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Best Dry Puppy Food For Small Breeds

The Benefits Of A Wet Food Diet

Best Dog Food Brands For Small Breed Dogs |On The Market Today|

Kibble is by far the most common type of food fed to companion dogs. Its cheap and you can purchase a large quantity at once.

And as long as you pick a high-quality dog food, just about any type of food can be a healthy choice for your dog. But how does canned dog food compare to dry dog food?

Considering dry foods popularity, you may be surprised to find out that wet food, on average, may actually be better for your dog. One big reason for this has to do with how canned food is processed and packaged.

Because of the way dry dog food is processed, some amount of plant starch must be used in the recipe. Because dogs have no nutritional need for carbohydrates, these added ingredients often take up space that could be used by more nutritious ingredients.

Wet diets, on the other hand, dont require any starch or plant ingredients for processing. Some very high-quality canned foods contain only meat ingredients and added vitamins and minerals.

Rendered meats and meat meals are also key ingredients in most dry dog foods because they lend themselves well to the kibble processing method. While these meat meals can be nutrient-dense, they are nowhere near as fresh as the meats you would choose to feed your dog yourself if you could.

Canned foods often contain fresher meats that havent been rendered. These ingredients are closer to their natural state and are more recognizable to your dogs system.

Canidae Pure Petite Puppy Small Breed

First 5 ingredients: Salmon, Salmon Meal, Lentils, Peas, Tapioca

CANIDAE PURE Petite Puppy Small Breed Grain-Free with Salmon is a limited-ingredient recipe formulated for sensitive small breed puppies. If you have a puppy who is sensitive to chicken, this salmon recipe may be the one for her.

This tasty small breed puppy food is made with real salmon and salmon meal. Naturally rich in omega 3 fatty acids, salmon is not only tasty and easy to digest, but also promotes healthy skin. The anti-inflammatory properties of omega 3s help reduce itching and other allergic reactions in dogs.

This single-source protein puppy formula does not have any type of grain to further limit the risk of triggering allergies. The main carb/ fiber sources are lentils, peas, and tapioca. It is a potato-free formula.

To provide the essential omega 6 fatty acids, canola oil is included in this small breed puppy food. Flaxseed provides additional essential fatty acids to help the growth and development of young little pups.

Unlike other premium dog foods, this Canidae PURE food for small breed puppies does not have a lot of fruits and vegetables in its ingredient list. Despite this, this limited ingredient recipe has all of the nutrients that puppies need to sustain their energy levels and support their overall growth.

However, despite the flavor-packed kibbles, a few finicky pooches still turned their noses up at this recipe.

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Carbohydrates Required From Dry Puppy Food

There is no reason to avoid quality carbohydrates from grains. Allergies to grains are extremely rare in dogs.

If an allergy does occur, that grain can simply be removed from the diet. A trial of a change in dry food would be required to confirm allergy.

Carbohydrates that contain resistant starch are great choices to optimize gut health and control blood glucose levels. Low glycemic index carbohydrates can also help prevent diabetes.

Rice, especially brown rice, oats, and moderate amounts of barley, all contain resistant starch and are good choices.

A simple rule of thumb is that carbs should make up no more than about 45% of the dry matter in your puppys food.

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Foods For Small Dogs Vs Large Dog Food

Why does my dog need special food? Why cant I give him normal food? Is there something wrong with my dog? These are all legitimate questions that we are sure you will have asked yourself at least once in your life.

First of all remember that small dogs have a faster metabolism , they burn faster tot. calories per kilo. Furthermore, as if that were not enough, these creatures also need in a food richer in nutrients, as their stomach is not large.

Giving your small dog normal food also leads to digestive and weight problems. Ultimately, these little ones may also develop other problems and diseases as a result of this diet.

The size of the croquettes must also be taken into consideration dry food for small dogs has small kibble , which is a size more suitable for the jaw and mouth of these little dogs. And it is for this reason, and for all those listed above, that we suggest you buy a food designed for small dogs.

Best Puppy Food For Sensitive Stomach

Pedigree Small Breed Kibbles Dry Dog Food

With deboned beef as the first ingredientand 75 percent of the proteins from animal sourcesthis grain-free formula provides complete and balanced nutrition. The combination of protein and fats add flavor while contributing to healthy skin, coat, joints and brain development.


  • Added glucosamine and chondroitin help maintain healthy joints.
  • Contains DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid that is essential for puppy brain development.

Things to Consider

  • Some pet parents reported that their puppies didnt like the food.

Sample buyer review:Charlie is a rescue who has been on this food since the day we got him. He loves it and his condition is superb.

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Castor & Pollux Organix Grain

When it comes to high-quality ingredients, its hard to do better than organic. This Castor & Pollux Organix Grain-Free Small Breed Recipe Dry Food is a high-quality, nutritious recipe formulated uniquely for small breeds. It features organic, free-range chicken as the primary ingredient with grain-free carbohydrates like organic peas and organic sweet potatoes. This recipe is highly digestible and contains plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to provide natural sources for key nutrients. Organic flaxseed provides supplemental fiber for healthy digestion as well as omega fatty acids for healthy skin and coat. Overall, this recipe contains 26% protein and 15% fat, an ideal ratio to support your small-breed dogs fast metabolism. It is also complete and nutritionally balanced for total health and wellness.

