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Vet Approved Homemade Dog Food Recipe

At The End Of 2019 During Our Yearly Vet Check We Received The Devastating News That Our 11 Year Old Dogs Blood Work Showed That He Was In Stage 4 Kidney Failure


Honestly, I was a basket case, how on earth did we miss this? He seemed like he was just dealing with some symptoms of getting older frequent urination, sometimes excessive water drinking. It definitely didnt feel like life-threatening symptoms. As much as the diagnosis was a shock, the price tag of the prescription diet he would need to eat for the remainder of his life was pretty horrifying too!

Turkey And Rosemary Dog Food Recipe

This is another incredibly simple recipe. You probably already have these ingredients in your kitchen! All you need is a package of frozen vegetables, ground turkey, rosemary, and rice.

If you want to feed your dog human-grade food without the hassle of having to prepare the meals yourself, you need to try Spot & Tango.

Their pre-packaged meals full of human-grade ingredients get delivered right to your door, so all you need to do is pop them into your dogs dish!

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How Do You Make Your Own Nutritionally Complete Dog Food

Heres an example of a recipe I recently made at Balance.IT.com for my dogs. You can see that its very simple and made with ingredients found in any grocery store.

This recipe is appropriate for ONE DAYs worth of food for a healthy adult 35 lb. dog, so if you want to feed a dog of a different size or life stage, please create your own recipe. Its free!

Heres a simple recipe reproduced from BalanceIT.com with permission.

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Safe Dog Food Toppers Using People Food

Table foods that are well-tolerated by most dogs include cooked, lean meats such as turkey or chicken breasts, whitefish, lean beef and canned tuna. Starch sources that most dogs do well with are rice cooked with extra water so its mushy, cooked pasta, cooked potatoes, cooked sweet potatoes and baked bread.

Not all dogs will accept fruits and vegetables but many dogs seem to really enjoy them. Fruits and vegetables that are safe for dogs include broccoli, asparagus, peas, carrots, kale, cabbage, blueberries, watermelon, apples. Either chop these finely in a food processor and/or cook themotherwise, your dog cant digest them very well.

Make Ground Beef And Veggies

Home Cooking for Dogs : Vet

Brown and crumble 3 lbs of ground beef in a large skillet. Place in a large bowl with the drippings.

Chop, shred, or process all the veggies. My dog is a small dog and prefers the veggies finely shredded in a food processor. You can use a knife or a box grater works too.

In a large pot , briefly saute carrots, broccoli, and sweet potato until just soft for a few minutes on medium. Place into the large bowl. In a large bowl, add the cooked ground beef, warm rice, warm sauteed veggies, and fresh spinach. Mix well with a large spatula.

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Serving Size In Cups Of Homemade Food Per Ingredient

All of these serving suggestions are per 20 pounds of the dog’s body weight and are the ideal amount needed each day:

  • 1/4 to 1/3 pounds of meat.
  • 1/2 to 3/4 cups yogurt or cottage cheese or 3 to 4 eggs.
  • 1 to 2 cups of potatoes, rice, pasta, or other carbohydrates.
  • 1/2 cup to a cup of cooked vegetables.
  • Tablespoon of canola or olive oil
  • for added calcium, 1/2 teaspoon of bone meal, or ground eggshell.

Before You Start Cooking: Homemade Dog Food Needs To Be Balanced

Your homemade meal must contain protein, fiber and carbohydrates. Puppies require about 25 percent protein in their meals, while 18 percent is sufficient for adults. However, protein needs change according to your dogs age and vary according to breed, so check with your vet regarding the right amount for your dog. You might have noticed that commercial dog foods often dont list the percentage of carbohydrates. Thats because the proper percentage of carbs in the dogs diet is still not set in stone by the veterinary community and regulators. If youre making Fidos meals yourself, you have the freedom to purchase the freshest, highest-quality ingredients available. Make sure you weigh your dog frequently to verify he stays a healthy weight. Take your dog to the vet before starting the homemade diet so your vet can determine Fidos ideal weight.

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Fresh Diy Dog Food Tips

Dog owners do get really concerned about feeding their dogs human food and scraps. I just had a really long chat with Sassy’s vet at her annual health check-up. Each dog is totally unique. Some have food sensitivities, easily get upset tummies and some have digestive issues, so regular commercial food is best for those dogs.

Vetco Dog Christmas Meal Recipe


It makes use of a lot of the leftover components from your dinner table. The ingredients will not harm your dog. This dish takes only a few minutes to prepare and will delight your canine companion.


  • 4 tbsp. onion-free turkey gravy or extra virgin olive oil

How to make it?

