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Which Dry Dog Food Do Vets Recommend

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry

What should YOU DO when your Vet recommend dry or wet dog food?


Blue Buffalo Life Protection Chicken and Rice is one of 23 kibble recipes included in our review of the Blue Buffalo Life Protection product line.

  • First 5 ingredients: Deboned chicken, chicken meal, brown rice, barley, oatmeal
  • Type: Grain-inclusive
  • Other recipes: Puppy, large breed, small breed, senior, lamb, fish and more
  • Price: $

This Life Protection example derives the majority of its animal protein from chicken and chicken meal. Our dry matter label analysis reveals the recipe contains 27% protein, 16% fat and 50% estimated carbs creating a fat-to-protein ratio of about 58%.

A top-rated, grain-inclusive kibble. One of The Advisors most popular recommendations.

Sample buyer reviewMy dog is a very picky eater with a sensitive stomach and this food has done wonders for him. Hes finally eating as much as he should without stomach issues and its made him almost a brand new dog. I tried a few different foods with him but this seemed to give me the best results

Advantages Of A Premium Veterinary Diet

  • all protein is of a high biological value and completely balanced
  • no soybean products are used
  • no added artificial colours or flavour enhancers
  • optimal fibre levels
  • fibre from beet-pulp
  • correct balance of fatty acids
  • highly palatable

Diet is as important for our pets as it is for us. To minimise the health risks associated with poor diet, like pet obesity, make sure your pet is eating the most suitable food for their breed and life stage.

Tiki Dog Petites Pate High Protein & Grain

Whitebridge Pet Brands, LLC, located in Saint Louis, MO is the owner of a subsidiary, Tiki Pets, which was launched in 2005 as a premium brand of minimally processed, high-quality protein pet diets. In 2017, they launched Tiki Dog Aloha Petites , a range of indulgent wet and dry treats and toppers made exclusively for small dogs. Its products are free from animal by-products, white potatoes, wheat, corn, and artificial ingredients.

Tiki Dog High-protein grain-free beef paté has real beef as the first ingredient, followed by beef broth, and beef liver. Ground dried chickpeas and sweet potato provide the fiber in this grain-free dog pate.

Both chicken and duck provide benefits because they are naturally rich in the ten essential amino acids required by a dog to sustain life. However, Canola Oil is a controversial ingredient that could cause health harm because it can sometimes be derived from genetically modified rapeseed.

Depending on the breed, life stage, health, environment, and activity level, every dog will have different nutritional requirements. Maintain optimal body condition by adjusting food as necessary and asking your veterinarian if you have any doubts. Dogs with sensitive stomachs may need to transition to new wet dog food gradually to avoid any digestive upset.

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Merrick Classic Healthy Grains Dry


Real Beef and Brown Rice is one of five recipes included in our review of the Merrick Classic dry product line.

  • First 5 ingredients: Deboned beef, pork meal, brown rice, barley, oatmeal
  • Type: Grain-inclusive
  • Price: $$
  • Merrick Classic Healthy Grains derives the bulk of its animal protein from fresh deboned beef and pork meal. Dry matter label analysis reveals the recipe contains 29% protein, 17% fat and 46% estimated carbs resulting in a fat-to-protein ratio of about 58%.

    This fully balanced formula contains zinc amino acid complex and 4 other chelated minerals, superior nutritional supplements typically found in higher quality dog foods. Reasonably priced. Highly recommended.

    Sample buyer reviewAfter adopting animals that had been dropped off at my property I thought it was easy to buy cheap dogfood to keep them all nourished. Bad deal! I was contributing to poor health and obesity. I switched over to Merrick and within weeks noticed a change in weight and energy in all my pets.

    Small Breed Dog Food Vs Regular

    Iams Proactive Health Senior Plus Premium Dry Dog Food (1 ...

