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What Is Freeze Dried Dog Food

What Is The Best Freeze Dried Dog Food Canada

FREEZE DRIED DOG FOOD RECIPE –Homemade vs. Store Bought

Dog food has come a long way in recent years. Now pet owners and their dogs no longer have to settle for bags of dry kibble that lack flavour or any significant nutritional value. Find out if one of our top freeze dried dog foods is right for your dog.

Freeze dried dog foods have now become a leading pet food preference because of the foods wholesome nutritional benefits and the robust flavour that is akin to a wild canines natural diet.

With the best freeze dried dog food, you enjoy the ease of use and long shelf life that makes it comparable to dry dog foods but also retains the raw and natural nutrients of a raw dog food diet. Best of all, most pups love freeze dried foods.

Better Value For Your Money

The pricing of your dog food and treats is determined by their net weight. If you take the price of dry dog treats and consider how much value youre really getting – you end up getting nothing. In fact, you end up paying more in hospital fees because while you think you may be getting more treats to last a long time, youre getting ingredients with high toxic content that pose a health risk.

Now, the freeze-drying process removes the water content from these ingredients which significantly reduces their net weight, and hence, their price. So, a 1 oz pack of freeze-dried apple treats made from real apples priced at 199 rupees is actually equivalent to 10oz of fresh apples! From this point of view, youre getting more value, protein and benefits for your money, improving your dog’s health which means disease prevention and less vet bills in the future.

Instinct Raw Boost Mixers Freeze

  • Instinct freeze-dried raw dog food toppers is a perfect gift for dogs and dog lovers. Made with real meat, fruits and vegetables for a delicious dog food topper and healthy treat.
  • Raw, whole food ingredients are freeze dried to gently remove moisture, locking in nutrients and intensifying flavor. Made without grain, potato, corn, wheat, soy, by product meal, artificial colors or preservatives.
  • Add variety and excitement to dry dog food with Raw Boost Mixers. Made with all natural ingredients to support healthy digestion and skin & coat. The perfect natural dog food topper or dog treats for picky dogs & puppies. Sized perfectly for use as a training treat.

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How To Transition Your Dog To New Food

Source: Dr. Marty

If your dog is new to Natures Blend, it may take their body a little time to adjust to its dense nutritional content this is perfectly normal.

To avoid overwhelming your poochs digestive system with too many new nutrients all at once, you should wean them onto Natures Blend gradually. They recommend adding 1/4th of their food every 3 days until their food is completely replaced with Natures Blend.

Here are a few important things to note while transitioning your dogs food:

Make the transition slowly to avoid an upset stomach.

Pets with allergies or sensitive stomachs may need a longer transition time.

The proof is in the keep an eye out for any abnormalities.

What Is Canine Dehydrated Food

PURPOSE Beef &  Veggie Freeze Dried Dog Food, 14

In order to extend the shelf life of dehydrated dog food, moisture is removed through evaporation. Dehydration and freeze-drying both lengthen the shelf life of products, but freeze-drying involves a lower temperature during the dehydration process. See more about What Is A Kimchi Refrigerator? Everything You Want To Know

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Best For Seniors: Sojos Complete Turkey & Salmon Recipe Senior Grain

Formulated for seniors, SOJOS Complete Turkey & Salmon Recipe Senior Grain-Free Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food is the best freeze-dried dog food option for your aging pup. The food is free from low-quality or unnatural fillers, soy, preservatives, artificial flavors or colors, or genetically modified ingredients. Rather, this food includes beneficial nutrients for seniors, such as omega fatty acids, glucosamine and chondroitin, and EPA/DHA.

Your older dog is sure to enjoy the delicious turkey and salmon flavor. Simply add some water to rehydrate the food and mealtime is ready.

Some pet parents were disturbed because this dog food includes rosemary extract, which may trigger seizures in dogs with epilepsy. Others said that the texture was slimy or that their dog wouldnt eat it.

Freeze Dried Dog Treats: What Is It Benefits Safe For Dogs

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When you hear the words freeze-dried, what comes to mind? Perhaps you think of fruit snacks or those little oxygen packs that keep your beer cold. You probably dont think about dog treats.

Freeze-dried dog treats and food have been gaining popularity over the last few years. Freeze drying is a process that preserves nutrients in raw food ingredients, producing a shelf-stable and lightweight dog food product.

So, can dogs safely eat freeze-fried dog treats? And if so, are there any benefits? Are they better than regular dog treats?

We answer these and all your questions about these treats. Lets dive right in!

