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We Feed Raw Dog Food

I Was Looking For A Food Service That

Give YOUR Dog a Chance to Thrive with We Feed Raw Meals!

I was looking for a food service that was 100% raw food for my jack Russell pup. It is important to me that the ingredients be true to the species specific diet and not have anything that is processed, such as safflower oil. I was SO HAPPY when I found We Feed Raw! GREAT JOB & THANK YOU! My Gracie throughly enjoys her meal time.

How Do They Make Raw Dog Food

We Feed Raw has a PhD pet nutritionist on staff who carefully formulate the meal plans. Each package of raw food contains the perfect balance of muscle meat, organ meat, and bones, along with essential vitamins and minerals.

The raw dog food is made using high-pressure processing, which is an ultra-high water pressure technology that neutralized food-borne pathogens while maintaining the nutritional value of the food. This means from the factory to their food dish, the raw meat stays safe to eat.

Natural Dog Treats To Try In The Early Stages

Many owners like to give their dogs or cats a treat. Maybe its daily, or every other day but some of our suggested treats are:

  • Hairy Rabbits Ears They deliver a satisfying crunch and are an easy chew for both small and larger dogs. They also have hair which is great for filtering out parasites from their digestive systems which are then passed out in their poo.
  • Dried Meat Pieces These are also great as a rewarding treat and are an easy chew for both small and larger dogs alike.
  • Pizzles These come in a variety of sizes which you can tailor to size or strength of your dog. Both satisfying and healthy.

We have a vast range of natural dog treats for you to explore. Have a good look around our treats section and find what works best for your pet.

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Djangos Feedback And Experience

Although Django cannot describe with words how he feels about We Feed Raw, his actions speak quite loudly…. Django flips out every time we cut open a We Feed Raw meal packet! He shrieks excitedly, spins around, and tries to jump up at us while we’re preparing his meal. Based on his behavior and ridiculous high-pitched sausage dog screams, you would think that we hadn’t fed Django in weeks!

If I had to guess, it is the aroma of the high quality and raw animal protein that gets Django so excited. The only other times Django gets this crazed over food is when we are about to give him freshly cooked chicken or fresh strawberries. Interestingly enough, We Feed Raw food does not have a discernible odor to humans. The raw dog food’s scent is pleasantly mild and unnoticeable. Obviously, Django’s strong dachshund nose tells him otherwise!

Since Django is still in recovery and rehab mode after his IVDD surgery, Mike and I actually grew concerned Django might re-injure himself with all of this excitement over We Feed Raw! To ensure Django stays safe and doesn’t hinder his recovery, we’ve recently been keeping him in his crate while preparing his morning and evening meals. Keeping Django contained for this short period of time prevents him from running around the kitchen like a mad man, jumping up on us, and re-harming his sensitive back.

So to sum up Django’s feedback and experience with his new raw dog food… he absolutely loves We Feed Raw!

My Oliver Is Excited For Every Meal

We Feed Raw

My Oliver is excited for every meal. He was on kibble as a puppy and really was not excited at meal time. He never finished his food, and sometimes would skip a meal and I would end up throwing his food away. A friend recommended We Feed Raw. I had several friends and family members that only fed their dogs raw, so I gave it a try, and I am so glad I did. He loves meal time. His coat and weight are good. His poops are small and only once a day since there are no wasteful fillers. His body processes and absorbs everything. A very happy and healthy pup. Also a shout out to We Feed Raw customer service team, they are very friendly and helpful!! I am grateful for We Feed Raw.

Reply from We Feed Raw

Thank you SO much for your review, Lori!! Were so lucky to be able to feed Oliver. Wed love to help anytime you need any assistance please do not hesitate to reach out! It makes us so happy to hear testimonials like this. We hope to serve Oliver for many years

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What Is Raw Feeding

Raw feeding is an attempt to replicate a natural and biologically appropriate diet for dogs. Im not under the misconception that my dogs are wolves and that I need to feed them like wolves, despite what the Internet says about raw feeders. My dogs are domesticated canines, they are facultative carnivores, and while they were surviving on a kibble diet, they are thriving on a diet of fresh food.

Facultative Carnivores Dogs are identified as facultative carnivores because while they can survive on a plant-based diet, they thrive on a carnivorous diet.

Dogs ARE NOT Omnivores There are people who will tell you that dogs have evolved to eat a high carb . After years of study and speaking with veterinarians and animal nutritionists, I’ve come to realize that this believe is a cop out by brands that want us to continue feeding our dogs a processed diet .

We Feed Raw Because They Have Sharp Teeth

We can tell a lot by the ancestral diet of animals by looking at their dental makeup. If you lift your dogs lip, you can see how sharp their teeth are.

Those sharp teeth are present in carnivores because they are used to rip into flesh, suggesting that the dogs ancestors were eating raw meat. They were hunters.

Dogs do have some molars, about 10 in the back, for grinding plant materials. These were used to eat some fruit and vegetables. However, their main diet centered around the prey they hunted. This is because certain amino acids are required for their survival that they cannot get through plant protein.

