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Where To Buy Acana Dog Food

Advanatges Of Acana Dog Food:

ACANA Singles the Perfect Dog Food for Healthy Dogs with Food Sensitivities

It is very essential to know the pros and cons before buying a particular brand of food.

  • Acana dog food uses a variety of meat to enhance the taste. you need not force your dog to eat the eat it is enough delicious
  • This brand provides you with dog food that is rich in nutrients and, vitamins because all of the organs and cartilage of animals is being used in the recipe
  • Acana dog food brand offers products that are grain-free to minimize the chances of allergic reactions
  • Antioxidants are very beneficial for your dog and the antioxidants of the Acana food is sourced from fresh vegetables and, fruits
  • They use fresh and, natural ingredients in their recipes or formula within a day they move the ingredient from fields to the factory. They dont use stored ingredients

The Acana Range Of Delicious Dog Foods

There are four ranges available for your beloved best friend and each one has its own unique aspect.

The classic line features foods bursting with 50% meat free range chicken and wild-caught fish. If youre especially concerned about your poochs shape and are looking to help them shed a few pounds, the low-glycaemic oats in this range can help to assist in this by stabilising blood sugar levels.

The Heritage range focuses on a high protein, low carbohydrate approach with foods consisting of 60-75% fresh quality meat. These come in specialised formulas for your older dogs or smaller pups.

Acana Regional takes a slightly different approach as all the products in this range take on a different regional aspect, whether it be the grasslands or the ranchlands themselves. The heritage of each area is a massive factor here and the ingredients in each of the individual recipes reflects this.

The last product range is the rather aptly named Singles, as each product focuses on one sole animal ingredient, such as Lamb, Duck or Pork. Each meat is combined with local, fresh fruit and vegetables to keep your companion happy, healthy and strong. This particular range also features treats of the same name and is cleverly formula-matched to their dry food counterparts. Who says such quality has to be limited purely to meal times?

Tell Me More About Acana Dog And Puppy Food

Trusted by pet lovers everywhere.

This is the mission statement for the Acana brand and they do well to make this a reality. With the ability to produce unique, regional recipes based on the surrounding environment, there is never a need for outsourcing as everything is just waiting at their front door!

They are firm believers in the evolutionary diet and conceive that whilst there are endless varieties of canines out there in todays world, the internal workings remain the same as their ancestors. So why shouldnt their dietary requirements reflect this same way of thinking?

From wild-caught fish, to sun-ripened vegetables, these ingredients remain fresh in all aspects of the production process and whats really important to know is that they make sure to keep their labelling as transparent as the pristine waters on the ranchlands! Raw means raw and fresh equals fresh.

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Buy Acana Doggy Diets Online Today

As Acana is internationally based, you may not foresee Canada as an upcoming holiday destination any time soon, but this doesnt mean you cant get your paws on this special product! You can simply pop on over to Time for Paws and get yours online. With so many mouthwatering options to choose from, you may find yourselves doing exactly that and wondering just why Fido gets to have all the fun at mealtimes

Was Your Pet Food Recalled


The company has also committed itself to using only sustainably raised food. That means only free-range chickens, sustainably harvested fish, and sustainably raised cattle can be sold for Acana and other Champion brands. Champion is notable, too, for promoting bison agriculture.

Acana vs. Orijen: Whats the Difference?

So whats the difference between Acana and Orijen? It has to do with the amount of meat ingredients and the price.

According to by the company, Orijen has 8090% meat, while Acana foods have 5075%. Orijen also has more fresh meat than Acana. The company pointed out that both are biologically appropriate foods, made with fresh regional ingredients.

Although slightly lower in protein then Orijen, Acana provides an unbeatable value and price point, according to the post.

Continuing to Innovate

In early 2020, Acana debuted 4 new cat recipes: Acana Cat First Feast, Acana Cat Homestead Harvest, Acana Cat Boutiful Catch and Acana Cat Indoor Entrée. All of them featured at least 65% small prey animal ingredients.

In addition, the company has reformulated existing Acana Singles and Acana Regionals recipes over the past few years. Some of the changes involved adding more meat, reducing legumes and eliminating peas.

A few Acana recipes now feature wholesome grains, which are said to be rich in fiber and highly nutritious, supporting optimum gut health.

Is Nestlé Buying Champion Petfoods?

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What Else Makes Champion Petfoods Unique

Our pet foods are made from Fresh Regional Ingredients which are sourced from farmers, ranchers, and fishers who share the same values as we do and adhere to our strict guidelines. Champion cultivates partnerships with these suppliers so that they have a continual stock of fresh, free-range products.

We take pride in our Never Outsourced promise. When you outsource, you lose control over the quality of the food and exactly what goes into it. Champions goal is to be Trusted by Pet Lovers Everywhere, and this means creating food at our own state-of-the-art, award-winning kitchens, overseeing every step of the process.

