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What Stores Sell Purina Pro Plan Dog Food

Purina Pro Plan Vs Victor: Factors To Consider

Dog food review: Costco Kirkland’s Chicken and Rice vs Purina Pro Plan Chicken and Rice

To make general comparisons between these two brands, we researched average data based on price and nutritional information from various dog food experts and reviewers, such as Paw Diet.

Aside from the many factors to consider when choosing the best pet food brand, the most important are:

  • The quality of ingredients
  • The safety of the product
  • The ethical background and history of the manufacturer and brand
  • Price

Dog Owners Trust Pro Plan Nutrition

  • Rating:5 out of 5 stars5/5

The vet recommended Pro Plan Sensitive Skin & Stomach for my Goldendoodle. After 6 months on this food, he has a beautiful coat, perfect weight, and solid/less poop. Great food thats backed by science!

  • Rating:5 out of 5 stars5/5

Ive been feeding this to my 11 year old American Eskimo dog for a little shy of a year. She definitely seems brighter and more alert. Everyone comments on how she seems like a permanent puppy and Id have to agree.

  • Rating:5 out of 5 stars5/5

I switched my Husky to this after being on a grain free diet. Not only does he look and feel healthier, but his coat is back to feeling soft and shinier than ever. I highly recommend this diet over any others!

  • Rating:5 out of 5 stars5/5

This is my go-to wet food for dogs that need good nutrition or have coats that need help. They love the flavor and I put some on top of their Pro Plan dry food.

Moist Dog Food From Purina

Purina dog food now includes the famous Alpo line of canned dog food. Alpo canned food is available in Prime Cuts beef and gravy with or without vegetables, as well as in Prime Cuts lamb and rice and Prime Slices chicken with gravy. Purina Mighty Dog Boss Dog Dinners is packaged in convenient small cans, and it is recommended for puppies as well as full-grown dogs. Beneful Prepared Meals moist dog food combines meat and vegetables for a nutritious treat that is fit for a true canine gourmet. Beneful moist dog food is packaged in its own feeding tray, and flavors of this special Purina dog food include two chicken varieties as well as beef stew.

*The total item count is approximate. The count will be inaccurate when sponsored products are displayed, when multiple sizes or colors of a product are grouped on a single product card, and when the in-stock filter is applied.

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What Formulas Does Purina Pro Plan Dog Food Have

Pro Plan has many dry and wet dog foods for puppies, adult dogs, and senior dogs of all breeds and special needs. For example, Purina Pro Plan weight management dog food is available in both wet and dry form. Other specialized diets include low-fat options, food for dogs with allergies, cognitive health support, and a lineup of veterinary diets.

Lets look at the Pro Plan dry dog food lineup. Please note that Pro Plan is currently transitioning some of their older product lines like Focus, Savor, and Sport to new recipes with new names.

  • Puppy
  • Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin & Stomach
  • Turkey & Oatmeal Dry Dog Food
  • Lamb & Oat Meal Formula
  • Purina Pro Plan Adult Cognitive Health
  • Chicken & Rice Formula
  • Purina Pro Plan Adult Giant Breed
  • Chicken & Rice Formula
  • Purina Pro Plan Adult Large Breed
  • Chicken & Rice Formula
  • Shredded Blend Chicken & Rice Formula
  • Purina Pro Plan Adult Large Breed Sensitive Skin & Stomach
  • Salmon & Rice Formula
  • Purina Pro Plan Adult Sensitive Skin & Stomach Small Breed
  • Salmon & Rice Formula
  • Purina Pro Plan Adult Small Breed
  • Shredded Blend Lamb & Rice Formula
  • Shredded Blend Chicken & Rice Formula
  • Chicken & Rice Formula
  • Purina Pro Plan All Ages Sport Performance
  • 30/20 Salmon & Rice Formula
  • Purina Pro Plan All Ages Sport Active
  • 27/17 Turkey & Barley Formula
  • 6/16 Formula Dry Dog Food
  • Senior Dog
  • Purina Pro Plan Adult 7+ Bright Mind
  • Chicken & Rice Formula
  • Purina Pro Plan Adult 7+ Bright Mind Small Breed
  • Chicken & Rice Formula
  • Chicken & Rice Formula
  • Low Price Point Even Without Fillers

    Purina Pro Plan Large Breed Chicken &  Rice Formula Dry Dog ...

