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Should Dogs Eat Raw Food

Do Raw Fed Dogs Have Less Smelly Poop

Why Your Dog Should Eat Raw Food

Yes! After a while, it’s easy to forget that dog poop is less smelly. When Rodrigo’s digestive enzymes kicked in, I began to pick up a difference in poop smell. While the other dogs didn’t have strong smelling poop, I could always sniff out Rodrigo’s poop. in the yard. I can’t explain the way his poop smelled, just that I could smell it, sometimes across the property if the wind was right. When it was that bad, I knew he was having a rough day.

Now that Rodrigo’s gut issues are squared away, I’m happy that ALL of my dogs have less smelly poop.

What Is A Raw Food Diet For Dogs

A raw food diet is one that does not contain cooked items. Unlike traditional, processed dog food, raw food diets do not come in a kibble or canned form. Freeze-dried and frozen options do exist for dog owners that appreciate convenience but still want to offer raw food. Fresh meat, often still on the bone, along with vegetables, grains, organ meats, eggs, fruit, and even some dairy may be part of a homemade, raw diet. Various recipes can be found online but some dog owners don’t follow a recipe.

Benefit Of Raw Feeding Dogs

For years, many pet owners have turned to raw diets as a solution food, and the results have been amazing. Feeding your dog as nature intended means that they will get nutrients from sources that their bodies are designed to digest, leading to improved overall health.

If you are looking for honest answers to your burning raw food questions, then this guide is for you. You will be able to understand why everyone is so obsessed with raw feeding and be able to confidently decide if feeding raw dog food is right for your pet.

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Transitioning Your Dog From Dry Food To Raw

Its important to remember that transitioning your dog to a new diet is a slow process. Below is a rough schedule you can use for this dietary shift.

If you notice your dog isnt feeling well, you should go back a day in the transition plan and proceed at a slower pace. For example, if your dog struggles with 50% serving, shift back to 40% serving for another day or two before moving forward.

Another thing wed like to mention is that raw diets are only safe for dogs 12 weeks and older.

  • Day 1: Feed 75% of your current food and mix in 25% of the raw food in each serving to start the adjustment period for clean digestion.
  • Day 2: Adjust to feeding 60% of your old food and mix in 40% of the raw food in each serving.
  • Day 3: Feed 50% of your old food, mixed with 50% of the raw food per serving.
  • Day 4: Feed 40% of your old food, mixed with 60% of the raw food per serving.
  • Day 5: Feed 25% of your old food, mixed with 75% of the raw food per serving.
  • Day 6: Feed 90-100% of the raw food at this point you should be very close to a clean digestive transition period.

Break the daily serving size into two meals per day: one in the morning and one in the evening.

Bottom Line: Every Pup Is Unique

How Much Food Should I Feed My Dog on a Raw Diet?

Just because your furry friend gobbles up a raw meat diet, that doesnt mean its right for all dogs. Some animals might never be able to switch due to food sensitivities or other health issues. We strongly emphasize discussing your dogs specific needs with your vet before making any dietary changes and being patient in the process. Remember that any diet change can cause some stomach issues.

If your dog does get sick or needs medical attention, see a vet right away and consider getting pet insurance now so if a need arises, your medical costs would be partially covered for any exams and medications of issues that exclude pre-existing conditions. Learn more about the benefits and if pet insurance may be a good fit for you. You might also check out these other homemade dog food recipes that contain cooked food as an alternative to raw.

Why are you considering a raw diet? Have you tried it with your pup?

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Myth #: A Raw Meat Diet Isnt A Balanced Diet

One of the main myths that big pet food companies spread when it comes to discouraging dog owners from feeding a raw diet is that it isnt balanced, and doesnt provide for all of your dogs nutritional requirements.

Its true that feeding your dog a juicy steak wont provide all of the nutrients he needs to thrive. But, this isnt what a commercially prepared raw diet or a proper homemade diet is about.

Feeding a raw diet to your dog is about much more than just meat. Dogs fed a raw diet require variety in their meals to provide all of the vitamins and minerals they need for optimum nutrition. You also need to add bones, essential fatty acids and crucial supporting vitamins and minerals to make a balanced diet that will keep your dog fit for life.

Transitioning To Raw Dog Food

Making the switch to raw dog food is different for every dog. Some easily swap from one diet to the next with no adverse effects, while others need a slower and softer transition.

You understand your dog better than anyone. How you transition should reflect what you know of your dog’s eating habits and sensitivities. Their feeding routine should also suit your daily schedule.

Start by determining how much to feed your dog. This will make it easier to be consistent during the transition and track changes and issues in their digestion, appearance, and energy.

