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Rachel Ray Puppy Food Reviews

Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain Natural Beef Potato & Bison

Rachael Ray Nutrish vs Simply Nourish Dog food review

Our rating: 4.6Top Ingredients: Beef, Turkey Meal, and Whole Dried PotatoType: Grain-free dry dog foodDaily Feeding Cost: $0.87 per dayBest for adult dogs

Zero Grain Natural Beef, Potato and Bison recipe from Rachael Ray Nutrish is suitable for dogs with chicken allergies.

Like the other Zero Grain recipes, it doesnt have grain, corn, wheat, soy, gluten, artificial flavors, or preservatives. Its daily feeding cost is $0.87, the same as the Natural Salmon & Sweet Potato recipe.


  • With wholesome ingredients like bison, beet pulp, and potatoes
  • Added with zinc, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, taurine, and Vitamin E


Is Rachael Ray Nutrish A Good Dog Food Brand

Yes, Rachael Ray Nutrish is a dog food brand that offers a wide range of foods catering to all dog owners with every budget.

While their standard dog foods contain questionable ingredients, such as pea protein and grain sorghum, they offer premium products with high protein levels and grain-free options for the more discerning pet owner.

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Disadvantages Of Soft Dry Dog Food

While soft dry dog foods are known to be more nutrient-dense than regular kibble, not all brands can boast about having this quality. A lot of brands of semi-moist dog food might fall back when it comes to supplying the right quantity and quality of nutrition. In fact, a few kibble varieties may pack more health than semi-moist dog food. So research is very important before shifting to soft dry dog food.

Soft dry dog food is made from both dry kibble and wet dog food. So it is possible that there are a lot of additives and preservatives in semi-moist dog food. Because soft dry dog food tries to increase the shelf life of the food by making it only slightly dry, it may contain a lot of harmful preservatives that are used to lengthen its shelf life.

The ingredients in semi-moist dog food or soft dry dog food could be far from natural. To maintain its chewable quality and soft textures, there are additives and more added to the food. While most companies, of course, take care to not add food additives that may be harmful to dogs in general, you never know what your dog might be allergic to.

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Universal And Very Good Quality

So I am a foodie and I absolutely love Rachael Ray. When I got my new puppy who was about 10 weeks old I was looking for a puppy food that did not have any additives or chicken feet, beaks and etc. I saw the Rachael Ray dog food and decided to read the label. It was a good quality dog food that was good for puppies, young dogs, adults, and older dogs. It was very inexpensive and you could always get a coupon from Rachael Ray’s website. I also loved this product because she too is a dog owner and takes a lot of pride with her dog so if she is going to feed them this product to someone who is practically her kid then so would I. She holds a high reputation and that also helped me feel comfortable. I am able to get it at my local grocery super store and it is always in stock.


What Do Customers Think Of Rachael Ray Nutrish Cat Food

Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Dry Dog Food, Real Beef, Pea &  Brown Rice ...

Most Rachael Ray Nutrish customers seem to like the food, saying that it fits within their budget, their cats enjoy it. They also appreciate the companys philanthropic efforts.

Negative customers are offended by misleading labeling. While the company claims that Rachael Ray Nutrish foods are free of ground corn, several of their foods contain corn gluten meal, meaning theyre not corn-free products.

Lets take a look at a few real customer reviews selected from various popular Rachael Ray foods listed online.

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Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain Natural Salmon & Sweet Potato

Our rating: 4.8Top Ingredients: Salmon, Chicken Meal, Menhaden Fish MealType: Grain-free dry dog foodDaily Feeding Cost: $0.87 per dayBest for adult dogs

The Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain Natural Salmon & Sweet Potato dog food features real delicious salmon which is ideal for picky dogs and sweet potato as a great source of high-quality carbs.

This recipe is also suitable for dogs with allergies as it doesnt contain corn, wheat, soy, and gluten.


  • With omega fatty acids, zinc, and Vitamin E for healthy skin and shiny coat
  • Added with glucosamine and chondroitin to support joint health


Rachael Ray Nutrish: History & Background

Rachael Ray Nutrish is a dog food brand designed by celebrity chef Rachael Ray and manufactured by Ainsworth Pet Nutrition.

Ray developed the original recipes for her own pet pit bull, and a portion of the proceeds generated by the brand are donated to Rachaels Rescue a shelter for at-risk dogs and several other pet charities.

Ainsworth Pet Nutrition was originally started more than 75 years ago by George Ainsworth Lang, who sought to make safe, high-quality, and affordable pet foods that dogs and cats would love. Ainsworth Pet Nutrition is headquartered in Meadville, Pennsylvania, and Lang family members continue to play an important role in the companys leadership team.

It is a little difficult to determine where their foods are made based on the information from the companys website however, we placed a phone call to Ainsworth Pet Nutrition to find out.

Their representative indicated that all Rachel Ray dry foods are made in the USA, while the canned and wet foods are made in Thailand. However, the representative indicated that those made in Thailand were manufactured under the same standards as their US-made foods are.

