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Where To Get Dog Food Samples

Websites To Get Free Dog Food Easily

How to Get FREE Pet Food

Weve already shown you some really great ways to get hold of free dog food samples and, guess what? there s more.

The internet is, quite literally, packed with sites just waiting to send you some great freebies and heres another 18 of them!

Kasper & Kitty Bag yourself a free two week trial of dog food from this healthy pet food provider.

Freebies Lovers This site is crammed with freebies and discounts for both human and canine customers. It may take a while to browse through but its worth it as there are some fantastic freebies to be had.

Free Samples By Mail This slightly chaotic site has plenty of great offers and freebies if you have the time to browse. Grab a free bag of Essence pet food

Pet Points A great site for bringing together some of the best freebies available for pet owners but be quick as they dont last long! Also, dont forget to subscribe to their newsletter and receive freebies offer in the mail.

Free Stuff Now Although this isnt the most extensive site, it includes some worthwhile freebies and, in most cases, all you have to do is pop them an email with a bit of info about your dog in order to get your hands on them.

Freebie List As the name suggests, this site gives you a list of places to bag yourself and your furry friend a free dog food sample.

Freebie Finder This community-based site offers daily freebies for your pet. Check on its Pets & Animals category and you will really find something you enjoy.

Visit The Manufacturers Website

If you have a favorite brand, visit their official website and/or search for + free samples to see if that yields some results and/or directs you to the right information.

Sometimes a company will offer a sample for a limited time, while others may have a sample available consistently.

For example, the Taste of the Wild brand offers free samples if you call the toll-free number on this FAQ.

To help you, here are some popular dog food brands and how you can contact them:

Test your luck, and if you succeed, do let me know! Id love to hear about it.

Nupro All Natural Supplements

With 29 years of proven success, NUPRO All Natural Supplements helps strengthen your dogs natural defenses, and the company wants to send out coupons/samples when readily available.

While this isnt food per se, but rather, designed to supplement your dogs normal food, you can request a sample here if interested.

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Select One Of Our Premium Recipes For Dogs

Try Your Luck With Surveys And Giveaways

Prime members: Here

There are plenty of marketing companies out there that give away things for free in exchange for your valuable opinions. If youre willing to take the time to fill out a few surveys, you may just get a bag or two of food for your troubles.

Of course, many of these companies also try to harvest your personal information and spam you with all sorts of junk, so its probably wise to set up a different email address just for this purpose before you get started.

This method can get frustrating, as not all of those market research companies are legit. If youre willing to put in the time, though, you may be able to score all sorts of stuff.

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Check With Your Pet Store

Just like vets, pet stores are often visited by sales reps. Of course, theyre less likely to give you a ton of samples because they still want to sell you the food, but it never hurts to ask.

The best times to check are when theres a new food being launched or a brand is trying to get a new product off the ground. The store is likely to have quite a few samples on hand, so dont be shy about asking.

Some pet stores may even be willing to mix up a sample bag for you, even if the manufacturer doesnt offer any freebies. This is especially true if they have their own store brand, but they may be willing to do it for any food youre interested in.

Free Essence Pet Food Samples

Pet parents make great sacrifices for their fur babies. The quality of pet food is one of the biggest differentiations between pet parents. Essence Pet Foods are created specifically from the perspective of pet parents trying to provide the best quality food for their pets. Essence Pet Food does not > > More Information

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If Youre Going To Contact A Manufacturer Directly Make It A New One

Established brands have little reason to offer you a free sample. While theyd love you as a customer, they have millions of people buying from them already, so theyre not going to bend over backward for you.

Newer companies might, though. If a dog food manufacturer is still struggling to find its footing in the market, they may be willing to send you free goodies in exchange for a nice review or for telling your friends.

It helps if youre a blogger or someone with a built-in audience already, but they may be willing to hook you up even if you only have a handful of Twitter followers. Theyll probably ask for an honest review and a picture of your pup enjoying the food, though.

Look Into Pet Testing Programs

How to get free Purina dog food sample.

This also falls under the umbrella of market research, but you shouldnt have to do nearly as much work.

Since dog food companies are constantly rolling out new recipes, they need taste testers to put them through their paces. If you volunteer, you may be able to get samples of upcoming products before they hit shelves.

