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Reviews Of Iams Dog Food

Dont Feed This To Your Dog

Iams Adult Lamb and Rice Dog food review

Worst Dog food! My uncle and I both fed our dogs Iams and both of our dogs had bloody diarrhea! My uncles dog was hospitalized and cost him over 800$ He fed his dog chicken and rice until he felt better and then gave him the Iams again and once again he was sick! Clearly it was the dog food. We changed brands and no more health problems! The Iams people should eat there own food!Read Full Review

Protein Sources In Iams Proactive Health Dog Food: Chicken And Fish

Chicken is one of the main ingredients in most Iams Proactive Health products. Keep in mind that many of the recipes feature chicken by-product meal, which is a lower-quality ingredient. Still, chicken is an excellent source of protein and contains chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine, which promotes joint health.

Salmon and ocean fish offer the other type of protein source found in certain Iams Proactive Health recipes. While it may be listed as fish meal, which is a lower-quality byproduct, your dog will still benefit from this good source of omega-3 fatty acids, which encourage healthy skin and a lustrous coat.

Grains: Corn And Wheat

Iams Proactive Health relies on corn and wheat ingredients as its source of grains in its dog foods, except for its grain-free recipe. Corn and wheat are moderately beneficial choices. They have their merits for providing carbohydrates and promoting energy. However, your dog may not easily digest the corn or the wheat. In the end, these may act as more of a filler than a nutritional source.

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Iams Dry Dog Food Products

Iams offers dozens of different dry dog food recipes divided amongst multiple product lines. The ProActive Health line of products features life stage- and breed size-specific formulas. The Premium Protection line offers advanced nutrition options for puppies through mature adults.

The Healthy Naturals line features quality proteins and carbohydrates while the Veterinary Formula line addresess specific health problems. The Iams website also lists two additional product lines Iams So Good and Iams Naturistics though they do not provide any information about these products and they do not appear to be available for sale.

Here is a list of Iams dry dog food recipes:

ProActive Health Recipes:

  • Smart Puppy Small & Toy Breed
  • Smart Puppy Large Breed
  • Adult Optimal Weight Large Breed
  • Senior Plus
  • Mature Adult Small & Toy Breed
  • Mature Adult Large Breed
  • Adult Optimal Weight Large Breed

Premium Protection Recipes:

  • Skin & Coat Plus Response FP
  • Skin & Coat Plus Response KO
  • Intestinal Plus Low-Residue Adult
  • Glucose & Weight Control Plus Optimum Weight Control
  • Weight Loss/Mobility Plus Restricted Calorie

Healthy Naturals Recipes:

  • Adult Grain-Free Salmon & Red Lentils
  • Adult with Lamb & Rice
  • Adult Weight Management with Chicken

Iams Dog Food Recalls

Iams Dog Food Review

Unfortunately, the Iams dog food recall history is far from spotless. Mass manufacturing takes its toll, and, at some point, the products were removed from the shelves almost every year.

For instance, in 2010, the company recalled all sizes and varieties of Iams Veterinary Dry Formulas, as they were potentially contaminated with salmonella, though no related illnesses were reported. The same issue reoccurred in 2013 and resulted in a larger-scale recall of several Iams products, including Iams Dog Food Healthy Naturals Chicken Adult, Iams Dog Food ProActive Health Large Breed Senior Plus, Iams Dog Food ProActive Health Small Breed Puppy. And 2011 saw the Iams ProActive Health Smart Puppy recall due to the aflatoxin level exceeding acceptable norms.

Apparently, Iams tightened the manufacturing safety protocols, as I couldn’t find any mention of a recall since 2013. Still, within the last decade, the company removed several popular products from its lineup. The list includes Iams Sensitive Stomach dog food and all Iams Grain Free dog food products. And you won’t find Iams salmon dog food, as it was removed from circulation after the company decided to focus on chicken-based formulas.

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I Had Used Iams Weight Control For My Beloved Pet For

Written on: 12/09/2010 byLuvMyPups

I had used IAMS Weight control for my beloved pet for over 2-1/2 years. It was the vet formula. Yes, my guy did loose weight. For me it is a NIGHTMARE. I will never ever patronize IAMS again. My dog is terribly ill do to the food and contamination. This corporation has had 2 recalls on the products manufactured in 2007 and 2010. When I contacted IAMS they were rude and insensitive to say the least. I would discourage everyone from using IAMS dog food. I encourage everyone to callRead Full Review

Pdp: Accordion: Detail: Block480 Product Description

Give your dog the taste of a home-cooked meal with IAMS PROACTIVE HEALTH Adult Wet Dog Food. Our wholesome moist dog foods are made with natural ingredients, such as beef and rice in a savory broth for a taste dogs can’t resist. Vet recommended IAMS PROACTIVE HEALTH also is formulated with omega fatty acids to promote healthy skin and a soft, shiny coat. Plus, with added vitamins and minerals, you can feel good knowing that your dog’s favorite wet food offers complete and balanced nutrition for adult canine maintenance. Make dinnertime special with IAMS PROACTIVE HEALTH Adult Ground Wet Dog Food.