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Feeding A Balanced Diet

There are a lot of people who are concerned about balancing a raw food diet. I don’t believe that this is a concern because there isn’t one way to feed dogs every dog is different and there hasn’t been a long-term study conducted to show us what is necessary for raw fed dogs.

That being said, I worked with a friend to create a spreadsheet using NRC figures. The spreadsheet helps me better understand the nutrients in my dogs’ diet.

I also play around in the Animal Diet Formulator software this is software used by meal formulators and raw food brands. It has helped me better understand many of the ingredients I add to my dogs’ diet, teaching me how much to add.

Find The Percentage Of Bone

CHECK IT OUT: Feeding SEVEN Pups Breakfast with We Feed Raw!

The simplest way to figure out how much bone is in your dogs diet is to know the percentage of bone in the foods you feed.

Lets say you feed your dog a half pound of meat in the morning and a half pound of chicken necks in the evening. Using the above numbers, you know that chicken necks are 36% bone. So if they account for half of your dogs food, then his diet would contain half that amount or 18%. Thats a bit high, so if you fed your dog 2/3 pound meat and 1/3 chicken necks, now he would be eating 12% bone, which is perfect!

Heres another example

Lets say you bought duck feet on sale at your local pet store. Using the above list, you know that duck feet are 60% bone. If you feed duck feet as half your dogs meals, his bone content would be 30% too high! But if you half that again, your dog would get 15% bone. Perfect! So you would feed 3/4 meat and 1/4 duck feet to get to 15% bone.

This is usually all you need to do its fine to estimate the bone content since you dont have to be exact with the amount of bone to feed. If youre a bit off, your dog will be just fine. Just make sure you have at least 12% bone for puppies they need a good supply of calcium to support their growth.

If youre more of a math kind of person, heres how to calculate the amount of bone in your dogs raw diet:

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How Much Is Shipping

We Feed Raws custom meal plans and 5-pound bulk patties are cold-shipped for free to the lower 48 states.

To find out how often you will get deliveries, visit We Feed Raws Start Meal Plan page. Once you have signed up for a subscription, you can change your address, skip a box, or rotate your dogs recipes in the My Account section.

Is Raw Dog Food Better

Many dog owners choose to feed raw dog food to their canines because they see it as more natural. Still, there are no studies to support that raw feeding is better than traditional dog food.

But those who try it find it healthier because of its benefits by just making sure it is balanced.

Everyone has the right to choose what kind of food they’re feeding to their pup. Because their healthy growth doesn’t depend on what type of food, it depends on the nutritional benefits.

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How Much Bone In Raw Dog Food

The amount of bone in your dogs raw diet doesnt have to be exact. But if you like hard numbers, then heres some simple math to determine the percentage of bone in your dogs raw diet:

Adult dogs: 12/ Percentage in food = % of diet

Puppies: 15/ Percentage in food = % of diet

Example math: If you go to the grocery store and find chicken necks, you know from the above table that theyre 42% bone. If you want to feed your dog 12% bone, then the calculation looks like:

12/42 x 100 = 29%

So 29% should be chicken necks. So you can feed chicken necks every third meal to make it easy, or you can eyeball it and make chicken necks look like 1/3 of the diet. The math looks exact, but you dont have to be all that exact with calcium. Just make sure you get 10% to 15%.

Raw Dog Food Diet On A Budget Really


Theres a common misconception that raw food diets for pets are impossible to create on a budget. And while its true that raw meals are typically more expensive than kibble, there are ways to incorporate raw feeding into your pets diet while keeping costs low. Read on to learn our favorite tips and tricks for feeding your dog a raw diet on a budget its easier than you think!

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Thinking About Feeding Your Dog Raw Food Think Again

Raw dog food poses a threat to public health by spreading antibiotic-resistant bacteria, researchers say. An expert explains.

Jessica Rendall

Jessica is a Wellness News Writer who wants to help people stay informed about their health. She’s from the Midwest, studied investigative reporting at the Missouri School of Journalism and is now based in NYC.

Pet owners want the best for their animals, which includes feeding them the best diet possible. In recent years, many pet parents have begun turning to a fresh diet consisting of home-cooked foods — or, sometimes, food that’s completely raw. Some claim a raw food diet leads to shinier coats, healthier teeth and better overall health for dogs.

Raw food is uncooked food, mostly meat, and can be homemade by pet owners or store bought frozen. A recent study from Portugal, however, found that while commercial dog food of all types can harbor some nasty bacteria, raw dog food poses a high risk of transmitting bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics, which can harm immunocompromised pets and people, while also adding to a larger public health problem of antibiotic resistance. Of the 14 commercial types of frozen raw dog food tested in the study, all 14 tested positive for strains of enterococcus that showed drug resistance.

To learn more about the potential risks and benefits to a raw food diet, we talked to Torres about feeding your pets raw food.

