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Open Farm Freeze Dried Dog Food

Who Makes Open Farm Dog Food And Where Is It Produced

âTop 5 Best Freeze Dried Dog Food 2022 Review

Open Farm Dog Food is a family-owned business that was started by Jacqueline Prehogan and Isaac Langleben. They are headquartered in Toronto, Canada which is where their recipes are developed and formulated. The actual manufacturing facility is located in Minnesota so that they are better able to access the farms where they source the ingredients for their recipes.

Northwest Naturals Freeze Dried Beef Nuggets



Beef, Beef Heart, Beef Liver, Ground Beef Bone, Beef Kidney, Broccoli, Carrots, Apples, Romaine Lettuce, Ground Flaxseed, Fish Oil*, Apple Cider Vinegar, Blueberry, Cranberry, Inulin, Dried Kelp, Potassium Chloride, Sodium Chloride, Ginger, Parsley, Garlic, Zinc Proteinate, Iron Proteinate, Vitamin E Supplement, Copper Proteinate, Manganese Proteinate, Mixed Tocopherols , Vitamin D Supplement.

*Fish Oil Is a blend of Fish Oils from Salmon, Herring and Pollock.

80% Protein 18.75% Produce 1.25% Supplements

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  • Product Dimensions :32 x 10 x 23 cm 623.69 Grams
  • Date First Available :Nov. 17 2021
  • Manufacturer :Open Farm

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Ethically Sourced Protein

We believe livestock should be raised with kindness and respect. Not only does it create cleaner supply-chain, but it means higher quality meat for your pet. To support humane farming, Open Farm recipes derive 90% of its protein from ethically sourced meat and poultry without meals or by-products.

Premium Nutrition

We go to great lengths to source clean ingredients. Serve them a meal packed with protein and highly irresistible, functional ingredients like locally sourced non-GMO pumpkin and carrots, and superfoods like coconut oil. It’s premium nutrition without antibiotics, corn, wheat or soy.

100% Traceable Ingredients

Where your pet’s food comes from shouldn’t be a mystery. As a part of our commitment to ethical and transparent sourcing practices, we provide pet parents with the ability to instantly trace the origin of every ingredient in their bag of Open Farm pet food.

Open Farm Dog Food Reviewed

Open Farm Surf &  Turf Recipe Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food, 13.5

Open Farm makes their dog food with several standards in mind, including premium nutrition, ethical sourcing, sustainability, and transparency. They only source their ingredients from family farms that use humane farming practices. They audit these farms to ensure that they meet strict animal welfare standards and that the animals have plenty of room to roam without being cooped or caged up.

If you want transparency in ingredients, then Open Farm provides that as well. Part of their mission is for every consumer to be able to trace where every ingredient of their food is sourced by using the lot number on the product packaging along with the product tracing feature on their website.

If those reasons arent convincing enough, Open Farm is sure to have a product for even the pickiest of dogs, as they offer eight different protein ingredients in their dog food. They have products for puppies and senior dogs as well as wet food, dry food, slow-cooked frozen food, and even freeze-dried food as well as treats, bone broth, and supplements for your dog.

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Who Owns Open Farm Dog Food

Open Farm is a family-owned pet food company based in Toronto, Canada. Isaac Langleben, his wife, Jacqueline Prehogan, and brother-in-law, Derek Beigleman, launched Open Farm in 2013. Their manufacturing facility is a family-owned company in Minnesota called Barrett Ag Service, which has been in the pet industry for 30 years.

Where Does Open Farm Get Their Ingredients

Open Farm seeks to provide the best ingredients, ethically sourced from local farms.

All of the meat used in Open Farms food is Certified Humane. This means that no antibiotics or growth hormones are used.

While Open Farms meat is not Certified Organic , the ethical treatment of farm animals ensures the health and sustainability of the meat in your dogs food.

The fish used by Open Farm are exclusively ocean caught using sustainable fishing practices.

Ocean Wise and Seafood Watch standards guide Open Farms fishing practices. While farmed fish can be full of growth hormones and antibiotics, wild caught fish do not contain these unwanted elements.

Open Farm believes in using fresh, local and non-GMO fruits and vegetables in their food. They use local produce sources to minimize the environmental impact.

Ninety percent of the produce used is grown in-state or in a state near the manufacturing facility. Forty percent of the produce used is grown in the same town as Open Farms processing facility.

Most of the ingredients are grown or sourced from within the United States and Canada. However, coconut oil and certain vitamins and minerals are not available in North America.

For these, Open Farm sources ingredients from Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand.

Open Farm doesnt use any artificial flavors or preservatives. They do not use meat or poultry meals or byproducts. The fish meal used is created in small batches and contains ocean caught whitefish.

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What Vitamins Are Included In Open Farms Dog Food Recipes

Dog food can contain vitamins that are either naturally found in the ingredients used or added as a supplement. The more vitamins added are added as a supplement the less natural vitamins contained in the diets ingredients. Vitamins are micronutrients needed to maintain healthy metabolism and functions of organs such as the eyes, skin and coat, brain, heart, circulatory and immune system.