    Victor dog food features high-quality dog cuisine with an above-average protein level, mainly from meat instead of protein equivalents. It doesnt have the usual commercial fillers used by the major pet food conglomerates. Surprisingly, even without filler ingredients, Victor manages to keep their prices reasonable and below average.

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    What Are The Key Benefits Of Purina Pro Plan Dry Dog Food

    The range of Purina Pro Plan dry dog food available here at zooplus offers something for everyone, with tailored nutrition ranges to support healthy skin, smooth digestion and an ideal weight. Purina dog food is also designed to support your dog throughout its life, with tailored nutrition aimed at puppies, adult dogs and senior. With this range of Pro Plan dog food you can be sure you are providing your dog with all the nutrients it needs, with different options depending on your dogs breed size, as well as gluten-free, grain-free and reduced-fat options to make sure everyone is catered for.

    About Purina Pro Plan

    Purina Pro Plan offers advanced nutrition for cats and dogs of all ages, lifestyles and breeds. Their innovative formulas are developed by a team of more than 500 nutritionists, veterinarians and scientists and formulated to help pets thrive through every challenge and stage of life. Originally developed to take advantage the latest developments in pet health science and nutrition, Pro Plan is always advancing their research and finding new ways to help make life better for pets and those who care for them.

    There are a variety of Purina Pro Plan Dog Food and Purina Pro Plan Cat Food formulas to suit every nutritional need. Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets are formulated with therapeutic nutrition to help manage specific health conditions. The Purina Pro Plan Specialized Nutrition line features recipes tailored specifically for small and large breeds, puppies and kittens, seniors or those with sensitive systems. Purina Pro Plan Complete Essentials offers a delicious mix of tastes and textures to satisfy even the pickiest pet.

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    Pet Supplies Plus Pro Plan Dog Food

    If you’re wondering which food would aid in your pup’s development, the Purina Pro Plan Focus puppy formula is a top pet food choice for.

    This adorable Bored Panda gallery of photos from around the world shows off some truly paw-some pet transformations after animals were put on diets by their owners. Theres Buddy the dog who.

    I like the store. Great service by the employees. Tons of product. I’ve bought food for our dog, cat & hamster.

    Purina Pro Plan Redford Naturals.

    Purina ONE Natural Large Breed Adult Dry Dog Food, +Plus Formula.

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    Muttigans Local Pet Food and Supply Store is a Healthy Pet Shop near Emerald Isle with everything you need for your Dogs & Cats. Find frozen raw dog food,

    Discover the Purina® Pro Plan® dog food product your pet needs.

    Purina® Pro Plan® is giving pets like yours the opportunity to reach their full.

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    Up to 25% off Cat Dry Food.

    Purina Pro Plan Wet Dog Food

    Purina Pro Plan’s New Dog & Cat Food Packaging Design

    Whats interesting is that Purina never got on the grain-free hype train as much as other brands. Thats not to say that grain-free is bad . However, there is some concern about a connection between grain-free diets and heart disease in dogs. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has stated that if you choose a grain-free dog food, you should closely monitor your pet and consult a veterinarian before starting a grain-free diet.

    Purina Pro Plan canned dog food is available in 5.5 and 13 oz cans, 3.5 oz trays, and 10 oz tubs, and its made with the following sources of protein: Beef, Chicken, Turkey, Lamb, Salmon, Duck, Pork, Ocean Whitefish, Quail, and Venison.

    5.5 oz cans

    • Purina Pro Plan Complete Essentials Adult
    • Shredded Turkey, Peas & Brown Rice Entrée In Gravy Wet Dog Food
    • Shredded Beef & Lamb Entrée In Gravy Wet Dog Food
    • Seared Chicken, Julienne Carrots & Barley Entrée In Gravy Wet Dog Food
    • Seared Beef, Green Beans & Brown Rice Entrée In Gravy Wet Dog Food
    • Beef & Brown Rice Entrée Classic Wet Dog Food
  • Purina Pro Plan Development Puppy
  • Chicken & Brown Rice Entrée Classic Wet Dog Food
  • 13 oz cans