    Different dog breeds are prone to react to the same dog food differently. Smaller breed dogs need varied nutrition as compared to large breed dogs. Also, the various life stages of a dog would demand different food to fulfill their needs. Considering the normal food dog, small breed dog food would differ in several ways. The kibble size for small breed dogs is quite smaller as compared to large breed dogs. Small size kibble can be easily chewed and digested by small breed dogs. Also, because small breed dogs have a high metabolism rate, they need greater nutrition than larger dogs. Their food is formulated keeping in mind the balanced nutritional requirement they possess, unlike large breed dogs. Since the large breed dogs pose a greater exertion on their joints and muscles, their food is equipped to support better joint growth than smaller breed dog food.

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    Hills Prescription Diet Metabolic Weight Management Chicken Flavor Dry Dog Food

    Hills Prescription Diet Dry Dog Food

    If you and your dog are struggling with your Fidos weight management, Hills prescription diet may be the ideal nutrition choice. However, it can only be prescribed by a veterinarian, so dont implement any changes without consulting one. This dog food was specially formulated to help your canine stay in shape while also providing him with all the necessary nutrients. It works with his metabolism, keeping him full and satisfied between meals, and improves his overall health.

    What Dry Dog Food Do Veterinarians Recommend Most

    Most veterinarians will recommend the brand they stock for sale. Frequently, that is Science Diet. However dogs differ greatly in their nutritional needs, just as humans do. The best rule of thumb when looking for good dog food is to look for a brand that list a meat ingredient such as chicken, beef or mutton as the first ingredient, followed by whole grains and some vegetables.

    ConsumerSearch.com lists Orijen, Chicken Soup for the Pet Lovers Soul, Innova EVO, and Canidae as their top choices. All four feature a high percentage of meat proteins. Orijen uses potato starch instead of grain for the carbohydrate component. ConsumerSearch.com also lists several other websites that evaluatie pet food, making it a useful tool for pet owners.

    Aims is another brand frequently recommended by veterinarians. It has a good balance of ingredients, but is rather pricey. My animals did well on it, as long as I could afford it, but prices forced me to drop back to Purina.

    Purina doesnt have as high a ratio of protein to other ingredients, but my animals seem to do well while eating it. They maintain body weight, are glossy, and digest appropriately. This is important when selecting food for any pet, but especially for animals with medical conditions that require a specific diet.

    He learned that the problem he was seeing was caused by foods that were based on corn the successful formulas all featured a meat product as the main or first ingredient!

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    What Dog Food Is Killing Dogs

    Midwestern Pet Foods expanded its recall of dry dog and cat food following reports that dozens of dogs died after eating the Sportmix dry kibble, the FDA said. A pet food recall is widening after the Food and Drug Administration announced that more than two dozen dogs died after eating Sportmix brand dry kibble.

    How Much Should I Feed My Small Breed Dog

    Why we DON’T recommend dry pet food – Dr Renee O’Duhring

    To provide your dog with balanced nutrition, it is important to feed him your pup or an adult dog with an adequate amount of required food. The quantity of food that is to be fed might vary based on the age, breed, and weight of your pet. You must be sure that you do not overfeed or underfeed your pup or adult dog. You can take help of the following criteria for dog feeding:

    • Pet weight is 3 pounds 1/3 cup per day
    • If weight is 6 pounds 1/2 cup per day
    • Pet weight is 10 pounds 3/4 cup per day
    • If weight is 15 pounds 1 cup per day
    • Dog weight is 20 pounds 1 2/3 cups per day

    In a generalized way, one can state that the smaller breeds need 15-25% more calories than large breed dogs. So, most high-quality food brands recommend 1-1/2 cup of food per 10 kg of body weight.

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    Farmina N& d Prime Lamb & Blueberry Dog Food

    View on Chewy |

    Farmina dog food has its roots in the Russo Mangimi company, an animal nutrition business located in Italy, founded in 1965 by Francesco Russo. In 1999, Dr. Angelo Russo, son of the owner Francesco, collaborated with Farmina, an English company specializing in food research, establishing Farmina Dog Food with a manufacturing plant and headquarters in Italy and the US office in New York.

