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Storage Bin For Dog Food

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Why Trust The Spruce Pets

Lindsay Boyers is a dog mom of two large breeds that consistently have at least 50 pounds of food stored away. While she personally uses the Simplehuman Pet Food Can, she understands that the accompanying price tag isnt for everyone. As such, she extensively researched the best dog food storage containers and came up with more options based on positive reviews from happy pet parents.

Emma Phelps is an Updates Writer for The Spruce Pets, who updated this article to include our latest testing results from The Lab. Emma has several years of experience researching the best-rated products and writing insight and helpful product overviews.

Garbage Bin Rental Across Ontario

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What Cannot Go In The Bin Rental

Pure Aggregates

With the Exception of the 4YD Bin Rental, We do not accept Pure Aggregates Bins. Our Trucks are not built to handle that type of weight.


We do not accept tires and explosive materials because they are not accepted at Transfer Stations. They can lead to fires and danger for our operators.

Hazardous Chemical

These chemicals are to be handled with extreme caution. Our Drivers and operators dont need this type of risk while sorting out the bin.

Full Paint Cans

Our Bins will be full of paints of all colors and they have a chance to ignite under pressure at the stations. Not Accepted when the cans are full. Empty ones are not a problem.

How Long Will It Take For My Order To Arrive

Dog Food Storage Bin Pet Kibble Container Large 50 lbs 72 Qt Feeding ...

Petbarn online orders will take from 2 – 10 business days to arrive, depending on destination and shipping method. Metro orders are usually received within five working days and up to ten days for regional and rural areas. Delivery times may be subject to stock availability and Public Holidays, as such receipt of orders may be extended by up to 21 days.

Petbarn will notify you when your order has been dispatched.

What happens if my order does not arrive in the estimated time frame?

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Delivery charges vary depending on the size and weight of your order and your chosen delivery address. We offer a flat rate shipping charge of $6.95 to the major metro areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Canberra. Outside these major metro areas, the shipping cost you pay will be dependent on your location and the size of your order.For an accurate delivery quote: place the items you wish to order in your shopping cart, proceed to the checkout or Shopping Cart overview page. There is a Calculate Shipping calculator under your selected products.Simply enter the postcode or suburb of your shipping address and select the relevant location from the dropdown list that appears and click the Go button. The shipping cost calculator will display the total cost for delivery to your selected postcode or suburb. Your final shipping charges will be displayed in your checkout page before you proceed to payment so that you know exactly how much shipping will be. All prices are in Australian Dollars and freight costs are payable in addition to the product price.

Please note that we are unable to deliver to PO boxes or Parcel Lockers.

How To Choose The Right Dog Food Storage Container

Materials: While plastic is the most popular choice, look for a plastic container thats BPA-free and void of any other plastic contaminants, as those can be harmful to your pet. Another option is stainless steel, which is extremely durable and easy to keep clean.

Airtight Seal: Keep your pets food fresh, dry and free from pests with a container that features an airtight seal.

Capacity: Make sure the storage container is big enough to hold your pets food. Larger dogs will require a larger pet food container, while smaller dogs can get away with amuch smaller capacity. Youll also want to make sure you have the proper space in your home, kitchen or pantry to store this container.

Shop our top pet food container picks in the links below.

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Goes well with…

The Dog Food Market Is Evolving And Growing

simplehuman pet food storage container

“More and more veterinarians and breeders are recommending COOKED human grade food for dogs to replace traditional nutritionally lacking commercial dry and canned dog food – but there are not a lot of places to obtain it.”

Unlike cats, dogs are not strictly carnivores and require additional nutrients like humans, which they may not be getting in the proper proportions with dry dog food.

Another alternative being touted is Raw Meat but consider this unhealthy choice. The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association’s web site does not recommend raw meat and states:

“Problems can and do occur if raw foods are fed. For example, meats should not be fed raw because of the danger of transmitting parasites and harmful bacteria .”

In addition, studies show that most dogs and cats prefer cooked meat.”

People would not eat any of the above dog foods that are commercially available, why should their dogs?

