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What Foods Should You Not Give To Dogs

Macadamia Nuts Walnuts And Pecans

Top 6 Foods You Should Not Feed Your Dog – Petco

There are certain nuts that are fine for your dog if you give them to him in moderate amounts. Otherwise, since they contain a lot of fats, feeding your dog any nut in excessive amounts can cause problems. However, some nuts do make the list of what not to feed your dogs on Thanksgiving because they are especially toxic to pets.

On the other hand, walnuts and macadamia nuts are definitely not fine. Macadamia nuts can cause lethargy, vomiting and other neurological symptoms, while walnuts can cause gastric issues and might even cause seizures if they contain mycotoxins.

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Can Dogs Eat Lean Meat

Lean meat includes the white, boneless meat from chicken or turkey and has had excessive fat removed. It provides a tasty treat for your dog and serves as a great source of protein. If feeding chicken and turkey, remove the fatty skin and cook or boil the meat without seasoning. Learn more about feeding turkey to dogs.

Persimmons Peaches And Plums

The problem with these fruits is the seeds or pits. Seeds from persimmons can cause problems in a dog’s small intestine. They can also block their intestines. That can also happen if a dog eats the pit from a peach or plum. Peach and plum pits also have cyanide, which is poisonous to people and dogs. People know not to eat them. Dogs don’t.

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Can Dogs Eat Yeast

Just like yeast rises in bread, it will also expand and rise within your pups tummy. Make sure they dont get any yeast. While mild cases will cause gas, lots of farting, and discomfort, too much yeast could rupture their stomach and intestines. Yeast dough is also dangerous because as it ferments and rises, it releases lots of ethanol into your dogs bloodstream, which causes alcohol poisoning.

Find out whether dogs can eat bread safely our experts examine everything from banana bread to rye.

What About Common Allergens

Foods You Should Never Share With Your Dog

Dogs can be affected by food allergies just as much as people can, and the foods that cause these allergies frequently overlap. Theoretically, a dog can develop an allergy to any food that he eats frequently but the most common food allergens for dogs include the following:

  • Beef
  • Soy
  • Yeast

Does this mean that you shouldnt buy a dog food that contains one of these ingredients? Not necessarily. If your dog has an allergy or a sensitivity to one of these ingredients, by all means, you should avoid it.

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Can Dogs Drink Milk & Eat Dairy Products

While small doses of milk and dairy products are okay for your dog, you could get some smelly farts and nasty cases of diarrhea. This is because dogs become lactose intolerant once weaned off of their mothers milk. Milk and dairy products can cause digestive problems and could trigger food allergies. Learn more about how dog allergy tests can help you learn about potential health issues.

Preparing Meals For A Dog With Kidney Disease

Whatever you and your veterinarian decide to go with, whether canned or dry dog food, or fresh and cooked meats, the hardest thing about having a dog with kidney disease is often not what to fix but to make sure your dog is eating regularly, Dr. Bailey says.

“Dogs with kidney disease tend to have trouble keeping weight on,” Dr. Bailey says “They tend to not have a great appetite, so I would lean towards feeding your dog a few times a day.”

She adds that you’ll also want to make sure your dog has easy access to water. That’s vital for all dogs, of course, not to mention all living creatures, but especially so if your dog has kidney disease.

If your dog has not been diagnosed with it, it may be hard for you to know for sure whether your dog has kidney disease. But at least at feeding times and every time you fill the water bowl you can feel good knowing that you’re making a difference in your dogs quality of life and possibly extending his or her lifetime by years.

“As a general statement, a lot of what you do at home has a very good chance of extending your dog’s life,” Dr. Bailey says.

“We can only make the recommendations. What you do at home definitely matters in this case. It’s kind of like going to your cardiologist. They tell you to go on certain medications, and it’s your decision whether you do it or not,” she says. “Your pet’s health is to some extent in your hands, so you want to make sure you make good choices.”

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Dangerous Foods Dogs Cant Eat

Its hard to resist those puppy eyes when youre chewing on a piece of chicken or scooping bits of eggs and toast into your mouth. Should you give your dog the leftovers on your plate, or is he better off sticking with his own dry dog food?

We all know there are some foods dogs cant eat, but its tempting to want to share our human goodies with those fur babies we love so much. Dogs are family, after all, and its normal to want to treat them like family in every aspect.

But at the end of the day, dogs are not human, and they have different digestive systems, dietary needs and sensitivities we as their human parents need to be aware of. That said, theres nothing wrong with wanting to share some goodies with your pup.

But before you scoop food from your plate into your dogs dish, you should know there is a long list of common human foods dogs cant eat, some of which may surprise you.


  • Rhubarb
  • Tomato Leaves
  • If you are immediately concerned that your dog ate one of the above foods dogs cant eat, scroll down to the number that applies to you to learn more about the toxicity level and potential dangers of this food.