    The N& D Farmina Grain-Free Range indicates the benefits of Farmina dog food, Natural & Delicious. It is a scientifically developed dog food, naturally appropriate for a dogs metabolism. Thanks to a low glycemic index, N& D can help prevent obesity and diabetes in your dog.

    Farmina N& D Prime Lamb & Blueberry Medium & Maxi Adult Grain-Free Dry Dog Food comprises a delicious mix of the best ingredients with the correct amounts of protein, fats, limited carbohydrates, and advanced long-life vitamins and minerals. With regionally-sourced lamb, choice dried fruits like blueberries and sweet oranges, and essential vitamins and minerals, this classy dish is made without grains or artificial preservatives and has less than 3% fiber. At pre-cooking weights, 70% of this Natural & Delicious Grain-Free formula is animal-sourced materials.

    Best Organic: Castor & Pollux Organix Grain

    Castor & Pollux is one of the most well-known brands in organic pet foods. Their ORGANIX Grain-Free Organic Chicken and Sweet Potato Recipe is a dry dog food that is USDA organic with ingredients that are produced without chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, artificial preservatives, added growth hormones or antibiotics.

    This food contains no corn, wheat, or soy, and has organic chicken as its first ingredient. Castor & Pollux ORGANIX recipe contains a blend of superfoods including organic flaxseed, blueberries, and coconut oil as well as omega-6 fatty acids to promote a healthy skin and coat.

    It also contains veggies like sweet potatoes and peas, plus a range of vitamins and minerals. Its suitable for dogs of all life stages.

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    Vet Recommended Homemade Dog Food

    Want to make your dogs food at home? It is not as difficult as many dog owners think. Making your dogs food at home offers a number of benefits with budget and nutrition being the foremost benefits. However, something that many dog owners may ignore when preparing the food is that balance and proportion.

    Making dog food at home does not mean that you should add everything blindly into it. To make the food effectively healthy and delicious make sure that you add the following ingredients into it.

    • High-quality meat portion like chicken, eggs or fish
    • Some kind of fat like meat fat or oil
    • Whole grains and fresh vegetables for carbohydrates
    • Oatmeal or egg yolks for essential fatty acids
    • Calcium

    As a general proportion, the food should have 50 percent protein, preferably high-quality meat, 25 percent vegetables, and 25 percent whole grains. The ratio could be adjusted as per your dogs size, breed, and weight.

    Hills Prescription Diet I/d Best For Sensitive Stomachs

    Pin on Top Dog Tips

    Hills i/d is one of the top leading diets for dogs with acute and chronic gastrointestinal problems. Veterinary clinics everywhere use this food as a post-surgery diet, because its easy to digest and sensitive on the guts. In other words, post-surgical explosion is rare! I so rarely get reactions to this food, its my standard go-to for any dog that I dont know.

    If your dog does have a sensitive stomach, it has some great gut-saving benefits. This diet is high in soluble and insoluble fiber from mixed sources, which makes it ideal for gut health. This fiber can correct acute and chronic diarrhea by absorbing excess water and acting as a probiotic for the good gut bacteria. It also contains added B-vitamins to replenish those lost when an animal suffers diarrhea. Both the protein and fat are from easily digestible sources, allowing your dog to get the nutrients he needs, easily.

    • Quite high in fat low fat version available

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    The Best Dog Food Is Balanced

    People need a balanced diet, but so do dogs. âIâm not here to advocate for raw vs manufactured â both foods are fantastic options and can provide your dog with a healthy life,â says Carbridge. Itâs all about balance, and thatâs what makes a good dog food. You want a good amount of protein, plenty of beneficial fruit and vegetables , and as few processed ingredients as possible.