Reconsider the daily food choices you make for your pets! You cannot expect to maintain your dog’s good health, zest for food, weight and energy level on over processed, denatured, contaminated foods or table scraps. The composition of dog food is very important in order to provide a dog’s optimal health and interest in their food, especially as they grow older.

There are alternative ways of feeding your pet to make necessary healthy changes!

So what’s the solution?


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Our Garbage Bin Rental Richmond Hill Process

Located north of Toronto, in the York Region, Richmond Hill is a city that has some interesting aspects. For starters, you can walk the quaint historic streets. Speaking of streets, you cant drive down a street in Richmond Hill without seeing landscaped front yards. This city is home to gorgeous suburbs, as well as wonderful picturesque nature walks and parks.

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Good Question.

You can definitely dispose of your waste through the municipality you live in. After all, you do pay your taxes and have the right to have your trash picked up. Howeveris that really the best way to go about disposal? Here are some options to consider:

  • Do you want your waste sitting there for weeks?
  • If you are a business, this can be an eyesore which will also effect your revenue
  • Waste can be a tripping hazard for people passing by on your property.
  • The potential smell and general neatness associated with junk.

Any Business that disposes of garbage and waste needs Disposal Bins. Whether you are a home improvement contractor, landscape architect or a restaurant owner, Disposal Bins or Dumpster rentals is an essential service. All these businesses dispose waste and therefore need a reputable Disposal Bins company in Toronto and the GTA. In Summary, any business that produces waste needs waste management. Visible trash and garbage on the premises of your property often reflects poorly on the business. It can be a potential hazard and accident waiting to happe

Yesyou can.

BUT do you really want too? At Dump-Squad, we take pride in being very environmentally friendly and recommend to sort out your waste before disposal everything. This helps us and the environment by minimizing the amount of waste we produce by recycling more items.

Great Question.

Good Question.

Depends on what you are looking for.

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Other Options We Tested

Buddeez “Bag-In” Pet Food Dispenser: While this storage container has a high capacity and passed our performance tests, our tester noted that it would be difficult to pick up and pour out food when the container is completely full. She also said that the top was easy to not properly lock, so if not locked, this container could spill when tipped over.

Total Cold Storage Inc

Plastic Pet Food Bin 12.5" X9.75" X13.38"

Overview: Total Cold Storage is a company that was established in 1998. Located in the Anjou industrial area, close to all major highways. The company occupies a space of 66 865 sq. feet with a dock area of 16 900 sq. feet along with 12 electric loading docks. We provide rental and leasing of storage space for a variety of frozen products, which includes fruits, vegetables, seafood and meats. We also provide services such as Blast Freezing, Trichine Treatment, Stamping & Labeling etc.


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Cold Storage Warehouse Facilities Locations Canada

Frozen & Temperature Controlled Warehousing, Facilities & Locations, Cold Chain Logistics, Quality Storage, Handling Services, Racked Storage Rooms. Storage of Medicines and Frozen Food products in Canada. Specialists in tempering, quick-freezing, blast freezing, plate freezing, room freezing, super-freezing, labeling, order / case picking, repacking, cross dock, load shift, chilled and frozen storage.

Dog Food Storage & Accessories

Just as with people food, when dog food is exposed to open air and other elements it tends to dry out and become stale. Keep your dogâs food fresher longer with these innovative storage options, designed to make dog food last. The moment you open your pupâs bag of food, the clock starts ticking. Exposure to air, light, heat and humidity leads to the degradation of dog kibble, with more air and light, and higher heat and humidity levels, speeding up the process. As food degrades, it hardens and loses flavor, making your petâs mealtime less enjoyable. Yuck! And the kibble also loses nutritional value, so your dog will be getting fewer nutrients he needs to thrive. But thereâs a solution, and a simple one at thatâdog food storage containers.

Keep your petâs kibble tasting great with optimum nutrition for longer after opening with a premium dog food storage container. And explore a range of dog bowls and feeders accessories, great for a variety of occasions. Find this and more at Chewy’s online pet store where you find the best dog supplies.

