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What’s Good Dog Food For Pitbulls

How Much Protein Do Pitbulls Need

Best dog food for pitbulls and Tips to choose dog foods

Protein requirements vary depending on age and activity level. Puppies need more protein than adult dogs. They also need a higher amount during growth spurts such as puberty. Adult dogs who engage in strenuous activities need more protein than sedentary ones.

Calcium-Rich Foods For Pitbulls

Puppies need calcium-rich foods to grow healthy bones and teeth. Milk products like milk, cheese, yogurt, etc., are great sources of calcium. Other good choices include canned salmon, sardines, and hard-boiled eggs.

Adult Dogs Need Calcium-Rich Foods

Like puppies, adult dogs require a diet rich in calcium. Canned salmon Meal, sardines, or cod liver oil supplements are excellent sources of calcium.

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Fatty Acids To Build Muscle

Pitbulls need omega 3 fatty acids to build muscle. Good sources of omega 3 are fish like tuna, herring, salmon, halibut, sardines, anchovies, and cod liver oil.

Purina One Plus Natural Puppy Dog Food

Give your little furry friend something easy-to-digest formula Purina One Plus Natural Puppy Dog Food.

This is the best dog food for pitbull puppy and this healthy eat contains DHA and is rich in protein.

Its ingredients like fat, minerals, vitamins, and calories are the substances much needed by puppies. It has zero filler allowing him to easily digest.

The DHA nutrient found in this formula supports his brain development and vision. Its phosphorus and calcium ingredients guarantee strong bones. Other contributors to his overall health are the foods vitamins, antioxidants, nutrients, and minerals.

Specific Features:

  • It may not be ideal for puppies and small breeds

Talk To Your Veterinarian

If youre unsure about what type of dog food you should be feeding your Pit Bull, dont be afraid to schedule a consultation appointment with your veterinarian. Using your dogs history and their health, your vet can help you determine what kind of kibble to choose that both you and your pooch will be happy with. Your vet may be able to send you home with sample options for your pooch to try out.

Youll have an opportunity to get your questions and concerns addressed, so there is no confusion when it comes time to actually buy a new food. Your vet can teach you what signs to look for that will tell you whether a new food youre feeding your dog is a good fit or is creating problems.

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Quality Carbs And Nutrients

Carbs are often included to make the food more filling. They don’t need much, so it’s important to look for good sources. High-quality carbs like sweet potatoes are an excellent choice. Not only do they make the food filling, but they have added nutrients.

Nutrients from fruits and vegetables can help a dog achieve a balanced diet. The better Pitbull dog food formulas should be filled with a wide range of natural ingredients which will supply Pitbulls with all they need to thrive.

Unique ingredients like carrots will provide beta-carotene to improve their eye health while blueberries provide a boost of antioxidants.

The Misconceptions About Pitties

Bark So Loud

Credit: dailypits

There isnt a doggo that is feared and frowned upon more than the Pit Bull. They are believed to be vicious killers with locking jaws, eager to attack at the slightest signal and without a shred of remorse. This, of course, couldnt be farther from the truth, and you will hear such jibber jabber coming only from the mouths of people who dont even own one.

Pittie parents can testify to their pooches affectionate and cuddly nature, their devotion to their human families, and many other amiable traits that are in stark contrast to their sinister appearance. Yes, they are excellent guard dogs, but that doesnt make them evil. Dachshunds are exceptional guard doggos too, but you wont find them banned in any states around the world, as is the case with Pit Bulls. Keeping these woofers is prohibited to various extents by breed-specific legislation in:

  • Australia
  • The U.K.s England and Wales
  • Ireland

In countries that dont explicitly prohibit owning a Pit Bull-like breed, you will find apartment complexes that dont allow them. That makes owning one inconvenient as many people are unable to choose where they live and end up abandoning the idea of adopting a Pitty. The American Kennel Club doesnt recognize the American Pit Bull Terrier as a breed, either, which is why proud Pittie owners have started their own exclusive organizations, such as:

  • The American Dog Breeders Association
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    What Do 8 Week Old Pitbull Puppies Eat

  • I highly recommend Wellness CORE Large Breed Puppy Dog Food.
  • Its Taste of the Wild High Prairie Dry Dog Food the best way to save money
  • I am a member of K9 Nutrition Max Bully Dog Food.
  • Our unique approach is to treat the whole person as a pet, by combining Holistic and Great Plains Feast Dog Food
  • Its high performance dog food has been called Bully Max High Performance Super Dog Food.
  • Things To Consider Before You Buy Dogfood

    While there are many things to consider before you buy dog food, the most important is ensuring that your dog gets the right nutrients.

    A diet that is high in fat, protein, and carbs is best for pit bulls, as it will help them maintain their muscle mass and energy levels. It is also important to avoid any ingredients that could be dangerous for your dog, including grain, byproducts, and additives.

    When looking for high-quality dog food, it is important to read the ingredients list carefully to ensure that the food contains all of the nutrients your dog needs. Some good protein sources include fish, lamb, beef, and poultry.

    It is also important to look for healthy fats, including omega fatty acids and flaxseed oil. Carbohydrates are another important part of your pit bulls diet, which can be found in sweet potatoes or brown rice.