  • Our classic pate meal is made with high quality animal proteins plus vitamins and minerals to support a strong immune system
  • This complete and balanced wholesome canned dog food is formulated with omega fatty acids to promote healthy skin and a soft coat for optimal health
  • IAMS Wet Dog Food is made with hearty tural ingredients, and slow cooked in real broth for a taste dogs can’t resist
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    Iams Dog Food Product Line

    Iams has smartly organized its dog food along lines based on your dogs age, size, and breed. This makes it easy for you to choose the products best suited to your pup or adult dog and meet their special nutritional requirements.

    • Food for each stage of a dogs life from puppy to adult to senior dog
    • Healthy weight products designed to help your dog get to its ideal weight
    • Sensitive skin and stomach products for dogs who have food sensitivities
    • Breed specific recipes to optimize what each kind of dog needs whether it is a fussy eater like a Yorkshire Terriers or a Labrador Retriever that needs nutrition to keep its coat looking glossy.

    Iams is available in both dry and wet formulas..

    Tip: Give Your Dog Supplements


    My vet said this recipe was very well balanced.

    However to assure me that my dog was getting all the proper vitamins that my dog might need, he suggested I give my dog VetriScience Canine Multi Pro – Extra Vitamins, Minerals, Essential Fatty Acids, and Probiotics – Important for Homemade and Raw Diets – 60 Soft Bite-Sized Chews

    He would suggest this supplement for my dog if he was eating store bought food as well.

    You can find cheaper supplements if you do some research. This is just the brand we use.

    My dog is also older. He is at the age where he needs joint supplements.

    He is a picky eater and has snubbed his nose at several different joint supplements that I have tried to offer him.

    I buy the beef flavor. It is all natural with great ingredients.

    He thinks he is eating a treat when I give him his little square chew!

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    I Had To Bury My Dog Today

    We thought we were feeding my dog a healthy brand of dog food.Nope like one the review weres they said that their dogs had a bad case of diarrhea.It got so bad for her after only a few days she refused to eat she got the dehydrated because shell probably afraid that if she drank any water she would just have diarrhea and as of 10:30 this morning my dog is gone. And by 2:30 I had to bury her. She was a rescue dog we had our fights but over the last four years five months she became myRead Full Review

    Easy Homemade Dog Food Crockpot Recipe With Ground Chicken

    If your dog is picky about the food he eats or suffers from food allergies, here is a homemade dog food crockpot recipe that helps my dog. Enjoy!

    Are you wanting to make your own dog food? This is an easy homemade dog food crockpot recipe.

    Just throw all the ingredients in the crockpot and cook for a couple of hours.

    The result is a healthy, homemade dog food that your furry family member will love!

    My dog has had food allergies FOREVER! I have tried almost every dog food under the sun from expensive to EXPENSIVE.

    Finally, I had it and decided to look into making my own. I was shocked how easy it is.

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    Best For Weight Loss: Iams Proactive Adult Healthy Weight Dry Dog Food

    Sadly, many dogs today gain more weight than they should. Excessive weight gain may lead to all sorts of health problems, which can be a serious issue for many dogs. If your canine has a hard time staying a healthy weight, we recommend Iams Proactive Healthy Weight.

    This formula includes chicken to provide lean protein and plenty of amino acids. This food contains a high level of whole grains, which provide extra fiber. This fiber may help keep your dog full, which can lower the number of calories your dog eats.

    Iams added L-carnitine to this food, which may improve your dogs metabolism. While this wont help them lose tons of weight, it can provide some encouragement for very overweight dogs.

    • Formulated to help attain and maintain a healthy weight
    • Includes chicken for lean protein
    • Features a high level of whole grains for extra fiber so dogs feel full longer
    • Also includes L-carnitine to improve your dog’s metabolism
    • Maintaining a healthy weight can prevent a variety of serious health issues

    Price And Delivery Time

    Iams ProActive Health Weight Control with Real Chicken Adult Dry Dog ...

    The cost of the iams wet dog food review is a critical consideration during the purchasing process. However, although some iams wet dog food review are pricey due to their quality or functionality, others are not. To avoid overcharging, it is essential to pay attention to these factors. In addition, the product’s arrival time is critical, and it should be as brief as possible.

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    What Kinds Of Dog Food Does Iams Offer

    We found 20 different Iams recipes currently listed on the brands web site. That includes kibbles and wet foods. They include kibbles based on age and size, kibbles based on special dietary needs, and wet dog food.

    Iams veterinary formulas were discontinued in the U.S. and Canada in 2017. Several other Iams product lines have also been discontinued, especially more expensive formulas with more meat protein.

    Iams snacks and savory sauces are no longer shown on their web site. According to the information we found, they have been discontinued.

    Perfect Portions Healthy Adult Cuts In Gravy Chicken Review

    Most cats find wet cat food extremely appealing and the above offering from Iams is likely to be no different.

