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How To Store Wet Dog Food

Tip #: Put The Bag In A Can


Weve just established that you should leave your dog food in its original bagyou should NOT be transporting it into a different bag.

But you can put that original bag inside a secondary container made of glass or stainless steel.

This way you get the benefit of the original bag, and you get the benefit of a second airtight container. This will help ensure that your food stays fresher, longer.

Retain The Original Packaging Of The Dry Pet Food

Most individuals would have probably observed that dog food comes in thick bags with a resealable top. Many experts and the FDA recommend retaining the dog food in its original package due to the following reasons mentioned below.

Firstly, pet pal storage food bags are specifically designed to enhance the shelf life of these pet foods.

Secondly, retaining the food in its original package will not only help one to retain the original instructions and expiration date information that one should always keep in mind.;

Finally, doing so will help in knowing the lot number or batch code of the dog food just in case the manufacturer recalls the lot due to some technical reasons.;

Experts recommend locking the dog food up again tightly each time it is opened during each feed. In cases where the bag is not supplied with a resealable top or can roll down the sides and use a bag clamp or clip to secure the bag tightly.

Tip #: Store The Food In Its Original Container

Youve probably noticed that dog food tends to come in thick bags with a resealable top.

And you should always keep the food in that original container!


First of all, because those bags are made specifically to store dog food for a long period of time.

Most pet owners dont realize it, but if you move your dog food into the wrong container, the fats in your dog food can soak through the bagexposing them to the outside air and causing them to turn rancid much more quickly.

The second reason to keep your dog food in its original container is because you wont lose the original instructions and expiration dateinformation that you should always keep an eye on.

Its also a good idea to know the lot number or batch code of your dog food just in case theres a recall by the manufacturer. If the recall involves specific lot numbers, youll know for sure whether your food is included in the recall or not.

Every time you close your dog food up again, make sure to roll it tightly shut. And if the bag does not have a resealable top, use a clamp or clip to keep it closed.

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Dont Forget To Clean Food Bowls Regularly

How often do you wash your pet food bowl – ;Every week? Thats not bad, but the Food and Drug Adminstration actually recommends washing pet food bowls, dishes, and scooping utensils with soap and hot water after each use. This is to prevent infectious agents such as Salmonella or Listeria from accumulating on the items. If you use a plastic container to store your pet food, wash ;the container when empty, and make sure it is completely dry before adding new food.;

How To Store Canned Wet Dog Food

mDesign Canned Cat Food Organizer Bin for Pet Storage ...

Wet food is a delectable option for dogs. They’re usually full of flavor and chock full of the essentials. Canned food also tends to be fresher than their dry counterpart. With that being said, what happens if the pup can’t finish the entire can?

This is a common question by dog owners that prefer wet canned food for their furry friend. Instead of tossing out the leftovers out of fear of spoilage, there are a few ways to make that food last longer and save money in the process.

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Storage Safety: How To Store Dog Food

Your dogs food is the nutritional foundation for her health so we want to be sure it stays nutritious and tastes delicious for our best friends. It might not be the first thing we think about, but proper dog food storage is one way to keep your four-legged friends dining experience a happy one.

Fortunately, there are measures you can take to keep her food fresh and save you from wasting bags of kibble or wet food. Weve compiled some best practices to help you properly store different types of dog food and treats.

How Long Does Opened Canned Pet Food Remain Safe

  • /

We all want to feed our pets healthy, wholesome food. While keeping dry pet food fresh is mostly a matter of storing it properly in an appropriate sealed container, there are different;considerations when it comes to canned pet food.;Unopened, canned pet food is good to use until the use by or best by date marked on the can. However, once the can of dog or cat food has been opened, do you know how long the food will remain good to use?

First, lets consider the food you put down for your pet. When you open a can of pet food, ideally you should serve a portion that your dog or cat will finish in one sitting. If your pet does not finish the entire portion of canned food, it is best to pick up any uneaten food within 30 minutes, and even more quickly on warmer days. The high moisture content combined with exposure to air and warm temperatures makes canned food susceptible to bacteria and mold growth. The uneaten food in your pets dish should be discarded. Use a clean pet food dish for every feeding.

What about the food remaining in the can? If you have a partial can of open dog or cat food, it should be closely covered and immediately placed in the refrigerator. Keep in mind that when you serve your pet the food from an opened can, most pets prefer the refrigerated food to be gently warmed to room temperature. This releases the aroma of the food, and many pets do not like cold food. Any uneaten pet food in the open can should be discarded within 3 days after opening.

