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What Is Freshpet Dog Food

Freshpet Dog Food Review Is It A Good Choice For Your Pup

Dr. Katy Explains What Makes Freshpet So Different

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Your dog deserves high-quality nutrition that supports his health and wellness.

FreshPet believes that fresh food can make all the difference for pet health and they are committed to helping pets live their best, happiest, tail-wagging lives.

They developed a new ideology on feeding pets and were one of the first fresh pet food companies to hit the market.

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They use fresh, whole ingredients in recipes that are gently cooked without preservatives and kept refrigerated where real meats belong.

Though FreshPet makes some great promises about their products, we were a little skeptical about a fresh pet food company that is sold in grocery stores .

We set out to test FreshPet for ourselves, having already tested some of the top fresh pet food deliveries on the market, to see how it compares.

Freshpet Natures Fresh Salmon & Ocean Whitefish Recipe

If youre worried that your dog isnt getting enough omega fatty acids, this roll can put your mind at ease.

It has salmon, fish broth, and ocean whitefish, all of which are packed with antioxidants. Youll also find spinach, cranberries, blueberries, and sunflower oil, so your dogs immune system should be ready to fight off all intruders.

We like the fact that it has sweet potatoes for fiber, and the lentils help in that regard as well.

If they asked us how to improve this roll, wed say to ditch the pea protein, but other than that theres not much we can see that needs changing.

Is Freshpet Select Good For Dogs

Overall, Freshpet is a very high protein dog food which is great for the majority of dogs. If your dog has kidney issues or other specific health concerns, check with your vet first to see if Freshpet is a good option for your dog.

Also, how much freshpet should I feed my dog?

The normal daily feeding amount for a healthy adult dog: 5-10 lb. dog feed 1/4 – 3/8 lbs. per day, 11-20 lb. dog feed 3/8 – 1/2 lbs.

Secondly, what is the best fresh food for dogs?

  • Farm-fresh, ready-to-serve. Spot and Tango.
  • Fresh, preportioned meals. NomNomNow.
  • Human-grade food. The Farmer’s Dog.
  • Freshly cooked food for cats. Smalls.
  • Autoshipping on your pet’s favorite foods. PetFlow.
  • Meal plans tailored to individual dogs. Ollie.

how long is freshpet good for?

To ensure the freshness of our simple and healthy ingredients, all Freshpet treats must be refrigerated and used within 14 days of opening.

Is there a recall on freshpet dog food?

Social media and even stock market investors are concerned that Freshpet Pet Food is having mold problems with their pet foods. There has been no recall of this pet food. The moldy products we found were unexpired and unopened, with no discernible damage to the packaging.

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Treat Your Pets Food Just Like Your Own

Remember these are human-grade ingredients so treat this food the way you treat your own food. Keep your new raw pet food as fresh as possible by storing it in the refrigerator or freezer, and make sure to serve your pets in a clean dish. You wouldnt eat something that has been sitting out too long, and neither should your pet!

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Freshpet Natures Fresh Beef Recipe

Freshpet Healthy &  Natural Food for Small Dogs/Breeds ...

This roll is filled with meat, as the first four ingredients are beef, chicken, beef liver, and beef broth. That gives your dog a wide array of vital amino acids, as well as a good shot of moisture from the broth.

The veggies are all good, as it uses carrots, peas, and brown rice. We suppose they could have added a few superfoods in there like blueberries or cranberries, but every food has room to improve.

Our biggest issue comes with the inclusion of eggs, which can cause digestive issues in some dogs. If your dog isnt bothered by them, though, theyll just add more protein.

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Wdjs First Look At Fresh Cooked Commercial Dog Food Diets

Today, more and more passionate, educated, dog-loving entrepreneurs are turning their attention to improving the health of their dogs and innovating new ways to feed quality dog foods. As they do, its getting more and more difficult to slot the resulting products into categories for review.

This is just one of the reasons weve never before reviewed dog foods in this category for short, well call it fresh cooked foods. When you start drilling down into how fresh dog foods are made, there is so much variety that the category really should be considered as a group with several sub-categories. Some of the products are essentially pureed others look more like a meatloaf before its cooked, complete with chunks of vegetables mixed in still others present more like those non-refrigerated preserved foods that are sold in plastic tubes, something that looks like a cross between a roll of salami and a tube of liverwurst.

Another big reason for our hesitation: For some years after the first product of this type came on the market, it was the only product in the category, and we werent big fans of its ingredients.

Also, other products came into the group and didnt last were thinking here of several companies who sent us samples of foods they made and canned in the old-fashioned sense of the word cooked in glass jars, like your grandmother puts up plum jam or stewed tomatoes. It just didnt seem scalable, and apparently wasnt .

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How Personalized Are Fresh Meals From The Farmers Dog

The Farmers Dog starts with a quick survey to understand your pets unique situation and needs. Youll be asked questions to establish the ideal meal plan for various combinations of factors including age, activity level, allergies, breed, ideal weight, and food sensitivities. Its a quick process.