  • Pros: Formulated for small breeds, organic ingredients, free-range chicken first ingredient, highly digestible, grain-free carbohydrates, supplemental fiber for healthy digestion, chelated minerals
  • Cons: Expensive compared to typical kibble, contains some plant protein

Purina Bella With Beef & Smoked Bacon In Savory Juices

Feed your adorable little pupper the best small breed dog food you can find and take this product into consideration when choosing.

This ready-to-eat wet food formula is made with chicken, beef and smoked bacon in savory juices to satisfy even the most pampered of tastes.

It contains a great blend of added vitamins and minerals, has real chicken, beef and smoked bacon , and gives great support to a small dogs sensitive digestive system while also giving the immune system a much needed boost.

Your lovely baby will love the meaty pate and juiciness, and you can delight in giving him something that is really tasty. Plus, it comes in easy-to-open trays for easy portion control.

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Specialty Diet For A Small Breed Puppy

It is very common for dog owners to follow new trends in their pups diet. And with so much going around right now, such as grain-free diets, raw diets, and home-cooked meals, picking the best small breed puppy food can be difficult.

While its okay to feed a non-traditional diet to your precious puppy, you must be thoroughly aware of whats inside of it. If you are not sure about the best available diets, feel free to seek assistance from your veterinarian. Just because certain things are in trend doesnt necessarily mean theyre great for your dog. As a small breed puppy owner, you must be aware of your dogs personal preferences and health conditions to keep them safe and healthy.

Some dogs especially the small breed puppies can be allergic to certain ingredients. Just because a certain food suits your neighbors dog doesnt mean its the best thing for your puppy too. So make sure you check out the ingredients before you transition your puppy to any special diet.

Merrick Classic Small Breed Dog Food

Best Small Breed Dog Food 2022 | Top 5 Small Breed Dog Foods


Classic Small Breed is one of 13 dry recipes included in our review of the Merrick Classic product line.

  • First 5 ingredients: Deboned chicken, chicken meal, brown rice, barley, turkey meal
  • Type: Grain-inclusive
  • Design: Maintenance
  • Best for:Small breed adults

This Merrick Classic recipe takes the major portion of its animal protein from fresh chicken as well as chicken meal. Our dry matter label analysis reveals the recipe contains 30% protein, 17% fat and 45% estimated carbs resulting in a fat-to-protein ratio of about 56%.

Merrick Classic Small Breed is a solid grain-inclusive recipe with fiber-rich quinoa to help maintain digestion. Easily recommended.

Sample buyer reviewMy little 3 yr old yorkie mix Zoey loves this food. I get both the wet and dry food of Merrick for her. I started slowly switching her over to eating more kibble portion in order to save money, since the wet food cans get so expensive. Zoey eats all of her food like a champ even now that her bowl is 3/4 dry kibble. I mix water in there to moisten it. She loves it! Her bowels are regular with no issues . We are definitely fans.

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Important Things To Look For When Seeking A Small Breed Puppy Food

The dietary needs of small breed puppies are both nutritionally and physically different from bigger pups. Some are more obvious than others, but all are important to consider before deciding on a food.

When searching for a small breed puppy food, pay close attention to:

  • Kibble Size: Your puppy will require smaller kiblets than larger dogs. Not only are these smaller pieces easier to fit in your dogs tiny mouth, but theyre less of a choking risk and help clean your puppys teeth better than large chunks of kibble.
  • Calorie-dense: Small breeds burn calories faster than larger dogs, and with little stomachs, they can only hold so much, so every bite needs to count.
  • Omega-3s: Many small breeds have long and luscious coats, and a steady supply of omega-3s helps maintain coat health. In addition, docosahexaenoic acid promotes brain and eye development.
  • Tasty: Pickiness can be prevalent with small breeds, so seek a kibble hes happy to eat on its own. Wet food can be used instead or as a topper , but only if you plan on sticking with it. Otherwise, your pup may refuse plain kibble down the road.
  • Hardness: Small breeds are prone to dental issues, making finding a crunchy kibble paramount in keeping his teeth strong

With any food change, make sure the switch is gradual. Slowly incorporate increasingly larger amounts of your pups new food in with his old, over the course of about a week. This will help reduce the likelihood that your pup will experience digestive upset.

What Is The Best Puppy Food For Small Breeds

Although the first product on the list is our top pick overall, the best puppy food for your own puppy depends on many factors, from its energy levels to its preferences . If youre unsure, you can always ask your vet. Or, you can buy smaller bags and test a few of the listed options. Your puppy would surely show you which one are the best for it.

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Things To Watch Out For If Your Choose Canned

Of course, all that extra fat can get your dog into trouble if they are trying to watch their figure.