Ainsworth Pet Nutrition is a reputable and respected manufacturer, whose foods meet USDA, FDA, and AAFCO standards. A few Rachel Ray Nutrish cat foods were voluntarily recalled by the manufacturer in 2015 for potentially elevated vitamin D levels, which can be dangerous for cats.

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What Are Todays Most Popular Rachel Ray Dog Food Models

There are many rachel ray dog food items accessible today for men and women seeking quality and reliability. Every rachel ray dog food model follows the same essential premise. But they appeal to various users.Its no secret that certain products appeal to specific populations. What if you could see which products were the most popular across all consumers? You can, and weve got the list. Check out our collection of products that appear to appeal to all ages, genders, and locations.

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Average To Below Average Protein Count

Rachael Ray Nutrish PEAK Dog Food

Based on four Rachael Ray dry dog foods which I will review later on, this dog food brand has a below-average protein count for its dry food products.

The average protein count for these formulas is 27% which is way lower compared to other dog food brands, especially those who are advertised as super-premium. Most of these brands have at least 30% protein with some reaching 40% or more.

Keep in mind that while the protein count is below average compared to other dog food brands, it is still well above the minimum set by the AAFCO. Overall, your pooch shouldnt experience any problems eating food with a moderate protein count, unless he is a working dog or overly active, in which case you should consider feeding him one of Rachael Rays Peak recipes which have a 30% protein count.

You should also consider that some of Rachael Ray dog foods contain pea protein that is cheaper than meat and will raise the protein count. While plant-based proteins arent bad, it is harder for dogs to extract valuable nutrients from plants than from meat.

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Thank Heavens For This Food

All of my dogs have mostly been perfectly healthy, but my Siberian husky has issues with his ears to where I guess there is a kind of drainage and it causes discomfort for him. We have tried multiple medications to help him with it, and while they cause a temporary fix, he still ends up having issues once again a day later I didn’t want him to keep being uncomfortable or even in pain, so I went asking around to my fellow dog owner friends to see if maybe they had a better solution that everything I was trying. My cousin had a dog with the same inner ear issues, and she said her Veterinarian found that processed chicken and corn in the dog foods could cause issues like this. She recommended this dog food to me, and although I have not been using it long, I can tell a very big difference in my dog’s ear issue, he seems to still have some irritation, but not nearly as much as before. Seeing as I have not tried any other remedies, I think I really have the food to thank. Would definitely recommend.


Rachael Ray Nutrish Supermedleys

A brand-new addition of SuperMedleys to Rachael Rays Nutrish line offers super-premium recipes formulated with the highest quality ingredients possible.

Superfood ingredients like spinach, pumpkin, and blueberries work together to support overall health with concentrated levels of antioxidants.

High levels of omega-3 fatty acids from flaxseed and fish oil also help promote healthy skin and coat.

These dog food products also have added taurine to support a healthy heart. Nearly every ingredient contributes to the nutritional support offered by this diet for the entire body.

These formulas are ideal for dogs who need additional brain, vision, or muscle support.

Lentils in this recipe offer a unique source of fiber and protein that helps support a healthy metabolism. However, these products do include soy. So they may not be suitable for some sensitive dogs.

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What Other Users Are Saying

Rachael Ray Nutrish is growing in popularity, often being listed as one of the better brands to purchase. Here are some things that are being said about this dog food line:

  • HerePup all of these ingredients are selected with care and with the backing of the nutrition experts at Nutrish.
  • Dog Food Guru we think this is good food and most dogs should do well on it.
  • Amazon As pet owners, we always double-check with Amazon reviews from buyers before we buy something. You can read these by clicking here.

Is Rachael Ray Nutrish Healthy For Your Dogs Growth

Rachael Ray Nutrish Bright Puppy Natural Premium Dry Dog Food, Real ...

Yes, Rachael Ray Nutrish provides your dog with a balanced meal to provide all the nutrients he needs to support his growth.

In addition, specific formulas such as the PEAK Open Prairie Recipe with Beef, Venison & Lamb Natural have been supplemented with glucosamine and chondroitin to support bone development further.

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Oils & Fats: Poultry Fat + Olive Oil

Fats are an important component of your dogs diet. In fact, dogs are capable of digesting foods with enough fat to cause most people to barf or go into a food coma.

Rachael Rays Real Chicken & Veggies Recipe has a couple of different sources of fat, namely poultry fat and olive oil. Poultry fat is a decent fat for dogs it is affordable and most dogs appear to find it delicious. However, it isnt as rich in omega-3 fatty acids as many fish oils are. Olive oil is a fantastic source of fat for dogs, and it is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids.

In total, Real Chicken & Veggies derives about 33% of its calories from fats, which is a reasonable amount that is similar to many other dog foods.

Rachael Ray Nutrish Wet / Canned Food

Although Rachel Ray Nutrish is primarily a dry-food brand, they do produce six different wet recipes.