    Can Dogs Eat Almonds

    10 foods to NOT feed your dog

    If a dog eats almonds, it can cause diarrhea, gas, loss of appetite, lethargy, upset stomach, and vomiting. Almonds can also be a choking hazard and can obstruct your dogs airways. Additionally, almonds can be high in salt and fat, which can cause your dog to retain water and gain weight. Learn more about dogs eating almonds.

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    Foods You Should Never Give To Your Dog

    Dogs are mealtime opportunists. Youre finishing your dinner, and Sparky thinks its his turn to chow down on whatever table scraps are left on your plate. Or youre grabbing a quick snack, and you look down to see Spot looking up at you with those big, begging eyes. When it comes to snagging a bite, theres no bad handout in your dogs opinion. However, there are some foods that shouldnt become treats for your dog, no matter how much they beg.

    Some foods that are even considered healthy for humans can be downright toxic when theyre ingested by your dog. Others wont be deadly, but can still cause some serious discomfort for your canine. The best thing is to stick with the dog food your veterinarian recommends for your pet, but its natural to want to give treats every now and then. Thats well and fine, as long as you avoid using these foods.

    The One Homemade Treat Everyone Is Trying For Their Pets

    Any pet lover knows your family would not be the same without your fur child. If you’re prepping your fam for the summer season while always on the lookout for a specialbut simpleway to love a little extra on your pet, we’ve talked with an authority at to fetch all you need to know to try out an adorable trend that is all bark, all bite, and truly too cute.

    Taste of Home recently dished on “barkcuterie” boards, a concept that harnesses the beloved charcuterie board first intended for humans, but in a totally fun, new way. Dr. Katy Nelson, Senior Veterinarian at Chewy, spoke exclusively with Eat This, Not That! to explain how this version of the platter can be super safe for your puppers if you have just the right ingredients.

    Follow these essential dog-safe steps to make a barkcuterie board your buddy will beg forand if you’re tuning in to nutrition news for you, don’t miss Popular Foods That Are Wrecking Your Body, Say Dietitians.

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    Other Foods That May Be Harmful To Your Dog

    The following foods have not been proven deadly to dogs, but they can still be harmful.

    To be safe, you may want to avoid feeding the following foods to your dog.

    • Onions, garlic and chives: These can damage a dogs red blood cells and cause anemia. In severe cases, your dog could require a blood transfusion (
    • 27 ).
    • Apples, apricots, cherries, peaches and plums: Their seeds or pits contain cyanide, which is poisonous. Eating them can lead to some pretty serious side effects, including digestive problems .


    Onions, garlic, chives, dairy products, macadamia nuts and fruits with pits may also be harmful to your dog.

    Raw/undercooked Meat Eggs And Bones

    Tenth Street Times: Why Human Food is a " No

    Raw meat and eggs can often contain bacteria like Salmonella and E. coli, which can be harmful to both pets and humans. According to the ASPCA, raw eggs also contain an enzyme called avidin that decreases the absorption of biotin , which can lead to skin and coat problems.

    Raw bones can also be very dangerous for domesticated animals, as they can choke on them, and if the bone splinters, it could get stuck in or puncture your pets digestive tract.

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    Stay On The Safe Side

    Making sure that your dog doesnt eat anything harmful might not be so easy on Thanksgiving with so many people around. That is why you should tell your guests, especially younger ones, what not to feed your dogs on Thanksgiving. Explain to them that it can be dangerous for your dog in order to make them understand it and listen to you.

    You also need to know all the ingredients in the foods that you give to your dog to eat. If you feed them with human food that you know is safe, you should still keep the amount of that food low and safe.

    Human Food Is Not Always Dog

    Foods that are perfectly suitable for human consumption may be toxic to your dog, posing a serious threat to their health and well-being. Some foods can cause vomiting, diarrhea, upset stomach, weakened breathing, kidney problems, seizures, and even death.

    Why? Because a dogs metabolism is different from our metabolism. Metabolism is the process of breaking down food and turning it into energy. Your dogs body cant process all types of food the way your body can, so foods that are just fine for you can be bad news for your dog.

    Please note, although were attempting to add every food we can find that is potentially unsafe for dogs to this article, there are foods that we may miss. Dont consider a food safe to feed to your dog just because its not on this list of foods bad for dogs.

    Do your research if you are uncertain about a particular food, and let us know by adding a so that we can keep this list of what not to feed dogs updated. If you are worried about something your pet consumed, please call your vet immediately.

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    Human Medications Or Vitamins

    Yes, we all want our dogs to be healthy, but the same vitamins and medications that work for us humans dont always work for dogs. Worse, they could have adverse effects and lead to serious poisoning and sometimes even death.

    If you want to help your dog feel better when he is sick or give him vitamins to prevent future illnesses, avoid giving your dog foods dogs cant eat and contact your veterinarian for a list of the best medications and vitamins approved for dogs.