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What Are The Benefits Of Feeding Your Dog Freeze

Youll discover that there are many benefits that come along with choosing freeze-dried dog food for your pup. These include:

  • Enjoyable for dogs: Most dogs seem to really like freeze-dried dog foods and often prefer them over kibble. Its typically less processed and meatier, preserving natural, full flavor dogs are programmed to prefer. This is why there are many freeze-dried add-ins available to improve the taste of dry kibble.
  • Only high-quality ingredients: For the most part, when you buy freeze-dried food, you can feel confident that it uses high-quality ingredients. Some of the most nutritious ingredients to look for include muscle meat, ground bones, and organs. Fruits and vegetables may also be included in some freeze-dried foods. The majority of freeze-dried dog foods also do not contain artificial preservatives or other additives.
  • A convenient way to feed your dog a nutrient-rich raw diet: Since freeze-dried food is made using frozen raw food, a freeze-dried diet can still help dogs enjoy the benefits of eating raw foods while being easier to keep up with for owners.
  • Shelf-stable: Freeze-dried foods are shelf-stable and will remain safe to use for many years.

Dehydrated Or Air Dried Dog Foods

Primal Freeze-Dried Dog Food | Chewy

The biggest difference is that when you buy freeze-dried food, its still raw. Thats not really true of dehydrated or air-dried foods. Freeze drying may sound the same as air drying, drum drying or dehydrating. But theyre different.

The non freeze-drying technologies are similar ways of removing moisture from food but they all use heat. The manufacturers claim the food isnt technically cooked, because they use low temperatures. But it does get slightly cooked. So the structure of the food changes and there is more nutrient loss.

Most companies are very careful not to tell you what temperatures they use. They want you to think their products are raw or almost. But you can assume they use temperatures between 1400 and 180OF. So that means dehydrated or air dried food is not raw. In fact, you can slow roast a slab of pork ribs at 180o and they will come out cooked.

One selling point of heat-dried foods is that they have fewer pathogens than raw or freeze-dried foods. One air-dried food company states that they use temperatures the FDA and USDA consider a kill step.

Another company stated

Well . thats a bit confusing. But you cant have it both ways. If the food is heated enough to be a kill step, its not raw!


Dehydrated foods are still much better than kibble. Theyre less processed and cooked at lower temperatures so they suffer less nutrient loss. If freeze-dried isnt in your budget, dehydrated or air-dried foods can be a decent option.

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What Actually Is Freeze

Freeze-dried food seems to be getting more popular these days and it is a great way to get your dog to eat a raw diet, especially for all pups that have digestive issues, sensitive stomachs or just problems with raw food in general.

Freeze-dried food is technically made out of raw meat, and other fresh ingredients such as fresh veggies and fruits.

Freeze-dried raw dog food is considered to be a healthy diet and one of the safest ways to feed your dog a raw diet because all of the freezing process that the food is put through.

The process of freeze-drying is a low-temperature way of getting the food dehydrated aka out of moisture. This process of freeze-drying removes most of the moisture from the dog food without actually getting in the way and removing all the natural nutrients and vitamins from the food.

All of the raw ingredients are in a frozen state and go through a vacuuming process that makes all the moisture/frozen water evaporate really quick.

The Verdict On Dr Martys Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food

Overall I think that all of Dr. Martys offerings are impressive and I would love it if I could exclusively give my dogs this brand, unfortunately, the cost is a huge factor for me when looking at food and supplements for my dogs.

If price is not an issue for you, I 100% recommend going with the Dr. Marty brand, whether you are looking for healthy and nutritious raw dog treats, high-quality pet supplements, or premium freeze-dried raw food. I love the quality of Dr. Martys ingredients and the care that they put into formulating their products. Another major positive with the raw dog food is that its freeze-dried, which means that you dont have to dedicate refrigerator space to your dogs food. And because its important to me that the brands I use support the community, I appreciate the philanthropy aspect of the brand, which sponsors Freedom Service Dogs of America.

Overall, this was a great product, my dogs loved it, and if you are serious about your pets digestive health Id strongly recommend it. Click here to explore Dr. Martys dog food options for yourself!

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A Word About Preservatives

Most freeze-dried dog foods contain a preservative as an extra precaution against spoilage. You may see mixed tocopherols or rosemary extract on the ingredient list.

Mixed tocopherols are extracts of vitamin E. Theyre technically synthetic, but they are an effective antioxidant that helps preserve the food. Theres no evidence of harmful side effects. You may also see D-alpha tocopherol, which is a natural tocopherol .

Rosemary extract is oily residue extracted from the leaves of rosemary plants. It prevents oxidation of fats and protects flavors. Rosemary essential oil is said to be risky for dogs who get seizures but the amount used is tiny, and for most dogs is safe. Herbalists Gregory L Tilford And Mary L Wulff say its safe in concentrations of less than 1% of the food.

What Are The Downsize Of Freeze

ORIJEN Regional Red Freeze

Freeze-dried dog treats are typically more expensive than regular dog treats. This is mainly due to the laborious freeze-drying processing and premium ingredients. The costs may be substantial when feeding many medium to large dogs. Freeze-dried products can sometimess can get flaky during transportation due to their soft texture.

