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What Foods Should Dogs Avoid

Top 9 Ingredients To Avoid In Large Dog Food

Dog food: 3 Scary Reasons to Avoid this Common Ingredient

Commercial brands are just as good as home-prepped meals! We often check the label of every food that we buy from the grocery and the same should be done when it comes to choosing the right dog food for your Neapolitan Mastiff. No matter how prestigious a product is, checking what the ingredients are is still necessary. This is because some contain elements that can be unhealthy for your pet.

The two main reasons why some manufacture products that contain ingredients that can be unsafe for puppies are:

  • They are cheaper.
  • They help keep the food stay fresh for longer periods.

Consuming these on a daily basis will eventually become too toxic for your dog. So, before you put the bag of food in your shopping cart, review the label and put it back on the rack if you see any of these ingredients below:

  • Melamine

Take into consideration first your Neapolitan Mastiffs age, health, activity level, metabolism rate, and size. Since hes meant to be massive, as a puppy, you have to look for those which are high in protein. If you feed him dry food, protein should take up to 30% and fat, at about 9%. Calcium should be up to 1.5% and phosphorus, 0.8-1%.

Once he reaches maturity, hed need a more balanced amount of the necessary components in his food. Talk to your vet and ask which ones would he recommend when it comes to commercial dog food or you may consider adding these bestsellers to your cart now:

Can Dogs Eat Popcorn A Simple Guide To Sharing Food With Your Pet

Dogs love to eat what we eat, and as a dog owner, you might be wondering if its okay to let dogs eat popcorn. If so, how safely can you share your snack with your dog without risking their health?

Yes, dogs can eat popcorn. However, the popcorn must be plain and air-popped without butter, salt, pepper, additives, or flavorings. If you allow your dogs to eat popcorn, be careful to ensure that the portion you give them doesnt contain any unpopped kernels, as these can get stuck in their teeth and cause discomfort or be a choking hazard.

There are several human foods that you can share with your dog, and popcorn is one of them, but you must consider safety precautions.

Read more to find out how to share popcorn with your dog safely and what other human foods you can feed your dog, and which ones you should avoid feeding to your dog by all means.

Key Differences Between The Worst And Best Dog Foods

  • The best dog food will exceed the minimum nutritional requirements Whilst all commercially available foods will reach the minimum required nutritional levels, the minimum is not enough to make your dog fully thrive.
  • Protein According to Kate Barrington at Petsumer.com, the best dog food will have over 25% protein. This should be ideally from all animal sources, without using vegetable protein.
  • Fat The best foods will have at least 10% fat content.
  • Enriched with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.
  • The first five ingredients on the label should not contain any fillers, by-products, or additives.

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Will My Dog Get Sick From Eating Popcorn

You had a movie night and forgot a bit of popcorn that you later discovered your dog helped you clear up this should not be a big problem if it happens once. Just focus on keeping it from being a regular occurrence.

Your dog should be fine, but you still want to check that they dont have any vomiting or diarrhea. While these should go away immediately if the dog doesnt have any more popcorn, it can persist in some cases therefore, if more than one day goes by and they still have a stomach upset, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Do Neapolitan Mastiffs Do Well In A Grain

Dog Foods to Avoid

There is so much hype in the market these days regarding dog foods that are grain-free or diets labeled as BEG. In case you are not aware of this term yet, a BEG diet consists of boutique, exotic, and grain-free foods. Currently, the US Food and Drug Administration has not released any statement yet that would tell how safe grain-free diets are for dogs. However, there have been several reports that show how the mentioned kind of diet can cause serious heart conditions.

Due to these incidents, pet experts are openly against feeding dogs grain-free diets. Your Neapolitan Mastiff should never live by such standard or quality of food unless otherwise recommended by your veterinarian.

On another note, vets emphasized that BEG diets dont provide all the needed nutrients your dog would need.

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Lemons And Limes: Cant Eat

Lemons and limes can be toxic to your dog.

This is because the skins of lemons and limes contain a substance called psoralen, which can cause dogs to have gastrointestinal symptoms like vomiting and diarrhea .

If very large amounts of psoralen are consumed by dogs, more severe symptoms, such as muscle tremors, difficulty walking, liver failure and death, can result.

Why Should Dog Foods Be Size

Different breeds would have different needs. Large dogs like the Neapolitan Mastiff require a wide range of nutrients. This is why most dog owners go for commercial products since they are more convenient and most brands offer a complete and balanced diet. Certain products that are meant for dogs like your Neapolitan Mastiff aid them in their growth process.

Moreover, although of course, all dogs deserve high-quality dog food while considering their proportions, one major thing that sets apart the needs of large dogs would be the added benefits that would help decrease the risk of them developing developmental orthopedic diseases. These include the following:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Osteochondrosis
  • Arthritis

Moreover, the large frame of your Neapolitan Mastiff makes him susceptible to obesity and bloat. All these reasons are just a few things to remember as to why you have to be careful in choosing what dog food to give to your pet. In addition, giving him meals that are meant for a Chihuahua or a Toy Poodle will insufficiently support his health.