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How To Guide: Feeding & Storing Freshpet

Posted: Jan 23, 2020 · Ive got two 6lb rolls of fresh pet dog food my question is can I freeze one of them? Reply. Replies. Freshpet. 23 Apr, 2020 at 03:24 pm. Hi! Some pet parents do choose to freeze our food if their pet cannot finish their Freshpet recipe within 7 days. While we prefer our recipes to be served fresh from the fridge, we understand that this isn

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Top Best Answers To The Question Can Freshpet Dog Food Be Heated

This Video Will Make You Want to Eat Pet Food – Freshpet

Never let Freshpet food sit out in your pets bowl after mealtime is over.

Feel free to freeze any food you feel your pet cannot finish within 7 days.

Just keep in mind color and texture can vary after freezing, but itll be safe and healthy to feed!

Those who are looking for an answer to the question «Can freshpet dog food be heated?» often ask the followingquestions:

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Fresh Pet Food Delivery Vs Cooking Your Dog’s Food At Home

More owners than youd think have gotten into the habit of cooking for their animal instead of buying prepared kibbles and cans from the grocery store. But getting the right mix of nutrients and calories can be harder than youd think. The trick to preparing food for your pet is to give them the right nutritional proportions with sufficient vitamins and minerals not too low, not too high.

Excess vitamins and minerals, in some instances, can be harmful. But undernourishment is also potentially unhealthy. Even if youve got the right mix of calories, vitamins and minerals, cooking for your pet can be time-consuming. Thats a big reason many owners are trying out subscription services like The Farmers Dog.

A number of years ago, I worked at a startup that allowed us to bring our dogs to the office. One of my friends had a cute beagle mix named Copper. Unfortunately, the little guy had a sensitive stomach, and had a lot of diarrhea problems His owner switched to making meals for him from scratch, based on guidance from his vet. If I recall correctly, the recipe that worked best included cooked chicken, some mashed vegetables and oatmeal. It was a lot more fun to volunteer to walk Copper when I knew I wouldnt be picking up diarrhea!

Is Fresh Pet Good For Dogs

Freshpet is high-protein dog food, which is great for all breeds.

They are made from animal protein and contain no by-products. Freshpet can be a great alternative for pets with kidney problems or other health issues. Talk to your vet before you decide.

You can also add information about Fresh Pet Dog Food Refrigerated Recall. This will greatly assist you in determining the best food for your pet.

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Whats Freshpet Made Of

The cornerstones are all meat, such as beef, liver beef, and beef brew. It sets the food on a solid healthy protein base so that they can layer the vegetables and fruits on it.

Along with meat, it also includes carrots and peas, both which are highly healthy.

Eggs are the next component, although filled with healthy protein, many canines have difficulty absorbing them, and we hope they trade them for something softer.

Some of the last ingredients are brownish rice and bran, both great for stomach discomfort.

Overall, it is nice to see the ingredients list and acknowledge all the food in it.

Is Their Packing Environmentally Friendly

Freshpet Select Roasted Meals Tender Chicken Recipe Wet ...

In their FAQ page, FreshPet notes that their products are free from toxins and chemical preservatives, but they do cook and pasteurize their products to kill bacteria.

They use mainly plastic packaging to keep the food fresh and safe until it is opened unfortunately, you may not be able to recycle these materials.

That being said, FreshPet does have a commitment to sustainability in their practices.

They use 100% renewable wind energy to power their kitchens and make every effort to recycle wooden pallets, light tubes, and ballast in their facilities.

The work with dedicated green partners and are working on replacing their existing refrigerators with more environmentally friendly models.

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A Texture & Form For Every Pup

Whether your pup prefers chunks, shreds or a softer pate-like texture, Freshpet has varieties that are sure to excite and fulfill your furry friends cravings.


Cut at the marks provided and slice, dice or mash the food for your pet. Refrigerate the remaining portion in a sealed container.

Fresh Cuts

Use a measuring cup to scoop out shredded chickensee the package for suggested serving sizes. Reseal bag and return to the fridge.

Complete Meals

Use a measuring cup and scoop out the right portion of tender bite-sized pieces according to the package. Reseal bag and return to fridge.

Is Freshpet Dog Food Healthy

Generally, Freshpet is a truly high-protein canine food that benefits many canines. Their healthy protein resources are animal-based with no byproducts.

If your canine has kidney problems or various other specific health issue, inspect with your vet first to see if Freshpet is a great option for your canine.

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Dognation Chicken Snack Stick Treats

Freshpets Dognation treats are a bit different in that they also include natural supplements to promote healthy joints. So, when you give these treats to your dog, you can feel like you are doing something good for their health, as well as their smile.

This recipe again starts with chicken as its first ingredient, mixed in with a little bit of beef to get the desired flavor, along with salt, evaporated cane juice, and celery powder.

The recipe also contains rice bran, which as discussed, is considered by many a superfood because it is high in fiber and nutrients but low in calories.

The recipe also includes glucosamine hydrochloride, chondroitin sulfate, and dried pediococcus acidilactici fermentation product. These all sound a bit unusual, but they are natural ingredients that are not unusual to see in dog foods.