    The best way to ensure that your dog is getting the right nutrients is to feed him high-quality food containing all of the ingredients he needs. There are many good dog foods on the market, so it is important to do your research to find the one that is best for your dog.

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    Bully Max High Performance Super Premium Dog Food

    Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Chicken Meal, 2. Brown Rice, 3. Chicken Fat, 4. Dried Plain Beet Pulp, 5. Ground Grain Sorghum

    Making the top 5 for best Pitbull foods, this offering from Bully Max lives up to its name by offering your Pitbull a super-premium diet that supports maximum performance. The recipe is suitable for Pitbulls at all life stages, so if you want to give your growing pooch the best diet from the beginning, look no further! The Bully Max High-Performance dog food is complete and nutritionally rich to support your dogs growth and nourishment.

    Loaded with chicken meal for building muscle and chicken fat for energy, this is one of the most recommended dog foods by Pitbull parents. The high-calorie recipe is ideal for the Pitbull breed. It gives them the energy they need for their high drive lives.

    Taste Of The Wild High Prairie Grain

    Raw Dog Food Diet for Pitbulls and Bullyâs (how to get started)

    Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Buffalo, 2. Lamb Meal, 3. Chicken Meal, 4. Sweet Potatoes, 5. Peas

    The grain-free, all-natural formula makes this option from Taste of the Wild a great feast for your pittie. Pitbulls are naturally active and energetic dogs and require balanced nutrition to maintain great overall health. Serve them a savory recipe loaded with nutritionally rich, flavorful ingredients including buffalo, lamb, and chicken meal.

    The recipe also contains highly digestible ingredients such as sweet potatoes and peas to make it a great option even for the most sensitive and picky eaters. The formula does not contain any grain, wheat, corn, or artificial colors and flavors. If you wish to feed your tail-wagger the best available diet, Taste of the Wild recipes wont disappoint you. Taste of the Wild is always among the best choices for dog foods, and this recipe is a deserving top choice for Pitbulls.

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    Our Quest For The Best Pit Bull Dog Food

    Credit: pit bullmagazine

    Pitties are classified as medium-sized dogs, but they are so bulky and muscular that they can eat a horse. When choosing the best dog food for a Pit Bull, you need to look at the big dog formulas to keep them as strong and vigorous as they were bred to be.

    To learn about what constitutes the top dog food for Pit Bulls, we consulted:

  • Vets
  • Veterinarians know their stuff. They told us how to distinguish the best dog food from the worst dog food, and they revealed which dog food ingredients we should avoid when checking the label.

    Pit Bull owners have first-hand experience when it comes to keeping their doggies happy and healthy. They shared what their furballs favorite brands were so that we could get to testing them out ourselves.

    We wanted to be sure that the chow we serve to our Pitties will make them burst with energy. So we looked for those formulas that comply with the nutritional standards set by AAFCO, the leading animal feed organization. Dogs of different sizes and ages have different dietary needs, so we wanted to hit the nail on the head and find the right kind for puppies, adult dogs, and senior pooches, as well as for Bullies, which are particularly high-performance dogs.

    We were left with a list of 20 brands that fared the best, but we only reviewed those that we considered top-notch in every regard. We also followed a particular set of criteria ingredient-wise, including:



    Guaranteed Analysis

    3,669 kcal/kg

    Bottom Line What Is The Best Dog Food For Pitbull Puppies

    There are many different dog food brands out there. They are all available in different price ranges, package sizes and quality. Many puppy owners seem to go for the cheaper options as it appears that you are getting more value for your money. However, this is not true. The cheap dog food that is stocked in most retail stores does not contain the nutrition that your dog needs. It is packed full of filler ingredients such as corn, soy, wheat, and grains. These ingredients are meant to give your puppy that full feeling, but passes right through his system, so he doesnt get the nutrition he needs. So you will have to feed him more in order for him to get any nutrition out of these cheap dog foods.

    The best choice for your pitbull puppy is premium dog food that may cost you more, does a world of good for the growth and development of your puppy. Always buy food that lists the protein source as one of the first five ingredients. Dont buy dog food that has grain, wheat, soy and corn as these are filler ingredients and dont have any nutritional value for your dog. Meat protein should be the main ingredient listed on the pack and not meat or protein by-product. The best advice that you can use when buying the best dog food for pitbull puppy is to only buy dog food where you can pronounce the all the names on the ingredient list.

    Ultimately, you should also take into account that every dog is different and what works with one, may not have the same effect on the other.

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    Taste Of The Wild Dry Dog Food

    Taste of the Wild dog food is a great option for any dog because of it’s natural and grain-free formula. Instead of utilizing grains, the dog food has sweet potatoes and peas to help with digestion. The carbohydrates dissolve slowly to minimize bloat.

    The main sources of protein in this option are roasted bison and venison. There’s also lamb meal and fish meal. The proteins are supplemented with a variety of fruits and vegetables, including raspberries, tomatoes, and chicory root. There’s also a number of ingredients packed with antioxidants to help with immune health.

    Is A Raw Diet Good For Pitbulls

    Whats up there?

