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How To Make Balanced Dog Food At Home

Homemade Dog Food Serving Size In Cups By Ingredient

The only nutritionally BALANCED homemade dog food (featuring 5 AAFCO tested recipes)

You can also figure out how much homemade dog food to feed your dog by looking at the ideal quantities for each type of ingredient.

Use the following as general guidelines.

Note that all of the suggestions are per 20 pounds of your dogs body weight and are the amount needed per day.

  • Give your dog 1/4 to 1/3 pounds of meat for every 20 pounds.
  • Give your dog 1/2 to 3/4 cups yogurt or cottage cheese or 3 to 4 eggs every 20 pounds.
  • If you use both meat and non-meat protein sources, half each of the above.
  • Give your dog 1 to 2 cups of potatoes, rice, pasta, or other carbs per 20 pounds.
  • Give your dog 1/2 cup to a cup of cooked vegetables for every 20 pounds.
  • Add a tablespoon of canola or olive oil for every 20 pounds.
  • Add calcium with 1/2 teaspoon of bone meal or ground eggshell per 20 pounds.

Barf Diet For Puppies

Puppies in the wild eat very similarly to their mothers, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have some additional dietary needs. During growth and development stages, puppies need additional calcium and phosphorus to help their skeletal structures grow.

With a few slight tweaks to the original B.A.R.F. model, you can craft a homemade raw diet for your puppy that will help them thrive. Here are the adjusted diet ratios for puppies:

  • 60% lean muscle meat
  • 7% other secreting organs
  • 7% vegetables
  • 3% seeds or nuts
  • 1% fruit

The ingredients between the two are the same, but minor adjustments to the quantity of each will ensure your puppy gets the additional nutrients required to grow. As your puppy reaches full size, you can easily transition them to the original BARF diet.

Our Favorite Homemade Dog Food Recipes For Senior Dogs By Ann

11 September, 2018

A healthy, nutrient-rich diet is important for any dog, regardless of age. However, for senior dogs, its even more essential. Being mindful of what and how much your older pooch eats can go a long way in helping to manage common issues associated with dog aging, includingobesity. There are lots of high-quality, specialty dog foods available and Ive had great success with some of them but they can be expensive. Making your own dog food is a more affordable alternative to commercial versions and youll be able to control what goes into it. If youre concerned about your pooch missing out on nutrients, adding supplements can be helpful too.

Be sure to keep any food allergies or dietary restrictions in mind and talk with your vet before starting your dog on a diet of homemade food, particularly if they suffer from any health conditions. You might also need to adjust the ratio of protein to grains and veggies to accommodate your dogs needs. With that in mind, here are a few of my favorite homemade dog food recipes for older dogs that contain tasty,safe ingredients.

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Más información

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Making Food Is More Time

Simple Guidelines to Make a Balanced Homemade Dog Food ...

Some highly admirable, organized people cook fresh food for their dogs several times a week, or even every day. Some even buy whole cuts of meat and grind it themselves in a meat grinder.

But I have no desire to do that, and I dont beat myself up over it. Usually, Ill buy two or three weeks worth of ground chicken or turkey at once, and store it in the freezer. Then once a week, I batch-cook Charlies food and portion it into individual glass containers. I store all of the containers in the freezer, and let the next days meal defrost in the refrigerator overnight. The whole processfrom cooking, to packing, to cleanuptakes less than an hour.

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A Word On Balanced Homemade Dog Food Recipes

Balance refers to the type and amount of nutrients. Prolonged feeding of unbalanced meals exposes a dog to many health risks, and many recipes do not provide enough nutrition for the canine, studies have found.

A dog’s balanced diet will contain a sufficient amount of protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals, including fatty acids like omega-3.

Do not assume that a recipe that looks nutritious to you will be nutritious for your dog.

There are several dangers of feeding homemade meals when pet owners feed something that hasn’t been discussed with a vet and specifically adjusted for the dog.

Balanced homemade dog food recipes are often structured to provide many key nutrients .

When adjusted for your dog, you can use these recipes for a longer period of time instead of other recipes that may not contain even half of the essential nutrition.

That said, there is no completely balanced homemade dog food recipe that will be perfect for every dog.

You cannot add all essential nutrients without significantly increasing caloric content. Generally, you cannot avoid homemade dog food supplements to ensure the pet gets all the vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients.

It’s nearly impossible to pack it all into a dog food meal without making it very calorie-dense.

If you’re about to start cooking for your Fido, to make your job easier, here are 13 balanced homemade dog food recipes that come close to being well-rounded and varied in their nutrient profile.

Qu Podra Decirle A La Persona Que Tiene Cncer

Es normal sentir que no sabe qué decir a una persona que tiene cáncer. Es posible que usted no conozca muy bien a la persona o puede que se trate de una relación cercana. Lo más importante que puede hacer es decirle de la manera más apropiada y prudente, que está enterado de su enfermedad. Puede mostrar interés y preocupación, puede expresar aliento o puede ofrecer apoyo. A veces, las expresiones más sencillas son las que tienen más significado. Y a veces, tan sólo escuchar es el mayor apoyo que puede ofrecer.

