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Is Iams The Best Dog Food

Is Iams Dry Dog Food Healthy

Iams Dog Food | Chewy

Iams dog foods contain just the right amount of fats, and theyre usually the good kind. Youll frequently see chicken fat and fish oil in their formulas, which are more than good in canine diet. However, theyre never very high in omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids.

% Complete And Balanced

IAMS makes their dog food with 0% fillers and no artificial preservatives or flavors, so nothing comes between your dog and great nutrition. Each recipe contains all the nutrients your pup needs for a healthy diet, with a complete and balanced nutrient profile and ingredients specifically targeted to your dogs size, age and breed needs.

A Quick Look At Iams Puppy Food

  • Iams is a well-known, trusted company
  • Affordable
  • Dry and wet puppy food
  • Different recipes for small and large breed puppies
  • Provides sufficient nutrients for growing puppies
  • Offers several beneficial ingredients
  • Made with meat byproducts and fillers
  • Some processed, unnatural ingredients
  • May cause stomach upset or bloat

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Kal Kan Complete Adult

This dog food makes the list because of questionable ingredient quality that is not nutritional and is somewhat harmful to dogs.

The primary ingredient is corn, which we just mentioned does not provide the proper nutrition your dog needs.

The second ingredient is meat and bone meal which is a dry product from the mammal tissues, including bones, exclusive of any added hair, blood, hoof, hide trimmings, horn, manure, rumen contents, and stomach.

Meat and bone meal may have a lower digestibility than most of the other meat meals.

Scientists believe that this decreased absorption may be because of the lower essential amino acid and higher ash content in the ingredient.

The meat itself can come from any mixture of cattle, pigs, goats or sheep, making classifying impossible for particular food allergens.

Although meat and bone meals are still considered meat concentrates rich in protein, a generic ingredient like this cannot be considered a quality item.

Kal Kans third ingredient is a soybean meal which a by-product or leftover of soybean oil production more often found in farm animal feed.

Although soybean meal comprises about 48% of protein, this ingredient would be estimated to have a lower biological value than meat.

Inexpensive plant-based ingredients like this can boost the total protein, an element that must be considered while judging the actual meat content of this dog food.

I think you get the point that these types of ingredients are not ideal for your furry friend.

Worst Wet Dog Food: Cesar Filets

IAMS ProActive Health Adult Large Breed Dry Dog Food, 38.5 ...

Cesar Filets is considered one of the worst dog foods because of its high salt content .

It has sufficient water for processing, animal liver, chicken, beef and meat by-products, wheat gluten, ground wheat flour, cornstarch, salt, pea fiber, sodium tripolyphosphate, calcium carbonate, added color, choline chloride, magnesium.

It helps if you also understand that the quality of ingredients cannot tell the whole story, but the amount of meat in the dog food is critical to consider before determining whether it falls in the best or worst category.

The amount of protein in Cesar filet is about 44%, with 22% fat and 25% carbohydrates.

This analysis shows that this dog food includes an above-average level of protein intake and just near-average fat.

At the same time, the carbs are below average compared to a portion of typical canned dog food.

Another factor making it a low-quality dog food is that it has artificial colorings added to it, which is useless and not preferred.

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Picking The Right Food For Your Dog

As a dog lover, you know your pooch is one of a kind. this extends beyond her personality and goes on to physical differences. Just like a 10-year-old needs a different diet from an adult, and an average adult will need a different diet from a professional athlete, the right food for your dog will depend on factors like her age, size and activity level.

Compare Prices On Iams

The Iams brand of dog food includes seven different product lines so the price for their products varies quite a bit. Iams ProActive Health is the most affordable line of products with small 12.5 and 15-pound bags of dry food ranging from $15 to $30.

The Healthy Naturals line of products is a little more expensive with 23-pound bags ranging from $25 to $50. The most expensive line of products is the Iams Veterinary Formula line. For wet food, Iams offers 6-ounce cans, 14-ounce cans, and 8-ounce tubs, depending on the product line.