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Diy Tip: Homemade Dog Treats With Liver Sausage

Liver sausage is one dog biscuit ingredient our four-legged friends particularly love. That is why we have decided to share a dog biscuit recipe that contains liver sausage with you: this dog biscuit dough is so easy to roll out that you can even use cookie cutters to cut it into nice shapes. Its just like baking biscuits at Christmas


1 egg


1. Put all of the ingredients into a bowl and mix thoroughly .2. Roll out the dough and cut out the dog biscuits with a cookie cutter or simply use a knife to cut the dough into pieces.3. Line a baking tray with baking parchment and spread the treats on the tray.4. Put the baking tray into a cold oven. Set the temperature at 180°C and bake for 30 minutes.5. Wait until the treats are completely cool before feeding them to your dog to prevent nasty burns.

What About Wet Food Allergies And Sensitivities

How to Store Wet Cat Food | How to keep cat food fresh | Should you refrigerate wet cat food?

All dogs have the potential to develop food allergies and sensitivities. If your dog has frequent ear infections or skin problems, it could be an issue with the food hes eating. The most common food allergens for dogs are low-quality grains like corn and wheat as well as proteins like pork and beef.

If you suspect that your dog has a food allergy or sensitivity, try switching to a grain-free recipe or a limited ingredient diet. If that doesnt work, talk to your vet about the possibility of an underlying problem.

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Cat Food Storage And Dog Food Container Tips

Pest contamination, food poisoning, upset stomachs, and even altered taste and texture can all be a result of how you store your pet’s food. With the rising temperatures and humidity of summer, these risks can increase. Commit to following these tips for proper pet food storage and you can ensure you’ve done what you can for your pet’s food safety. From dry cat food to your pups favorite dog treat – proper storage is key for getting your money’s worth.

Purina One Smartblend True Instinct Adult Canned Dog Food

Purina SmartBlend is a nutrient-dense recipe that meets all the nutritious needs of your dog. It contains turkey as the main ingredient accompanied by venison and other quality ingredients. The canned wet food comes in twelve different flavors packed in 13 oz cans with real poultry as the main ingredient.

The wet dog food recipe does not contain any poultry by-products. Poultry and venison are highly rich in proteins, and they help to promote strong and healthy muscles. The diet also includes four sources of antioxidants that help to support the dogâs healthy immune system. Added minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients also make part of the highly nutritious diet that helps to promote the dogâs healthy skin and coat, joints, bones, teeth, and energy.

The rich wet food made with gravy sauces is tender and comes with tasty and crunchy kibbles. The highly digestible formula does not contain artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors. It is grain-free with no fillers. The wet food mixes easily with any dry food for fussy eaters.


  • May contain small bones that some dogs donât like


Purina SmartBlend provides positive results in 28 days. In those 28 days, your dog starts to look healthier with more energy. The coat and skin of the dog appear healthy and shinier, and the eyes, teeth, and gums all appear more robust and brighter. Your dogs will simply fall in love with the tasty meal.

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Mistake #: Leaving Dry Dog Food Unsealed

Fold over or roll up a large bag of dog food, and it might seem like thats good enough for your pup.;

The problem: Leaving food unsealed is a big mistake, as oxygen causes the fat in the food to go rancid, which ruins the flavor and, in the worst-case scenario, could even make dogs sick, says Dr. Joanna Woodnutt, an experienced companion animal veterinarian based in Alderney, U.K.;;;

What to do instead: To keep your dogs dry food fresh, store it in an airtight dog food container, says Woodnutt.

Do Dogs Prefer Wet Dog Food

Nutro Grain Free Slow Cooked Chicken Paté Wet Dog Food ...

Many owners assume that if their dog were offered a choice between wet and dry dog food, theyd always opt for the wet as it looks closer to their natural diet. This doesnt mean they wouldnt enjoy the dry food; the variety available today is designed with dogs in mind and packed with wonderful fats and oils that attract even the fussiest of dogs.

Wet foods are a popular choice for many dogs. As the cooking process kills all micro-organisms, wet dog food doesnt need any added preservatives. However, as wet foods contain so much more water, the serving quantities are a little higher than dry dog food which can make them a more expensive option. Wet foods might also have a shorter shelf life due to the lack of preservatives, but this is easy to manage with a carefully scheduled shopping list or by taking advantage of our On Repeat ordering service.

The additional water in wet dog food is also a great bonus if you struggle getting your dog to drink enough water.