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Can Dogs Eat Onions

There are several vegetables that can make dogs very unwell. Dogs cannot eat onions and any other vegetables in the onion family, such as garlic, chives, shallots and leeks. Even in small doses, all of these vegetables are toxic and should be avoided. Onion toxicity is not uncommon and is often found in many meals including ready meals.

The Worst Dry Dog Foods

Thanksgiving Foods Your Dog Should Avoid | Chewy

While most owners don’t realize it, bad dry dog food can make dogs sick and unhealthy over time. Cheap ingredients are used to make dog food more affordable.

Unfortunately, the inclusion of many unhealthy ingredients can lead to obesity, cancer, and much more.

Some ingredients are used as filler to replace natural proteins. They add empty calories without much nutritional content.

Other ingredients come from questionable sources and contain harmful additives or chemicals.

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Onions Garlic And Chives

The whole of the onion family is considered toxic for dogs. Whether it is dry, raw or cooked form, they are considered toxic and can cause a host of issues for your dog.

The compounds in onions, garlic and chives can cause gastrointestinal irritation and can even damage red blood cells. This leads to improper digestion and blood circulation.

What is tricky is the fact that signs of illness do not appear immediately after consumption. It could take a few days for the levels of toxicity to rise to cause illness. Hence, if your dog does consume anything within the onion family by accident, consult a vet without waiting for signs and be on the lookout for signs of gastrointestinal irritation.

Can Dogs Eat Candy Chewing Gum Toothpaste & Mouthwash

Not only do these items contain sugar, but they often contain xylitol. Xylitol is a sugar alcohol found in gum, candies, baked goods, and other sugar-substituted items. Although xylitol causes no apparent harm to humans, it is highly toxic to dogs. Even small amounts can cause low blood sugar, seizures, liver failure, and even death for your pup. Peanut butter is a common culprit. Always be sure to check the labels for xylitol.

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Is Corn On The Cob Safe For Dogs

While small amounts of corn are safe for a dog to ingest, giving your dog an ear of corn can be dangerous. If your dog is determined enough , they will eat the cob and all. The cob can be a choking hazard and can cause intestinal blockage. This could be fatal to your dog. Learn more in our can dogs eat corn article.

You Can Make This Mealtime Adventure Happen For A Dog On Prescription Food Too

Common foods cats &  dogs should avoid

Nelson knows well that some dogs have specific diet needs, but that shouldn’t prohibit you from mixing it up from time to time just don’t stray too far. “Don’t introduce things outside their diet if they’re on prescription food,” Nelson says. If you’ve got a pet with a sensitive tummy, consider soaking their prescription kibble in warm water and make little biscuits out of it, or slicing their canned food and baking itjust like the sweet potato jerky, Nelson says.

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Try Sweet Potato Jerky

Nelson says sweet potatoes “are super yummy and have lots of vitamins in them for our pets.” She recommends making sweet potatoes into “a super fun jerky,” by slicing them with a mandolin, placing the slices in a dehydrator or “in the oven at 180 degrees for a couple hours,” Nelson says. “This dries right out and makes something pretty for your board.”

Royal Canine Shih Tzu Puppy Dry Fog Food

This dog food has been made specifically for Shih Tzu puppies between 8 weeks and ten months and has a protein content of around 26%. It helps the growth of a healthy coat and contains plenty of antioxidants and vitamins, which benefit the pups developing immune system. The probiotics it contains also improve digestive and gut health, and this food reduces the amount of stool and stool odor drastically.

It also provides your puppy with DHA and AHA and has an adequate calorie count of facilitating the maintenance of high energy levels. In addition, this option has kibbles designed for easy consumption by Shih Tzus, keeping in mind their underbite.

What we like:

What we didnt like:

  • None

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Top 10 List Of Bad Dog Foods

Worst wet food
Worst dry food for adults IAMS Protective Health
IAMS Protective Health Smart Puppy
Also Avoid
One of the worst dog foods Gravy Train
Not healthy for your pup Pedigree
  • Wrapping It pUp
  • We structured the following list of dog food brands to avoid this year in a way that will make it easy for you to make a more informed shopping decision.

    You will have a better understanding of why it is critical to seek out the better option for your pup by first emphasizing the bad dog food and then reading about healthy dog food brands to choose from.

    What Are Some Of The Worst Human Foods To Feed Your Dog

    What Should Dogs Eat 2020. Hidden Foods That Kill Dogs. (DRY DOG FOOD)

    Whether its an occasional table scrap, your home-cooked kibble recipe or remnants of a garbage bag left within pawing distance, its important to know what foods are going into your dogs body. Some will pack on the pounds, while others are downright dangerous, possibly even deadly.

