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Purina Pro Plan Dog Food Reviews

What Others Are Saying

Dog food review: Costco Kirkland’s Chicken and Rice vs Purina Pro Plan Chicken and Rice

Weve taken a closer look at popular recipes from the Purina Pro Plan SAVOR line, but what do other reviewers have to say about these formulas overall? Here are a few thoughts from across the web:

Dog Food Mentor: Many dog owners like to avoid corn in grain-based dog foods however, if your dog doesnt have any allergies or digestion problems, theres no reason to exclude it.

Pet Fashion Week: Its worth noting, however, that this food may not be a good choice for dogs with sensitive stomach and skin as it contains corn, soy, and wheat, which are allergenic grains.

DogFoodAdvisor: Purina Pro Plan Savor is a dry dog food using a moderate amount of named meat and by-product meals as its main source of animal protein.

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The Worst Large Breed Formula: Purina Pro Plan Focus Adult Large Breed Beef & Rice Entre Chunks In Gravy

Purina Pro Plan FOCUS Adult Large Breed Beef & Rice Entrée Chunks in Gravy is wet food, which is why water is listed first, but we dont like the fact that it is the first ingredient. Again, that should be meat, especially when it comes to the best large breed dry dog food.

We like that this canned Purina grub contains real meat, such as beef, liver, and chicken. What we like less is that, again, we find wheat gluten, unnamed by-products, and added color among the first dozen items on the label. Rice is also a questionable ingredient is it whole grain, is it white rice or brown rice? We dont know, and it would make a difference nutritionally.

The verdict: there are too many unanswered questions about this blend for us to recommend, so we say pass.

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20 mg/kg

What Formulas Does Purina Pro Plan Dog Food Have

Pro Plan has many dry and wet dog foods for puppies, adult dogs, and senior dogs of all breeds and special needs. For example, Purina Pro Plan weight management dog food is available in both wet and dry form. Other specialized diets include low-fat options, food for dogs with allergies, cognitive health support, and a lineup of veterinary diets.

Lets look at the Pro Plan dry dog food lineup. Please note that Pro Plan is currently transitioning some of their older product lines like Focus, Savor, and Sport to new recipes with new names.

  • Puppy
  • Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin & Stomach
  • Turkey & Oatmeal Dry Dog Food
  • Lamb & Oat Meal Formula
  • Purina Pro Plan Adult Cognitive Health
  • Chicken & Rice Formula
  • Purina Pro Plan Adult Giant Breed
  • Chicken & Rice Formula
  • Purina Pro Plan Adult Large Breed
  • Chicken & Rice Formula
  • Shredded Blend Chicken & Rice Formula
  • Purina Pro Plan Adult Large Breed Sensitive Skin & Stomach
  • Salmon & Rice Formula
  • Purina Pro Plan Adult Sensitive Skin & Stomach Small Breed
  • Salmon & Rice Formula
  • Purina Pro Plan Adult Small Breed
  • Shredded Blend Lamb & Rice Formula
  • Shredded Blend Chicken & Rice Formula
  • Chicken & Rice Formula
  • Purina Pro Plan All Ages Sport Performance
  • 30/20 Salmon & Rice Formula
  • Purina Pro Plan All Ages Sport Active
  • 27/17 Turkey & Barley Formula
  • 6/16 Formula Dry Dog Food
  • Senior Dog
  • Purina Pro Plan Adult 7+ Bright Mind
  • Chicken & Rice Formula
  • Purina Pro Plan Adult 7+ Bright Mind Small Breed
  • Chicken & Rice Formula
  • Chicken & Rice Formula
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    Final Conclusion On Purina Pro Plan Puppy Food Review

    In this extensive Purina Pro Plan Puppy Food Review we found that, Purina Pro Plan for large breed puppies seems to be a decent product along with the correct quantity of protein required for large breeds. There could have been specific improvements, but those dont affect the product much.

    With whole wheat and other likewise ingredients, the product is therefore grain-inclusive with a more-or-less sufficient quantity of protein and required carbs. So, the Purina puppy food product takes care of all the necessary aspects needed for your pups growth. Thus, after this Purina Pro Plan Puppy Food Review, we would love to give 4.4 out of 5 stars to this product for your large breed puppy.

    What Do Customers Think Of Purina Pro Plan Cat Food

    Purina Pro Plan Large Breed Chicken &  Rice Formula Dry Dog Food

    Purina Pro Plan is regarded as one of Purinas highest-quality brands and is well-accepted by most customers.

    Most Purina Pro Plan product listings receive high ratings and positive feedback. On Consumer Affairs, the brand receives a mix of negative and positive reviews, with things leaning towards negativity. Most complaints are from people whose cats got sick after eating Purina Pro Plan, though there dont seem to be any clear connections between the illness and the food. One reviewer in 2017 found pieces of plastic in their Purina Pro Plan cat food. Another in 2015 said their bag was crawling with maggots.

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    The Second Worst Formula: Purina Moist & Meaty Burger With Cheddar Cheese Soft Dog Food

    Purina Moist & Meaty Burger with Cheddar Cheese has beef by-products as the first ingredient. Weve already said that by-products are everything but meat, but at least you know its beef, and you can avoid it if your pooch is allergic to this meat.