Nevertheless, opting to feed your dog healthier treats like freeze-dried treats is better for the dog and cheaper than repeated veterinary visits and expensive medications down the road due to unhealthy ingredients and chemicals in dog treats.

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Choosing A Freeze Dried Food

When choosing a freeze dried pet food you should look at the ingredient list and consider the same things you would consider when choosing a raw food diet for your dog. Look at the amount of protein, fat, and fiber on the guaranteed analysis. Make sure that the food has an AAFCO statement saying that it is adequate for your dogs life stage. Many raw food companies make products that can be used as supplements they may feature lots of meat or vegetables, but they are not intended to provide complete nutrition. Be sure you are buying a freeze dried product that is for all life stages or for adult maintenance, for example.

When looking at the guaranteed analysis for raw and freeze dried foods you will need to convert the food to a dry matter basis, just as you do for canned food. Heres an example using Northwest Naturals Freeze Dried Lamb Nuggets:

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Freeze Dried Dog Food: What You Need To Know

If youve ever wondered about freeze-dried dog food, you might have thought it was a different type of dog food that maybe needed refrigeration. Or you might think its like astronauts ice cream and itll dissolve right in your dogs mouth. The truth is, there are a lot of benefits to freeze dried dog food, and a lot of reasons dog parents prefer it.

Freeze Dried Dog Food: What Is It?

In a couple of words, freeze-dried dog food is dog food that has had all of its moisture removed. Doing so makes it shelf-stable so its more convenient for retailers to carry and pet parents to buy. Freeze drying dog food is a great way for manufacturers to offer pet parents portable foods that can sit for a bit . Still, freeze dried dog foods offer the benefits of a raw food diet for dogs.

What Is The Difference Between Freeze-Dried Dog Food And Kibble?

Kibble is typically made from coarsely ground meal and goes through a pretty intense heating process to make it shelf-stable. While that shelf-stability is convenient for pet stores and pet parents alike, unfortunately, the heating process often removes nutrients and minerals from the initial ingredients. You may be paying premium dollars for a premium food, but the nature of the process kibble goes through simply reduces some of the nutritional content for your dog.

Five of our favorite freeze dried dog foods:

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Which Is Better Freeze Dried Or Dehydrated Dog Food

Freeze drying preserves more of the nutritional content of the food than dehydrating, as proteins, vitamins, and minerals stay intact due to freezing before drying. The process of air-drying food, while similar to dehydration, produces an extremely nutrient-dense food with scoop-and-serve convenience.

How Safe Are The Ingredients

Freeze Dried Dog Food? Providing shelf stable fresh food for your dog

Many ingredients come from unhealthy, inflammatory sources or are full of pesticides so we look for:

  • How processed is the food?
  • Does the food contain known genetically modified foods?
  • Does the food contain ingredients known to be high in pesticides?
  • Does the food contain natural flavor, which are often MSG or animal digest?
  • Does the food contain rice, which is high in arsenic?

Each food is objectively evaluated by these criteria and a score is assigned using the average of ingredient quality and safety.

Dr Marty Dog Food Review is NOT a paid list and there are no affiliate links. Weve partnered with DogFoodReviews to make sure dog owners have unbiased, objective criteria to help them choose the best dog food on the market. You can view the full Evaluation Criteria at


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What Did Ollie And Blast Think Of Dr Martys Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food

Obviously, the best meals in the world are useless if your pets wont eat it. But I didnt have any problems getting my pooches to scarf down Dr. Martys.

In fact, I dont think that I have ever seen my dogs inhale food as fast as they did when I gave them the Natures Blend raw freeze-dried dog food. I used to let my dogs out first thing in the morning to go to the bathroom and then feed them breakfast afterward. However, I now have to feed them their breakfast first thing when I wake up, because they get so excited to eat!

Since Ollie and Blast get to try dog food often, I always start slowly when introducing something new into their diet. This time, I started them off by using Dr. Martys food as a booster/mixer that I put on top of their food. One thing to note if you plan to use this as a meal rather than a topper, you do have to prepare it by mixing it with water. A hidden benefit is that you can make your dogs food as soft or hard as they need it to be, which is ideal for people who need soft dog food anyway.

The last topper that I tried with Ollie and blast was from Hungry Bark and they loved it as well. In comparison to Hungry bark, I think their reaction to Dr. Martys was slightly more obsessive and when comparing their price, I use a smaller amount of Dr. Martys as a topper than I did with Hungry Bark, which brings the total cost down.

How To Feed Freeze

This should be easy! If you buy a food thats sold as a complete diet for your dog, just follow the feeding guidelines on the package for your dogs ideal weight.

Then follow the raw feeders scientific adjustment method. If your dog gains weight, cut back a bit. If she loses, add a bit extra.

Recommended feeding amounts on the package are usually for food in its dry state. So you can just scoop and serve. But you may want to let it soak a few minutes in water first.

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