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Where Is Acana Dog Food Sold

Acana: A Quality Brand Recommended By Professionals

ACANA Premium Chunks Wet Dog Food – Now Serving!

Acana and Orijen brands belong to the same company, Champion Petfoods. The only difference is that Orijen generally has a slightly higher protein content, although Acana does very well in thisrespect.

Acana dog food contains between 40 and 70% meat and protein and is also a slightly cheaper brand than its sister brand.

Acana aims to provide a diet similar to what dogs ate before they were domesticated.

The result is a product rich in meat, with a natural source of antioxidants, and free of grains, fillers, artificial preservatives, colourings and flavourings.

Which Types Of Dogs Is Acana Best Suited For

Acana dog food uses high-quality ingredients with a focus on animal-based proteins, making it a great option for most healthy dogs. It also offers a few specialty recipes, such as its Puppy & Junior Formula or Light & Fit Formula.

While Acanas biologically appropriate original line of dog foods was built around a grain-free diet, the label now offers several grain-inclusive formulas. Though these recipes arent as popular as the brands grain-free offerings, grain-inclusive recipes are generally recommended for dogs without grain sensitivities. We encourage you to speak with your vet to determine which formulation is best for your pooch.

Acana Vs Orijen: Which Dog Food Brand Is Better

Considering Acana vs. Orijen as the dog food of choice for your pup? With hundreds of brands, and thousands of products with endless flavors, how do you make the right decision between these brands or others? It isnt easy if you arent a canine nutritionist, but hopefully with this guide we will help you understand the nutrition basics and point you in the right direction when it comes to your poochs food. By placing two heavyweights of the dog food industry side by side we can show you how they stack up against one another, and ultimately, who is better.

In this article we will look at Acana and Orijen to see who comes out on top. We will walk you through which brand might be best for your pooch, important things and ingredients to look for and who gives the best value for money. This detailed comparison will show you their strengths and weaknesses, nutritional value, brand history, pricing, ingredients and more.

It is slightly different to our previous comparisons as these two brands have the same parent company Champion Pet foods LP, and as such have the same backstory and history. They do not offer a full range of size-specific food varieties, which is how we usually compare brands, so we will compare their popular like for like products, namely their puppy food, original adult food and their fit and healthy recipe food to see which one is worthy of your hard earned cash. So, lets get straight into it.

Foods Comparison at a Glance: Acana vs. Orijen

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Acana Dog Food Ingredients

The ingredients of Acana dog food formulas are extremely high quality. Not only are the foods all locally grown and raised the recipes may include free run chickens and the recipes never have any preservatives. As an example, the first few ingredients in the Chicken and Burbank Potato recipe are: chicken meal, deboned chicken, whole potatoes, steel-cut oats and peas. The ingredient list stays high quality all the way down.

Differences Between Orijen And Acana

Acana Puppy Large Breed Dog Food (11.4kg)

According to the company, both foods specialize in biologically appropriate diets made with fresh regional ingredients. Orijen has a higher meat protein content than Acana. Orijen dog food is made with 75 to 80 percent meat, while Acana dog food is made with 40 to 65 percent meat, depending on the specific formula. Orijen dog food formulas have between 38 and 42 percent protein, while Acana dog food formulas contain protein levels in the 27 to 34 percent range. There is also a difference between Orijen dog food and Acana dog food with regard to carbohydrate levels. Orijen dog food formulas range from 18 to 22 percent carbohydrate, while Acana dog food formulas are generally in the 28 to 30 percent carbohydrate range. With regard to the amount of fresh meat, Orijen dog food is made with up to 40 percent fresh meats, compared to Acana dog food, which generally has from 9 to 15 percent fresh meats. There is also a difference in fresh meat variety. Orijen dog food contains at least five fresh meats, whereas Acana dog food contains three fresh meat ingredients. Because of these small differences, Acana is priced slightly lower and is more affordable for some pet owners. But the quality of the ingredients is the same.

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Acana And Dogs With Food Allergies

Ive chosen Acana Duck & Bartlett Pear to review because it is described as a true Limited Ingredient Formula. Its one of Acanas Singles, with a single source of protein in this case duck. The food may have a single source of meat protein but it is far from being a limited ingredient formula. Anyone who has been through food trials with a dog who has allergies knows what limited ingredient diets really are. They typically have a single source of protein and a single carb source, and very little else. Limited ingredient diets are designed to cut out extraneous ingredients in order to reduce the chance a dog will have an allergic reaction to something. That way they can identify specific allergens if a dog has a reaction. This food has LOTS of extra ingredients, including botanicals and multiple carb sources, which could trigger an allergic reaction. The peas in the food, in the first five ingredients, are also a plant source of protein which some dogs have trouble digesting. If your dog has allergies or digestive issues, you shouldnt buy this food thinking that it will solve your dogs problems.

If we ignore the claim about being a limited ingredient food, however, and just look at this food as an ordinary dog food, well make more progress.