Iams Woof Delights 8-ounce tubs come in cases of 12 for $25 to $42 which averages out to $2.80 per tub. Iams Chunks wet food comes in cases of twelve 12.3-ounce cans ranging from $15 to $30, an average of $1.90 per can. Iams Veterinary Formulas come in 14-ounce cans with a 12-pack costing $25 to $45, or about $3 per can.

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Iams Dry Dog Food For Senior Dogs

Has your dog attained the mature stage? Its time to change the current diet. You can try out the Mature Adult chicken and whole grain recipe. The right ratio of vitamins, minerals will improve bone strength and supports the overall dogs health.

The primary ingredients of this recipe are chicken and chicken by-products. It provides a high protein level to the dog. Plus, essential supplements like glucosamine will help in healthy cartilage.

Animal-based protein is essential for lean muscle development. It can burn excess fat and give a proper shape to the dog. Apart from this, the supplements like L-carnitine will also ensure excess fat elimination.

When it comes to the skin coat, the optimum quantity of omega-6 fatty acids helps in improving the personality of the dog. Chicken by-products will serve as a supplement for adding up more protein to the diet. And also, whole grains like corn, sorghum, and barley are the major fiber contributors that increase the formulas overall nutritional value.

The DHA content in the involved ingredients will support brain and bone development. The anti-inflammatory properties of omega fatty acids will protect the dog from skin allergies.

What we like in Iams Dry dog food for senior dogs

  • This food formula is suitable for senior adult dogs
  • The omega fatty acids is rich in anti-inflammatory properties
  • The primary ingredient of this formula is chicken and by-products
  • The supplements like glucosamine will maintain healthy cartilage
  • How We Chose The Best Iams Dog Food Recipes

    Top 10 Best Puppy Foods- Iams Smart Puppy Food(Reviews)Part 10

    As noted, Iams does offer a wide variety of dog food recipes. So, with so many choices, how did we narrow down the field and choose just five? We wanted to find the best formulas for dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds to ensure that all pet parents could find options that would work best for their particular pooch.

    With that said, we also read through dozens of Iams reviews that pet parents shared about these products. Based on our analysis, we were able to narrow down the choices to the five recipes featured on our list.

    In Summary

    Feeding your pet a high quality dog food is vital for his overall health and well being. While there are many dog food brands to choose from, Iams is among one of the most trusted on the market. Offering premium quality proteins, a variety of nutrients, and a wide range of recipes that are specifically formulated to meet the needs of all dogs, you can rest assured that your dog will receive the best possible nutrition when you feed him Iams.

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    Is Beneful Dog Food Made In China

    Beneful is a product of Purina, which has a factory in China. Purina also imports ingredients from this country.

    The best you can do is to stay clear of dog foods from China. Especially, those that had a history of contamination like chicken and duck jerky products. You can try cooking your pets food yourself to ensure your dogs safety and health. If not, you can look for pet foods that have human-grade ingredients or those sourced from the US. It is also for your pets best interest if you purchase freshly-made and locally-produced products, instead.

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    Iams/Eukanuba diets will no longer exist after December 31, 2016. The companies were acquired by Spectrum Brands Holdings. I was told the vet clinic cannot order anymore Iams Eukanuba diets. Theyve been told that the brand will be discontinued as of December 31st.

    One may also ask, has Iams dog food changed? Still, Iams refused to change their formulas and they continued producing animal-based protein rich pet foods. Although their move was commendable , it almost cost them their company.

    Also to know is, what company owns Iams?

    Does Iams make Eukanuba?

    Eukanuba and Iams are both known as super premium food brands among some of the top pet food brands. Both brands are manufactured by the same company, Procter and Gamble Pet Care. Generally, Eukanuba is better known as a brand name, just like Iams.

    The Best Dry Dog Foods

    What Are The Best Budget

    Our list of budget-friendly dog foods for 2022 includes dog food recipes that are affordable yet still contain enough nutritional value for your dogs growth and overall health.

    These selected inexpensive but nutritious dog foods have met your dogs daily intake of protein, carbohydrates, fiber, fat, and other essential vitamins and minerals while spending less than premium dog foods.

    Choosing a high-quality dog food product with a reasonable price requires checking the dog food cost and the quantity statement .

