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Nature’s Own Dog Food

Natures Own Himilayan Yak Stick Large

Natures Recipe Dog Food | Chewy


Nature’s Own Himilayan Yak StickProduct Description:For dogs under 35lbsYak Cheese Hard Chews are made from a hard cheese that is all natural and contains no chemicals, no preservatives, and no additives. This recipe has been enjoyed by the people in the Himilayan region of Nepal for centuries. The product is a Yak and Cow milk based cheese t…


Is Nature’s Recipe On The Recall List

All that we know for sure is that Nature’s Recipe has only been recalled once. Here are the details of that recall: In October 2012, the Nature’s Recipe company issued a voluntary recall for 19-ounce pouches of Nature’s Recipe Oven Baked Biscuits with Real Chicken due to potential salmonella contamination.

Natures Domain Organic Chicken & Pea Formula Dry Dog Food

Summary: Natures Domain Organic Chicken & Pea Formula Dry Dog Food is an unusual yet nutritious combination of organic ingredients like chicken, peas, lentils, garbanzo beans, and sweet potatoes. Providing complete and balanced nutrition for the maintenance of adult dogs, the formula is AAFCO approved.


Review: Pet owners say that with this food their dogs jump into the air when it is feeding time. They also describe the food as excellent for dogs health. All in all, we rate the Kirkland Signature Natures Domain Organic Chicken & Pea Formula as the best organic option.

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How Is Natures Recipe Dog Food Made

Natures Recipe Dog Food is made with human-grade deboned chicken as the first ingredient. It contains no artificial colors or flavors and has no added corn, wheat, or soy. This means that dogs with allergies to wheat or corn can still enjoy Natures Recipe without worrying about getting sick after eating their food.

Some of Natures Recipe products are formulated for specific life stages, like the puppy and senior formulas. These formulas contain added vitamins and minerals that help meet your dogs needs at those stages of his life.

Preparation Of Our Homemade Diet


All of the information above might seem intimidating, but I assure you that making the actual meals for our dogs takes no more than 20 minutes of actual hands-on time.

First, we cook our complex carbs, whether theyre grains, legumes, or starchy vegetables.

While that pot is simmering on the stove, we cook the meat in a separate pan in coconut oil and ground turmeric. After its cooled a bit, we add chunks of meat to our food processor and pulse until theyre broken down into 1/2- to 1-inch pieces.

Then, we gather whatever vegetables or fruits we have in the kitchen , chop them up as needed, and toss them into the food processor.

We also add a few clean, crushed eggshells to the mix. A few pulses turns all this food into smaller pieces, making them more digestible for our dogs.

Finally, we add the cooled, cooked carbs to the food processor and do a couple more pulses to combine. Everything should have a finely crumbled texture by this point.

Since dogs have short digestive tracts, its crucial that you break down the food to increase its bioavailability that is, making all the nutrients in those wholesome ingredients more digestible in a dogs system.

I prepare enough food to last my two pugs an entire week. Its unbelievably easy, and I like knowing exactly what goes into their food. Friends will watch us feed our pugs and remark that it looks good enough for them to eat!

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What Kind Of Dog Food Does Natures Recipe Offer

When it comes to their dog food products, Natures Recipe offers a decent variety. Natures Variety dog foods can be divided into three categories: Life Stages, Special Needs, and Premium.

Life Stages formulas include classic recipes for puppies, adults and senior dogs as well as some size-specific formula for large- and small-breed dogs. The Special Needs category includes recipes that are specially designed to meet unique nutritional needs there are formulas for healthy skin, easy digestion, healthy weight, and joint health as well as some breed-specific recipes.

The Premium category includes an assortment of grain-free and limited ingredient recipes. All three of these categories include both dry food and wet food products, plus there are several kinds of Natures Recipe dog treats.

Is Natures Recipe Food Good For Dogs

Yes, Natures Recipe Dog Food is good. Its a great food choice for your dog because its made with real chicken as the first ingredient and has no meat by-products, artificial colors, or flavors.

Natures Recipe Dog Food also offers a variety of formulas with different protein sources, like beef or lamb meal, so that you can find the right one for your dog.

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Best Dry Food: Purina Beyond Simply White Meat

Looking for an all-natural dry food for your dog? You cant go wrong with this chicken-and-barley Purina formulation. Purina has been in the pet food space for many, many years, says Dr. Robinson. They are trusted, hire veterinary nutritionists to oversee their recipes, and have lots of years of knowledge backing them up.

