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Hill’s Science Diet Sensitive Stomach And Skin Dog Food

Why Is It In Dog Food

Hill’s Science Diet Sensitive Stomach & Skin Dog Food | Chewy

Pet food companies add corn gluten meal as a meat replacement that binds the kibble together.

The texture of gluten helps keep all the ingredients together in a specific form, ensuring nutritious dog food.

However, its not harmful to pets. On the contrary, corn gluten meal makes a great source of energy, protein, and pigments for livestock, and its utilized in pet foods for digestibility.

Still, it can cause allergies over time in some dogs.

Hills Science Diet Q& a

Why do vets recommend Hill’s Science Diet?

Do I need a prescription for Hill’s Science Diet?

Whilst Hills Science Diet is available through most veterinary clinics, you can easily find and buy the Hills Science Diet range right here at My Pet Warehouse.

Does the Science Diet cause gas in dogs?

A sudden change in your dogs diet can cause gas. When you switch to Hills Science Diet dog food, follow the recommendations on the label to ease your dogs digestive system into a new mix of ingredients. If gas continues it may be a food sensitivity, in which case, talk to your vet and check out the Hills Prescription Diet Digestive Care range.

How do I transition from one dog food to another?

To reduce digestive discomfort gradually transition from your current dog food to a Hills Science diet. As you start to get to the last few weeks of your current dog food supply, split the serving by adding in ¼, then ½ of Hills Science Diet incrementally each week, until you have transitioned to a full serving of Hills Science Diet.

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About Hill’s Science Diet

Hills Science Diet provides biology-based nutrition to anticipate your pets ever-changing needs as they grow from a puppy or kitten into an adult dog or cat.Made for healthy pets of every age and size, we also have options for dogs and cats with special needs including weight management, healthy digestion and much more.All Science Diet dry foods offer: Natural, great tasting ingredients with high-quality protein as ingredient #1, Precise nutrition to support healthy skin, coat and stool, Clinically proven antioxidants for a healthy immune system


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Is Corn Gluten Meal Good For Dogs

Corn gluten meal has a bad reputation because people assume its not gluten-free.

However, its not only gluten-free but also contains approximately 60-70% of protein as well as some necessary amino acids. Therefore, its suitable for dogs.

Other advantages of corn gluten meal include binding and holding the food together for easier digestion of the food.

In addition, it has a high content of methionine, cysteine, and sulfur, which help acidify the urine that further helps with the dietary management of urinary calculi and improve vision.

Further analysis proves that corn gluten meal helps with reproduction and bone growth in pets.

Its also great for pets suffering from kidney problems due to the low levels of phosphorus and ash. It can also make for a great source of linoleic acid.

Overall, its a great addition to dog food.

As I already established, its a cheap source of protein for dog foods.

Therefore, it doesnt offer your pet the same protein that animal protein provides.

Nevertheless, its still good for dogs. However, it can cause allergies over a long period in some dogs, so keep that in mind.

How Much Corn Gluten Meal Do Dogs Need

(12 Pack) Hill

Food allergies, including grain allergies in pets, arent very common, says the Clinical Nutrition Team at Tufts University2. In fact, less than 1% of dogs can have sensitivity to corn.

However, if your pet falls in that 1%, of course, you should choose a corn-free diet. The other 99% of dogs can consume food with corn gluten meal regularly.

NOTE: You can diagnose a food allergy through a diet elimination trial issued by a veterinarian only.

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Hills Dog Food For Every Stage Of Your Dogs Life

From puppies to pooches, Hills science diet for dogs is scientifically formulated to benefit your dog through puppy misadventures, simple doggy days to their sleepy senior years, thanks to the essential minerals and necessary vitamins canines need to chase their best lives. Hills science diet for dogs delivers balanced nutrition in a diet your dog will enjoy every day of its long and healthy life.

Is Corn Gluten Meal Bad For Dogs

In some cases, corn gluten meal1 can trigger serious allergies to corn over a long time.

This can result in skin issues and severe GI .

Furthermore, it isnt as nutritionally complete as meat-based proteins.

In fact, its much lower in certain essential amino acids your pet needs to sustain life than egg-based and meat-based proteins.

According to dog food labels, corn gluten meal can increase the protein, so brands add it to their formula to make food appear better than it actually is.