    Whats The Best Dog Food

    Our list includes 10 of the best dog food brands available on the market right now. Of course, not every dog needs the same, and there arent any universal products. You should always bear in mind your pets specific needs, health, and requirements, plus, stay in contact with your veterinarian who knows your dogs medical history and all his health issues then, you are the one who knows your canines preferences. With all that in mind, you will be able to find the best possible option vet recommended dog food. Our list is only suggestions, or inspiration, for you to learn all about the dog food and to start looking.

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    Our Choice For Fresh Dog Food Subscriptions

    But one thing owners want to consider is the price range they can afford, so I have to consider the best cheap dog food brands that are also good enough for pets.

    This list of veterinarian recommended dog foods will help you make a better choice for your Fido.

    I always mention that even though I have my favorite vet recommended dog food brands, each canine will have specific needs, and there is no one size fits all when it comes to dog nutrition and foods .

    It is best to have a chat with your veterinarian about your specific dog’s individual needs before switching his diet.

    Still, for this article, I’ve put an arbitrary list of ten vet-recommended dog food brands that are good enough for many canines.

    Top Dog Tips have done a complete breakdown of the pet food market and picked the best dog food brand that’s holistic, human-grade, and completely natural. I can’t say I disagree with their top dog food choice pick.

    The Honest Kitchen is on my veterinarian recommended dog foods list as well.

    However, it’s also very expensive, which may not be ideal for many pet parents.

    Further in the article, I mention why vets consider these dog foods best for their pets. Scroll down for more details on my picks of ten vet recommended dog food brands.

    The nutrition that your dog requires is based on a lot of variables. It’s affected by his breed, size, age, weight, skin and coat condition, medical history, and overall health, to name a few.

    What Is The Nutritional Value Of Grain

    Roasting the WORST Cat Food Brands | How is THIS Vet Recommended?

    An AAFCO statement on pet food packaging explains how the food is formulated to contain essential nutrients and identifies the appropriate life stage for the food. Basically, it lets you know whether a particular food is complete and balanced.

    Adult Maintenance: These foods are intended for adult dogs with the standards to meet listed below.

    • Protein 18% and then further broken down into specific amino acid requirements.
    • Fat 5.5%
    • Minerals including calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, chloride, magnesium, iron, copper, manganese, zinc, iodine, selenium
    • Vitamins Including vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, thiamine, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, niacin, pyridoxine, folic acid, vitamin B12, choline

    Growth and Reproduction: These foods are designed for puppies/kittens and pregnant or lactating females. A newer guideline for puppy foods also includes a statement about large dogs . Standards to meet are listed below.

    • Protein 22.5% and then further broken down into specific amino acid requirements.
    • Fat 8.5%
    • Minerals including calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, chloride, magnesium, iron, copper, manganese, zinc, iodine, selenium
    • Vitamins Including vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, thiamine, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, niacin, pyridoxine, folic acid, vitamin B12, choline

    Dog foods marketed for all life stages must meet the more stringent standards for growth and reproduction.

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    How We Research Dog Food

    Over the course of our decades of writing and editing for pet and veterinary publications, we’ve interviewed many veterinarians and veterinary nutritionists. We’ve also had the chance to feed our own dogs lots of different brands and types of foods.

    It’s important to note that our veterinary experts didn’t specifically endorse any of the products in this guide. When you think about it, this makes sense, since most veterinarians agree that the best food for each individual dog will vary based on a variety of factors. So, to make picks for this guide, we consulted four veterinarians, including a board certified veterinary nutritionist and a professor of animal and nutrition science, on what qualities to look for in a healthy dog food and what to avoid. From there, we used the information gathered to guide our selections.

    Every food in this guide is complete and balanced according to the Association of American Feed Control Officials guidelines, contains high-quality ingredients, and offers the right levels of protein, fat, and fiber for their respective categories.

    When making choices, we also referred to educational resources from the Association of American Feed Control Officials and the Global Nutrition Guidelines published by the World Small Animal Veterinary Association .

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