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Should You Cook Your Dog’s Food

How Much Homemade Dog Food To Feed Your Dog: Final Thoughts

Why you should cook your own Dog Food & a quick and easy Recipe

You generally want to feed your dog about 2-3 percent of their body weight, assuming it is an adult. This means that if your dog is 50 pounds, you should feed him about 16 ounces.

Knowing how much homemade dog food to feed your dog not only give them full nutrition but also help them grow healthier. And, it would help if you also looked at the nutritional information of the recipe you use.

If you are a beginner in adopting dogs, you must know the homemade dog food serving size in cups. However, consulting your vet is also important.

For other homemade dog food recipes, kindly visit our website.

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Is It A Good Idea To Cook Homemade Dog Food For My Dog

Have you ever thought about home cooking for your dog? If you have, you are not alone. More and more, people have decided to make their own pet food. And many more are seriously considering it. Why this new trend? Is it a good idea? Commercial diets are more convenient to use, cheaper, and nutritionally more consistent. So why would anyone want to go through the trouble and expense of cooking for their dog when there are so many commercially prepared foods readily available?

There are different reasons people decide to home cook. Some simply want to be able to offer their dog a fresh homemade meal. Just like they offer to the other members of their family. They want their pet to eat what they eat.

Many people will cook for a sick or elderly dog. These dogs often do not eat as well as they should. They may have developed a food aversion. They may be losing weight. They may not have an interest in eating their usual commercial diet. But, they can be coaxed to eat some home prepared food. Cooking for them is sometimes done as a last resort. It is a way to be sure that they are eating enough calories each day.

No More Worries about Recalls & Food Poisoning

Simple Ingredients You Actually Understand

Research Homemade Recipes for Nutritional Value

Factors That Affect A Dog’s Diet

When you decide to start cooking for your dog and delve into a homemade dog food diet, you’ll have to do some reading and learning.

You need to fully understand the nutrients that a dog’s body requires before you get to figuring out how much food to feed a dog.

Read this article to understand exact nutritional needs, which will help you figure out serving sizes and how much homemade food to feed dog would be more beneficial.

A dog’s nutritional requirements can be figured out using calculations from the National Research Council , and they will be based on several factors:

  • age
  • medical history
  • current health condition

The type of homemade dog food diet that you choose to feed a dog will also have a huge impact on the answer to this question, how much homemade dog food to feed my dog?Not all dog food recipes are created equally.

All of them will offer different nutrients. Some will be well-balanced and can be used as a staple in a pet’s diet, while others may only be good as an occasional meal.

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At The End Of 2019 During Our Yearly Vet Check We Received The Devastating News That Our 11 Year Old Dog’s Blood Work Showed That He Was In Stage 4 Kidney Failure

Honestly, I was a basket case, how on earth did we miss this? He seemed like he was just dealing with some symptoms of getting older – frequent urination, sometimes excessive water drinking. It definitely didn’t feel like life threatening symptoms. As much as the diagnosis was a shock, the price tag of the prescription diet he would need to eat for the remainder of his life was pretty horrifying too!

Prepare The Recipe Right

How Much Food Should You Feed Your Dog?

Tempted to experiment in the kitchen? Save it for yourself. Its best not to improvise when you cook for your pooch.

  • Follow the recipe. Altering it can have unintended effects. For example, cooking chicken with or without skin and bone changes the recipes nutrient profile, Larsen says. You might also add or subtract calories without meaning to.
  • Dont swap ingredients. Some ingredients seem similar but dont provide the same nutrition. For example, corn, canola, and walnut oil provide certain essential fatty acids that olive oil and coconut oil dont. By making swaps, you could very easily unbalance the diet, Larsen says.
  • Buy a food scale. They are much more accurate than measuring cups, especially for measuring meat.

Cook all animal products to kill bacteria that could make your pooch sick. Cook grains, beans, and starchy vegetables to make them easier to digest.

Never add foods that are toxic to dogs. These include chocolate, grapes, raisins, onions, garlic, avocados, and Macadamia nuts.

If you want to mix things up, do it with the treats you feed. Offer dog-safe fresh fruits and vegetables as treats.

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Identifying Risky Ingredients In Your Dogs Food

Heres the catch: most of the yucky additives are strategically hidden. If you see an unspecified meat or meat meal listed, for example, its important to know what that means. With such an ambiguous label, it could be just about anythingincluding rendered and highly-processed meats. If youre not familiar with the rendering process, this is when manufacturers take a bunch of meats from potentially-questionable sources and cook it down into a powdered meal.

Meat byproducts is another one to watch out for this refers to parts of the animal that are technically edible but certainly not nutrient-dense. Think chicken feathers, beaks, and feet. Vague product labels such as with beefopens PDF file only require that 3 percent of the total product is beef, and beef flavor simply implies that there is enough beef in the product to be detected. To avoid this, look for specific meats listed in the ingredients, such as chicken, lamb, or beef.