    High fructose corn syrup is what is used to make candy and soft drinks. Its filled with corn sugar, which is redundant in dog food and should be avoided at all costs! Doggos can get addicted to sugar, put on weight, or develop diabetes from it.

    Wheat and soy are both inexpensive protein-boosters of low nutritional value for canines. Beef is the eighth ingredient, and since it also contains a lot of water when raw, most of its weight is lost during the cooking process.

    This chow also contains other ingredients that make us cringe:

    • Added colors are unnecessary in dog food dogs couldnt care less about the aesthetic value of their grub
    • Yellow 6, Red 40, Yellow 5 these are all listed among our dog food ingredients to avoid
    • Ethoxyquin is an artificial preservative that is super controversial and linked to liver failure

    We believe youre beginning to understand why Purina is among our dog food brands to avoid!

    Guaranteed Analysis


    Is Purina Pro Plan A Good Dog Food

    While selecting suitable food for your dog, you may find yourself considering the Purina Pro Plan. That would then lead to the question as to whether the Purina Pro Plan is a good dog food. This article answers that question from all angles.

    Is Purina Pro Plan a good dog food? The answer is yes Purina Pro Plan is a reasonably good dog food. It is made using decent ingredients, for the most part. There is acceptable nutritional value in it. And most dogs that are fed on it seem to enjoy it quite well.

    Going through most of the Purina Pro Plan reviews the highly objective ones you are left with no doubt that it is a decent dog food.

    Of course, not all Purina Pro Plan dog food reviews are full of accolades for it. But going through them, you see a general trend: in which people who have previously fed their dogs on Purina Pro Plan say that it gave them acceptable results.

    Besides the mostly positive reviews for Purina Pro Plan, one may also only need to look at the list of ingredients in most of the Purina Pro Plan foods.

    That can come in handy in answering the is Purina Pro Plan good for dogs question.

    Going through the list of ingredients, you find that the makers of Purina Pro Plan foods generally make use of the better quality dog food ingredients. And they mostly avoid the more controversial ingredients.

    Moreover, most vets seem to be okay with the Purina Pro Plan.

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    Which Type Of Dog Is Purina Pro Plan Savor Best Suited For

    With so many formulas available, theres a Purina Pro Plan SAVOR recipe for pretty much every dog. This line of dog food includes products for puppies and seniors, toy breeds and giant breeds, and grain-free and grain-inclusive diets.

    Although our review is focused on the lines more popular dry food recipes, the Pro Plan SAVOR line also includes a wide variety of wet food formulas.

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    • High concentration of plant protein
    • Brand has been subject to some recalls

    Pro Plan Dog Food Reviews

    Dog food review: Purina Pro Plan Small Breed Puppy vs Science Diet Small Breed Puppy

    Purina Pro Plan is the trusted brand for champions in the ring, in the field, and in the home. Discover why professionals and owners alike choose Purina Pro Plan to fuel their dogs best. Simply sort Pro Plan dog food reviews by formula name to see what dog owners and experts are saying about the advanced nutrition of Pro Plan.

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    Purina Pro Plan Focus Adult Sensitive Skin & Stomach Formula Dry Dog Food

    There is nothing more important than keeping your furry friend happy and healthy and one of the ways that dogs suffer is with skin and stomach issues. Purina Pro Plan reviews show that this unique formula has added zinc which helps to give the skin and coat a healthy appearance and texture. Prebiotic fiber is also included to help increase intestinal balance. With over 400 reviews on, customers gave this formula a 4.6 star rating, with highly complementary and satisfied comments regarding the foods promises and delivery.

    Purina Dog Food Explained

    Purina uses ingredients such as a chicken meal in their dog food, and not real chicken. Chicken meal is a very common ingredient found in most pet foods that are not harmful in any way to your dog.

    Chicken meal is made from off-cuts of chicken that is not suitable for human consumption. In other words, it is made of the not so attractive bits that are left of the animal. It is important to mention that chicken meal is never made using animal by-products like beaks or feet.

    The animal meat is cooked at high heat and then turned into a powder before being added to dry dog food. It is a brilliant source of protein however, it is processed nonetheless.

    Purina also uses rice, flour, corn, and soybean meal in their dog foods. These ingredients are often hard for your dog to digest and can cause serious issues such as bloody stools, sickness, and diarrhea in pets that have underlying sensitivity to these ingredients. Soybean meal is made in the same way as chicken meal. It is commonly found in dog foods with a low percentage of animal protein and is added to boost the protein levels of the food.

    Despite all of the information stated above, Purina markets themselves as a healthy dog food option for all dog breeds, small and large. We are unsure if we agree with this information as the ingredients and customer reviews state otherwise.

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    Purina Pro Plan Savor Adult Classic Beef & Rice Entree Canned Dog Food

    Some dogs prefer the texture of a wet dog food and Purina Pro Plan has plenty to choose from. One of the top performing and rated wet dog foods made by Purina in the Pro Plan line was the Savor Adult Classic Beef & Rice Entree. With real beef as the first ingredient, Fido is guaranteed to get top-quality food.