Also available:

Whatre The Benefits Of Fresh Dog Food

Booba, the 130-pound Lap Dog | Freshpet Select commercial :30

6 Benefits of Feeding Your Dog Fresh, Real Food No more guessing games. Fresh food means real ingredients you can actually see in your dogs bowl. Better, faster, stronger. Popeye was right: eating spinach helps build strong muscles and promotes better health. Healthier digestion. Better skin and coats Many dogs suffer from skin issues like itching, rashes, and dry coats. More items

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Pet Owners Are Warming Up To Refrigerated Frozen Food And Treats

Even though Freshpet rolls in chub packaging require slicing to prepare, that has not deterred consumers from making it one of the brands top selling formats.Source: Freshpet, Inc.

Pet Food Processing. Read it and other articles from this issue in our .

According to Nielsen Pet Retail data from the fiscal year ending June 2019, traditional shelf-stable wet pet food has lost ground to the fast-growing fresh and raw pet food segment. Frozen wet product gained 8.8% in sales since 2018 and refrigerated sales grew a substantial 21.5%, the report stated. This means the market for refrigerated and frozen pet food and treats is growing to meet consumer demand and there is room for more profit to be made.

Consumers are looking for better ways to feed their pets healthier, higher-quality food, says Jake Trainor, director of marketing and head of e-commerce at Freshpet, Secaucus, New Jersey. This is driving strong growth in the refrigerated pet food category and certainly for Freshpet, as the pioneer of the fresh/refrigerated segment, he says. We see a continued shift away from people feeding overly processed pet food. Trainor says Freshpet makes its natural recipes in its Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, kitchens with fresh whole ingredients that are steamed in small batches at lower temperatures to retain essential vitamins and nutrients that pets need.

We see a continued shift away from people feeding overly processed pet food, says Jake Trainor, Freshpet.

Does Freshpet Dog Food Need To Be Refrigerated

Freshpet recommends serving their food fresh from the fridge for the best results, but you can choose to freeze any unused portions for later use. Be aware that you may see a slight change in color and texture when thawed, but this wont change the nutritional value or taste of our meals. No Freshpet food is frozen before being purchased at your local store.

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Why I Would Recommend Freshpet

Without hesitation, I would definitely recommend Freshpet dog food for a number of reasons. First of all, it is difficult not to realize the freshness this product brings to your dogs bowl. So fresh, that it is packaged in rolls and placed in refrigerators to ensure that this freshness is not compromised. Just like us, dogs will enjoy a diet that is fresh and wholesome.

Secondly, and probably just as important are the ingredients that Freshpet uses in its recipes. The fresh quality of their meats and vegetables along with the proteins and vitamins are top-notch compared to other natural dog food brands. The absence of such things as corn and wheat is also a plus, especially for those dogs who are allergic to these ingredients.

I also like the idea that Freshpet supplies a product selector that targets the needs of your specific pet. All dogs are unique in their make-up and composition and having a product selector that will meet the nutritional needs of my dog is comforting. Freshpet, as far as I know, are the only company that offers this device.

Finally, I have confidence in the formulas created by Freshpet. They have stringent guidelines in the production of their food, and conduct a thorough test in making sure all guidelines are met before packaging. Quality and safety standards are critical to their production of both dog and cat food. A well-respected authority, Dog Advisor, gives Freshpet an Enthusiastically Recommended.

How Customizable Are Deliveries From Spot & Tango

Freshpet Select Fresh from the Kitchen Home Cooked Chicken ...

Youll complete a survey before selecting an option. Theyll ask for your furry friends breed, weight, age, activity level and more to recommend a personal meal plan.

The delivery frequency of their pet food is also customizable. Youll be notified through email when your order has been processed and is in transit. A tracking number is provided through the notification email to help track where the shipment has reached. You can pause or stop deliveries pretty easily.

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Food For Pets Not Pet Food

Freshpet only uses the best ingredients they can find. Every recipe starts with Natural U.S Farm-raised Chicken, turkey, beef or fish, and all-natural fruits and veggies grown in the USA. To them, fresh ingredients make for higher-quality food that is healthier and more delicious. That’s why their ingredients arrive daily at their Freshpet Kitchens in Bethlehem, PA, and go straight into their recipes.

How Customizable Are Fresh Dog Food Delivery Services Like The Farmer’s Dog And Spot & Tango

Pet fresh food deliveries like The Farmers Dog and Spot & Tango have something in common they all start with surveys on your pets current activity level, weight, allergies, breed, dietary preferences, and age. They then use this information to offer personalized meal plans, individualized for your animals and customized for their unique nutritional needs. Well dig into the various health and nutritional claims made by these new companies in a bit.

This brings us to the biggest difference between The Farmers Dog and Spot & Tango and Freshpet where you buy them.

Freshpet is available in your local grocery store, and while you cant customize it in the same way that you can with Spot & Tango or TFD, you can pick from several types of meals like ones for small breeds, puppies, ones for treat time and stuff for cats . If you really want to get Freshpet online, we recommend starting with a little site called .

Spot & Tango and the others are purchased online, and delivered right to your home. And most of them are available via a subscription service, which means you dont have to worry about running out theyll keep you in stock with regular, recurring shipments.

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