    • Pro Plan Senior Adult 7+
    • Beef & Rice Entrée Morsels in Gravy Wet Dog Food
    • Complete Essentials Turkey & Rice Entrée Classic Wet Dog Food
    • Complete Essentials Chicken & Rice Entrée Classic Wet Dog Food
  • Purina Pro Plan Adult Large Breed
  • Chicken & Rice Entrée Chunks In Gravy Wet Dog Food
  • Beef & Rice Entrée Chunks In Gravy Wet Dog Food
  • 3.5 oz trays

    10 oz tubs

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    What Is The Purina Brand

    Purina is the worlds second-largest pet food manufacturer with 85-plus years of experience and research. Its Pro Plan brand, which 400 scientists and veterinarians recommend, caters to different breeds of all ages with various lifestyle options. This Nestlé company is the result of the Ralston Purina and Friskies Petcare merger.

    What Varieties Of Purina Pro Plan Dry Dog Food Are Available At Zooplus

    With an extensive choice of Purina dog food products available at zooplus, you can be sure to find a complete diet to suit your dog’s individual requirements:

  • Pro Plan Adult: great-tasting dry food for toy, small-breed and medium-sized adult dogs, as well as specific diets for sensitive dogs, sterilised or overweight dogs, and dogs with especially high activity levels.
  • Pro Plan Adult Large Breed: dog kibble designed by veterinarians and nutritionists to promote a healthy and active life in large-breed dogs weighing over 25kg with a robust or athletic build.
  • Pro Plan OptiDerma: an entire range dedicated to dogs with sensitive skin, with different options for smaller and larger dogs, as well as in a range of tasty flavours.
  • Pro Plan OptiDigest: the OptiDigest collection is perfect if your dog is plagued with digestive issues, whether small or large, active or sedentary.
  • Pro Plan OptiWeight: this range is ideal for keeping your dog at a healthy weight, as well as being a great choice for sterilised dogs that are struggling to keep off the extra pounds.
  • Pro Plan Puppy & Junior: dry Pro Plan puppy food with an effective combination of vital nutrients to support healthy growth, plus added colostrum to help boost your young dog’s immune system.
  • Pro Plan Senior: nutritious kibble for senior dogs over 7 years old, with a unique formula proven to significantly improve brain function and support your dog in old age.
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    Purina Pro Plan Senior Formulas

    As dogs age, things start to change. They have worse mobility, their skin and coat begin to lose their youthful look, and cognitive health is also affected. Purina Pro Plan senior dog food in dry form is only available in Chicken & Rice formulas, while the wet food options include Turkey & Brown Rice and Beef & Brown Rice.

    Purina nutrition experts added Glucosamine and EPA for joint and mobility support as well as probiotics to help senior dogs digest food with ease.

    Suitable For Sensitive And Allergy

    Purina Pro Plan Real Meat Lamb &  Rice Formula Dry Puppy ...

    Victors Select Protein Line for dogs is designed for sensitive systems, such as puppies, seniors, and allergy-prone dogs. This variant uses single-source proteins, which are kinder to sensitive tummies, a common concern among younger and older dogs.

    The brands grain-free Yukon River Canine is suitable for dogs allergic to specific proteins in pork, lamb, beef, and chicken. Its hypoallergenic formula contains 33% protein, of which 76% comes from locally sourced fish.

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    Cons Of Purina Pro Plan

    • Purina Pro Plan is more expensive than its closest competitors.
    • Five varieties of Purina Pro Plan wet dog food were recalled on March 9, 2016, for inadequate reporting on their vitamin and mineral content.
    • Customer reviews on Amazon reported stomach sensitivity issues from recent formula changes . These included some puppy tummy reactions, such as bad breath, gas, and loose motion.
    • According to Purina, all Pro Plan recipes are locally formulated, and it sources the majority of ingredients from American suppliers. Yet, there was a previous recall in 2007 attributed to problems with poultry ingredients primarily from China.
    • It uses artificial food coloring dyes*: yellow 5 and an unknown extra color. Although the FDA classifies these food dyes as generally safe, its best to avoid these whenever possible.
    • The company preserves animal fat in 33 of their recipes with mixed tocopherols and in one recipe with TBHQ and citric acid.
    • It contains unbalanced plant-based amino acids.
    • It contains ambiguously described animal by-products and blends.
    • It doesnt use boutique or gourmet ingredients some of its competitors use.
    • Many of its formulas use corn, although it recently introduced some grain-free recipes.
    • Paw Diet has identified nine anonymous meat ingredients, 25 controversial ingredients, and four animal by-products** in Purina Pro Plan food.