The Anatomy Of A Dogs Meal

The homemade dog food should consist of the following parts: 2 parts of meat 1 part low lectin carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes, parsnip, or millet 1 part vegetables and fruits oils herbs. Regarding salt, its considered safe to add about 1g of salt to 100g of food but consult with your vet to decide how much salt your dog needs there are 5g of salt in one teaspoon.

If you want to feed your dog less starchy carbohydrates, you can replace them with more non-starchy vegetables or meat. Dogs can utilize carbohydrates very well, but they are not a particularly natural food for dogs. Dogs are carnivores and have the appropriate teeth with strong fangs. It is also important that their diet be high in fat.

Noteworthy is also when you start cooking and meal prep for your dog, that you know how many calories your dog needs per day. There are several calculators on the internet.

For example, my dog weighs 60 pounds, and he has a moderate activity level, so he needs about 1,200 calories a day. He also gets some of these calories through treats and the oils I put on his meals.

I used to make one or two big batches as a base. When serving, I add some food toppers like different healthy oils, herbs, or half a can of sardines, tuna, or some homemade sauerkraut.

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Boost Your Pets Kibble

We believe that any inclusion of healthy raw food into your petâs diet will benefit them tremendously. For example, adding a whole raw egg to your pets kibble you can boost the nutrients enormously.

Some ways to boost your petâs kibble are:

Soak kibble in bone broth

Add canned sardines

Add fresh, raw meat, eggs and bones

Add fresh vegetables and fruit

Add kefir or kombucha

Add Big Dog probiotic supplement

Daily intake

Youâll need to allow for their daily nutritional intake, depending on the amount of âboostersâ or âtoppersâ that youâre adding to your petâs meal. We recommend you find a ratio thatâs nice and easy to start with, it might be 50/50, 70/30, or 90/10, and just adjust from there to suit you and your pet. Donât sweat it too much, we recommend that you refer to our healthy weight guide to monitor your petâs weight and adjust their food intake accordingly.

For dogs and cats that have more sensitive stomachs, their diet can still consist of a raw diet and a kibble diet however if you notice any issues, it could be advised to feed these two diets at different time, for example feed raw in the morning and their other diet at night, or vice-versa.

How To Use Our List

WATCH THIS: Raw Dog Food Unboxing Video | We Feed Raw

Below youll find a list of the Advisors suggested raw dog foods. Of course, this list should not be considered a complete catalog of all the raw dog foods on the market.

For there are others. Many others.

We only provide this small group as a starting point.

As a matter of fact, if you know of a specific dog food you believe we should have included on this list, please feel free to in the Comments section below.

Or if youre looking for some suggestions yourself, be sure to look through our readers Comments to find more good ideas.

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Weight Management In Dogs

With nearly 60% of adult dogs classified as being overweight or obese, weight management is crucial. A raw diet can aid in weight loss and weight management. Obesity can lead to many other health issues and affect their activity level, quality of life, and longevity.

We recommend making adjustments to your dog’s diet as needed to control weight loss or weight gain. Some other tools we suggest for weight management are our body score chart and our.

Additional Tips For Weight Loss:

  • Weigh everything! Accuracy will aid in weight management.
  • Stick to leaner meat sources such as our Turkey Formula. Stay away from fattier meats.
  • Add coconut oil or fish oil to improve your dog’s metabolic rate, increase energy levels, and regulate thyroid function
  • Cut out the extras! Include treats in your daily calculations along with the food they will receive in meals.
  • Read the labels! Make sure you are feeding your dog the appropriate amount.
  • When giving treats, stick to healthy options such as fruits and vegetables suitable for dogs.
  • Give raw bones to entertain your dog while satisfying their desire for treats without gaining many extra calories.

Tip # : Variety Variety Variety

Have you ever gotten sick of something you once loved to eat? Variety prevents food boredom. Just like humans, dogs needs variety to keep the excitement alive with food.

Kibble companies like to exclaim their food is all your dog needs, but the truth is any diet any diet you feed your dog should include a variety. This goes for kibble or raw dog food. Feeding a variety exposes your dog to a wide array of nutrients.

Different meat sources has different nutrient profiles. For example, the amino acid break down of chicken is different than beef.

There is also a higher amount of Omega 6 in chicken than there is in beef. The balance of Omega 6 & 3 is also required in a dogs diet to help maintain a proper inflammation response.

Variety can also prevent over exposure to some nutrients like Vitamin D. Vitamin D is a crucial part of a dog’s diet. Too little can cause health issues, but too much can also be dangerous for our dogs. Kibble companies have been notorious about adding too much Vitamin D which has resulted in illness and death for many dogs.

Variety from a young age helps prevent allergies/intolerances. If you have a child, you know that many people will recommend exposing your child to allergens from a young age to help prevent allergies. The same is true for dogs. If your dog hasn’t been exposed to a variety from the start, their body might react to new foods when they are older, viewing it as foreign and something that it needs to fight against.

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