness to pet parents on what a healthy diet is and is not.

The new branding features more subtle design elements on packaging to communicate simplicity. Currently, Dr. Marty Pets offers two freeze-dried raw pet food lines: Natures Blend for dogs and Natures Feast for cats. The company also sells Better Life Bites, a collection of freeze-dried dog treats targeting mobility, digestive health, immunity and heart health.

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Dr Marty Digestive Supplement

This is as prime as the name states it to be. Comes with a handful of serving, i.e. thirty servings per container. The recipe is served in a jar. With each serving costing around 2-2.5 dollars, it is a little hefty to serve premium quality supplements. The product is cat friendly with probiotics that help regulate the cats digestive system.

It further helps support the oral health of cats. Comes with the advantage of mood stabilizing features. Overall allows good nutritional uptake. And overall improves the cats health.

Some prime ingredients would be a mix of probiotic enzymes and Lactobacillus, Acacia Gum Fiber, thallium powder, and Mushroom Extract. The protein value is 31 % serving as the highest content of nutrition. Moisture is ten percent, fat 0.1, and fiber 0.5 %.

In summary, it comes with friendly probiotics. Whole lots of antioxidants and serve digestion. But a little offsetting thing would be the price.

Dr Marty Cat Food Exposed

Dr. Marty Biologically Balanced Nutrition Freeze

As a cat parent, feline food is always on ones mind. What to serve and how to keep the quality intact. No matter how healthy you want the cat to be. You end up buying commercial food. Homemade would not fit in your routine. While your hand pick some brands and like them. There are a few that stands out and few that fail. But we are all here to reveal the story of Dr. Marty Cat Food Exposed.

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Transition To The Dr Marty Food

  • Feeding recommendations as per your cat. As per weight, age, and health condition of the cat.
  • Cat rehydration tips by recommending water quantity to be added.
  • Cats health with no use of artificial content
  • No flavors added
  • No filler just the essentials to ensure a balanced diet
  • Only high-quality protein brought into use
  • While all come as per need. The price is quite some.

When tested amongst cats. The freeze-dried food per pack served in around twelve ounces. The aroma was strong. The pieces of food came as good-sized chunks. The food was lightweight. And the smell got the cat running in no time.

Is Dr Martin Goldstein Dog Food Really Worth

Dr. Martys pet food is one of the most renown brands which aim at delivering the highest quality. In fact, the man behind this brand is none other than the popular vet himself Dr. Martin. He has achieved many milestones and shared a few research works which defying the conventional results and theories.

To cut a long story short, Dr. Marty is the vet who understands the importance of nutrition for pets. That said, Dr. Marty hence, prepares the dog food in the highly maintained manufacturing facilities.

Along with that, Dr. Martys dog food comes with the 90-day guarantee support. The quality promise states that if your dog does not do well after having Dr. Marty then you can return the used pack and get the complete refund.

This Guarantee instills confidence for the dog parents for using Dr. Martys dog food.

Why Go for Dr. Marty Natures Blend?

There are many benefits of feeding Natures Blend to your pooch and some negative point too. However, we will focus on the positives more in this section and negatives in the next.

Starting with the most desirable feature of this dog food, the freeze-dried dog food ingredients. These ingredients add a lot the health benefits and suppressing the allergic inflammation in dogs.

As a matter of fact, this dog food is suitable for all the dog breeds falling under any lifestage.

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Dr Marty Pets Recalls

At this time, despite significant research , we have no information that leads us to believe that any products by Dr. Marty Pets have ever been recalled.

While this is a positive trait, the brand is still relatively young and small in size. We hope that the brand can maintain this recall-free record over the coming years by carrying out safe manufacturing processes.

We recommend that all pet owners remain vigilant of any future recalls of Dr. Marty Pets products or products from any other brand.

Who I Would Recommend This Food For

Dr. Marty Nature’s Blend

If youre feeding a raw diet, but you sometimes run out of food or forget to thaw, you can keep Natures Blend in your cabinet for a long time as long as it is stored properly and not exposed to moisture. Then, you can whip up a meal in five minutes.

If youre feeding kibble, and do not have the freeze space or budget for raw or cant feed an exclusively freeze-dried diet, replacing even one meal per week can make a difference in your dogs longevity. You can also crush it and mix it into your dogs kibble to help pique her appetite.

You can even use this food as treats. It can be fed dry, right out of the bag.