Chicken is the main ingredient here, but this dry food is additionally infused with sunflower oil and its omega-6 fatty acids, which make a dogs skin healthy and coat gorgeous. Natural probiotics also aid in digestion. Chicken, by the way, is one of the best cancer-fighting foods for dogs.



All Nature’s Way Ingredients Are Traceable To Source

A Dog Food Brand WITHOUT Synthetics! – Natures Logic Dog Food Review

Rigorous quality management and food safety systems ensuring complete traceability from raw materials to finished recipe

Raw Materials are only purchased from the best suppliers each one being approved to supply raw materials following audits questionnaires and thorough analysis. Purchase specifications are based on very stringent and mostly human grade standards or above.

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Why We Love The Switch

Now, our golden retriever Rascaleats a 100% human-grade dog food diet! Jared and I always joke that we could eat Rascals food with enough sriracha. Let me preface by saying that I NEVER thought I would be the type of person that made their dogs food homemade.

At first, the thought of homemade dog food was so daunting and just downright boogie. I can honestly say that making his food doesnt cost much more than the prescription diet he was on beforehand.

After watching the documentary Pet Fooled we realized just how unregulated the dog food industry was and started to feel stronger about our homemade switch.

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Natures Own Himilayan Yak Stick Medium


Nature’s Own Himilayan Yak StickProduct Description:For dogs under 15lbsYak Cheese Hard Chews are made from a hard cheese that is all natural and contains no chemicals, no preservatives, and no additives. This recipe has been enjoyed by the people in the Himilayan region of Nepal for centuries. The product is a Yak and Cow milk based cheese t…

Dog Treats

Nature’s Own Usa Smoked Jumbo Rib For Dogs



Nature’s Own Pet Chews’ Smoked Bones are smoked in the time honored process using natural wood smokers, not in a chemical process used by the competitive brands. Nature’s Own Pet Chews’ Smoked Bones come from free range cattle which are USDA inspected and certified. They are a great treat for big and small dogs who obtain enjoyment from chewin…

dog treat

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Natures Recipe Dry Products

The Natures Recipe brand of dog food offers a wide variety of different product choices for dry dog food. There are two product lines for Natures Recipe dry food, though their products can really be divided into numerous categories.

The classic lineup includes life stages, special needs, and grain-free formulas. The Pure Essentials product line includes limited ingredient recipes that are grain-free. Here is a list of Natures Recipe dry dog food recipes:

Life Stages Dry Food Recipes:

  • Puppy Lamb Meal & Rice Recipe
  • Puppy Chicken Meal & Rice Recipe
  • Small Bites Chicken Meal & Rice Recipe
  • Large Breed Puppy Recipe
  • Adult Chicken Meal & Rice Recipe
  • Adult Lamb Meal & Rice Recipe
  • Small Bites Chicken Meal & Rice Recipe
  • Large Breed Chicken & Oatmeal Recipe
  • Senior Lamb Meal & Rice Recipe

Special Needs Dry Food Recipes:

  • Healthy Skin Venison Meal & Rice Recipe
  • Healthy Skin Vegetarian Recipe
  • Easy to Digest Chicken Meal, Rice & Barley Recipe
  • Easy to Digest Fish Meal & Potato Recipe
  • Terrier Breed Chicken, Rice & Barley Recipe
  • Toy Breed Chicken, Barley & Rice Recipe
  • Healthy Weight Chicken Meal, Rice & Barley Recipe
  • High Protein Chicken Meal & Lamb Meal Recipe
  • Joint Health Fish Meal & Chicken Meal Recipe

Grain-Free Dry Food Recipes:

  • Grain-Free Puppy Chicken, Sweet Potato & Pumpkin Recipe
  • Small Breed Grain-Free Easy to Digest Chicken, Sweet Potato & Pumpkin Recipe
  • Large Breed Grain-Free Easy to Digest Chicken, Sweet Potato & Pumpkin Recipe

Pure Essentials Dry Food Recipes:

Who Makes Members Mark Dog Food Is It Safe For Dogs

If you own a dog, you understand how critical it is to provide your pet with the proper nutrition. They, like humans, must be cautious about what they consume. Dogs arent any different. They also require nutrient-dense food.

As a dog owner, your primary responsibility is to select the appropriate dog food and feed them on time. And Members Mark dog food is available for that purpose. Thankfully, Members Mark produces high-quality dog food at a reasonable cost.