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Hill’s Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin Dry Dog Food Chicken Recipe 30 Pound Bag

30 LB

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  • This adult dry dog food promotes digestive health while nourishing skin
  • A source of prebiotic fiber to support a balanced gut microbiome in your grown dog
  • This dog food is formulated to be highly digestible for optimal nutrient absorption & easier stool pick-up
  • Packed with vitamin E & Omega-6 fatty acids to help your grown dog get a lusterous coat and healthy skin

Chicken Brewers Rice Chicken Meal Yellow Peas Cracked Pearled Barley Whole Grain Sorghum Egg Product Chicken Fat Soybean Oil Brown Rice Dried Beet Pulp Chicken Liver Flavor Lactic Acid Pork Liver Flavor Potassium Chloride Flaxseed Iodized Salt vitamins Niacin Supplement Thiamine Mononitrate Vitamin A Supplement Calcium Pantothenate Riboflavin Supplement Biotin Vitamin B12 Supplement Pyridoxine Hydrochloride Folic Acid Vitamin D3 Supplement) Choline Chloride Taurine minerals Mixed Tocopherols for freshness Oat Fiber Natural Flavors Beta-Carotene Apples Broccoli Carrots Cranberries Green Peas.

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin Chicken Recipe

Brand: Hill’s Science Diet

  • This adult dry dog food promotes digestive health while nourishing skin
  • A source of prebiotic fiber to support a balanced gut microbiome in your grown dog
  • This dog food is formulated to be highly digestible for optimal nutrient absorption & easier stool pick up
  • Packed with vitamin E & Omega 6 fatty acids to help your grown dog get a lusterous coat and healthy skin
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Made in the USA with global ingredients you can trust

Ingredients: Guaranteed Analysis

  • Moisture: Max. 10.0 %, Protein: Min. 21.0 %, Fat: Min. 12.0 %, Crude Fiber: Max. 4.0 %, Vitamin C: Min. 85 mg/kg, Vitamin E: Min. 400 IU/kg, Total Omega-6 FA: Min. 3.00 %

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Optimal Nutrition For Life Starts With A Science Diet

When it comes to nutrition, your four legged friends need a diet that will nourish their sensitive systems over the years. Backed by decades of science, Hills science diet provides everything your dog and cat needs to thrive at every stage of their life, continuing to lead the way in optimal nutrition for your pet. Support your best friend’s health and happiness with Hills pet food!

Even The Fussiest Feline Will Love Hills Cat Food

Expecting nothing short of purfection, cats need a diet that will support their daily needs. From exuberant kittens, to tired old Toms, kitties require a meal plan that delivers optimal health and continued vitality no matter how many lives they lead. Decades of biological-based research, with tried and tested formulas, has led to the creation of the Hills science diet for cats, satisfying all your cats nutritional needs. Known to be picky eaters, taste is just as important in science diet cat food which uses only the highest quality and tastiest ingredients, tempting even the fussiest of felines.

Purchase the full range of hills dog food online at My Pet Warehouse. With same day shipping and free delivery over $49.99 buying your hills dog food online couldnt get any easier!

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What Is Corn Gluten Meal

Although its named corn gluten meal, its actually gluten-free and only contains corn proteins.

Often confused for a filler, it is a great source of protein and amino acids for dogs.

After taking out the germ, starch, and bran from kernels of corn, the leftover is grounded into a meal that has highly-concentrated amounts of protein.

Corn gluten meal represents a by-product of processed corn .

Theres a lot of controversy surrounding this by-product, especially in the pet industry.

Its utilized as a kibble binder as well as a cheap protein source for pet foods.

Its also gluten-free, despite being called a corn gluten meal.

The term corn gluten is just an everyday jargon that characterizes corn proteins which is what it is actually made of.

Only barley, wheat, oat, and rye contain actual gluten. However, because corn gluten meal has a similar protein-boosting capacity as them, its labeled as such.

Overall, the higher the amount of protein in a dogs food, the better it is, but this ingredient only tells half the story.

The proteins nutritional value and digestibility matter the most!

And because of the high concentration of corn gluten meal, feeding your dog with this food can cause severe allergies over a long period.

Corn is the most common allergen for both dogs and cats.

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