If you are feeding canned food, keep this higher calorie count in mind and make sure to adjust your dogs portions based on their body condition. Because of the extra moisture content, your dog will feel fuller after eating a bowl of wet food than they would eating a bowl of dry, which helps.

Even though new canned food has a long shelf life, opened canned food does not. If your dog doesnt finish their bowl of wet within a couple of hours, you should throw it out and offer them fresh food at the next meal.

Canned food can become contaminated with bacteria quickly, and because there are no preservatives, this bacteria will multiply quickly at room temperature.

Opened cans can be stored in the fridge, but use them within three days to be safe.

You should also be aware of a frequently used wet food additive called carrageenan. This common thickener is present in low-quality wet diets, but less common in the top 10 best canned dog foods and quality brands.

A component of carrageenan, poligeenan, has been found to cause cancer in both humans and animals. For your pups long term health, you should avoid this ingredient as well as any other chemical additives like BHT, BHA, and ethoxyquin.

Bully Max 30/20 High Performance Dog Food

Dr. Gary

Image courtesy Bully Max

Bully Max 30/20 High Performance Dog Food is made with real chicken as the first ingredient, and it’s enriched with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

This food also has a high protein content to help your puppy build lean muscle mass, and it’s made with ingredients that are easy to digest.

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What Is The Best Dog Food For Small Dogs

Not all dogs have the same nutritional needs. A puppy, for example, needs more DHA in her dog food to boost her nervous system development, while a senior dog often needs more fiber and fewer calories.

But your furballs life stage isnt the only factor that determines dog nutrition. Different size dogs also have varied nutritional needs. And if youre the proud owner of a toy or small dogthat would be any pup under 25 poundsyou may have wondered, What is the best dog food for small dogs? Here, according to experts, is what to keep in mind when picking food for your petite pooch:

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Small Breed Adult


Life Protection Small Breed Chicken and Brown Rice is one of 21 dry recipes as well as 5 small breed formulas included in our review of the Blue Buffalo Life Protection product line.

  • First 5 ingredients: Deboned chicken, chicken meal, brown rice, oatmeal, barley
  • Type: Grain-inclusive
  • Design: Maintenance
  • Best for:Small breed adults

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Small Breed derives the bulk of its animal protein from fresh chicken and chicken meal. Our dry matter label analysis reveals the recipe contains 29% protein, 17% fat and 46% estimated carbs which results in a fat-to-protein ratio of about 58%.

A small breed formula boasting a fully balanced blend of minerals, antioxidants and vitamins to promote a healthy immune system.

Whats more, Blue is one of the few major brands offering multiple flavor options specifically designed for small dogs

Which makes Life Protection an ideal choice for those who like to routinely rotate their pets diet.

Highly recommended.

Sample buyer reviewOur cockapoo was on a mainly prescription wet food diet for the first year of her life due to persistent digestive issues . We tried a number of other premium dry food brands mixed in slowly with her food and this one has been the best by far. Shes now fully on this dry food and has had normal digestion for the last three months.

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Cost Of Small Breed Dog Food

Once you have sorted through the various dog food brands and found one that you and your vet think will best benefit your dog, you need to decide how much you are willing to spend. A good rule of thumb to follow for commercial dog food diets is to stay away from the cheapest option. Your dogs food is a vital part of his preventative healthcare, and so you want to invest in it as much as possible. When it comes to dog food, you usually get what you pay for.

On the other hand, an expensive dog food is not a guarantee of quality, either. By talking with your veterinarian and comparing brands of dog food in a variety of price ranges, you should be able to find the best dog food for small dogs that also matches your budget.

Purina Pro Plan Adult Sensitive Skin & Stomach Dry Dog Food

BEST Protein Dry Dog Food – Orijen Pet Food Review

Some dogs are sensitive to certain food ingredients, which can cause excessive itching, loose stools, occasional vomiting and other symptoms. Investing in dog food formulated for dogs with sensitive stomachs and skin can help minimize these issues. This option from Purina is crafted without corn, wheat or soy to make it more easily digestible for dogs with an intolerance to these ingredients however, experts told us these types of ingredients should only be avoided if your dog has an intolerance as they are full of healthy vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. To help your dog maintain a complete and balanced diet, the brand says the formula contains high-protein salmon, probiotics and prebiotic fiber for digestive and immune health and omega-6 fatty acids to help support a healthy skin and coat.

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Best For Large Breed Puppies: Purina Pro Plan Chicken And Rice Large Breed Dry Puppy Food


  • Contains the correct nutrients to protect large breed puppy development

  • Available in three bag sizes to accommodate your growing pups size

  • Can be difficult to find some flavors

Large breeds, generally considered an adult weight of 70 pounds or more, can be more susceptible to excess calcium in their diets. This food is formulated especially for the big guys and gals, and its frequently veterinarian and breeder recommended.

Available Flavors: Chicken, beef | Nutritional Specs: 28% protein, 13% fat, 12% moisture

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