  • Vitamin A
  • Thiamine
  • Folic acid

Vitamin A helps your dogs vision and immune system stay healthy. Vitamin D3 helps to keep your dogs bones healthy and vitamin E helps keep your dogs skin, coat, and brain health. The group of B vitamins supports a variety of body functions such as cellular metabolism, the creation of red blood cells, brain activity, the skin cells regeneration among many others.

Discussion Of The Primary Ingredients

Open Farm | Freeze Dried Raw Recipes

All of Open Farms dog foods are high in protein to ensure that your dog receives the most vital nutrients needed to keep them healthy.

  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Venison

Each recipe may contain several different types of proteins in it, but all recipes contain protein as at least the first three ingredients. The meats used in Open Farms dog food recipes are free of antibiotics and growth hormones and all fish used are wild-caught instead of farmed to ensure better quality. All their foods contain zero artificial flavors and fillers as well.

Fruits and vegetables are also used in their recipes to provide additional nutrients that your dog cant get from meat. All their vegetables are non-GMO and locally sourced and nearly 40% are grown in the same town as their manufacturing facility, with 90% grown in the same state or neighboring states.

  • Blueberries
  • Peas
  • Lentils

Some of their recipes do contain ancient grains such as oat and sorghum. All of their recipes that contain ancient grains are gluten-free, but they do offer recipes with no grains at all if youre concerned about a possible allergy.

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Customer Ratings By Feature

  • This item: Open Farm Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food, Humanely Raised Meat Recipe with Non-GMO Superfoods and No Artificial Flavors or Preservatives, Surf & Turf Recipe Freeze Dried – 13.5oz$34.99 Sold by Open Farm and ships from Amazon Fulfillment.Get it as soon as Thursday, Aug 25
  • Sold by Open Farm and ships from Amazon Fulfillment.Get it as soon as Thursday, Aug 25
  • Sold by Open Farm and ships from Amazon Fulfillment.Get it as soon as Thursday, Aug 25

What Is Open Farm

My box of Gently Cooked Dog Food by Open Farm

Open Farm is essentially a healthy pet food maker/brand. They started out with the desire to feed fresh and nutritious food to the founders dog, Bella.

Since then, Open Farm has worked to create healthy food that is environmentally sustainable. They use Certified Humane meats plus fresh, non-GMO fruits and vegetables.

Open Farm delivers high quality dog food right to your door. Their company has three core values:

  • Transparency: All of their food ingredients are clearly labeled. With their small batch process, you can view the source of the ingredients in your pets food. Open Farm believes that the ingredients in your dogs food shouldnt be a mystery.
  • Premium Nutrition: Food is made with the highest quality ingredients available. All meat is free of antibiotics or growth hormones. Fruits and vegetables are all non-GMO and often organic.
  • Ethical Sourcing: Open Farm uses ingredients from local, family farms. Fish used in their recipes are caught in the wild, ensuring they are free of antibiotics.


Get 15% off your 1st order or 20% off subscriptions at Open Farm .

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Homestead Turkey And Chicken Recipe Dry Dog Food

The Homestead Turkey and Chicken dry dog food recipe consists of turkey, chicken, ocean whitefish meal, russet potatoes, and chickpeas as its first five ingredients. Also included in this recipe are fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, apples, carrots, and pumpkin among others.

This recipe contains a minimum of 30% fat and 14% protein, so its a great option if your dog needs a low-fat diet. It also contains DHA which helps support healthy brain development and the kibbles are small enough for dogs of all sizes to enjoy. The only downside would be that its not suitable for dogs who dont like turkey and chicken flavors or are allergic to chicken, turkey or fish.

This surf and turf recipe is a freeze-dried dog food that consists of beef, beef hearts, salmon, beef livers, and ground beef bone as the first five ingredients. It also contains organic carrots, squash, blueberries, sunflower seeds, cranberries, spinach, kale, and pumpkin seeds.

This recipe contains a protein content of 41% minimum and a fat content of 32.5% minimum. Since its freeze-dried, its supposed to have bone broth or water poured over it to rehydrate it. Although this food is easy and tasty for dogs to eat, it isnt as great of a value compared to dry dog foods especially if you have a large dog.

  • Pricey

Open Farm Dog Food Ingredients

Open Farm

Because Open Farm carries such a wide variety of products, its hard to detail all of their ingredients here. You can see all the types and formulas of the dog food they offer below.

All of their products are made with all-natural ingredients with no artificial fillers, preservatives, or flavors. Vegetables and fruits are sourced locally and regionally from carefully selected partner farms.

All of the meat hails from Certified Humane farms. Certified Humane sets high slaughter, cruelty-free standards and restricts the use of hormones and steroids. The seafood adheres to both Ocean Wise and Seafood Watch standards. They dont use any farmed fish in their recipes.