    The recipe uses a large portion of Chicken which takes up the majority of the formula. This is a mix of Chicken and Chicken Liver.

    Organ meat such as Chicken Liver is an excellent addition and can provide additional protein and fat, along with beneficial vitamins and minerals.

    The recipe has minimal plant-matter but does contain a small portion of Tapioca which is used as a binding agent to hold the food together.

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    The Benefits Of Iams Proactive Health Dog Food

    Overall, the benefits of this brand of food are similar to the Healthy Naturals food brand in fact, many owners have cited the same sorts of benefits for this brand of food. While this food, in particular, is not meant to assist with animals who may have digestive issues, it is formulated to ensure the same types of positive traits in the long run for animals to ensure their overall health.

    Supports Healthy Digestion

    This is an important part of any dogs diet and is consistent across all Iams lines of food. The vitamins and minerals provided within these food brands ensures that the animals are receiving the vitamins and minerals that allow them to digest their food with ease, and prevent or reduce overall digestive issues, both presently and in the future.

    Promotes Good Energy Levels

    Energy levels are important in any dogs but especially in larger breeds of dogs, who may need to have more encouragement to move around more often. This blend of food provides animals with the energy required to ensure they are maintaining a good level of activity, joint and bone structure, and healthy weight throughout all phases of their lives. This is vital not only to the animals current health but also to the animals long term health.

    Healthy Skin and Coat

    Final Thought

    Heres The Deal With Iams I Have A 3 Year Old 95 Lb

    Iams dog food review episode 2

    Heres the Deal with Iams, I have a 3 year old 95 lb. WEIMARANER. Total Stud, super healthy and active, energy..ect.He has been on Iams since he was a puppy. Anyhow i tried Blue buffalo thinking hey , I need to go healthier.., he immediatly started ripping some stink bombs, even with just a 1/4 mixed in with his Iams. Even if I try to be nice and mix in some ground turkey or meat with his Iams he starts ripping more bombs, brutal!He is perfect with no weirdness at all with iams and some hotRead Full Review

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    Iams Large Breed Dog Food Vs Rachael Ray Large Breed Chicken Veggies & Barley Recipe

    Rachael Ray Large Breed Chicken, Veggies & Barley Recipe is another brand that large breed parents choose. This food is also made with real chicken and is garnished with vegetables and other nutrients. It is great for your dogs digestive health and provides immune support.

    IAMS Large Breed, however, offers the same but at a lower price. With IAMS Large Breed Dog Food, you also get muscle, dental, and breath care. Our review shows that IAMS Large Breed Dog Food is one of the best options to go for when it comes to your large breed dog food.

    Great Change For My New Dog

    After recently adopting a dog and a veterinarian recommendation, I decided to switch him to this dog food. I have seen a great improvement in his health, attitude, and appearance since changing to this food. During the switching process, there was very little “mess” to have to deal with that can sometimes be seen when switching a dog’s food, which made the change from Kibbles ‘n Bits to Iams so much easier! I also find that he has become more active since switching foods. Note, I did not switch the dog’s food as soon as I adopted him. I allowed him to adjust to his environment before switching the food. His coat has also appeared much shinier since switching the food. He is always getting compliments from other dog owners when visiting the dog park. After hearing such positive comments from the vet and seeing the overall changes in my dog, I would highly recommend switching a dog to Iams.Flavor SelectionNot very many choices when it comes to flavors


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    How Is Iams Dog Food Made

    IAMS Dog Food is well known for using premium quality products to develop their high-protein dog food recipes. All their recipes are free of gluten.

    IAMS Dog Food focuses on developing recipes tailored to the dietary needs of different breeds of dogs at different life stages.

    However, all of their recipes include fresh whole foods essential for the nutrient profile of any dog: beet pulp, chicken, corn, fruits, salmon, and ocean fish. All their ingredients are sourced locally and dont contain any GMO ingredients.

    Good Food But Best For Larger Dogs

    IAMS ProActive Health Adult Large Breed Dry Dog Food, 38.5

    My little Dachshund really liked this food but he had trouble chewing it up. He always picked out the smaller pieces and then he would try to nibble the larger chunks but he had trouble with them and would eventually give up and beg for a refill of food. What I had to do to be sure he was able to eat his food was put a bit of hot water in it and let it set until it got soggy. I would then mash it up so it turned into soft dog food and he could eat it. This was a bit of a hassle but he really liked this particular food. I eventually started doing this to his whole dish so he didn’t have to pick through it. Overall this is a good food but it doesn’t specify on the bag that it is for larger dogs. My small little dog had trouble chewing the larger chunks. I would prefer a smaller dog formula or a formula that was more friendly for little mouths and teeth. I still think it’s a good food, I just didn’t know when I purchased a large 25 lb bag that it was going to be so large that my Dachshund couldn’t chew it properly.Quality of IngredientsIt does have some good sounding ingredients and proteins in it but the fact that is has so many vegetables and grains in the ingredients list concerns me. Dogs are carnivores in nature.Flavor SelectionI didn’t have a lot of flavor choices at my local store.


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