If youre not choosing whole foods, you might also be serving a host of chemicals and pesticides to your pup. And dont even get us started on preservatives and artificial ingredients. Ethoxyquin, butylated hydroxyanisole , and butylated hydroxytoluene are the most common offenders, and have been linked to canceropens PDF file in animals.

Homemade Dog Food Serving Size In Cups

In making your own dog food, you might be wondering how much homemade dog food serving size in cups would be better.

Get yourself a set of measuring cups for homemade food for dogs. Something like this is what I also use.

For most of my homemade dog food recipes, I typically include serving sizes in the article.

I generally recommend feeding the below amount:

1/2-3/4 of a cup of food for every 25 pounds of body weight

While this doesn’t seem like a lot, you need to remember that a well-balanced homemade food meal is much more nutrient-dense than most commercial diets.

When you make homemade dog food, ideally, you’re using high-quality, whole-food ingredients rich in protein and moderate fat, carbohydrates, and vitamins.

On the other hand, commercial dog food brands are processed and contain fillers that are only added to the recipe to make your pet feel like they’ve had enough to eat.

Thankfully, homemade dog food does not include these types of ingredients .

This type of feeding is also better for your dog’s digestive tract and digestion and will reduce the amount of stool a dog creates.

It’s a win for you and the dog.

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What Veg Can Dog Eat

Vegetables Peas. Green peas are a completely safe and delicious addition to your dogs mealtime. Sweet potato. These root vegetables produce one of the best dietary sources of vitamin A and are also rich in fibre, vitamin C and B6, potassium, calcium and iron. Beans. Carrots. Avocado. Mushrooms. Onions/garlic. Cabbage.

What Are The Healthiest Foods For Dogs

Should you Cook for your Dog

The good news is there are tons of great human foods you can give your dog!

Some of the best foods to serve are:

  • Meats: turkey, chicken, pork
  • Fruits: apples, bananas, seedless watermelon
  • Peanut butter

However, keep it in mind that its all in moderation. While table scraps are fine every now and then, it shouldnt be an everyday event. Your dog has unique nutritional needs, so simply making another serving of your familys dinner and giving it to your pup can be risky if youre not paying attention.

Here are some examples:

  • While carrots are an awesome treat that can even help remove plaque from your pups teeth, too much Vitamin A can be toxic.
  • White rice can help with an upset stomach, but too much can cause a rise in blood sugar.
  • Potatoes can be a great treat, but its better to mix with fiber-rich sweet potatoes.
  • Eggs must be fully cooked, as raw eggs can lead to biotin deficiency in dogs.
  • If youre serving fish, take special care to remove all bones, which your dog can choke on.
  • Peanut butter should be unsalted, with no added sugar or sweeteners.

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Adding Yogurt To My Dogs Homemade Food Will Cover His Needs For Calcium

Dogs actually require very high levels of calcium and adding yogurt to your homemade dog food recipe probably wont cut it. Consider this a 75-pound dog requires about 2,000mgs of calcium per day, or 14,000mgs per week. A diet of turkey, ground lamb, liver, sardines, brown rice, and squash provides about 1,750mgs of calcium. This means that you need to provide an additional 12,000mgs per week which equates to about 40 cups of yogurt it is extremely unlikely that your dog will eat that much yogurt in a week and, even if he did, it would put him over his daily recommended calorie intake.

Video Answer: My Homemade Dog Food Recipe

Raw meat is likely to contain harmful bacteria like Salmonella, Listeria, E. coli and more. Cooking meat to a safe temperature kills off those harmful bacteria. By feeding uncooked meat, there’s a higher risk your dog will develop a foodborne illness or other type of bacterial infection.

Raw meat is likely to contain harmful bacteria like Salmonella, Listeria, E. coli and more. Cooking meat to a safe temperature kills off those harmful bacteria. By feeding uncooked meat, there’s a higher risk your dog will develop a foodborne illness or other type of bacterial infection.

So we simply do not feed any meat that can cause trichinosis. Meats that cause trichinosis include, but are not limited to: bear pork wolf lynx seal walrus wolverine round squirrels fox The interesting thing is, and I don’t have an answer for this, but the Inuit always fed their huskies raw seal meat and probably raw walrus meat too.

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Tools For Making Homemade Dog Food

In addition to cooking your dog’s food in a dutch oven, you also have the option of making it in a crockpot or Instant Pot. This makes cooking the food extra easy as you can put all the ingredients in and let your slow cooker work its magic. Another option is baking a dog-friendly meatloaf in the oven in a Pyrex dish or a disposable meatloaf pan. You can slice it up in single-meal portions and freeze it.

Can I Feed My Dog Chicken And Rice Every Day

Homemade Dog Food Recipes Vet Approved

Yes, you can feed your dog chicken and rice every day, but this shouldnt be the only thing that your dog is getting.

Chicken is a protein source, and rice fulfills carbs needs. But, in addition to proteins and carbs, your dog needs vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that should also be included in the diet.