    The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center reports that food was the third leading cause of pet poisoning in 2017.

    According to research by the University of Milan in Italy, human foods that are poisonous to canines include:

    • Chocolate and chocolate-based products
    • Xylitol
    • Ethanol

    The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals also warns against feeding dogs sugary, salty or fatty foods as well as raw or undercooked meats and eggs.

    Food doesnt have to be poisonous in order to pose a danger, by the way. Those with pits and bones, for instance, may be a choking hazard or cause damage to the digestive tract.

    If your dog ever ingests a poisonous or dangerous food, call the vet immediately. We suggest putting your vet and local emergency clinic on speed dial so you wont panic about what to do if your dog eats something he shouldnt.

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    Blue Buffalo Life Protection Puppy Formula Chicken And Brown Rice

    This blue buffalo option is meant for puppies and is an excellent choice for your Shih Tzu pup. It contains high-quality protein from real chicken, which is the first ingredient in this food.

    The garden-grown vegetables and fruits and the quality grains provide lots of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals, improving your dogs immunity and quality of life.

    The omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids promote the health of your dogs coat. This also contains DHA and ARA, which improve cognitive and retinal health. It does not contain any poultry by-products or meat meals and is free of unnecessary additives or fillers such as corn or soy.

    What we like:

    • No added flavors, preservatives, colors or fillers

    What we didnt like:

    • This dog food is only meant for puppies

    Corn On The Cob And Avocado Stones

    The side effects of corn on the cob and avocado stones are both mechanical as if swallowed whole they can cause the intestine to become blocked, resulting in serious consequences. Dogs that suffer a blocked intestine usually require surgery to remove the blockage, otherwise it can be fatal. In addition, avocados contain a chemical called persin, which although not toxic to dogs, can cause mild digestive tract irritability.

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    Human Food Is Not Always Dog

    Foods that are perfectly suitable for human consumption may be toxic to your dog, posing a serious threat to their health and well-being. Some foods can cause vomiting, diarrhea, upset stomach, weakened breathing, kidney problems, seizures, and even death.

    Why? Because a dogs metabolism is different from our metabolism. Metabolism is the process of breaking down food and turning it into energy. Your dogs body cant process all types of food the way your body can, so foods that are just fine for you can be bad news for your dog.

    Please note, although were attempting to add every food we can find that is potentially unsafe for dogs to this article, there are foods that we may miss. Dont consider a food safe to feed to your dog just because its not on this list of foods bad for dogs.

    Do your research if you are uncertain about a particular food, and let us know by adding a so that we can keep this list of what not to feed dogs updated. If you are worried about something your pet consumed, please call your vet immediately.

    Original Line Of Diamond Dog Food

    Foods Dogs Should Avoid

    The Diamond Pet Food Company is owned and produced by Schell & Kampeter, and comprises three product lines.

    The original Diamond line of dog food lacks the desired nutritional content you should be looking for in your dogs food.

    A review of several Diamond dog food products reveals the use of corn, soy and wheat ingredients.

    Many of the meat-based ingredients come from unnamed sources like fish meal or meat by-products of questionable quality.

    They dont use many artificial flavors and colors like other bad dog food brands on this list, so thats a plus.

    Still, it would be good to avoid any brand that makes heavy use of wheat, soy and corn.

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    How To Choose A Good Dry Dog Food

    With the wide variety of dry dog foods on the market, owners can easily find an option that’s healthy and beneficial to their dog. Dry dog food is relatively inexpensive, especially when bought in bulk, and can be stored pretty easily.

    Not all dog foods are made the same. To avoid a potentially dangerous formula, it’s important to examine the ingredients and packaging. This will ensure that the canine companion is getting the nutrition and protein they need.

    Vegetables Dogs Can And Cant Eat

    AsparagusNo, dogs should not eat asparagus. While asparagus isnt necessarily unsafe for dogs, theres really no point in giving it to them. Its too tough to be eaten raw, and by the time you cook it down so its soft enough for dogs to eat, asparagus loses the nutrients it contains. If you really want to share a veggie, something more beneficial is probably best.

    BroccoliYes, broccoli is safe for dogs to eat in very small quantities and is best served as an occasional treat. It is high in fiber and vitamin C and low in fat. However, Broccoli florets contain isothiocyanates, which can cause mild-to-potentially-severe gastric irritation in some dogs. Furthermore, broccoli stalks have been known to cause obstruction in the esophagus.

    Brussels SproutsYes, dogs can eat Brussels sprouts. Brussels sprouts are loaded with nutrients and antioxidants that are great for humans and dogs, alike. Dont overfeed them to your dog, however, because they can cause lots of gas. Cabbage is also safe for dogs, but comes with the same gassy warning!

    CarrotsYes, dogs can eat carrots. Carrots are an excellent low-calorie snack that is high in fiber and beta-carotene, which produces vitamin A. Plus, crunching on this orange veggie is great for your dogs teeth .

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