Overall Is Acana A Good Choice

Acana is one of the best dry cat food brands on the market. Acanas unusually high meat inclusions, use of muscle meat, organs, and cartilage in WholePrey ratios, and relatively low carbohydrate content sets it apart from other kibble brands.

But Acana isnt without its flaws. Although they offer a line of limited ingredient foods for dogs, Acana hasnt yet launched a Singles line for cats. The brands emphasis on varied meat proteins may make it a poor choice for cats with food sensitivities and allergies.

Since Champion Petfoods opened their DogStar kitchen in the United States, the company has received a barrage of customer complaints. These quality control issues arent apparent in every bag, nor do they affect every cat, but theyre worth keeping in mind when considering Acana cat food.

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Big Country Raw Dog Food

Big dog raw food is the key to optimal health for your dog or cat. At Big Country Raw, they start with pasture-raised, free-range meats, wild-caught fish, and organic fruits and vegetables, sourced from trusted Canadian farmers. Their extensive line of dinners, pure meats, and blends help to ensure that there is an option to suit all dogs and cats.

Fresh, whole ingredients are delivered to the Big Country Raw facility where their production team inspects and processes all ingredients, ensuring total and quality control of all of their products – putting this big dog raw food at the top of our list.

Big Country big dog raw food started their premade raw dog food Canada, in 2012, and has since remained a reliable and innovative raw pet food manufacturer across Canada. In all, this is one of the best raw dog food Ontario Canada and raw dog food Vancouver.

Key Benefits:

  • Wide range of flavours ranging from chicken, turkey, or beef, to exotic proteins like rabbit and kangaroo
  • Big Country Raw diets are available in full meal dinners, pure ground meats, signature blends, and their newest addition, Trek dehydrated diets
  • All diets are suitable for all life stages
  • Kangaroo, sourced from Australia, is the only ingredient that is not sourced from Canada
  • They provide support for rescues and working dog programs


What Kinds Of Cat Food Does Acana Offer

NEW! ACANA Rescue Care For Adopted Dogs

While Acana offers several lines for dogs, their cat food selection is limited to the Regionals line, which includes four recipes.

US-made Acana Regionals foods are inspired by regions of the United States, including Meadowland, Wild Atlantic, Grasslands, and Appalachian Ranch.

The Canadian lineup also includes four recipes, each inspired by regions of western Canada, including Wild Prairie, Pacifica, Grasslands, and Ranchlands.

All Regionals foods are at least 70% meat, half of which is freshnever frozen, only refrigeratedor raw, which means it was frozen before processing. Muscle meat, organs, and cartilage are included in each recipe in what Acana calls WholePrey ratios.

Acana foods are minimally supplemented, containing added zinc, copper, and choline. Other necessary vitamins, minerals, and amino acids are provided by meat, organs, cartilage, and a variety of vegetables, fruits, and botanicals. They appear in the nutrient analysis, but not on the ingredient list.

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Recalls On Pet Supplies Help Us To Select The Right Food

Acana delivers its consumers healthy, ordinary and nutritious meals for their four-legged companions. They have hired leading scientists to create innovative production technologies, and they continue to invest in development of new technologies to implement in their facilities. Acana believes that all animals deserve to eat the freshest food. Therefore, they include only the best ingredients that come from clean, local sources.

Their naturally nutritious meals set them apart from similar brands. Some competitor brands might get piece for their pet food from sources that are not biologically appropriate for dogs, so consumers who do their research prefer to purchase Acana food for their animal companions. The foods they sell are packed with natural meats, organic veggies, and healthy fruits. It is the best option for smart buyers and happy pets.

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Company Reputation And Quality Control Issues

Champion Petfoods has an excellent reputation. They have not been involved in any recalls that we could find. There are some posts online from people who believe the formulas for the foods have changed in the last couple of years but we cant verify this.

Champion did have an accident at their kitchen in Morinville, Alberta on September 8, 2012 and one of their ovens was damaged. This resulted in some of their food sizes not being available as usual but they have been working to repair the problem.

Acana Dog Food & Cat Food

Acana Sport &  Agility Dog Food

ACANA Dog Food is an award-winning brand of Champion Petfoods a company that specializes in creating pet foods that are biologically appropriate for todays domestic cats and dogs. Not only do these foods nourish your dog with a meat and protein-rich meal, they are made using ingredients that are sustainably sourced from local suppliers. Every day, fresh human-grade foods make their way to ACANAs Kentucky kitchens, where they are carefully and safely made into delicious, world-class pet foods.

ACANAs Kentucky DogStar kitchens are named after the brightest star in the sky, the Dog Star an ancient symbol of steadfastness of purpose. To ACANA, this symbolizes their commitment to food innovation and earning the trust of pet lovers everywhere. These kitchens are purpose-built to create the best and safest pet foods on earth, and only produce ACANA and ORIJEN dog and cat foods. In fact, they are the only kitchens that produce these brands. Unlike many other pet food suppliers who use third parties to create their foods, Champion Petfoods use their own kitchens, cooks and ingredients.