Natures Blend is appropriate for dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds. You should ask your veterinarian before making dietary changes if your dog has a chronic health condition.

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Dr Marty Dog Food Review

Dr Marty Pets is a small, boutique brand dog food company, founded by celebrity integrative veterinarian Dr Martin Goldstein. The company makes one freeze dried raw dog food called Natures Blend. The company also makes freeze dried cat food and some supplements.

Natures Blend is manufactured in the companys own facility in Woodland Hills, California.

For our Dr Marty dog food review well look at the food ingredient quality and safety. Our dog food review is based on these criteria.

Dr Marty Natures Feast Raw Food

Second, on the list is natures blessing-filled pack. The one that serves a wholesome diet. It promises a biologically balanced diet. With wellness guaranteed in the pack. The food is served frozen.

The formula is one of Dr. Martys special recipes with some A-class content. One is the protein source. That comes from high-class turkey, salmon, and white fish as sole providers of protein. No grains are added to the formula to fill the pack.

Yet contains some parts of veggies and fruits to provide fiber. Blueberry, flax seeds, craned berries and sweet potatoes are in it, to name a few. The cat has been tested for absolute likability. It is fed with hydration added to guaranteed Analysis Overall the pack promises 37 % of protein, moisture content of around five percent, and a fibrous content of around three percent.

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Dr Marty Pets Reviews

It seems that Dr Marty’s opened a second manufacturing plant.My dog totally rejects any batches made in that plant.She loves the food made in their original facility.They need to get control this quality problem.Their Customer Service seems to be aware of the problem. They need to recall all product made at this second plant…

Date of experience:December 15, 2022

Is Dr Marty Legit

34 Top Pictures Dog Food Exposed Dr Marty / dr marty dog food review ...

Dr. Marty is a legitimate company created by a veterinarian with over 45 years of experience. Its products can be a good option if your cat or dog struggles with energy, digestion, aching joints or skin irritation. However, you still should be ready for your pet to experience some digestive issues as you transition them to Dr. Martys food. If youre not happy with the product you receive, Dr. Marty offers a 90-day money-back guarantee.

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Whats My Take On Dr Marty Natures Blend

There were mixed reviews of Dr. Marty Natures Blend dog food, but heres what I found.

The nutritional profile is quite promising for a dogs health and well-being. I fed my dog Ollie, a Samoyed, with Dr. Marty Natures Blend, and the transition went smooth and very well.

I followed the guidelines mentioned on the official website.

Some dogs may get an upset stomach, diarrhea, or any other digestive issues. However, digestive issues are common when switching to different food.

I mostly feed all my dogs raw dog food that has ingredients such as raw meat, vegetables, fruits, superfoods, and supplements in an appropriate amount. It also includes brown rice, carrots, and potatoes which might sound like an unnatural diet for a canine.

However, thats not true.

Fresh veggies, wholesome grains, fruits, and some superfoods are a crucial part of a dogs meal. Dr. Martys dog food is quite similar to what Im already feeding them both, in terms of ingredients and nutrition.

A major change in Ollie I noticed after switching to Dr. Marty is his activity. He has become more active and his performance in agility has also been improved. I started noticing empty bowls recently. It means he is enjoying his food now.

Yes, if Im looking to switch to premium dog food, I would definitely choose Dr. Marty Natures Blend. It has good value for money.

Ingredients That Could Silently Be Making Your Dog Feel Sick

By Micki Spollen Written on Jul 11, 2022

As a dog lover, its awful to think about your dog suffering silently.

It seems like every day theres a breaking news story warning us that this and that kind of food causes health problems. We know that eating lots of junk food increases our risk of getting sick, and we are told to steer clear of things like artificial coloring and preservatives as much as we can.

Unfortunately for our pets, their food carries the same risks.

As Dr. Marty explains in this video revealing what dogs really need in their diet, even foods that claim to be healthy, organic, and natural most of the time arent the best dog food for your furry loved one.

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Luckily, theres a new brand of dog food on the market that can actually help support your dogs health.

This new dog food is the result of many years of research by Dr. Marty, a practicing veterinarian of 45 years. He’s used to helping the pets of both everyday pet owners and big Hollywood names.

Dr. Martys discoveries in pet health started thanks to his own health issues that he began struggling with in his twenties. While in school, he explained that he discovered a book on macrobiotic diets, or diets that avoid refined foods and animal products. Once he started following its advice, he felt better.

