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Is Freeze Dried Dog Food Healthy

Health Risks To Animals Eating Raw Meat Diets

Is Freeze Dried Dog Food The Answer? | Ask A Vet

In addition to the many health problems that can develop as the result of deficient or excessive intake of nutrients , other risks of raw meat diets include gastroenteritis which could be due to bacteria in the diet or high dietary fat levels. For raw meat diets containing bones, gastrointestinal injury or fractured teeth can occur. Weve also seen constipation due to lack of fiber, or large amounts of undigested bone filling the colon.

Because of the high potential for contamination with pathogenic bacteria , bacterial infection can occur. This can result in gastrointestinal disease, blood infections, and even death. Another negative health effect of raw meat diets and treats identified in dogs is hyperthyroidism.

Finally, raw meat diets can alter commonly measured blood values, such as blood urea nitrogen, creatinine, hematocrit, albumin, and cholesterol. While it is unclear whether these findings have any long-term health implications for the animal, it is important that your veterinarian know if you feed these types of diets or treats to your pet to be able to accurately interpret the results of laboratory tests.

What Is Kibble For Pets

Kibble for dogs and cats is not a whole food product but rather coarsely ground meal or grain.

Kibble-based diets go through a 4-hour extrusion process at very high temperatures in order to create a shelf-stable food product. The 4-step process removes any nutrients from the by-products, fillers, and synthetic or artificial ingredients generally used. These ingredients are typically labeled as unfit for human consumption to begin with. The food company then sprays the kibble with synthetic nutrients to replace nutrients lost in the cooking process.

We Answer Your Questions Around Supplements

  • Why should I feed my dog bone broth?

    Our 100% human grade bone broth is great for any pup who needs a little added pep in their step or moisture in their diet. Bone broth is a great source of collagen which is rich in benefits it helps with joint health especially in cases of arthritis, a healthy skin and coat and boosts the overall immune system.

  • What are the benefits of Kefir?

    Kefir promotes healthy digestion. And ours, which is made from Certified Humane® Kefir and USDA Raw Organic Dairy, has 9 active cultures and 1.5 billion live probiotics per oz to do just that. The benefits continue with the addition of organic cinnamon and turmeric, which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. And to top it off, this healthy topper is super tasty.

  • How should I feed these supplements?

    These supplements should only be fed as healthy topper to upgrade your pups diet. Simply click on the product to learn the specific feeding guidelines.

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Is Freeze Dried Food Healthy

Freeze-dried food is relatively healthy.

Other nutrients, such as vitamins C and E and folic acid, are somewhat depleted through the freeze-drying process. Once rehydrated, freeze-dried food is similar in nutritional value to fresh food according to Diane Barrett, a food science and technology prof at UC-Davis.

We Answer Your Questions Around Dog Treats

Bravo! Homestyle Complete Turkey Dinner Grain
  • What makes Open Farm Dehydrated Dog Treats special?

    Treats dont sound healthy, but ours are. Theyre made with 100% ethically raised and antibiotic and growth hormone free meats, or sustainably sourced wild-caught fish. And theyre free from glycerin, grain, corn, wheat or soy. Thats pretty special.

  • Are the treats breakable?

    Yes! Weve made sure of it. After all, we know theres a fine line between rewarding and spoiling. So, you can quite easily portion the treats as you would wish, or based on your pets preference and size.

  • Do you have any single ingredients treats?

    Our Cod Skin treats are just cod and a fan favorite. Theyre crunchy. Theyre made with 100% sustainably sourced cod skins from the Pacific Coast. And theyre high in Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, which improves your dogs skin and coat. Thats a single ingredient with multiple benefits.

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The Advantages Of Freeze Dried

This is where a freeze dried diet can be useful. It has the ease and convenience of kibble yet its comprised of the same ingredients as a raw diet. The food is not messy to feed so your dog doesnt get it all over himself or the area where you feed him. Ideally, the food will already be nutritionally balanced so you dont have to spend time choosing the ingredients or making the food yourself. Freeze drying kills the bacteria that sometimes poses a problem with raw foods. And the bones in the freeze dried food are already ground. You can still give your dog bones for recreational chewing to help keep his teeth clean.

Plus, freeze dried pet foods have a long life. If you keep them in their packaging, they can last a long time until you are ready to rehydrate them and feed them. No additional refrigeration or freezing is required. You can store them in a kitchen cabinet or take them with you when you travel with your dog.

% Money Back Guarantee

We work hard to formulate the most advanced, all-natural products on the market which is why every purchase is backed by our Your Dog Is Healthier Or Its Free, Guarantee!

If you dont see noticeable improvements in your dogs health and happiness, just let us know. You can send back the unused portion, any time within 90 days and well refund 100% of your purchase price.

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Grandma Lucys Artisan Per

For dogs with lots of sensitivities we like this limited ingredient veggie and fruit mix by Grandma Lucys. This is a freeze dried mixer which is intended to be rehydrated and mixed with your dogs regular food or protein.