You can purchase these recipes individually, but they also come in a 3-flavor variety pack. Note that these foods are all packaged in small, elongated tubs with plastic lids, rather than metal cans.

Wet foods usually have more protein per bite than dry kibbles, and many dogs go crazy for their taste and texture.

Accordingly, wet foods usually cost more than dry foods it can be very expensive to feed a large dog a completely wet diet. You may want to consider feeding your dog a combination of wet and dry foods, to get the best of both worlds.

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Best Rachael Ray Nutrish Dog Food Reviews

This post contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links, at no cost to food

But what is Nutrish dog food all about? Why should you consider feeding it to your dog? What are some of the best formulas available? In this review, well answer these questions and more. But first, lets take a look at the best Rachael Ray Nutrish Dog Food options that are on the market. Weve consulted with animal nutritionists and veterinarians to get their input about the features and ingredients that high quality dog foods should contain. We also read through several Rachael Ray Nutrish Dog food reviews to see what pet owners had to say. Our research has allowed us to narrow down the options and choose what we believe are the top five Nutrish dog food options.

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Best Rachael Ray Nutrish Formulas

Rachael Ray Nutrish Dish Dog Food | Chewy

In this review we focused mainly on the Rachael Ray Nutrish classic formula and their most popular recipe the Real Chicken & Veggies recipe.

But how to the other formulas stack up? Are there better options from the Nutrish line? Lets examine in more detail the other Rachael Ray Nutrish formulas, as mentioned earlier in the guide.

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Rachael Ray Nutrish Dish

Rachael Ray Nutrish Dish is a small collection of dog food products that feature whole food ingredients you can see.

U.S. farm-raised meat is always the first ingredient. And there is never any corn, wheat, gluten, or soy used in the formulas.

These dry dog food formulas feature real pieces of chicken, fruits, and vegetables mixed in with the kibble to reassure owners that their pets are receiving whole food nutrition.

Most dry dog food only includes highly processed pieces of kibble where the original ingredients are not visible.

Some dog owners feed whole food diets based on raw ingredients. But these homemade formulas often have nutritional deficiencies and imbalances. Rachael Rays dish line features pet foods that offer the best of both worlds.

Owners can choose between grain-free and grain inclusive recipes in this line up based on chicken or beef.

Rachael Ray Nutrish Peak Open Range Recipe Dry Dog Food

The Rachael Ray Nutrish Peak Open Range Recipe Dry Dog Food is one of the most popular formulas in the Peak line. Made of high-quality and nutritious ingredients, this food is formulated to fulfill your dogs instinctual cravings for meat.

Key Features

  • Several quality protein sources
  • Contains glucosamine and chondroitin

Lets start this Rachael Ray Peak dog food review with its main ingredient, beef, which is combined with chicken meal, lamb meal, venison, and menhaden fish meal. Together, these ingredients create 30% crude protein which supports strong muscles and will help your dog to stay active all day long.

Dried peas and whole dried potatoes are the easily digestible carbohydrates used in this food. And since this formula doesnt contain grains or gluten, it may be a good choice if you are looking for a high-protein food for a dog who has allergies and a sensitive stomach.

Chicken fat and whole flaxseed create 15% crude fat and support healthy skin and coat. Besides added vitamins and minerals, the Open Range Recipe also contains glucosamine and chondroitin which support joint health.


  • Omega-3 & -6 fatty acids support healthy skin and coat


  • May not be the best choice if your dog is an extremely picky eater

The Rachael Ray Nutrish Peak Open Range Recipe Dry Dog Food is one of the best formulas this brand has to offer. It has several meat sources, it is high in protein, and is overall a great option if you want to avoid allergies and digestive issues.

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Sweet Potatoes And Whole Dried Potatoes

Sweet potatoes and whole dried potatoes work as a source of fiber, nutrients, and carbohydrates, particularly in recipes that contain no grains.

Suppose picking between the two, sweet potatoes will offer your dog much more nutrients, vitamins, and minerals than regular potatoes.

The best Rachael Ray Nutrish recipe added with sweet potatoes is the Zero Grain Natural Salmon & Sweet Potato recipe. In contrast, the best formula crafted with potatoes is the Zero Grain Natural Turkey and Potato.

Wouldnt it be nice if one morning you got up and found out that all your dogs allergies, digestive, and skin problems disappeared like magic? Just like they do in the movies! Whoosh! your dog running amuck inside the house and you are as happy as you can get!

I had to go through great lengths to cure my dogs from allergies and digestive issues. I changed the whole diet plan. When choosing any dog food , I am a bit skeptical. Before I chose todays brand, I did some checking of my own. I read dozens of Rachael Ray Dog Food Reviews online and checked with neighbors before I Zeroed in on this product.

I particularly liked the Nutrish and the Grain Free lineup of products this brand offers. Now, after three months of using these pallets, here is my own review of Rachael Ray Dog Diet.

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