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What Is Iams Dog Food Made Of

What Types Of Dog Food Do They Make

Iams Breed Specific Dog Food | Chewy

The pet nutrition brand offers various types of dog food based on whatever age, breed type, and performance area your tail-wagging companion may be.

These dog food types include dry foods, wet foods, and of course, tasty treats based on your furry friends life stage to ensure their nutritional needs are adequately met.

An example of Eukanubas popular buys includes the Premium Performance Sprint 21/13 , formulated for athlete dogs to nutritionally gear them for short bursts of intense exercises.

Packed with 21% protein and 13% fat, this should get your furry athletes in shape for the dog Olympics in no time!

And theres more where that came from with loads of other options and benefits to choose from!

Effects Of Melamine On Dogs

Melamine is a small, nitrogen-containing molecule. It has several industrial uses, like being a binding agent and flame retardant. Also, manufacturers use this chemical as part of the polymer in the production of plates and cooking utensils. Moreover, manufacturers use it to produce glue, countertops, laminates, and other construction purposes.

Combining melamine and cyanuric acid could form crystals in urine and kidney tissue, and eventually, kidney failure. A study conducted in 2007 showed that when given separately, melamine or cyanuric acid did not cause renal failure in cats. But when they gave both compounds together, the cats showed signs of intra-tubular crystals and renal failure. The FDA continues to study the interactions of melamine and other related compounds to find how they cause pet illnesses and death.

Top 5 Ingredients Breakdown

Chicken is the first ingredient and chicken by-product meal is the fourth ingredient. Together, this indicates that the food contains a lot of chicken protein. Chicken is about 80 percent protein and its a good source of Vitamin B6 and Phosphorus, and a very good source of Niacin and Selenium. Chicken is more desirable than chicken by-products. AAFCO defines chicken by-product meal as: consists of the ground, rendered, clean parts of the carcass of slaughtered chicken, such as necks, feet, undeveloped eggs and intestines, exclusive of feathers, except in such amounts as might occur unavoidable in good processing practice. There are some good parts in chicken by-products and chicken meal supplies animal protein, but its a mix and its not the same high quality protein as chicken meat.

The third ingredient is ground whole grain sorghum. While sorghum is currently touted as having a lot of health benefits for humans, such as being gluten-free and helping with some health issues , its usually associated with livestock feed. Sorghum is about 3 percent protein, 8 percent fat, and 89 percent carbohydrates. It contains some B vitamins and a few assorted minerals, but not large quantities of anything, although it does have a lot of omega-6 fatty acid. One species of sorghum is the source of sorghum molasses. Other kinds of sorghum are used for grass/fodder and grains for animals.

Weve already covered the fourth ingredient chicken by-products meal.

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Is Iams Made In The United States

The Iams pet food brand is produced by Mars, Inc. who sells their product in more than 80 different countries. The Iams website states that their facilities exceed USDA and FDA standards, but they do not provide specific information about where those facilities are located.

Research suggests that some Iams products may be made in the USA, though this may not be true for all of them.

Worst Puppy Food: Iams Proactive Health Smart Puppy

Iams ProActive Health Large Breed Dry Dog Food

Pups are very much like human children in the sense that what you feed them early on can have a significant impact on their growth and development.

Iams ProActive Health Smart Puppy Original Formula is the worst puppy food even though it may contain the phrase Health Smart on its label.

In one disturbing case, a dog owner on the Consumer Affairs website observed that her pet displayed indications of a parasite soon after eating this food.

However, a vet confirmed the digestive health issues arose due to the food, and no parasites were present in the dog, luckily.

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Other Dog Foods Of Note

Some other pet food manufacturers and companies source ingredients inside and outside the US but have taken the pet food transparency pledge to ensure quality and report the ingredients’ origin.

This means that they are willing to be fully transparent about the ingredients that go into their dog food made in USA recipes. Here are all of them:

  • Addiction Pet Food
  • Souly Raw Pet Food
  • Verus Pet Food

Note: Although all of the above mentions are dog food made in the USA or pet food brands that have taken the transparency pledge, neither myself nor Top Dog Tips explicitly endorse anyone’s dog food product over another. There are several reasons when food not made in the USA can be just as good, if not better, than dog food made in the USA. As a responsible pet parent, always research the brand fully before feeding it to your dog.

Senior Dog Health: Urination Bowel Movements And Appetite

Pay attention to what might be subtle changes in your dog’s habits: Is she drinking more water or urinating larger amounts? These behaviors might indicate a liver or kidney problem. Have your dog’s bowel movements shifted? This could indicate a digestive issue. Diabetes or digestive problems might cause your dog to eat more but still lose weight. Knowing the dog’s patterns can help the veterinarian determine a course of treatment.

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Original Line Of Diamond Dog Food

The Diamond Pet Food Company is owned and produced by Schell & Kampeter, and comprises three product lines.

The original Diamond line of dog food lacks the desired nutritional content you should be looking for in your dogs food.

A review of several Diamond dog food products reveals the use of corn, soy and wheat ingredients.