Champion Petfoods has a 25-year history of creating pet foods with unmatchable quality and flavor. ACANA is an important part of that history, offering dog foods brimming with up to 75% meat from trusted farmers, ranchers and fishers. ACANA Dog Food represents a new standard in pet foods, and an exceptional option for your furry friend.

ACANA Dog & Cat Food

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Has Acana Ever Been Recalled

No. There have never been any Acana pet food recalls, according to our research.

2019 Heart Disease Investigation

We do want to alert readers to the fact that, in late , the U.S. Food and Drug Administration identified Acana as one of 16 pet food brands that may be linked to heart disease in dogs and cats. None of those 16 brands have been recalled as part of the agencys ongoing investigation, though. Most, but not all, of the pet foods are grain-free and/or dry dog food formulations.

The FDA says this is a complex scientific issue that may involve multiple factors, and that it cannot even be certain that diet is a cause of the heart problems.

Champion Petfoods says, We continue to test our food every day to ensure we are meeting all quality and safety standards and to deliver the best possible nutrition for pets.

Class-Action Lawsuit

In , a class-action lawsuit was filed against Champion Petfoods, accusing the company of negligent, reckless practices, false advertising, and failing to disclose the presence of heavy metals and toxins in its Acana and Orijen dog foods.

In response, the company called the allegations meritless and based on misinterpretation of the data.

2011 Salmonella Test

In , routine testing by the FDA of a single sample of Acana Grasslands dog food came up positive for salmonella bacteria.

Or maybe not. Champion Petfoods has described it this way: The FDA concluded only that the sample appeared to contain salmonella.

Mad Cow Disease Scare

Acana Dog Food Reviewed

The Acana brand is built on providing high-quality dog food with fresh, biologically appropriate ingredients, something that every pet owner can get behind. It also promises to never outsource the production of its pet food to a third party, ensuring that everything that goes into your dogs kibble is carefully monitored by Acana itself.

Unfortunately, most dog food companies make similar claims but fall short in practice. So, does Acana actually live up to its wholesome brand image? Or is it all just marketing?

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Acana Kentucky Farmlands With Wholesome Grains Dry Dog Food

As you can guess from the name, the Kentucky Farmlands with Wholesome Grains recipe is one of the formulas offered in Acanas new grain-inclusive line. While this formula does feature grains, it is still gluten free.

This formula is made with 70% animal-based ingredients, half of which are used in a fresh or raw form. In order, these animal protein sources include chicken, turkey, duck, and eggs. Along with muscle meat, Acana also uses the organs, cartilage, and other sources of key canine nutrition.

As always, we want you to be as informed as possible when choosing a new food for your pup. You can read the Amazon customer dog food reviews for this product here.

The Acana Meadowland Dry Dog Food is one of the most popular grain-free recipes from its Regionals product line. Acanas Regionals line is designed around different areas and ingredients local to its Kentucky-based U.S. factory the Regionals recipes manufactured and sold in Canada are slightly different in honor of the ingredients local to the Alberta factory.

Within the Meadowlands recipe, 70% of the ingredients are from animal sources. In order from highest to lowest concentration, these sources are chicken, turkey, freshwater catfish, eggs, and rainbow trout. Since Acana relies on whole animal sources for its products, your dog will also benefit from nutrients found in the organs, cartilage, and more.

  • Not ideal for a true limited-ingredient diet

Is Acana A Good Dog Food

Champion Petfoods Story | ORIJEN and ACANA now available at Petco

Any brand of dog food that includes natural, fresh ingredients is a brand worthy of mention.

With the Acana brand, the ingredients are natural and the nutrient proportions have been carefully thought out to ensure that the foods are biologically appropriate for dogs.

Made of more than 95% fresh ingredients and less than 30% carbohydrates, these dog foods are definitely of high quality.

To add to this, the Acana brand is reasonably priced when you consider the caliber of ingredients that the products contain.

Because Acana dog food is made in kitchens Champion Petfoods exclusively owns, the quality of the dog foods will be maintained and a guarantee that no other brand contains the same formula.

Not only are these foods biologically appropriate for dogs, the ingredients used in making the foods are safe for human use.

All these factors make the Acana brand one of the best available brands of dog food currently on the market.

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Thoughtfully Crafted From Start To Finish

*approximate and derived from the unprocessed state of the ingredients.

We also add essential vitamins and minerals, natural preservatives and probiotics.

No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives added in our kitchens

Our first TWO ingredients are fresh or raw meat, poultry or fish.


We work with a carefully curated group of suppliers including farmers, ranchers and fishers weâve known and trusted for decades.


Our recipes are balanced to include protein-rich animal ingredients and fresh or raw vegetables, fruit and botanicals.


Our state-of-the-art kitchen uses a Track-and-Trace system that goes well beyond food industry standards to ensure maximum safety, quality and transparency.

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