Preparing the sweet potatoes should be your priority. Boiling them for 20 minutes or roasting them for 45 minutes are both options. Chop the cooked turkey into little bite-sized pieces while the potatoes are cooking. Combine the sweet potatoes, oats, cranberry sauce, and turkey meat after being cooked and chilled. Then drizzle in the gravy or olive oil.

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Are There Any Benefits Of Homemade Dog Food

In short, opinions on this are divided even among experts. From my experience, I can say one thing. Homemade dog food can be useful, but you need to pay attention to a lot of things. If you dont follow these, you can do more harm to your puppy than you would like.

If your dog has any allergies, irritations, skin problems, or sensitivity, its a good idea for you to sort out the ingredients. This gives you a better chance of ruling out harmful sources.

Processed foods usually contain fewer nutrients. If you cook fresh ingredients for your dog, it can result in a much healthier end result. Not to mention you dont have to deal with embarrassing dog food labels. The food you make is guaranteed to contain no preservatives, additives, etc.

Dog food recipes can come in very handy in cases you run out of commercial dog food. In such cases, it is still better to serve a balanced food to your dogs than to just give them some human food from the table.

However, despite the above, there are plenty of good quality commercial foods on the market. Experts say the pet food industry today is not as awful as many claims. Of course, always pay attention to the ingredients on the label.

On the other hand, ready-to-buy foods often have a balanced nutrient content. For many breeds, a few percent difference in the proportion of macronutrients counts. If you compile the food yourself, you need to pay much more attention to these certain percentages.

Everything You Should Know About Homemade Dog Food Recipes 2020

Are you a DIY person too? Do you want to make your own dog food? If you are wondering what the pros and cons of this are, this article is for you. I also made a specific balanced recipe for you and your puppy.

Before you read on, you should know that I consider it very important that you always ask your veterinarians opinion on such matters first and foremost. Although I have tried to put together the best possible dog food recipe, your dog may have different nutritional needs.

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Is It Cheaper To Make Your Own Raw Dog Food

Making ones raw dog food is beneficial because you have the choice of being able to control what your pet eats at any one time. It also makes homemade food a good option, especially for dogs with sensitivities or related health concerns. For that reason, raw dog food is more affordable than pre-made raw food.

Homemade Sweet Potato Chews Dog Treats

35+ Homemade Dog Food &  Treat Recipes (Vet Approved!)

These Homemade Sweet Potato Chews Dog Treats are so delicious you will want to snack on them yourself. These treats are made without byproducts, additives, or fillers. They are made with only 3 simple and inexpensive ingredients that you can feel great about feeding to your pet. If you are looking for a grain-free treat for your dog this is also a great alternative.

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Red White And Blue Yogurt Popsicles Recipe For Dogs

Made with fresh berries, these patriotic popsicles can be a Fourth of July treat for your dog. And theyll be just as good on any hot day. As a plus, they’re quick and easy to make.

IngredientsBlueberries are high in fiber, antioxidants, and phytochemicals. 1/2 cup chopped strawberriesStrawberries are high in sugar. Use small amounts if your dog is diabetic. 1 cup plain yogurtDo not use yogurt containing xylitol. Do not use if your dog is lactose intolerant.

Homemade Dog Food Recipes

Want to try your hand and learn how to make homemade dog food? The classic proportions are 50% protein , 25% vegetables, and 25% carbohydrates . But which ingredients should you use, and how can you make sure your dog food recipe is healthy?

To help you find the best recipes, weve put together this list of 10 healthy dog food recipes to try today. Making dog food at home can save you money and give you more control over what your dog eats. Scroll down to try one of our favorite homemade dog food recipes! And if you have questions, take a look at our recipe tips at the end.

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Why We Love The Switch

Now, our golden retriever Rascaleats a 100% human-grade dog food diet! Jared and I always joke that we could eat Rascals food with enough sriracha. Let me preface by saying that I NEVER thought I would be the type of person that made their dogs food homemade.

At first, the thought of homemade dog food was so daunting and just downright boogie. I can honestly say that making his food doesnt cost much more than the prescription diet he was on beforehand.

After watching the documentary Pet Fooled we realized just how unregulated the dog food industry was and started to feel stronger about our homemade switch.

Use Up Extra Freezer Meat Or Leftovers

Homemade and Healthy Dog Food Recipe | Vet Approved

The last tip I have is to use up meat that has been in the freezer a while and is not something you want for dinner but still safe for your dog. I often buy too much quantity when recipe testing ingredients, and use up extra steak meat or pork I have on hand for homemade dog food. Nothing goes to waste around here, but I don’t feed her bones, fatty meats, etc.

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Vet Approved Homemade Dog Food Recipes For A Thriving Pup

Despite all of the commercially available dog foods that are on the market nowadays, many dog owners are turning to homemade recipes to keep their dogs healthy. Homemade meals offer greater control over what your pup is putting into their body.