¡Responda con el corazón! A continuación le presentamos algunas ideas:

  • “No estoy seguro de qué decir, pero quiero que sepas que sí me preocupo por ti”.
  • “Lamento saber que estás pasando por esto”.
  • “¿Cómo sigues?”
  • “Si quieres hablar de ello, aquí estoy”.
  • “Por favor avíseme si te puedo ayudar”.
  • “Estaré pensando en ti”.

Aunque es bueno tratar de alentar, es importante no mostrar un optimismo falso o decirle a la persona con cáncer que conserve siempre una actitud positiva. Esto podría ser visto como una forma de minimizar las preocupaciones y los sentimientos de miedo y tristeza. También puede ser tentador decir que sabe cómo se siente, pero, aunque usted puede saber que éste es un momento difícil, nadie puede saber exactamente cómo se siente una persona con cáncer.

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Homemade Chicken Dinner For Dogs

As you have learned from the earlier recipes, dogs cant get enough of chicken. This explains why we are using this poultry again for this simple dinner for our canine friends. Moreover, this simple DIY food for dogs makes use of vegetables like cabbage and spinach. You will also use apples to make this recipe.

You can also swap out some of the veggies used in this recipe, like carrots for red cabbage. But you should cook carrots if you decide to use them because the orange veggies arent the easiest foods for dogs to digest.


  • 5 whole eggs
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil

It is up to you what type of chicken to use. You can use whole chicken which includes the heart, liver, and neck. Of you can settle for boneless skinless chicken breast, or frozen chicken breast which is best when cooked.

Step by step guide:

  • Chop up the chicken and put in a suitable sized pot. Bring it to a boil.
  • Reduce to a simmer then add the remaining ingredients. Let it simmer until the chicken is done.
  • Remove the pot from the stove. Add the eggs and olive oil once it is cool then stir.

You can keep the leftover in an airtight container and then put this in the refrigerator. The meal should be safe enough for your dogs consumption up to five days.

As for the serving, you can give a large dog up to 2 ½ cups of this food which should last for 2 days.

Other Tips For Making Homemade Dog Food

How to make balanced home cooked food for dogs

In deciding how much homemade food to feed dog and how to make your dogs food yourself, keep the following advice in mind:

  • Pay attention to nutritional requirements. Dont just assume that feeding your dog wholesome foods will meet all of his needs.
  • You dont have to ensure every single meal is fully balanced. Just make sure your dogs diet is balanced over time.
  • Give your dog more than just a little bit of yogurt to meet calcium requirements.
  • Your dogs nutritional needs are very different than those of humans.
  • Your dogs nutritional needs vary based on lifestyle, age, and more.
  • Dont go overboard with the vegetables. Pay attention to proportions.
  • Dogs need carbs, and grains arent always bad for them.
  • Raw diets arent necessarily good or bad. Always do your research before starting one.
  • Always change your dogs diet gradually to prevent digestive discomfort.

All of this shouldn’t discourage you from making homemade dog food, but hopefully, it shows you you will need to put in a little more work than simply pouring kibble into your pet’s bowl.

To wrap this up: although I did give my recommendation for a serving size for most homemade dog food diets in this article and my tips on how much homemade dog food to feed a dog, I cannot stress enough the importance of working with a veterinarian or canine nutritionist.

This is the only way that you can be sure you’re feeding your pet an appropriate diet.

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Before You Start Cooking: Homemade Dog Food Needs To Be Balanced

Your homemade meal must contain protein, fiber and carbohydrates. Puppies require about 25 percent protein in their meals, while 18 percent is sufficient for adults. However, protein needs change according to your dogs age and vary according to breed, so check with your vet regarding the right amount for your dog. You might have noticed that commercial dog foods often dont list the percentage of carbohydrates. Thats because the proper percentage of carbs in the dogs diet is still not set in stone by the veterinary community and regulators. If youre making Fidos meals yourself, you have the freedom to purchase the freshest, highest-quality ingredients available. Make sure you weigh your dog frequently to verify he stays a healthy weight. Take your dog to the vet before starting the homemade diet so your vet can determine Fidos ideal weight.

Best Homemade Dog Food Recipes

“Why make dog food at home when you can just buy it at the store?”

The #1 reason is simply this: Control. You have full control over every single ingredient with no surprises.

Dog’s with allergies, sensitivities, or intolerance can live a happy life and you can live worry free. Which is why we like making grain free treats at home too.

The second reason is money savings! When it comes to healthy dog food the top brands are quite expensive, but you can simply use the same ingredients at home and save an absolute ton.

Of course, the next biggest concern is your time investment.

But surprisingly this isn’t as bad as it looks, and with just an hour or less per week you can make enough food to last for several days. We recommend you make use of a some big ziplock bags or containers and freeze what you’re not immediately using.

Each recipe allows for customization based on your dog’s individual nutritional requirements and tastes. But, before you get started you must speak with a Vet to see what your dog should and should not eat, as each dog’s diet will vary.