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Frozen Wet Or Homemade Pet Foods

Homemade, canned, and pouched dog food can also be stored in the freezer if they are not going to be used within the prescribed days once opened. The food needs to be transferred to freezer bags or storage containers prior to freezing them. Canned, pouched, and homemade food stored in the freezer tends to last for four to six months if left untouched.

Portion the dogs food in such a way that only one bag or container of food is defrosted at a time for the pooches meals.

Note: Defrosted food should not be refrozen and fed to dogs. Once defrosted the food needs to be consumed by the pets as per the defined refrigerated days.

Wet / Canned Dog Food

  • You can store open canned dog food in the refrigerator for up to five days, depending on the ingredients. Unsure that you’ll be able to use the dog food in that time frame? What you can do is freeze it in portions and thaw them out the night before in the fridge.
  • It’s generally not advised to thaw out food, whether for humans or pets, at room temperature. If you’re wondering how long you can leave an unfinished can of dog food at room temperature, it’s only for a few hours.
  • It’s recommended to transfer the food to resealable or airtight containers since cans can alter the taste of the food.
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    Unopened Cans Or Pouches

    The unopened wet food cans or pouches will last for a longer period if they are stored in a cool, dry place. The best place to stock up unopened canned dog food is in a cupboard or pantry inside of the home.

    Refrain from storing the unopened cans or pouches in places where they will get wet or in a moist environment as the cans tend to tarnish and their inner seal is seen to degrade, and this causes the food to go stale.

    How Much Should I Feed My Dog

    Mixing Wet and Dry Dog Food – Best Way!

    Dog obesity is a growing concern in the veterinary community and has been linked to many health problems in dogs. Luckily for our pets, we are usually more disciplined about controlling their diets than we are about controlling our own. Knowing how much to feed your dog and what healthy dog weight looks like can be tricky. Many owners accidentally overfeed their pets, which is why it is important to take your dog in for regular checkups and to talk with your vet about appropriate portions. The guidelines on the back of the bag are just that guidelines. Some dogs may require more than the recommended amount, whereas others require much less. Activity level, time of year, nursing, illness, and more factors can all impact how much a dog needs to eat. Dog people will often advise that you should feed the dog thats in front of you instead of strictly adhering to dog food serving size guidelines that may or may not be exactly what your dog needs.

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    In Conclusionhow To Store Dog Food Safely

    When to comes to knowing how to store dog food, many pet owners make a few common mistakes mentioned above. Most common mistakes are: they will throw away the original dog food bag, which are specially designed to keep food in its best condition. They sometimes expose pet food air or sunlight, which can completely spoil it.

    And finally, pet owners often mix old food and new one because it’s convenient but shouldn’t be done due to possible contamination . Avoid these common mistakes follow the above tips on how to store dog food safely, use a dog food containers and always check the expiration date.

    What To Do When Theres A Problemreporting Problems With Pet Food & Treats

    Problems with a pet food or treat include a foul odor, the can or pouch is swollen or leaking, you find a foreign object in the product, or your pet becomes sick after eating it. If your pet has a health problem related to a pet food or treat, stop feeding the product and call your veterinarian. FDA encourages you to report complaints about a pet food or treat to both FDA and the manufacturer of the product. You can report complaints to FDA electronically through the Safety Reporting Portal or by calling your states FDA Consumer Complaint Coordinator.

    Also see How to Report a Pet Food Complaint.

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    Recipes Nutritional Content And Quality Ingredients


    A Pup Above currently offers four dog food recipes: Chicka Chicka Bow Wow, Porkys Luau, Texas Beef Stew, and Turkey Pawella. You can choose between a Full Portion Plan or a Half Portion Plan . All of A Pup Aboves recipes meet AAFCOs Dog Food Nutrient standards. They are made with a human-grade single source protein, non-GMO veggies, collagen- and amino acid-rich gravy, and superfoods like tumeric and thyme.

    We;show the ingredients, guaranteed analysis, and calorie content for each A Pup Above fresh dog food recipe here:


    A Pup Aboves sous-vide cooking method lets it pack in 72% more protein on average than its competitors. It also reduces ingredient shrinkage to as little as 3%, compared to traditional cooking methods of 40% or more. The sous-vide cooking method evenly cooks ingredients from the edge to the center.


    A Pup Aboves certified-humane animal protein and pesticide-free produce come from USA-based ranchers and farmers. Its non-GMO herbs and spices are sourced from their native habitats.


    Store-bought canned dog food often contains many low quality and even;unhealthy ingredients. This is mainly done to maximize;company profits. By sourcing cheap;ingredients and adding preservatives and chemicals to extend product shelf lifespan, the company can reduce its overall costs and make more;money on every can of dog food sold.

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