While the idea of testing new products may sound dangerous, they should be as safe as any other food that youd find at your pet store. That being said, they may include new and novel ingredients that your dog may not care for.

Youll also need to submit your feedback, of course. Depending on the manufacturer, this could mean spending a few minutes or up to an hour answering questions.

To find these, your best bet is to Google product testing trials and see what comes up. Look for one thats backed by reputable manufacturers.

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How To Get Your Free Sample Of Nupro Natural Pet Supplements

Pet owners, listen up! Heres your chance to grab a FREE Sample of Nupro Natural Pet Supplements!! This fantastic supplement will help keep your pet healthy and happy, and if youre interested in taking advantage of the offer, you only have to fill out a form with your name and address > > More Information

How To Choose Free Dog Food Samples

Free dog food samples are abundant for ordering online, so we need to filter through the bad stuff and find only good food samples.

The best thing you can do at first is to decide what type of dog food you would like to feed your Fido and focus on searching for free dog food samples specifically of that type and brand.

Here are a few examples:

  • Wet dog foods: Dog food with high moisture content. Usually canned dog food.
  • Dry dog foods: Dog food with low moisture content. They can include shapes, pellets, kibbles, flake foods, biscuits, or mixers.
  • Semi-moist dog food: Soft pellets with a chewy texture that are usually packed in pouches.

Then youll need to decide whether you want to feed your dog complete dog food or complementary dog food.

In short, complete dog foods are nutritionally complete and will provide your canine with all the nutrients that he needs.

Complementary dog foods are only designed to be part of your poochs diet and must be fed along with another dog food type to provide a good diet balance.

AFFCO has a great PDF document on this subject that you can read for more details.

Once you have decided what type of dog food you want to feed your canine, you should think about the nutritional content of that dog food.

This may already be decided if your dog has been diagnosed with an allergy to certain foods or has a health condition requiring a certain diet.

It is your responsibility to choose dog kibble that will be safe and healthy for your Fido.

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+ Free Dog Food Samples By Mail

Advertising Disclosure

Have a dog?

Like free things?

Great! Then this is a post designed just for you.

Whether you want your dog to test our various dog food brands to see which one works for you or youre simply a sucker for free things, I found quite a few companies/websites online that would actually send you free dog food samples with no strings attached.

I also share some tips you may want to test to see if you can get the company to send you some.

Like most freebies, all it will take on your part is a bit of information and your mailing address.

Do note that these free sample offerings can change, but I tried my best to include only the companies that continue to offer samples. But even if the offer page isnt offering samples at this time, you may want to bookmark it in the case they do offer free samples in the future.

All of the sample sources I mention are 100% free, meaning not a penny needed on your part, even for shipping! AND I promise, no surveys required, either!

If it does require a shipping charge, I will be sure to mention it in the title, I promise.

Companies That Offer Cheap Dog Food Samples

FREE Sample of Peak Dry Dog Food from Rachael Ray ...

Nowadays, cheap dog food samples, kits, and boxes are more popular than pet freebies. The packages include a selection of various products. In some cases, you can even tailor them specifically to your dog.


Pawtree produces its food in the US and formulates grain-free recipes without dangerous by-products, corn, wheat, or soy.

The company has a limited-time offer for free samples with a$2.95 shipping fee. To request grain-free dog food samples, you need to fill in a form on the website. Also, its trial packs and sample kits are affordable, like the Variety Sample 2-Pack Canned Cat Food Pâté for $6.99.

Lukes All Natural

Lukes All Natural is an online store for cat and dog food. It provides a variety of food, treats, supplements, medicine, accessories, and toys.

The brand offers a selection of mixed samples from different companies. It aims to tailor the perfect dog food trial packs for your pet, so you should note the dogs breed, size, age, and special needs. The package costs $19.99 and weighs 68 lb.

Pet Purveyor

Pet Purveyor is a pet store in Tampa, Florida that sells high-quality, organic, and eco-conscious food and goods. You can visit the physical shop or order cheap dog food sample packs from the website.

The company offers samples from Dr. Harveys, Sojos, Grandma Lucys, and Primal. The prices range from $1 to $7, and international shipping is available.

NomNom Variety Pack

Great Lakes Food Samples

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Moral Support: Gathering Your Guts

It can be difficult to contact aid organizations or shelters to ask for help. Many people are embarrassed to ask for assistance and fear being judged. This leads many people to procrastinate often at their pets expense. But dont worry: Its rarely as bad as you think it will be.