    It also needs to understand the dog food nutrition label, including the first five ingredients, guaranteed analysis, calorie content, feeding guide, and nutritional adequacy statement.

    Every dog has different nutritional requirements that will depend on the breed size and age, activity level, and pre-existing health conditions.

    Thus, K9Web provides a comprehensive buying guide for selecting the most budget-friendly dog food recipes from every dimension while considering the dogs health and well-being first.

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    Recall History Of Iams And Purina

    There have been two IAMS recalls in the past decade. The first was in 2011, when they issued a voluntary recall over concerns that their dry food had aflatoxin levels over the acceptable limit. In plain English, they were worried about mold.

    The next recall happened in 2013, when the FDA issued a recall of several of their recipes over concerns of a possible Salmonella contamination. To the best of our knowledge, no animals were harmed as a result of eating the foods involved in either recall.

    As for Purina, they have two recalls of their own in the past decade. They also had a Salmonella-based recall in 2013, although the contaminated food was limited to a single bag.

    Then, in 2016, they recalled some wet food over concerns that the food didnt have as many vitamins and minerals as the label indicated. The food wasnt believed to be dangerous, however.

    How Healthy Is Iams Dog Food Does It Contain R Good For Your Dog

    Iams ProActive Health Weight Control with Real Chicken ...

    It is healthy to be here. A relatively new option in dog food for many, Iams is one of its best features, offering some of the best nutritional value. This is a meal which differs slightly, depending on which kind of Iam you pick. They do contain some meat, but there are always grain ingredients as well.

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    Iams Proactive Minichunks Dry Dog Food

    One of the top-rated adult dog foods available in the market is ProActive Minichunks dry dog food. The first ingredients of this recipe are chicken and egg products and serve as the rich-protein source. This recipe consists of seven important nutrients that contribute to the dogs overall health. In addition, the omega fatty acids will provide a healthy skin coat to the canine. Like other recipes, this formula has an important L-carnitine supplement to burn the extra fat and maintain the proper structure of the dog.

    With chicken as the main ingredient, the recipe contains 80% protein. When the kibble is cooked at a high temperature, the kibble will shrink from its original size since the moisture is evaporated. Keeping the chickens aside, secondary ingredients like whole grains will improve the immune systems functionality.

    Iams focus on improving the health of the dogs. If your dog has a sensitive stomach, this recipe is not a fine choice. Since it contains grains, you can better consult a vet before feeding your dog.

    What we like in Iams ProActive Minichunks dry dog food

  • The primary ingredient is chicken and is rich in protein
  • It consists of an L-carnitine supplement to eliminate excess fat
  • A perfect blend of prebiotics improves the digestive system
  • This recipe is free from fructose, coloring agents, and artificial preservatives
  • Why You Should Consider Feeding Your Dog Iams

    For dog owners who are interested in providing their furry friends food that is specially formulated to meet their dietary needs without costing an arm and a leg, Iams is a great choice. This dog food manufacturer offers a variety of formulas that are customized to provide balanced nutrition for dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds. They create two different formulations: Healthy Naturals, which contains all natural ingredients and is free of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives and Pro Active Health. Both formulations are also free of wheat and soy, making their foods an excellent choice for pet parents whose dogs may suffer from allergies or food sensitivities, or who simply dont want to feed their furry pals these ingredients. But, it is important to note that a lot of their recipes do contain corn, which is gluten-based product however, if your dog can tolerate gluten, then he shouldnt experience any problems.

    All Iams recipes are specifically formulated to meet the needs of animals. They also comply with the most stringent pet food regulations, and adhere to the recommendations that are made by animal nutritionists and veterinarians regarding the nutrition that dogs need.

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    Pdp: Accordion: Detail: Block386 Ingredients

    Chicken, Chicken By-Product Meal, Ground Whole Grain Corn, Corn Grits, Brewers Rice, Plain Dried Beet Pulp, Sodium Bisulfate, Natural Flavor, Potassium Chloride, Dried Egg Product, Brewers Dried Yeast, Choline Chloride, Fish oil , Minerals , DL-Methionine, Fructooligosaccharides, Vitamins , Pyridoxine Hydrochloride , Vitamin B12 Supplement, Riboflavin Supplement , Inositol, Vitamin D3 Supplement, Folic Acid), Taurine, L-Carnitine, Rosemary Extract

    * Certified Organic

    Twin Pet Dry Dog Food

    IAMS Dog Food | Chewy

    Twin Pet dog food is a plant-based dry dog food utilizing a limited amount of unnamed and unidentified meat as its primary source of animal protein.