Many of the meat-based ingredients come from unnamed sources like fish meal or meat by-products of questionable quality.

They dont use many artificial flavors and colors like other bad dog food brands on this list, so thats a plus.

Still, it would be good to avoid any brand that makes heavy use of wheat, soy and corn.

Dog Food Ingredient Sourcing

Iams Dog Food | Chewy

If you are looking for an All American dog food brand, you need to trace the source of the ingredients being used in the food first.

You cannot trust a Made in America label because the FTC hasn’t been cracking down hard enough on companies loosely using this term to improve their sales. And this is not exclusive to the pet food industry, either.

Pet food companies understand the value of the Made in the USA label and have been taking advantage of it for years.

Since 2015, politicians have been encouraging FTC to allocate more resources to investigate these claims but to no avail.

Thus, pet owners are left to do their own research and investigation when searching for dog food Made in USA brands where not just manufacturing but ingredients are sourced in America.

Finding the source of ingredients, however, is far from simple.

Dog food companies that claim dog food made in the USA often intentionally mislead customers to think that their ingredients are also sourced in the US.

They do this by slapping the Made in America stamp on their bag and adding claims like No ingredients sourced in China or Responsibly sourced ingredients as a distraction.

These claims are designed to put your mind at ease, yet they tell you nothing about where ingredients were sourced.

Consumers tired of pet food companies tricking them into buying fake Made in USA foods have previously filed lawsuits against well-known brands for fake labels.

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Is There Any Recall On Iams Dog Food

In August 2013, the FDA issued a recall for certain lots of Iams dry dog foods including Healthy Naturals Weight Control Adult, Healthy Naturals Chicken Adult, Premium Protection Chicken Adult, ProActive Health Small Breed, ProActive Health Large Breed, and ProActive Health Large Chunks due to potential salmonella contamination.

Risks Of Dog Food Made In China

Be wary of the signs that your dog has had improperly made food, such as those of the 2007 poisoning. These dog foods include chicken or duck jerky and jerky treats wrapped in fruit, yam, or sweet potatoes.

Remember that the symptoms can be simple ones or life-threatening as well. These symptoms may emerge within hours or even days after the ingestion of the contaminated food. So, be in a constant lookout regarding your pets health and of the following conditions:

  • Widespread cancer

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Merrick Brand Dog Food

The ingredients that make Merrick a great choice include deboned duck, deboned chicken, turkey meal, salmon meal which is a source of omega 3 fatty acids, peas, potatoes, sweet potatoes, potato protein and lamb meal.

Merrick dog food also uses duck fat and chicken fat preserved with mixed tocopherols, blueberries, apples, salmon oil, organic alfalfa, natural flavor and salt.

Iams Discount Coupons & Promo Deals

IAMS PROACTIVE HEALTH Smart Puppy Large Breed Dry Dog Food ...

The easiest way to get a discount when shopping for this brand is to keep an eye on different IAMS ProActive Health dog food reviews online, but you can also go directly to your favorite retailer to see what is new and available. Free shipping is almost always offered by more prominent websites. If you sign up for auto-shipment you might be eligible for an additional percentage off.

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How Much Iams Should I Feed My Dog

Most dog owners dont question How much dog food should I feedmy dog? Its the cheapest, most easily available dog food in the market. Manythink its suitable for dogs with diabetes.

Its offers a variety of dog foods to choose from: dried foods,pet-only dry food, pet-mixes, dog foods that contain vitamins and minerals,cooked food, and more.

While Iams dog food is very convenient to find and it comes in an assortment of flavors, it is not the best dog food for a diabetic dog. It is designed for dogs that are prone to diarrhea.

It is a high-fiber diet that contains the right amount of protein and fiber to help your dog get the nutrition it needs.

Dogs with diabetes cannot keep up with the amount of carbohydrates and protein that dog food consisting of high amounts of sugar and starch will give. High amounts of protein can be harmful to your dogs kidneys.

Fiber is a natural mineral in the food, and thus, it can help a diabetic dog in not gaining weight.

According to a study conducted at Purdue University, cats fed a diet with both Iams dog food and high-fiber raw vegetables had a reduced incidence of kidney stones.

Im also producing foods with low glycemic index. So, you would see lower signs of insulin resistance. However, there are still some problems with this type of diet.

You may also lose weight, since a lot of energy is directed tothe digestion process and not to physical activity.

Studies also showed that dry food can cause stomach irritation and diarrhea in dogs.

Muenster Natural Adult Dog Food

This dog food formula is natural, but that doesn’t mean that its necessarily good. The main protein source is chicken meal rather than wholesome chicken.

There’s also ground corn, wheat, corn gluten meal, brown rice, and grain sorghum. It also contains sugary beet pulp and citric acid. In all, the formula can cause weight gain, digestive issues, and more.

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Which Established Brands Of Dog Food Have Never Had A Recall

At this point, your clueless pal might be wondering: Whats a recall? .

Well, in short, a recall is when a product manufacturer requests to pull back the product from selling outlets due to safety concerns or defects that may jeopardize consumers wellbeing and health.