Once you’ve found the food or recipe you want to feed, you’ll need to decide how to introduce your dogs new food. There are many different ways to transition your dog to raw food, but here are the three most common methods:

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A New Study Raises Concerns About Raw Meat Based Dog Food But Not For The Reasons You Think

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Just as many people are trying to eat less processed food to improve their health, some dog owners are turning away from conventional pet food. Instead theyre trying to get back to what they see as a more traditional butchers dog diet of raw meat, albeit with pre-prepared products that can be served easily and frozen for convenience.

A recent study has raised concerns about the health risks of these raw meat-based diet products as possible sources of some bacterial and parasitic diseases. But just how big a problem is this, and who is really at risk?

First its worth pointing out that the evidence for the health advantages of raw meat-based diets is limited. Some research suggests they may enhance an animals overall digestion . But robust comparative studies are rare and there are still concerns about whether some of these diets provide enough nutritional value.

Domestic dogs arent like wild carnivores. They have been evolving alongside humans for approximately 30,000 years, and their diet has been shaped by our own food and environment. They can easily survive on a mixed diet, often on waste from human settlements, and have even evolved to digest starch.

But dogs can become carriers of these bacteria and spread them through their faeces, which can lead to serious illness in humans.

Minimising the risks

Why Raw Dog Food

TASTE TEST! Should you feed your dog RAW FOOD?

The idea of a raw diet for dogs took off after Australian veterinarian Dr. Ian Billinghurst published a book about how dogs would thrive on an evolutionary diet that sustained them before they were domesticated, consisting primarily of raw meat, organs, bones and vegetables.

Torres is empathetic toward pet owners who are considering the raw food diet, because she sees their perspective as a want to do the best for their pet.

“It’s somewhat of a sensitive topic, because I think there’s a lot of passion around nutrition in general from a pet owner’s perspective, and really a strong desire to want to feed the best,” Torres says.

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Raw Diets For Puppies And Seniors

During developmental stages, both puppies and senior dogs have an increased requirement for certain nutrients. Their bodies are growing and changing rapidly, so their diets need to supply the right types and quantities of nutrients required to support this growth. These three factors need to be considered when feeding a raw diet to dogs of different life stages:

What Are The Health Benefits Of Eggs For Dogs

Eggs have some amazing health benefits for dogs. Theyre a complete food source. After all, they have all the nutrients a baby chick needs to grow inside the egg until it hatches into a chicken. Here are some of the important nutrients in eggs.

ProteinEggs are one of the most complete sources available of amino acids, the building blocks of protein By adding eggs to your dogs meals, youre boosting the protein in his diet.

Vitamins And MineralsEggs are a nutritional powerhouse, with a wide range of nutrients, such as

  • Vitamin A
  • Fatty acids

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How To Get Your Dog Started On A Raw Diet

Now that youre well-informed about the advantages of feeding raw, its time to get started! Here are some steps to transition your dog to the B.A.R.F. diet:

If your dog is new to raw food, transition slowly. The complete transition can often be accomplished within a week however, the key is to go slowly, as you would with any dietary change. Puppies can generally transition over the course of a few days, as they typically have healthier digestive systems than older dogs. The older the dog, the longer you should take to transition to the new raw diet.

To start, we recommend fasting your dog for a half day to a full day prior to the first meal to ensure a good appetite, and then feed a little bit to see how he or she handles the fresh food. If all is well, continue replacing a little bit of the original diet with the new raw diet.

Monitor your pet. If your pet experiences loose stools, wait until the stool is firm to continue the transition.

Slow Transition For Your Dog New To The Raw Diet

Raw Dog Food Pros And Cons: Should I Feed My Dog Raw ...

The simple key to raw food transition is to go slowly. Moreover, it depends upon your dogs age and life stage to shift on a raw diet. Simply, if your dog is senior, it will take much more time for a complete transition than a young dog.

For instance, young dogs have a healthy digestive system that can adapt to raw feeding quickly within a few days. While for an adult or senior dog, at least one week is required for a complete transition to raw feeding.

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Raw Dog Food Diet: Concerns Overblown

Supporters of raw dog food diets are quick to point out that commercially processed pet foods can contain harmful bacteria, as can raw meat offered for human consumption.

The whole concern about bad bacteria is overblown, Knueven says. When people are feeding a raw diet they know its not sterile, and theyre more careful about washing their hands. Feeding a raw meat diet is no different than cooking chicken for the family … you have to clean up the counter and your knife.


The FDA guidance document also suggested that manufacturers address typical nutrition problems in a raw-meat diet, including making sure it contained enough calcium and phosphorous, important for bone health. Raw-meat diets high in liver also may supply too much vitamin A, which can lead to vitamin A toxicity if fed for an extended period.