    Other Foods Harmful To Dogs

    3 Foods NOT To Feed Your Dog

    Dairy products can upset your dogs digestive system and cause diarrhea as well as food allergies. Ingestion of just a few macadamia nuts can cause weakness, paralysis and lack of coordination. Avocados contain persin, which can cause mild stomach upset in dogs. The bones in meat, chicken and fish can also be very hazardous to your dog. They can splinter and stick in the throat, break teeth or cut the intestines.

    If you are unsure if you can feed a food to your dog, always consult your veterinarian first. As a general rule of thumb it is best to avoid feeding your dog human food anyways. While it can be hard to ignore those puppy dog eyes looking at you at the dinner table, feeding your dog can often result in weight gain among other more serious issues. To keep your dog out of harms way, it is best to stick to a diet of food specifically formulated to meet your dogs nutritional needs.

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    Safe & Healthy Foods To Feed Your Dogs At Thanksgiving

    Below, safe and satisfying foods that you can share with your dog this holiday season are discussed by Gary Richter, MS, DVM author of The Ultimate Pet Health Guide: Breakthrough Nutrition and Integrative Care for Dogs and Cats and Veterinary Health Expert with Rover, Sara Ochoa, DVM and small animal and exotic veterinarian in Texas, and the American Kennel Clubs Jerry Klein, CVO and emergency and critical care veterinarian who has been a valued member of the Chicago veterinary community for over 35 years.

    • Sweet potatoes are a great source of dietary fiber, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and beta-carotene, says Dr. Richter. Sweet potato treats can be as simple as a dehydrated sweet potato chew. Just remember not to give your pet sweet potatoes containing any added ingredients.
    • Potatoes. You get to enjoy both kinds of potatoes, and your dog can have that option, too. However, give only boiled or baked potatoes with no butter, sour cream, salt, or pepper, and serve in moderation.

    If you really want to treat your dog and get into the holiday spirit, consider a dog advent calendar.

    Can Dogs Eat Avocado

    Avocados contain persin, which can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and heart muscle damage. The most dangerous part of an avocado is the pit because it is a choking hazard, and it contains a lot of persin. If you think your dog has ingested an avocado pit, call your vet asap. If your dog ate a small piece of avocado, they should be okay, but make sure you monitor your dog and call your vet for further care.

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    What Food Is Poisonous To Dogs

    If youre looking for foods that are strictly toxic to dogs, youll be looking at a shortlist. Included on this list are apple seeds, garlic, onions, peach pits, and grapes among other foods. These foods all have major impacts on your dogs body and they can all lead to death. With that said, there are also many foods that can cause your dog harm that isnt necessarily poisonous but rather can cause problems when consumed too often or in large amounts.

    Raw Or Undercooked Eggs

    Can Dogs Eat Rice? Human Foods Dogs Can and Can

    While cooked eggs can be good for dogs, feeding your dog undercooked or raw eggs is just as dangerous as feeding your dog raw or undercooked meats. For this reason, we have included raw eggs as foods dogs cant eat.

    Like raw meats, raw eggs can contain bacteria like salmonella. Furthermore, raw eggs also contain an enzyme that can impede on your dogs ability to absorb biotin, which can lead to other health issues.

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    Coffee Tea Or Anything Else With Caffeine

    Coffee, tea, and any food with caffeine is certainly dangerous for your dog and an important addition to our list of foods dogs cant eat. Caffeine is dangerous to dogs because it elevates the heart rate. This can lead to deadly problems and even heart attacks.

    Though a very small amount of caffeine in dogs should not cause any serious issues, large doses of caffeine can cause death in dogs if not immediately treated.

    Homemade Food Tips For A Dog With Arthritis

  • Sweet potatoes include large amounts of beta carotene which helps to fight inflammation. However, they are high in oxalate which means that dogs who form calcium oxalate stones should avoid and give only homemade dog food for arthritis.
  • Fatty meats can aggravate a dogs arthritis. Watch fatty tables scraps and avoid cheap, low-grade dog foods at all cost.
  • Dogs with arthritis that form calcium oxalate stones can enjoy certain fruits and veggies that are also anti-inflammatory. Keep in mind that if they are not used to eating fresh fruits and veggies, they could develop a sloppy stool. Always introduce new products slowly. Here are some great foods for dogs with calcium oxalate stone problems: acorn squash, zucchini, cauliflower, iceberg lettuce, white cabbage, peeled apples, watermelon, cantaloupe, cherries, honeydew, mango, and nectarines. Fruits should be in moderation and vegetables should be steamed or cooked well since they are hard for dogs to digest. Its best if you dice or puree the veggies.
  • Some dogs may suffer from arthritis to the point that they have a hard time chewing. In these cases, a nice bowl of soup can do the trick. Its easy for them to lap up with little effort.
  • Avoid plant-based oils such as sunflower, safflower, corn and vegetable oils. The arachidonic acid converts into inflammatory compounds and excess levels are associated with increased inflammation. Bottom line avoid too many omega 6 fatty acids.
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