Please note this product does not come with protein in it and therefore it is certainly not intended to be a full meal for your dog.

How To Prepare Store

Orijen Dry Kibble & Freeze Dried Dog Food Review & Demo – from

The answer to this is very simple and it only takes a few minuter to do so. Just put the freeze-dried foodin your pups bowl, and then just pour some warm water all over it.

Of course, I always advise for you to first read the label and see how much water is actually needed for preparing the freeze-dried food but, otherwise, the preparation is so simple that a child could make it.

Leave the food for a couple of minutes to soak up all the moisture from the water and rehydrate and there you have it, an already prepared meal for your pet.

Again, the preparation process really depends on the types of food that you bought so always make sure youve educated yourself properly before making the freeze-dried dinner.

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Is Freeze Dried Meat Healthy

The amount of nutrient loss depends on the drying technology. Regardless of the type of technique employed for drying food solar, controlled air dehydration, or freeze-drying each method involves heat and air.

These processes will deplete the nutritive value of the food to a certain extent, some more than others. Water soluble vitamins, in particular, are sensitive to heat.

Apart from this, freeze dried meat is healthy as no additives or preservatives are required.

How Is Freeze Dried Dog Food Made

Freeze dried pet food takes its name from the freeze drying process used to prepare the food. The process begins by gently chopping and blending together whole food ingredients. Once these ingredients have been chopped and blended together, they are then frozen.

The frozen ingredients are then placed into a freeze dryer. During this process of freeze drying, all of the moisture in the food is drawn out. A major benefit to the process of freeze drying raw, whole food ingredients is nutrient retention. Because the freeze dried process does not use high temperatures, freeze dried dog food retains the original nutrients found in natural high-quality whole food ingredients.

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Recommended Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food Options

When evaluating freeze dried dog food options, the most important qualitative considerations are food quality, safety, and palatblity.

In regards to cost, the recommended freeze dried dog food options all fall around a certain price point per ounce of food. And that cost is considerably higher than other dog food options.

If cost is a prohibiting factor in your dog food budget, you may consider occasionally supplementing freeze dried raw food either as a topper or a training treat.

Or, even better, look for sales at your local grocer and supplement your dog’s food with fresh meat and veggies.

Primal Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food Nuggets

Primal dog foods is one of our favorite freeze dried dog food brands. It is one of the few, if not only, dog food companies that offer USDA inspected human-grade dog food.

The company is based in the U.S. and is inspected by the California State Department of Agriculture in order to meet USDA quality standards.

This is a great PLUS in terms of knowing that a US company is committed to offering the best and safest nutrition possible.

For the Primal line of freeze dried nuggets, our two favorites are the beef and chicken:

Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Dinner Patties Grain-Free Dog Food

Stella & Chewy’s is another great company to purchase freeze dried raw dog food from.

Mainly because their factories, based in the USA, are USDA inspected and their dog food consists of human grade proteins that are ethically raised

Can You Get Salmonella From Freeze Dried Dog Food

Best Freeze

Many veterinarians also worry about illness-causing bacteria. Freeze-drying alone, without a prior heating/cooking step, is not an effective way to eliminate microbial pathogens like Salmonella, E. coli and Listeria, says veterinary nutritionist Dr. And the same bacteria can make your dog sick, too.

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We Answer Your Questions Around Rustic Stew

  • Why should I feed my dog wet food?

    Not only are our Rustic Stews made from the best human grade ingredients, they make meals more palatable for pups even the pickiest cant resist them. Its the perfect way to add more moisture, texture and excitement to their diet. Plus, each recipe is made with ethically and sustainably sourced meat or fish.

  • Whats the texture of Rustic Stews?

    Its exactly as it sounds like a stew. Thick, pourable and delicious. And like a stew, you can see exactly whats going into your pets body: small chunks of meat and vegetables.

  • Why does the wet food come in a Tetra Pak and not canned?

    We care about your pups health and that extends to our packaging. Tetra Paks are BPA-free, resealable and recyclable. Not only can you feel good about serving nutritious meals, you can feel good about your environmental impact as well.

Northwest Naturals Raw Freeze

Made from beef sourced from American farms, the entire manufacturing process of Northwest Naturals Rewards Nuggets takes place in the USA. This lessens the chances of any food degradation or contamination. It combines muscle meat, organ meats, veggies, fruits and bones into a mix that your dog will love.

A balanced meal, especially when on the go, these come in easy to store and easy to feed packets. The packaging also suggests that these could work as great training rewards. They are easy to break apart, so you can control the portions yourself also.

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What Is Frozen Raw Dog Food

If you made homemade food in your kitchen, then put it in the freezer, that’s frozen raw dog food.

Now think of someone else doing that for you. Just as there are companies that make kibble and canned food, there are companies that make frozen raw food. Some of these companies make frozen in addition to kibble and canned, while other companies specialize in frozen.

You can buy frozen raw food from the freezer section of your local pet store or health food store. Or you can order it online and have it shipped to your house.