Even veterinarians like Knueven who support raw dog food diets say that theyre not appropriate for all dogs. Because the diets are typically high in protein, they arent appropriate for dogs with late-stage kidney or severe liver failure.

He recommends that dogs with pancreatitis or other digestive issues start with a cooked, homemade diet and clear up problems before switching to raw. Dogs with cancer, on chemotherapy, or dogs with other immunosuppressive diseases also should not eat raw food. And puppies arent good candidates, either.

Traveling With Raw Food

Feeding your dog healthy raw food takes a little more effort than just throwing down a bowl of kibble. Preparing their daily meal , takes me 10 to 15 minutes. And I do have to do more clean up throughout the process, and after, so I dont get raw meat all over the kitchen. So, its reasonable to expect that taking your dogs new diet on the road is going to take a little more planning, and time, too.

When we leave the dogs at home, with a caretaker, weve just been buying the pre-made patties to make their lives as easy as possible. Ive been keeping a box around just in case were crunched on time, having a bad day, or other real world considerations like that.

What about camping? Well, the Dometic comes along when were car or 4×4 camping, but for a recent backpacking trip I found premade freeze-dried patties to be an ideal solution. Just like human backpacking food, all the weight is sucked out of those, making them ideal on the trail, but theyre easily rehydrated with even cool water in camp. Theyre expensive , but I really appreciated the weight savings, and Wiley enjoyed eating them.

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Is Feeding Raw Meat To A Dog Messy

Yes, it certainly can be. Dogs are not very neat when they are eating raw meat. The best place to feed your dog on a raw food diet is your backyard if possible. Other people will have an area in a room with a small tarp on the floor making it easier to clean. Other people will use their garage, an area of an outside deck, or an unused room. Or you can feed your dog in his crate which keeps the mess confined to a smaller area which is easier to clean. This is obviously one of the disadvantages to a raw food diet for dogs. It can get a bit messy and if you feed something like a whole rabbit, you almost certainly dont want that in your house while its being consumed!

Lemons And Limes: Cant Eat

What My Dogs Eat In A Week | Feeding Raw Meat & Bone

Lemons and limes can be toxic to your dog.

This is because the skins of lemons and limes contain a substance called psoralen, which can cause dogs to have gastrointestinal symptoms like vomiting and diarrhea .

If very large amounts of psoralen are consumed by dogs, more severe symptoms, such as muscle tremors, difficulty walking, liver failure and death, can result.

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Safety Practices When Handling And Serving Raw Chicken

Whether you are using raw chicken as part of your dogs regular meals, or as treats, you should always observe safety practices and quality control measures. This includes buying chicken from a trusted farmer or buying fresh chicken from the grocery store.

Make sure to wash the chicken thoroughly, and clean your dogs mouth and his eating area with soap and water after he is done. Rinse her off well after. Dont let him run around with a chicken in his mouth, as the juice can scatter all over your place and provide a breeding place for bacteria.

You may also want to use a pet-friendly disinfectant in all the places that may have been contaminated by the raw chicken. All of these basic cleaning practices and safety measures are nothing compared to the stress and anxiety that you would have to endure if ever your dog gets ill.

Dont skip a step. And if you may just stick to feeding your dog nutritious dog foods with occasional healthy and safe pet treats.

Of course, dont forget to play with your pup and give him regular exercise so he can have a happier and longer life with you and your kids. After all, your dog isnt just a pet he is part of your family.

Your Dog Makes The Decision For You Not All Dogs Are Food Obsessed Many Are Not Interested In Eating Twice A Day Others Choose To Fast Themselves From Time To Time When A Meal Is Presented Honor This And Dont Force Your Dog To Eat Twice A Day If They Dont Want To Assist With Housebreaking Once A Day Feeding Can Lessen The Number Of Bathroom Trips And Will Allow You To Control When Your Dog Goes Poop This Is Especially Important For Dog Owners Who Cant Let Their Dogs Out Throughout The Day Its Ancestral Dogs In The Wild Have Long Breaks Between Their Meals Feeding Once Per Day Better Mimics This Routine Feeding Once Per Day Keeps The Doctor Away Once A Day Feeding Puts Your Dogs In A Semi

Absolutely. In fact, once a day feeding is a great way to mimic nature. In the wild, wolves eat only when they can catch food. Wolves and other wild dogs arent eating 3 times per day, or even 2 times per day. Theyre lucky if they eat once per day. Instead, wolves and wild dogs are fasting for 18+ hours. And they do this while running around, expending energy looking for their next meal.But dont worry.Like their wolf counterpart, dogs evolved with a superior capacity for fasting they can handle eating less often. And many argue this is how we should feed them.Heres the rationale behind once-a-day feeding:

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