Frequently Asked Questions aboutDog Food Storage & Accessories

What is the best container to store dog food?
Are dog food storage containers necessary?
Can you keep dog food in a plastic container?
Do dog food storage containers need to be airtight?

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How Long Does Dog Food Last In A Plastic Container

Dog food can last between six weeks and six months in plastic bins if you store it the right way. For those of you using plastic for your canines bowl, food stays fresh for up to four hours in moderately cold climates.

As a rule, refer to the use by dates on the food packaging to confirm the expiry of the food. Typically, this is 12 to 18 months for dry foods and two years for canned food. Be that as it may, this strictly applies to unopened packs.

Nonetheless, when it comes to open cans, refrigeration is the only way to keep them safe. On the other hand, opened dry food can stay intact for about six weeks. To store it for up to six months, make sure to freeze it after vacuum-sealing it.

How We Tested The Dog Food Containers

DIY Dog Food Storage: 2 Simple Projects

We researched and bought 26 pet food containers for testing in The Lab to put their claims of airtight seals and weatherproof design to the test. Our testers first evaluated the design of the containers, noting features such as wheels, carrying handles, scoops, and material. To test performance, our testers filled each container with food and shook and tipped it over, noting if the top came off and if any food spilled out. If a container claimed to be airtight, our testers submerged the container in water and checked to see if water leaked into the food chamber.

Then, our testers evaluated the durability of each container after putting them through the performance tests based on whether the containers showed signs of damage or wear. Our testers also tested the ease of cleaning each container by dumping out the food and wiping the containers with wet towels. They made note of any difficult portions to clean and whether the opening was large enough for a thorough cleaning. After evaluating and testing each container, we asked our testers to consider the price of the container and rate its overall value.

For containers that we were not able to test in the Lab, we researched the best options, evaluating on a similar basis of performance reviews and material. We also made note of customer reviews and considered the containers’ overall capacity and features to select the best.

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Is It Bad To Put Dog Food In A Plastic Container

Do you have a habit of buying dog food in bulk? Kudos for saving money in the long run! But, how do you store all that food? If youre like 79.5% of pet owners who use plastic bins, better brace for some bitter facts.

Is it bad to put dog food in a plastic container? What do you need to keep in mind?

Yes and no. Plastic is a bad choice if you dont wash the dog food container regularly, but a good option if youre retaining the original packaging. As plastic is porous, oils in it easily become rancid with prolonged storage. Ideally, you should get an airtight plastic container that can fit dog food with its packaging inside the bin.

Today Ill simplify the facts and science around plastic storage for dog food so that you can pick the perfect solution. Youll also find a list of my ten personal tips for avoiding the mistakes I made!

Lets jump in!

What Can Go In The Bin Rental

House Hold Debris

Beds/Frames/Toys/Boxes and anything and everything in between. Unless the items are explosive or hazardous in any nature, we will take them in our bins.


When you have a few pieces of bricks, you may mix it in with our Mixed Garbage Bin Rentals. If you have only aggregates, we can only bring you the 4YD Bin for them. It is Cheaper too.

Construction Debris

Majority of all construction debris can be taken away in these bin rentals. This includes projects from interior renovations as well as roofing and fencing.

Recycling Material

We are an environmentally friendly bin rental company in Toronto. When you have only cardboard or other recycling material, let us know. We will make sure its handled properly.

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Is Plastic Safe For Putting Dog Food

Yes, plastic can be safe for storing dog food. But it depends on things like the type of dog food, how long you store it, and the way you place it in the bin.

That said, its best to use containers made from Polypropylene or Polystyrene plastic as theyre safer.

While there are different dog foods like dry kibbles, semi-moist canned food, raw meat, etcetera, not everything can go in a plastic bin. Why? Mainly because plastic isnt a bad choice for storing dry and semi-moist pet food for a short time.

Most dog food is mostly made up of cereals, grains, eggs, proteins, vitamins, meats, and meat by-products. Ergo, it reacts with the material in plastic easily.

On the contrary, most dog food companies use premium packaging with layers of preservatives that prevent spoilage. So, its ideal to hold the dog food inside the plastic container with the bag it originally came in.

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