First of all, relatively few people decide to work in a non-profit or low-income assistance organization to dole out judgment they go into such work because they love animals and want to help. They are typically warm, compassionate, and empathetic, and theyll be happy to help in any way they can.

Additionally, the employees and staff at most non-profits and aid organizations have been trained to assist people in tough situations. Theyve assisted other owners in similar circumstances before and are taught techniques to help people without making them feel bad about their circumstances.

Its usually best to rip off the Band-Aid quickly. So, go ahead and pick up the phone or visit one of these organizations in person. Chances are theyll quickly put you at ease and, before you know it, theyll be helping you obtain food for your dog.

Some people may feel better sending an email rather than speaking directly with the staff. Thats usually perfectly acceptable, and it may even be an easier method of communication for the staff. Dont feel like you need to explain your life story in the first email you simply need to make the connection and start the ball rolling.

Thank you for your time,

What Are Dog Food Samples And How Come These Are Free

Dog food samples are what the name suggests: a small amount of pet food you get for free from reliable distributors. So that you can allow your pup to decide whether or not he likes that brand.

But from our point of view, free dog food samples are an ally when it comes to managing your pets expenses. You simply get the sample, check to see if your dog likes his new diet, and if he doesnt, you can move on to the following brand.

Lets clear something up first. Free samples are rarely truly free.

In some cases, online shops will ask you to purchase something for you to receive those samples. Maybe you will be compensated for giving away your personal information, or sometimes you are paying a smaller price for the trial batch or for the shipping cost.

However, your spendings in all of the cases would be way less, then when you pay a full price. And since you give it away whether you buy something or not, isnt it better to get things cheaper then?

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What Are Free Dog Food Samples

Free dog food samples are exactly what you think they are: companies sending you little portions of dog food to try out so that you know whether your canine will love the taste of that dog food brand or not.

Finding samples can sometimes be a challenge, but hopefully, this article will help you with that.

Samples of free dog food are often categorized using the following criteria:

  • Single formula per sample
  • No more than five samples per order
  • Subject to availability

However, Pet parents who want to know where to find free dog food samples must remain cautious.

There are many poor-quality dog products out there, and some may cause harm.

Much like anything else you purchase or dog products you get for free, you need to request your free dog food samples only from trusted brands and reliable companies.

Once you signup for a free dog food trial and receive the foodstuffs, be sure that they are in a completely sealed package and there are no holes or tears.

In light of all the recent dog food recalls, be sure to research the company and brand of food you choose to sample.

Ensure that the dog food company is reliable and their brand of kibble has not been recalled in recent months.

Although they are just small dog food samples, you still need to be certain that they are safe for your pet.

Do you want to know more about the best dog food brands and which dog food brand is currently the most popular among pet owners?

Free Samples Of Essence Dog Or Cat Food

Free Sample Dog Food

Pet owners! Heres a great sample you may want to try! Essence Dog or Cat Food has meat-based ingredients with no added grains. Instructions on how to redeem the free offer. Visit their website here, and complete their short free sample request form. You should receive a free sample in > > More Information

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Other Free Pet Samples:

Most free pet samples available are for dogs and cats, but sometimes you might find free bird food, small animal food samples, grooming kits, and other free stuff for pets.

  • Free Skout’s Honor Grooming Kit: You can request a free probiotic grooming kit sample, but there are only a certain amount each month so you may have to wait on the list for a bit .
  • Free WizSmart Training Pads: You can sign up for a free puppy training pad sample, they give out a limited quantity every week .
  • Petco: Petco Pals is the loyalty program for the popular pet store. While they don’t directly send free samples, you can get points to exchange for free items .
  • BarkBox: This is a paid subscription box for your doggos, but they often have promotions that coincide with holidays where they offer their subscriptions for $5.00 or an equivalent discounted rate. Dogs love their toys and treats!
  • Free Vet Exam from Banfield: Get your furry friend checked out for free at a Banfield location near you – just print the voucher and bring it with you!
  • Free dog toys: These ones are harder to come by as they are more expensive. BUT one way you can get access to free dog toys is by becoming a toy tester. Sites like Tough Dog Tested will send free products to you and your pup to try out. There are several sites like this, but some are not actively accepting new testers so you have to check it out.

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