Obviously you store frozen food in your freezer. The day before you feed it, you move it from the freezer to the fridge to thaw. Once thawed, you put it in your dog’s bowl.

Oh, wait! It’s cold!

Some owners don’t care. They feed it cold and most dogs gobble it right up. That’s usually fine.

But I try to be kind to my dog’s digestive system by taking the edge off the cold before I feed it. I put a large pan in the sink, fill it with hot water, and float my dog’s bowl on top of the hot water for a few minutes until it warms up a bit. Then I feed.

Primal Nuggets, an example of freeze-dried dog food

Ingredient Transparency In Freeze Dried Dog Food

The 411 on Freeze Dried Dog Food & Treats | Chewy

While home preparation of ingredients is a great and healthy option for your pet, it isnt always cost-effective or time-efficient. Nevertheless, you want to feed your pet the healthiest ingredients without having to start your own farm. Thats where freeze dried dog food comes in!

The ingredients in freeze dried dog food make this pet food choice stand out from other choices like kibble. Freeze dried dog food takes whole ingredients and freeze dries them to retain the ingredients natural nutrients! The result? Easy to serve freeze dried dog food with the natural nutrients and whole ingredients of a raw dog food diet.

Another unique thing about freeze dried dog food is the ingredient transparency that comes with some brands like Side by Side. Take a moment to picture the last bowl of dog food you served your pet. Can you point out each ingredient listed in the foods ingredients list? Chances are you likely cant. Because of the foods processing, many dog food brands lack ingredient transparency.

Common Ingredients in Freeze Dried Dog Food

To give you an idea of some of the tasty ingredients youll find in freeze dried dog food, here are various ingredients we use at Side by Side when preparing our freeze dried diets:

  • Whole duck with bones
  • Dried kelp
  • Beets

Each whole food ingredient is carefully chosen to create a nourishing and species-appropriate meal. In the end, your pet enjoys real food in every bite!

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We All Want A Dog Food Brand We Can Trust

With confusing labeling, misleading marketing, and a lack of transparency so common in the world of dog food, a brands integrity can sometimes be more telling than the ingredient list.

Finding the best dog food is a process that requires attention to all details. Its a delicate balance of being conscious of the brand while not allowing what looks like a great brand history, reputation, and production process to supersede awareness of ingredients and the foods appropriateness for your dogs unique needs.

Read on as we list what are the healthiest dog food brands in the market today.

Here at DogFood.Guide we have a dedicated mission to provide dog owners like you with well-researched information so they can provide the best care and nutrition to their dogs.

Our readers rely upon the dog food reviews, articles and recall alerts that we research and publish. We also routinely update and review our own reviews ensuring that any changes by manufacturers are brought to your attention.

DogFood.Guide is maintained by Mary Nielsen & her staff. Mary is an animal lover of both dogs and cats. She and her staff are passionate about animals and work hard to provide you with a wealth of information for you and your dog.

What’s The Difference Between Raw Dehydrated Freeze Dried And Air Dried Dog Food Anyway

Raw dog foodRaw dog food is fresh food in its natural state, i.e. uncooked and unprocessed. Proponents of this diet believe that dogs thrive by eating what canines ate before they were domesticatedlargely raw meat and no grains. Raw muscle meat forms the foundation of a raw food diet. Added organ meat provides the multi-vitamins, ground bone offers calcium, and fresh vegetables like kale or broccoli provide the veg dogs would have gotten from the stomach of the prey animals they consumed. Raw dog food is frequently frozenjust defrost to feed your dog.

Recommendation:Try Primals Raw Frozen Mixes, made of organic raw meat and incorporating fresh ground bone for calcium and certified organic produce for additional fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Find it at

Dehydrated raw dog foodRaw food can also be dehydrated. Dehydration involves a slow, gentle process of using warm air to remove water or moisture from raw ingredients to preserve them. It is free of artificial preservatives and still has nutrients and enzymes intact. Dehydrated dog food offers the benefits of a raw diet with none of the defrosting hassle, making it ideal for camping or travelling, as dehydrated food is lighter and more nutrient dense than frozen raw, and does not require refrigeration.


Recommendation:We love Primal Pet Foods natural, raw freeze-dried formulas, such as the delicious duck, lamb, and rabbit nuggets! Check it out at


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Dogs And People Love It

30% Off at
  • Carefully-sourced ingredients from North American suppliers
  • A great reputation with customers


  • The price of this dog food is on the higher end, but customers report that because the nutritional value of this food is so concentrated with no fillers, youll need to use less food overall
  • Doesnt offer canned/wet foods

How Is Dog Food Freeze

Dr. Marty

Freeze-drying is a special form of drying that removes moisture at very low temperatures. In freeze-drying, raw ingredients are initially frozen and then placed in a strong vacuum that converts the water in the food into vapor. You may already be purchasing freeze dried foods for yourself, with some examples being instant coffee or cereal with freeze dried berries.

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