Champion has two custom-built kitchens, our NorthStar Kitchen in Alberta, Canada, and our DogStar Kitchen in Auburn, Kentucky. We also have our Research & Innovation Centre in Alberta, where the science behind Biologically Appropriate dog and cat foods is tested and validated by our team of highly qualified and skilled scientists and nutritionists.

Acana Dog Food Recall History

There have been no recalls on Acana dog food within the last few years. There have also not been any within their parent company, Champion Pet Foods, There should not be a high risk of any manufacturing problems with Acana dog food for your puppy.

Final Thoughts

The biggest problem youll face when choosing to feed Acana is figuring out where to buy Acana puppy food. And thats because its mainly only stocked in Canada! Check with your local retailers, or use Acanas Where to Buy feature to find a location near you. Online retailers also stock the food if you prefer to order online.

Whether you have a small breed, large breed, or another breed of puppy, Acana has a food for you! All three blends from Acana are an exceptionally high-quality food available at affordable prices. Feed it to your puppy without worry, and youll have a healthy, happy pup!

To know more about different types of dog food made by other companies, check out our epic post on dog food.

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What Is The Difference Between Orijen And Acana

While there are many differences between ACANA and ORIJEN, both diets reflect the belief that it is important to create Biologically Appropriate foods from Fresh Regional Ingredients.

In general, ORIJEN products would contain a higher amount and wider variety of meat ingredients, ranging from 85-90% meat ingredients while ACANA contains between 50-75% meat ingredients depending on the diet. ORIJEN would also feature an increased protein level and lower carbohydrate content.

ACANA has both grain-free and grain-inclusive options.

What Makes Champion Petfoods So Unique

Purina In Talks To Purchase Champion Pet Food – Acana & Orijen

First, our foods are Biologically Appropriate, which means that they are suited to the physiology, metabolism, and anatomy of your pets. Our foods contain high amounts of protein, limited carbs, and a variety of fresh, quality animal ingredients, essentially mimicking the diet that nature intended for cats and dogs. Our animal ingredients are delivered FRESH or RAW in WholePrey ratios, meaning we use every part of the animal, including meat, organs, cartilage, and bone, unlike other pet food companies which typically only use animal frames.

In accordance with Champions transparency policy, you can see just how much meat is included in each bag of pet food, how many different animals the ingredients come from, and how much is fresh, raw, freeze-dried, and dehydrated. Meat inclusions account for a minimum of 50% of every Champion recipe.

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Go Beyond The 1st Ingredient

With quality proteins like fresh or raw free-run poultry, grass-fed meats, freshwater and saltwater fish, and cage-free eggs, all of ACANAs recipes are crafted with special care. They go beyond the first ingredient for wholesome goodness, using fresh refrigerated ingredients and raw ingredients frozen at the peak of freshness, with no added soy, corn, tapioca or wheat.

Acana Dog Food Reviews Of Ingredients

In todays Acana puppy food review, Im going to focus on the general Acana Puppy & Junior dog food rather than one of the breed-specific foods. The base ingredients will be similar between all three foods, so you can get an idea of what they are all like with this review.

  • Crude Protein 33%
  • Crude Fiber 5%
  • Moisture 12%

The first three ingredients in this puppy food are fresh chicken meat, chicken meal, and turkey meal. All of these are great animal-sourced protein. The food also has fresh chicken giblets in it, which adds the whole prey approach to the food as well and gives your puppy additional essential nutrients naturally. Theres even freeze-dried chicken, fresh chicken cartilage, and freeze-dried turkey liver as well! I love the protein choices in this food.

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Champions Five Core Valuestrail

The energetic team at Champion Petfoods operates on five core values best summarized by the acronym T.R.A.I.L.:

  • Teamwork The whole team works towards the same goal of creating the Worlds Best Petfood. We work together sharing the same goal of creating the Worlds Best Petfood.
  • Responsibility Everyone is responsible for their own part in creating high-quality pet food, and everyone takes pride in that responsibility. We take ownership for our successes and in our commitment to creating high-quality pet foods.
  • Authenticity Integrity and transparency guide us in everything we do. We are proud to reaffirm the principles that are behind our dedication to quality in every way.
  • Innovation Company employees are always encouraged to be bold and unique in creating high-quality products.
  • Leadership Everyone who works at Champion is a leader in their own right, and every person contributes to the diverse company culture.

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Acana Wild Coast

The food also gives us the amount of crude ash, which is 7% at maximum. While this is still a fairly high percentage, I love that Acana lets us know how much bone or non-meat meal might be in the various protein meals in their foods. Its great information to have.

As for additional supplements, the food has turmeric, chicory root, and great vegetables like pumpkin that help your dogs body stay regular and get the most nutrients they can from their food. This specific blend has oats and potatoes as the source of carbohydrates, and chicken fat as the source of fat.

All in all, I love this food. Its above-average in every way, and I believe it will give your dog the healthy boost they need as a growing puppy.

If you have a large breed puppy, you really will want to consider feeding the large breed formula. Learn more about why:

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Buy Acana Dog Food Online In The Uk

If youre looking for a bit more diversity than usual when it comes to your dog’s dinners, then check out Acana. They have the advantage of a production site in Western Canadas vast ranchlands, meaning unlimited access to prairies, fertile valleys and pristine waters. Something that not every brand can lay claim to!