    Raw feeding is generally supported for all dog breeds, as it is the closest a dog will get to its natural diet. However, there are things to consider. A raw-feed diet is extremely high in animal protein, so dogs with kidney or liver problems should avoid raw food. Furthermore, raw feed diets can be slightly troublesome for dogs with a high prey drive, as they can tend towards becoming overly protective of their meals. If youre wanting to try raw feedings start small and watch how they respond to be sure its the right decision. And if all else fails, seek advice from your vet.

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    Rachael Ray Nutrish Peak Grain

    Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Beef, 2. Chicken Meal, 3. Dried Peas, 4. Whole Dried Potatoes, 5. Pea Flour

    This recipe is designed to keep your dogs instinctual cravings and nutritional requirements in mind. The grain-free formula offers only high-quality protein to guarantee optimal support for your Pitbulls healthy organs and maintenance of their lean muscle mass. You will find a wide range of rich and all-natural ingredients including venison, beef, and lamb to give your dog a nutrient-dense, delicious protein-packed meal.


    Video Answer: What’s The Best Dog Food For Pitbulls To Gain Weight

    Then you might like to have a look at Kirkland Salmon Meal and Sweet Potato Nature’s Domain Dog Food Formula.

    The dry Dog Food has a high-quality protein and is rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

    It gets its probiotics and natural prebiotic fiber from dried chicory root that helps balance out a dog intestine.

    Bully Max Total Health 7-in-one Dog Supplement.

    The most appropriate dog food for pitbulls is one that is high in proteins, quality fatty acids and reasonable in carbohydrates.

    A great pitbull dog food should keep your bully lean and agile while maintaining the body fat low.

    Diamond Naturals Dry Food for Adult Dogs Beef and Rice.

    Not many dog foods can guarantee the kind of nutrition for pitbulls, but Diamond Naturals can.

    The top listed ingredients include beef meal, cracked pearled barley, whole grain brown rice, rice bran, and chicken fat.

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    Our Best Dog Food For Pitbulls

    • Type of Product: High protein pea-free no corn, wheat, or soy
    • Life Stage: Adult
    • Best for: Overall

    This formula by Natures Logic contains high-quality ingredients, such as beef meal and chicken fat. The high levels of fat and protein create a tasty, nutrient-dense meal.

    The beef meal is derived from USA-raised cattle and concentrated on providing more protein per ounce than whole meat.

    Select veggies and fruit are included to provide a complete diet including blueberries, spinach, cranberries, and dried kelp. Plus, the kibble is coated with digestive enzymes and plasma protein for increased digestibility.

    Not only is this dog food more nutrient-dense than many options, but your canine will also digest more of whats included.

    This formula is completely free from potatoes, peas, lentils, wheat, corn, rice, soy, and other low-quality ingredients.

    While it doesnt include low-quality grains, this recipe is grain-inclusive. It features non-GMO millet, which is low-glycemic grass seed. Millet is a rarer ingredient in dog food and is usually associated with higher-quality brands.

    This ingredient provides extra calories and carbohydrates without the added gluten and a high-glycemic-index.

    Many dog owners will also appreciate that this food is made using only 100% renewable energy. If youre trying to be more environmentally conscious, we highly recommend this dog food.

    • Type of Product: No corn, wheat, or soy
    • Life Stage: Puppy
    • Best for: Puppies
    • Best for: Allergies

    Best For Senior Pit Bulls: Halo Holistic Beef Recipe For Senior Dogs

    Raw Dog Food Diet for Pitbulls and Bullys ( How to get started) Let’s go meat shopping!

    Credit: Halo Pets

    Halo Holistic Beef Recipe for Senior Dogs ticks all the right boxes when it comes to the nutrition of elderly Pitties. Here is what makes it fantastic:

    • Beef meat and liver are the main ingredients. This recipe does not contain any rendered meat meal, like chicken or fish meal.
    • It abounds in wholesome veggies, such as peas and carrots, that are light on an aged doggos tummy. In addition to being easily digestible, it also provides essential antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and vital minerals that an aging dog needs.
    • It has plenty of fiber-rich ingredients that facilitate the digestion of our seasoned pooches
    • A wet formula is easier for senior dogs gnashers, and it is more aromatic and appetizing, which is essential for older dogs that have weak appetites
    • It provides pups with comprehensively balanced nutrition, including DHA for boosted brain function as well as glucosamine and chondroitin for strong joints.

    What we love about this recipe is the sustainably-farmed, pasture-raised beef and beef liver. Also mentioned above are a wholesome variety of non-GMO vegetables that are digestible. This dog food is highly digestible and has a meaty flavor that is designed to help preserve lean muscles.

    If you need further convincing, make sure you check out our Halo dog food review. In case you think a different formula would suit your grandpa-dog better, take a peek at the best senior dog food in our book.

    Guaranteed Analysis


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    Ingredients To Look For

    Because of their unique build, high-quality dog food is a must-have. Cheaper foods filled with unnecessary ingredients will only hinder the dog’s athletic performance.

    It could also lead to weight gain that can result in a host of health issues. Pitbulls have a variety of macronutrient requirements that every owner should look for.

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