    Twin Pet contains cheap ingredients of poor quality that do not provide the necessary nutrition to dogs.

    Like the dog food brands we already discussed, the first ingredient is corn, so you already know how we feel about that.

    The second ingredient is wheat middlings, also known as wheat mill run. It is a cheap by-product that remains after cereal grain processing.

    Unfortunately, the disparities in nutrient content in the wheat middlings can be a critical concern in determining their aptness for being used in any dog food or even livestock feeds.

    In actuality, wheat middlings is just the milling dust as well as floor sweepings. It is an ingredient that is typically associated with low-quality pet foods.

    The third ingredient is the meat and bone meal, a rendered product from the mammal tissues. It has lower digestibility in comparison with the other meat meals.

    Other unhealthy, non-nutritional ingredients in this dog food include unspecified animal fat and salt. The quantity of salt is also unknown, making it difficult to determine the nutritional value of this ingredient.

    Altogether this product is one of the worst dog food brands.

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    Iams Dry Dog Food Products

    Iams offers dozens of different dry dog food recipes divided amongst multiple product lines. The ProActive Health line of products features life stage- and breed size-specific formulas. The Premium Protection line offers advanced nutrition options for puppies through mature adults.

    The Healthy Naturals line features quality proteins and carbohydrates while the Veterinary Formula line addresess specific health problems. The Iams website also lists two additional product lines Iams So Good and Iams Naturistics though they do not provide any information about these products and they do not appear to be available for sale.

    Here is a list of Iams dry dog food recipes:

    ProActive Health Recipes:

    • Smart Puppy Small & Toy Breed
    • Smart Puppy Large Breed
    • Adult Optimal Weight Large Breed
    • Senior Plus
    • Mature Adult Small & Toy Breed
    • Mature Adult Large Breed
    • Adult Optimal Weight Large Breed

    Premium Protection Recipes:

    • Skin & Coat Plus Response FP
    • Skin & Coat Plus Response KO
    • Intestinal Plus Low-Residue Adult
    • Glucose & Weight Control Plus Optimum Weight Control
    • Weight Loss/Mobility Plus Restricted Calorie

    Healthy Naturals Recipes:

    • Adult Grain-Free Salmon & Red Lentils
    • Adult with Lamb & Rice
    • Adult Weight Management with Chicken

    Taste Of The Wild Pacific Stream Dry Dog Food

    Our rating: 4.5Top Ingredients: Salmon, Ocean Fish meal, Sweet PotatoesType: Grain-FreeProducer: Taste of The WildDaily Feeding Cost: $1.16 per dayCaloric content: 3,600 kcal/kg, 360 kcal/cupBest for Small Adult Dogs

    The Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream is one of the best budget-friendly dog food recipes because it uses quality, real salmon, a great source of omega-3 fatty acids that support your dogs immune system and keep its coat shiny and healthy.

    This dry dog food also contains a moderate level of protein that can increase your dogs muscle mass and strength.

    For just $1.16 per day, your dog can get quality food packed full of protein, antioxidants, probiotics, prebiotics, and vitamins and minerals for its healthy digestion and overall health and wellness.

    Advantages of Taste of the Wild dry dog food are listed below

    • The bulk of the protein is derived from fresh salmon as the main ingredient
    • Its grain-free and chicken-free which are great options for dogs with sensitive stomachs
    • Sweet potatoes offer your pet plenty of highly digestible energy sources

    Disadvantages of Taste of the Wild dry dog food are listed below

    • Some pups and owners didnt like the fishy flavor and smell of this dog food
    • It contains peas which are bad for dogs with kidney disease

    To learn more about the best dog food recipes from this brand, read our comprehensive Taste of the Wild Dog Food Review.

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