The company is founded on clear transparency of all ingredients used in their products. Their website has detailed descriptions of the ingredients in every bag, including the origin. And you can search for this information by each bags lot number.

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Downsides To Open Farm Dog Food

The only downside to Open Farm dog food is that it can be pricey. Even though the food is pricey, thats to be expected out of high-quality dog food that uses human-grade ingredients. With that being said, some types of Open Farm products are cheaper and provide a better value than others , but if youre on a budget then this may not be the most affordable product for you.

One option that can save you a little bit of money is to sign up for their auto-ship service in which theyll ship the dog food to you on a regular basis. Doing this can save you a little bit of money on each order as long as youre okay with being regularly charged. Or, if you choose to buy the food on a one-time basis, you can always buy smaller packages if youre looking to save money in an instant.

Open Farm Freeze Dried Raw Grass


Easy to serve and easy to please. This high protein topper or complete meal is packed with humanely raised 100% grass-fed beef.

Easy to serve and easy to please. This high protein topper or complete meal is packed with humanely raised 100% grass-fed beef. For added nutrition we include functional ingredients like locally sourced leafy greens, squash and pumpkin seeds, superfoods like coconut oil, and antioxidants like blueberries.

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Which Types Of Dogs Is Open Farm Best Suited For

Open Farm is suitable for dogs of pretty much any breed and size, as they offer a wide range of recipes and flavors. If you decide to go with one of their dry dog foods, the kibbles are small enough for even puppies and small breed dogs to eat with ease. They also offer dry dog food specifically for puppies or senior dogs.

If your dog has trouble chewing or digesting dry food, they also offer wet food varieties which they call stew, as well as freeze-dried raw food that can be softened by adding water or broth to it. And by taking their quiz and answering questions about your dogs breed, age, weight, lifestyle, and dietary preferences, Open Farm will even suggest which recipes your dog might benefit most from if youre unsure which products to choose.

Open Farm Dog Food Review: Must Read Before Buying

The 5 Best Raw Dog Food of 2021 Review

If youre like many dog owners, its hard to find healthy dog food thats free of additives and unnecessary ingredients, especially at local stores.

In response to this problem, Open Farm offers a dog food containing wholesome ingredients that are carefully selected for quality.

Their meats contain no antibiotics or growth hormones, and their fruits and vegetables are all non-GMO. In addition, they only use ethically sourced ingredients to make sure animals are treated right.

They offer a wide selection of products delivered directly to your door. You can sign up for recurring food shipments whether in dry form or wet form . But is Open Farm a good dog food? Read more to find out.

In this Open Farm Dog Food review, Ill help you decide whether their service is worth the price. I also discuss important benefits and features of their plans, the price, how customers view their products, and more. They made my list as one of the best fresh dog food available.

As an affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases, but I only recommend products I find trustworthy and you pay nothing extra.

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What Other Users Are Saying

Open Farm Dog Food has an overwhelming number of 5-star reviews from customers. Most agree that even their picky dogs gobbled this food right up and others say their dogs issues such as a dull coat or itchy skin resolved within just a few weeks of them eating Open Farm dog food. They also rave about the all-natural ingredients used and how there are no fillers are artificial flavors used. The only complaints seem to be that it makes some dogs gassy or poop more, but its mostly on an individual basis rather than with specific dog breeds.

% Money Back Guarantee

We work hard to formulate the most advanced, all-natural products on the market which is why every purchase is backed by our Your Dog Is Healthier Or Its Free, Guarantee!

If you dont see noticeable improvements in your dogs health and happiness, just let us know. You can send back the unused portion, any time within 90 days and well refund 100% of your purchase price.

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Open Farm Freeze Dried Surf And Turf Dog Food


Open Farm Freeze Dried Surf And Turf Dog Food is a high quality, ethically sourced formula. It focuses on delicious, grass-fed beef from the land, and wild Pacific salmon from the ocean. This freeze dried formula is free of anti-biotics and growth hormones, too. Its made with 85% grass fed beef and Alaskan salmon, including organs, and bone, just like your dogs ancestors would have eaten. You may choose to feed this food as a full meal, as its complete and balanced for dogs of all life stages. Or, use it as a nutritionally dense food topper to enhance your dogs current diet.

Open Farm Freeze Dried Surf And Turf Dog Food is made with a plethora of nutritious wholefoods ingredients. This includes pumpkin seeds, leafy greens, squash, and even antioxidant-rich blueberries. Most of the produce in this recipe is also organic. The ingredients in this recipe are ethically sourced. All meats are raised on non-Chinese, family-owned farms with strict animal welfare standards. Theyre free from antibiotics, too. In fact, every batch can be traced back to where and when it came from! They audit every farm they source from, to ensure the animals there are free-range, pasture fed, and treated humanely. Available in a 13.5 oz bag.

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