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Cuando La Persona Que Padece De Alzheimer Rebusca O Esconde Las Cosas

Una persona con Alzheimer puede empezar a buscar o esculcar entre los gabinetes, cajones, closets, el refrigerador y en otros lugares donde hay cosas guardadas. Puede esconder cosas alrededor del hogar. Este comportamiento puede molestar o ser peligroso para la persona que cuida al enfermo o para los miembros de la familia. Si usted se enoja, trate de recordar que esta conducta es parte de la enfermedad.

En ciertos casos puede haber una razón lógica para esta conducta. Por ejemplo, la persona puede estar buscando un objeto específico, aunque no pueda decirle lo que es. Es posible que tenga hambre o esté aburrida. Trate de entender qué es lo que está causando la conducta para que pueda adaptar su respuesta a la causa del problema.

Estos son otros pasos que puede tomar:

También puede asignar un lugar especial donde la persona con Alzheimer pueda esculcar libremente o acomodar cosas. Esto puede ser un armario, una bolsa llena de objetos o una canasta de ropa donde pueda doblar y desdoblar ropa. Dele una caja, un cofre o armario para uso personal donde la persona pueda guardar objetos especiales. Quizá tenga que recordarle a la persona dónde encontrar el lugar que contiene sus objetos especiales.

Cmo Enfrentarse A Las Alucinaciones O Delirios

How to Make Homemade Dog Food

A medida que la enfermedad progresa, la persona con Alzheimer puede tener alucinaciones. Durante una alucinación la persona ve, escucha, huele, saborea o siente algo que no es verdadero. Por ejemplo, la persona puede ver a su madre muerta en el cuarto. También puede tener delirios. Los delirios son creencias falsas que la persona piensa que son reales. Por ejemplo, la persona puede pensar que su cónyuge está enamorado de otra persona.

Estas son algunas cosas que usted puede hacer:

  • Dígale al médico o especialista de Alzheimer si la persona está teniendo alucinaciones o delirios.
  • Hable con el médico sobre cualquier enfermedad que la persona tenga y los medicamentos que está tomando. A veces una enfermedad o medicamento puede ser la causa de las alucinaciones o delirios.
  • Trate de no discutir sobre lo que la persona con Alzheimer ve o escucha. Consuele a la persona si tiene miedo.
  • Trate de distraer a la persona. A veces llevarla a otro cuarto o salir a caminar puede ayudar.
  • Apague la televisión cuando estén presentando programas violentos o perturbadores. Una persona con Alzheimer puede pensar que esos eventos verdaderamente están pasando en el cuarto.
  • Asegúrese que la persona está segura y que no tiene nada al alcance que pueda usar para dañarse a sí misma o a otra persona.

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Homemade Dog Food Serving Size In Cups

In making your own dog food, you might be wondering how much homemade dog food serving size in cups would be better.

Get yourself a set of measuring cups for homemade dog food. Something like this is what I also use.

For most of my homemade dog food recipes, I typically include serving sizes in the article.

I generally recommend feeding the below amount:

1/2-3/4 of a cup of food for every 25 pounds of body weight

While this doesn’t seem like a lot, you need to remember that a well-balanced homemade dog food meal is much more nutrient-dense than most commercial diets.

When you make homemade dog food, ideally, you’re using high-quality, whole-food ingredients rich in protein and moderate fat, carbohydrates, and vitamins.

On the other hand, commercial dog food brands are processed and contain fillers that are only added to the recipe to make your pet feel like they’ve had enough to eat.

Thankfully, homemade dog food does not include these types of ingredients .

This type of feeding is also better for your dog’s digestive tract and digestion and will reduce the amount of stool a dog creates.

It’s a win for you and the dog.

Salmon Scramble For Dogs


  • ¼ cup canned butternut squash
  • 1 Tbsp. ground flaxseed


Cook chicken thoroughly in a skillet. Drain chicken fat and set aside. Blend eggs in a blender with shell then stir into the chicken. Cook chicken and egg mix until cooked through.

Add 2/3 cup chicken mixture, 2 tbsp. carrots, 1/3 cup rice and 1/3 cup chicken broth to blender and puree. Mix leftover chicken with carrots and rice in a large bowl. Stir in puree until combined thoroughly. Cover a baking sheet with parchment paper and spoon out round portions. Allow to cool completely before serving. Store leftovers in an airtight container in the fridge.

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Do It Correctly Discuss These Recipes With A Vet

Before changing a dogs diet, particularly if your pet has serious health conditions, always discuss this change with your vet. Show them this list of recipes, let them know what you plan to feed your dog and ask for their input on healthy variations.

There’s no healthy homemade dog food recipe that’s a perfect fit for every dog.

While these recipes can sometimes be a better choice than commercial diets, feeding this way can also be detrimental to your pet’s health if you’re not paying attention to the nutritional content of these meals and comparing them with nutritional requirements.

Well-balanced meals are key. For example, if your homemade dog food meal contains too many vitamins, it could cause vitamin toxicity. On the other hand, if it doesn’t provide the dog with enough nutrients, it will cause nutrient deficiency or malnutrition.

You must also know how much to feed your dog and what portions of these healthy homemade dog food recipes are appropriate, as well as what supplements you’ll need to include to make up for the lack of nutrients that your pet requires.

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