Not only can you cater recipes to meet your dogs particular size, breed, and activity levels, but you can also address unique medical concerns or dietary restrictions.

Instead of taking a stab at the dark and hoping that your dried kibble contains good ingredients,

you can make your canine companions meals yourself and know for sure.

Before you start whipping together canine meals, there are a few things to know.

First, you should steer clear of table scraps and processed human foods. Its important to remember that there are many things that dogs are allergic to.

Secondly, the dietary needs of your dog are much different from your own.

The goal of homemade dog food recipes is to create a balanced diet that beats what you can get in your local pet food aisle.

There are many vet-approved recipes out there to get you started. These recipes are endorsed by licensed professionals, so you can have peace of mind knowing that theyre a healthy option.

You should also consult with your own vet to make sure that your dogs unique needs are being met.

What Other Foods Can You Use In Homemade Dog Food

  • You can interchange all the ingredients.
  • I buy the meat that is on sale such as hamburger, turkey, and chicken. Whatever you choose, choose very lean cuts and no skin. Your dog cannot eat very fatty protein.
  • You change out the vegetables from time to time also. I sometime switch out the butternut squash with pumpkin or sweet potato.
  • You can add in apples or apple sauce for a variety in flavor.
  • Instead of the kidney beans, you can use lentils or pinto beans.
  • You can also add in chicken livers. Chicken livers are really good for your dog, but also very rich. You want to add in small amounts.
  • The egg shells are also very good for dogs. This adds in calcium. Most dogs won’t eat the shells unless they are really broken up or crushed. You can crush the shells in a coffee grinder, food processor, or with a mortar and pestle.
  • Salmon, salmon oil, and fish oil also helps with skin allergies and inflammation.
  • I use white rice because it is easier on sensitive stomachs than brown rice. You can use brown rice if your dog does not have a sensitive stomach.

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Homemade Turkey Stew For Dogs

This homemade turkey dog food recipe is a hearty and balanced stew with fresh ingredients. This recipe uses ground turkey, beef liver and kidney, sweet potato and green beans.

We have kept this dog food recipe grain free but added a few other ingredients when serving. These can be changed or omitted, depending upon your own dogs needs.

Homemade dog foods are a great way to vary your dogs diet and give you control over their nutrition. This recipe can be tweaked to your own needs.

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy for more information.

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Is Homemade Dog Food Good For Dogs

BRAT Diet for Dogs

While I am not a vet, and I certainly cant speak for all animals , I can tell you that switching to homemade dog food made the world of difference for Rascal. We had a very unique case with him and his food allergies, but we have also seen other positive changes.

On traditional dog food, Rascal was lethargic, he shed in abundance and his appetite was mediocre. He was also low in his weight class, weighing in at just 64 pounds for a full-sized male Golden Retriever.

Since the dog food switch, he has been energetic, focused, and calmer. He has also put on about 15 pounds in just one year after switching to homemade food. On a traditional diet, were vacuuming at least once a day but now only 1-2x a week. We no longer have to coax Rascal into mealtime and have finally developed a great eating schedule.

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Healthy Homemade Dog Food

This Homemade Dog Food Recipe is a simple and cost-effective way to ensure that your dog remains healthy and fit and is so easy to make by mixing brown rice with ground chicken and fresh vegetables.

A traditional doggie diet of processed kibble lacks nutritional value, but when you make your own dog food from scratch, you know exactly what you are placing in the pet bowl its pure wholesome human food thats fit for canine consumption.

Whether youre a new pet parent or have a senior dog with special dietary needs, this DIY recipe contains an appropriate proportion of protein, complex-carbs, fiber, and fat, plus vitamins and minerals, to fuel your pup in a healthy way.

And while you may be thinking that making additional meals wont fit into your busy day, this recipe takes only 5 minutes to prepare and the simple cooking steps are as basic as boiling rice and combining it with a cooked chicken veggie mixture. Dogs deserve a dinner made with real ingredients that are not only nutritious, but also taste delicious!

Just like humans, every dog is different, so this is not meant to be a one-pup-fits-all recipe. Check with your vet before adding any new food to your dogs diet.

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What About Recipes That Claim To Be Vet

Most of the time when you find a recipe that says its vet-approved, it doesnt mean much. Unless the veterinarian has analyzed the nutrient content of the food, its pretty hard to say whether or not it meets the criteria for complete and balanced dog food.

I dont believe regular vets are analyzing the full dog food recipe when they supposedly approve them. I think they take a glance and say its fine for occasional use, assuming the dog is eating commercial pet food most of the time.

My advice? Even if you find a homemade dog food recipe that claims to be vet-approved, dont feed it as your dogs sole source of nutrition without having it analyzed for all a dogs required nutrients by a vet or veterinary nutritionist.

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