Therefore, its always a smart move to research for the best-of-quality pet foods and be constantly up-to-date with reports from credible sources such as the FDA and ensure the dog food pack you bought is safe or is the one recalled, to avoid unwanted visits to the vet and maintain a happy and healthy belly.

If you and your tail-wagging pal have been scouring the web for dog food brands that had zero recalls , just to play it safe, then youre in for a treat, literally!

Weve compiled a list of the top 5 brands per dog food type, so without further ado, here they are:

  • Spot and Tango

So there you have it!

Remember, though these pet food brands have never been recalled , always be on the lookout for outbreaks and religiously read those reports to ensure youre giving the tastiest and safest treats and dog food for your beloved dogs!

Is Eukanuba Dog Food Being Discontinued

IAMS Dog Food | Chewy

Eukanuba, pronounced as You-Ka-Noo-Bah , is a premium pet nutrition brand founded by Paul Iams way back in 1969.

Often associated as something top-notch, the brand envisions itself as a positive gamechanger to our furry pals lives by innovating dog food formulas to create high-quality and performance nutrition thatll get your dogs up to speed towards living a healthier and more active life.

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What Were The Recalls For

Apparently, the culprit was Salmonella, a bacterial infection that compromises the digestive tract typically sourced from fecal-contaminated raw foods such as meat, eggs, fruits, and even veggies .

In this case, the FDA reported a potential case for Salmonella on August 14, 2013, and recalled 20 different types of Eukanuba dry dog foods. These nasty foes may infect us, humans, as well as our furry compadres .

What Dog Foods Are Made In China

We believe there are dog food brands that sourced their ingredients from China like those manufactured by Nestle, Costco, Hills Pet, and more. However, some pet food products dont have the word China on the label. But, these products may still contain Chinas dog food ingredients as additives or supplements. Therefore, it is advisable to check with the manufacturer about the dog food ingredients.

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Veterinary Dry Food Formulas

Veterinary formulas are available only through veterinarians.

  • Iams Veterinary Formula Glucose and Weight Control Plus Optimum Weight Control
  • Iams Veterinary Formula Intestinal Plus Low-Residue Adult
  • Iams Veterinary Formula Intestinal Plus Low-Residue Puppy
  • Iams Veterinary Formula Joint Plus Joint
  • Iams Veterinary Formula Prostora Max/Canine
  • Iams Veterinary Formula Renal Plus
  • Iams Veterinary Formula Skin and Coat Plus Response KO
  • Iams Veterinary Formula Skin and Coat Plus Response FP
  • Iams Veterinary Formula Weight Loss/Mobility Plus Restricted Calori
  • Iams Healthy Naturals Adult Lamb Meal & Rice
  • Iams Healthy Naturals Adult Weight Control
  • Iams Healthy Naturals Adult with Wholesome Chicken
  • Iams Healthy Naturals Puppy with Chicken
  • Iams Sensitive Naturals Ocean Fish, Rice & Barley Recipe
  • Iams Simple & Natural Chicken, Rice & Barley Recipe
  • Iams Sporting 29/18

What Kinds Of Cat Food Does Iams Offer

IAMS PROACTIVE HEALTH Small &  Toy Breed Adult Dry Dog Food ...

Iams emphasizes tailored nutrition for cats individual needs, saying that their recipes are crafted for cats of specific life stages and activity levels.

Their dry cat food selection is limited to the ProActive Health line, while their wet selection is broken down into three linesPurrfect Delights, Purrfect Delicacies, and Perfect Portions.

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Is Purina Dog Food Made In China

Purina PetCare products were some of those recalled in 2007. Although most of their dog foods are made in Missouri, USA, some of their treats may be from other countries, including China. And, even if these products are from the US, it is not easy to find out where the ingredients come from. So, better do some research and check with the manufacturers if you have doubts about certain products.

Top 10 List Of Bad Dog Foods

Worst wet food
Worst dry food for adults IAMS Protective Health
IAMS Protective Health Smart Puppy
Also Avoid
One of the worst dog foods Gravy Train
Not healthy for your pup Pedigree
  • Wrapping It pUp
  • We structured the following list of dog food brands to avoid this year in a way that will make it easy for you to make a more informed shopping decision.

    You will have a better understanding of why it is critical to seek out the better option for your pup by first emphasizing the bad dog food and then reading about healthy dog food brands to choose from.

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    Lack Of Regulation In Pet Food Production

    Dog food contamination was a widespread problem in China because they had no regulations for pet food manufacturing in the country. Further, China has no clear set of rules that govern pet food products. What they have is a department handling the approval of human foods.

    Secondly, local governments in the country give more importance to quantity over quality. Additionally, China has a wide range of environmental pollution concerns, that even human food is getting contaminated. So what more can you expect with pet food production if there is already a problem with human foods?

    However, the Chinese government was never remiss in addressing the reports of dog food contamination. The country implemented new standards and guidelines to address these concerns. China even created a separate government agency to assess and gather information about pet food producers. Further, they offered rewards for those who would report companies with inappropriate production practices. Finally, China imposed death penalties for those responsible for food contamination, especially when there are human deaths involved.

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