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What Do Customers Think Of Dr Marty Cat Food

When shopping around for cat food, its a good idea to do your research before choosing a brand. In addition to learning about the brand and its ingredients and processing methods, you should check out customer reviews. Reviews can tell you a lot more than the brands website about their customer service and about how well the products are received by cats.

In researching Dr. Martys cat food, we found there were plenty of brand reviews and customer ratings online. The Better Business Bureau website had over 1,000 customer reviews and there were over 1,200 reviews on TrustPilot.

Lets take a look at a few customer reviews for Dr. Marty.

Dr Marty Cat Food Exposed: The Recall History

Dr marty dog food

In terms of record. No sound data has been kept to support the recall history of the product. It is no alien to have a product recalled from the market. Some issues will be technical other than quality compromises.

Yet it is better if the work done is foolproof before letting out the brand in the market. They claim to have the quality intact and unified. With their protein source being premium. Only extracted from three main animal sources. All being either whitefish, turkey, or salmon.

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How Safe Are The Ingredients

Many ingredients come from unhealthy, inflammatory sources or are full of pesticides so we look for:

  • How processed is the food?
  • Does the food contain known genetically modified foods?
  • Does the food contain ingredients known to be high in pesticides?
  • Does the food contain natural flavor, which are often MSG or animal digest?
  • Does the food contain rice, which is high in arsenic?

Each food is objectively evaluated by these criteria and a score is assigned using the average of ingredient quality and safety.

Dr Marty Dog Food Review is NOT a paid list and there are no affiliate links. Weve partnered with DogFoodReviews to make sure dog owners have unbiased, objective criteria to help them choose the best dog food on the market. You can view the full Evaluation Criteria at


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Is Dr Marty Natures Blend Dog Food Really Worth

The table below summarizes the details of Dr. Marty Natures Blend premium quality freeze-dried dog food and helps you decide whether it is suitable for your canine or not.


We have a list of reasons for you to choose the all-natural, freeze-dried dog food.

  • Freeze-dried technology keeps the nutrients in the food intact.
  • Food formula matches the wild canine ancestral diets.
  • Rich in protein and fats with moderate carbohydrate content.
  • Suitable for dogs of all ages, breeds, and sizes.
  • Easy to prepare and serve.
  • Uses a unique blend of dog-friendly ingredients.
  • Zero fillers or additives, 100% safe for dogs prone to allergies and sensitivities.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee within 90 days.

Apart from these features, the high-quality food formula supports overall health, keeps infections and allergies at bay, provides healthier joints and a shinier coat, and improves your dogs vitality and quality of life.

It is available as a single pack of 16oz or as a package of 3 or 6 bags of food.

The Natures Blend Formula is designed such that it contains all essential ingredients for any and every dog breed irrespective of their size, age or health.

With a range of health benefits to offer, Dr. Martys rich in nutrient and quality freeze-dried formula takes care of all your dogs nutritional needs without you having to spend extra on vet bills and dog supplements.

We wanted to do Dr. Marty Dog Food Exposed kind of review but finally gave our best ratings to this product.

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Is Dr Marty Dog Food Exposed

Dr Marty dog foods have been exposed and the benefits of these foods are multidimensional. These food formulas have wondered all pet health professionals as these benefits of these foods are amazing. The nutritional values of Dr Marty dog food have been now exposed to all pet health care professionals.

The Were All About Cats Standardrating Dr Marty On What Matters

Dr. Marty Nature

Weve rated the brand on six key criteria for quality. Heres how it rates in each of these six crucial areas.

  • Recall History 8/10

Overall Score: 6.33/10

In total, we give Dr. Marty cat food a 42 out of 60 rating or a B- grade.

As part of our review process, weve submitted samples to an independent lab. You can see the full report here.

In addition to performing our own qualitative analysis of the brands reviewed here, we submitted samples for analysis at an ISO 17025 certified food testing and analysis lab.

We bought the products at full retail price, and the entire testing process was funded by All About Cats without direct input or influence from the companies involved.

Analytical testing in a food chemistry lab gives us the exact macronutrient and micronutrient content of each recipe. The tests also look at microbial content, yeast, mold, and heavy metals, helping you ensure that youre only putting the best in your cats bowl.

To access the lab reports for each food reviewed here, click the view lab report link in the product review.

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