So, do feed chicken and rice but add different veggies as well.

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How Much And When Should You Feed Your Dog

This will vary from dog to dog, but a general rule of thumb is for every 10 lbs your dog weighs they should be fed roughly 1 cup of prepared food.

For our 80 lb Hooch, that means 2 meals a day each containing 4 cups of food. It is important to note that, dogs with kidney problems often feel better when fed several small meals throughout the dayrather than just one or two large meals, so you may find that you need to adjust your feeding schedule as time goes on accordingly to keep your pup comfy!

Okay But Is It Actually Better

Many of these fresh pet food brands are marketed as being human-grade or say they dont contain fillers, but that doesnt mean theyre better than traditional pet food. The fillers in pet food are grains or carbohydratessuch as corn, soy, or wheatthat offer your pet nutritional value. Preservatives extend the shelf life, flavor, and smell of pantry pet foods and typically go through quality-control testing by the FDA or another governing body, to ensure the food is still safe for your pet to consume.

The Association of American Feed Control Officials defines human-grade food as being suitable for human consumption, meaning all ingredients must be safe for humans to eat. Bullen explained that feed grade can be defined as being suitable for animal consumption. But the distinction may not be much more than marketing when youre talking about a dog who likes to eat leftovers out of the trash. There are so many things that would make food feed grade rather than human grade that wouldnt harm the animal in any form or fashion, Bullen said. A prime example of feed grade would be poultry by-product meal, which can consist of poultry liver, spleen, or kidneys, but would not include poultry feathers or feet.

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Feeding A Dog Is No More Difficult Than Feeding A Child

The first reason why you should consider home cooking for dogs is because it is really simple. It is no different from feeding a child.

You dont have to be precise with milligrams of calcium and vitamins, and carbs. You just have to use natural and fresh ingredients. And they have all the required nutrition in them.

You only have to make a list of foods that you are going to serve your dog. And this list of foods should be diverse.

You have to balance between meat, veggies, chicken, grains, or any other food item that your dog loves to eat.

Bam Kick Your Dog’s Food Up A Notch


While some people feed their dogs only home-cooked food, it doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing proposition. Unless your dog has to eat homemade food for a specific health reason, you can feed your pet a mixture of store-bought food and food that you prepare in your kitchen.

Even if you don’t cook for your dog full time, you can still cook on occasion to provide a healthy alternative to their regular diet. Just be sure to discuss the diet with your veterinarian and get accurate information on appropriate supplements to add for a truly balanced meal.

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Why You Shouldnt Cook Raw Dog Food

Feeding raw dog food to your dog is the best way to provide them with the nutrients they need, in the way that nature intended. This is why the raw dog food diet is also known as the BARF diet, which stands for biologically appropriate raw foods.

So, why is raw dog food so good for your dog, and why is it fed raw and not cooked? In this article, we will explain why cooking raw dog food is not advisable, and share some tips on storing and serving it properly too.

Can I cook raw dog food?

Raw dog food is carefully chosen, prepared, and stored in such a way that feeding it raw to dogs is not only totally safe, but also provides optimum nutrition in a digestible, highly appealing format.

The process of cooking a food of any type does more than just heating it up it changes the nutrient levels and alters the qualities of the food on a cellular level, which is exactly what we, as people, are looking for when we cook meals that were designed to be heated.

However, raw dog food isnt intended to be heated, nor to undergo the changes that cooking causes, and cooking raw dog food can cause a range of problems for your dog.

Dogs dont eat cooked food in nature

Eating hot food is not something that dogs were designed for, in terms of both the serving temperature, and the fundamental changes that are brought about during the cooking process.

Youll lose nutrients

Cooked bones can be dangerous

It negates the purpose of feeding raw

Food Poisoning Symptoms In Dogs

If your dog has consumed raw meat, youll want to watch out for symptoms of food poisoning.

Many of the symptoms of food poisoning in dogs are the same as the ones humans experience, such as:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Green Beans
  • Melon

For more advice on which human foods are safe for dogs, we have an article that will help.

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Tips For Making Your Dogs Food At Home:

  • If youre not ready to make the leap to cooking all of your dogs food, try just adding some real, whole foods to their kibble. You can start with simply stirring in a scrambled egg, mixing in some chopped apples or carrots, or adding a small amount of the homemade dog food in with their normal kibble.
  • You should be able to serve this homemade dog food to your dog either hot or cold. Ive found that dogs love this dog food so much, that they are not picky about how its served.
  • Its not usually a good idea to abruptly change your dogs food. Start transitioning them to homemade food by mixing some of this in with their regular food or kibble for a few days until they are used to the new food. Your dogs belly will thank you. And again, remember to always discuss with your vet before feeding your pet something new.
  • To give your dog a variety of different nutrients, use different meats, fruits, and vegetables to make your dogs food. However, if your dog has a sensitive stomach, it might be best to stick to one combination that you know works.

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