    We Believe That Nutrition Is The Foundation Of Long

    Thats why PRO PLAN is a confident choice for those who want to feed their dog a diet based on cutting-edge science, rooted in over 90 years of proven results.

    All PRO PLAN products are formulated to make the most of high-quality ingredients, delivering efficient nutrient absorption and targeted benefits at every stage of life from supporting immunity in puppies to promoting cognitive development in older dogs.

    Our optimised nutrition offers meaningful health benefits that foster long-term well-being without compromising on the great taste your dog loves.

    Youll be amazed at what your pet can do with the right care and nutrition. PRO PLAN can help you provide both, with high-quality nutrition and expert advice.

    • Meaningful and proven benefits
    • Targets the specific health needs of dogs and cats, whatever their size, lifestage or special needs.
    • Highest quality ingredients

    As an owner, you are the most important contributor to your dogs well-being, thats why we are committed to sharing all our expertise in nutrition and pet care with you.We work hard to understand the pet health concerns that matter most to you, and thats why our research focuses on those areas that make the biggest difference to the lives of dogs and their owners.

    Advancing Science for Pet Heatlh

    We are here to advance the science of nutrition, promoting global collaboration with the veterinary community and scientific thought leaders to help pets live better, longer lives.

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    Nutrition To Suit Your Dog’s Needs Whatever Their Age Size Or Lifestyle

    Purina Pro Plan is a range of dry dog food that has been scientifically formulated by vets and nutritionists with the aim of providing a balanced diet for dogs of all breeds, life stages and activity levels. Purina dog food is made using great-tasting, high-quality ingredients, including chicken, lamb or salmon as the main component, which acts as an excellent source of protein. Each innovative product in the Purina dog food ProPlan range features a clinically proven OptiNutrition formula with functional ingredients to meet your dog’s specific dietary needs, including Pro Plan puppy food, supporting the long-term health of their skin and coat, immune system and digestion.

    Dry Dog Food From Purina

    Review of Pro Plan Dog Food

    Dry varieties of Purina dog food are convenient for daily feedings. Dry dog food is economical, stores easily and provides your dog with the same proper daily nutrition as canned dog food. You can order time-tested Purina Dog Chow dry dog food, as well as the newer beef-filled Beneful dry food, for shipment right to you. Purina One dog food, which has no fillers or artificial flavors and is enriched with extra nutrients, is also available from Walgreens. You can also choose a special formula of Beneful that is meant to maintain your dog’s healthy weight, as well as Puppy Chow for puppies and Little Bites that is rich in protein.

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    Give Your Dog The Advantage Of Probiotics

    Pro Plan dry dog formulas are now fortified with guaranteed live probiotics. The specific probiotic strain chosen by Pro Plan can exert a positive impact on digestive health by balancing the levels of bacteria in your dogs intestines. It can also help support immune health.

    Specialized Nutrition For Sensitive Systems

    Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Stomach formulas offer digestive health support and skin and coat nourishment for dogs at every stage of life. Explore our exciting new Sensitive Skin & Stomach formulas for puppies, adults, and senior dogs, and discover why the gentle nutrition of Pro Plan might be right for your dog.

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    What Is The Victor Brand

    The Victor brand has been around since the 1940s, but it launched its dog food product under the Mid America Pet Food company in 2007. As a family-owned company, Mid America Pet Foods supported local enterprise by sourcing about 80% of its pet food ingredients from businesses surrounding its East Texas facility. In 2014, Trinity Hunt Partners bought the company, but the acquisition didnt hurt Victors food production.

    Victor tags its selection Super Premium pet food. It produces mostly dry kibble but recently added wet canned food to its product lineup. Initially, the company formulated its blends for breeders and trainers, but their popularity spread to the general dog owner populace. Their bestseller is their Classic Multi-grain food, with its blend of chicken, beef, lamb, and fish protein and grains.

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