Acana are proud of their regionally inspired and biologically appropriate Dog Food Range and they really pride themselves on locality and freshness of their ingredients. They understand the importance of this for you as the dog owner but also believe your pooch will fall for them too.

Acana Dog And Cat Food

Acana pet food goes beyond the first ingredient, delivering premium quality and whole nutrition in every ingredient from start to finish, to help your pet live a healthy and happy life.

Crafted in world-class kitchens using locally sourced ingredients, every Acana dog food and cat food recipe starts with the finest fresh animal proteins, like free-run poultry, grass-fed meat, wild-caught fish or cage-free eggs. For whole, balanced nutrition, Acana adds healthy fruits, vegetables and botanicals instead of processed powders or meal. That means your pet is nourished with more natural nutrients and fewer extra additives.

Explore a wide variety of nutritious and delicious Acana cat food and dog food recipes at Petco to fit your pets individual needs. We carry a full range of delicious options catering to all sizes and life stages, including specialized diets like grain-free or limited ingredients.

Treat your cat to a bounty of fresh-caught fish protein, including mackerel, herring, Acadian redfish and flounder, in Acana Grain-Free Wild Atlantic Saltwater Fish cat food. Discover Acana puppy food packed with high-quality protein and fat to support healthy development. Or explore our menu of delicious dog treats, from crunchy, high-protein biscuits to raw recipes made from single animal proteins.

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Our Rating Of Acana Dry Dog Food

Acana is a grain-free dry dog food using a notable amount of named meat meals as its dominant source of animal protein, thus earning the brand 4 stars.

Highly recommended.

However, its unfortunate the company chose to include so much plant-based protein in its recipe. Otherwise, we would have been compelled to award this product a higher rating.

Has Acana Ever Been Recalled

ACANA Premium Chunks Wet Dog Food – Now Serving!

No. There have never been any Acana pet food recalls, according to our research.

2019 Heart Disease Investigation

We do want to alert readers to the fact that, in late , the U.S. Food and Drug Administration identified Acana as one of 16 pet food brands that may be linked to heart disease in dogs and cats. None of those 16 brands have been recalled as part of the agencys ongoing investigation, though. Most, but not all, of the pet foods are grain-free and/or dry dog food formulations.

The FDA says this is a complex scientific issue that may involve multiple factors, and that it cannot even be certain that diet is a cause of the heart problems.

Champion Petfoods says, We continue to test our food every day to ensure we are meeting all quality and safety standards and to deliver the best possible nutrition for pets.

Class-Action Lawsuit

In , a class-action lawsuit was filed against Champion Petfoods, accusing the company of negligent, reckless practices, false advertising, and failing to disclose the presence of heavy metals and toxins in its Acana and Orijen dog foods.

In response, the company called the allegations meritless and based on misinterpretation of the data.

2011 Salmonella Test

In , routine testing by the FDA of a single sample of Acana Grasslands dog food came up positive for salmonella bacteria.

Or maybe not. Champion Petfoods has described it this way: The FDA concluded only that the sample appeared to contain salmonella.

Mad Cow Disease Scare

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The People Behind The Worlds Best Pet Food

The founders of Champion Petfoods are Pet Lovers who feed their pets ORIJEN and ACANA. Visitors to the kitchens are always amazed to see that each employee is also a Pet Lover, and that working at Champion is more than a job its a passion. From the suppliers who provide our quality ingredients to the R& I team who set a new standard of nutritional excellence, each member of the Champion Petfoods family brings enthusiasm to the job and contributes to the vibrant company culture.

Acana Dog Food & Cat Food

ACANA Dog Food is an award-winning brand of Champion Petfoods a company that specializes in creating pet foods that are biologically appropriate for todays domestic cats and dogs. Not only do these foods nourish your dog with a meat and protein-rich meal, they are made using ingredients that are sustainably sourced from local suppliers. Every day, fresh human-grade foods make their way to ACANAs Kentucky kitchens, where they are carefully and safely made into delicious, world-class pet foods.

ACANAs Kentucky DogStar kitchens are named after the brightest star in the sky, the Dog Star an ancient symbol of steadfastness of purpose. To ACANA, this symbolizes their commitment to food innovation and earning the trust of pet lovers everywhere. These kitchens are purpose-built to create the best and safest pet foods on earth, and only produce ACANA and ORIJEN dog and cat foods. In fact, they are the only kitchens that produce these brands. Unlike many other pet food suppliers who use third parties to create their foods, Champion Petfoods use their own kitchens, cooks and ingredients.

Champion Petfoods has a 25-year history of creating pet foods with unmatchable quality and flavor. ACANA is an important part of that history, offering dog foods brimming with up to 75% meat from trusted farmers, ranchers and fishers. ACANA Dog Food represents a new standard in pet foods, and an exceptional option for your furry friend.

ACANA Dog & Cat Food

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