    Customers rated this particular wet dog food 4.8 out of 5 stars on

    Is Purina Pro Plan Good Quality

    Purina Pro Plan With Probiotics Shredded Blend Chicken &  Rice Formula ...

    The company has one of the highest quality standards in the world and complies with the most rigorous certificates. However, Purina PRO plan dog food recall history includes a recall of all Purina products in 2007 due to problems with poultry ingredients from China across the whole food industry.

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    Is Purina Pro Plan Made In The Us

    Often, the people who pose the is Purina Pro Plan a good dog food question also want to know whether it is made in the US.

    The truth of the matter is that Purina Pro Plan dog food is manufactured in the US.

    Thus for people who have fears about foreign made dog foods, there is reassurance in this fact.

    Is Purina Pro Plan Considered A Premium Dog Food

    At another level, in answering the is Purina Pro Plan a good dog food question, we need to find out whether it is considered a premium food.

    The answer is that in certain circles, Purina Pro Plan is indeed considered a premium dog food.

    For instance, if you ask some dog keepers, what is better Purina one or Purina Pro Plan, they will tell you Purina Pro Plan without even thinking.

    Similarly, when you get people in certain circles to do a Taste Of The Wild vs Purina Pro Plan comparison, they give the Purina Pro the higher marks.

    And that is if you even manage to get them to engage in such a Purina Pro Plan vs Taste Of The Wild comparison in the first place.

    So that sort of Purina vs Taste Of The Wild comparison can give very illuminating results.

    Further, to know whether Purina Pro Plan is considered a premium dog food, you can ask, how good is Purina Pro Plan in comparison to other dog foods generally?

    Is Purina Pro Plan good dog food in comparison with others in the market? For instance, if you undertake a Purina Pro Plan vs Victor Dog Food comparison, what are the results like?

    In many peoples views, you find that Purina Pro Plan comes on top after such Victor Dog Food vs Purina Pro Plan comparisons.

    You can take it further and ask, what is the #1 best dog food? Quite a number will likely mention Purina Pro Plan. That includes when Purina One Dog Food is under consideration too.

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    About Purina Pro Plan

    Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets HA Hydrolyzed Formula Dog Food | Chewy

    Purina has been around since the late 19 century, though the name of the company didnt come into use until the early 20 century. The Purina Pro Plan line of dog foods was introduced in 1986. It was the first brand of kibble to include real meat as the first ingredient

    Today Nestle Purina PetCare is one of the largest pet food companies in the world. Its an American subsidiary of Nestle and is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. Other popular dog food brands made by Purina include Purina ONE, Beneful, Purina Beyond, Purina Veterinary Diets, Chef Michaels, Bella, Mighty Dog, and Purina Dog Chow.

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    An Overview On Dry Dog Food

    Dogs are like members of our families, so of course, we want to keep them as healthy and happy as possible. The foundation for that is proper nutrition. A consistent, high-quality diet is the key to keeping your dog looking and feeling great. Feeding your dog the best dog food will keep them functioning at their best and can ward off chronic diseases, leading to a longer life. Dry dog food is very common and convenient, as it does not require refrigeration.

    Theres a ton of different types of dry dog food out there, so the choices can be overwhelming. You should look for dog food that is labeled as complete and balanced, which means the food contains the minimum amount of all the nutrients necessary for dogs. This standard is regulated by the Association of American Feed Control Officials. Keep in mind that buzzwords like premium and immune supporting are not regulated and should not carry much weight in your choice.

    Just as with human food, you want to make sure your dog is eating a diet with real, whole foods and one that is free from artificial preservatives and additives. Make sure your dogs food contains a high-quality animal protein source, like lamb, chicken or turkey. Leading brands contain multiple protein sources, including chicken, turkey, flounder and egg.

    Understand What Your Dogs Body Shape Means

    One of the easiest ways to determine if your pet should slim down , is to study his/her body shape.

    Ideal Dog Weight

    If your dogs ribs, spine and pelvic bones are visible, and its easy to feel a well-proportioned waist, your pet is at his/her ideal weight, with a silhouette similar to this:

    Underweight Dog

    The dog’s ribs, spine and pelvic bones are more visible with an obvious tuck under tummy.

    Very Thin Dog

    The dog’s ribs, spine and pelvic bone are highly visible and jutting out with a severe tuck under the tummy.

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    Purina Pro Plan Savor Shredded Chicken And Rice Ingredients

    When you read the list of ingredients in Purina Pro Plan dog food, you realize that it contains a lot of grains, which leads to nutrition facts scoring high on carbohydrates.

    Main Purina Pro Plan dog food ingredients are:

    • Chicken
    • Brewers Rice
    • Poultry by-product meat
    • Corn, corn gluten meal and whole grain wheat .

    As you can see, most of the protein in Purina Pro chicken & rice formula ingredients comes from plant-based components. I do like that it also contains animal fats, which are better than plant fats in my opinion and make your dogs coat shinier and thicker.

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