Youre probably curious about who makes Members Mark dog food and how it stacks up against the industrys top dog food brands. Here youll find all the information you need about Members Mark dog food.

Lets get started with the reading!

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What The Marketing Says

To start on a positive, the claim no added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives may suggest Natures Gift is a little better than other dog foods on the supermarket shelves, but dont go ahead and buy it yet.

I see Real Meat 1st Ingredient used a lot, but dont let this fool you. Ill go into more detail shortly, but it doesnt mean meat is the main ingredient.

Complete and Balanced simply means it meats minimum requirements from the American standard AAFCO to be labelled as such.

The ingredients tell the real story with Natures Gift dog food, so lets take a look

Tools Needed For Cooking Dog Food At Home

Why feed Natures Menu raw dog food?
  • Food Processor: Before I start cooking a batch of homemade dog food, I blend up all the vegetables in my food processor. This Cuisinart food processor is my go-to. Its a bit smaller than traditional food processors but works just as well as a larger model. Blending up the veggies nice and fine will speed up the cooking process.
  • Dutch Oven: I make the entire batch in my large Le Creuset round Dutch oven. I love using a Dutch oven because I can ground the meat first, and then finish off the batch right in the same pot. The process is very similar to making chili except for dogs. Ya knowDog Chili. .
  • Measuring Cups: Rascal has his own set of measuring cups now because it makes measuring out food ingredients and the finished batch WAY easier.
  • Meal Prep Containers: This is basically meal prepping for your dog, so you will need some great Tupperware.

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How Do You Make Homemade Dog Food

  • Cook turkey: In a large Dutch oven, heat oil over medium heat. Add ground turkey, begin to break it down, and cook for 8-10 minutes, or until mostly cooked through.
  • Chop veggies: With a food processor, finely chop sweet potatoes, carrots, zucchini and broccoli.
  • Add vegetables and stock: Add in the chopped vegetables and chicken stock . Cook on a strong simmer for 7-8 minutes, or until veggies are tender and cooked through.
  • Stir in pasta: Mix in your cooked pasta noodles to the turkey vegetable mixture.
  • Feed your pups: Portion out meals accordingly. For every 10 lbs, you need roughly 1/2 cup of food per meal. Example: If you have a 20 lb dog, they will eat 1-1.5 cups of the batch per meal . Rascal weighs 70 pounds and eats about 3-3.5 cups per meal .
  • Nature’s Own Usa Blueberry Flavored Cow Ears For Dogs 50


    Nature’s Own Pet Chews’ Cow Ear Treats are an all natural and healthy pet treat. Slow baking created a treat that’s high in protein and low in fat, unlike greasy pig ears. These treats are great for big and small dogs who obtain enjoyment from chewing. The treats are baked and packaged in Michigan facilities. Doing things the right way, takes a …


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    Is Homemade Dog Food Good For Dogs

    While I am not a vet, and I certainly cant speak for all animals , I can tell you that switching to homemade dog food made the world of difference for Rascal. We had a very unique case with him and his food allergies, but we have also seen other positive changes.

    On traditional dog food, Rascal was lethargic, he shed in abundance and his appetite was mediocre. He was also low in his weight class, weighing in at just 64 pounds for a full-sized male Golden Retriever.

    Since the dog food switch, he has been energetic, focused, and calmer. He has also put on about 15 pounds in just one year after switching to homemade food. On a traditional diet, were vacuuming at least once a day but now only 1-2x a week. We no longer have to coax Rascal into mealtime and have finally developed a great eating schedule.

    The Results From Feeding Our Diy Dog Food


    Back to the story of Bug

    After only a couple of weeks of feeding her a homemade diet, the hubby and I were blown away by how much her mental and physical health improved. And we wholeheartedly believe she was able to bounce back because of her new food.

    She went from an ailing, exhausted, incontinent, tail-down dog to a happy, energetic, curious, communicative pup. While she isnt miraculously walking again, her hip dysplasia also hasnt progressed or caused her any pain.

    Weve learned to watch for signs that she needs to relieve herself as weve realized she knows when she has to go, she just cant get there without our help.

    We feed both of our pugs the same food, with the hope that we can stave off any potential health problems for our older one.

    When we travel, well bring their homemade food on the road in a cooler. On occasion, weve even ordered their dinner from a restaurant when we ran out of food .

    If were camping, well usually just feed them whatever were cooking in camp they love corn on the cob, hobo packs , and the whole assortment of tri-tip, sausages, and ribs that weve usually got going on.

    As you might imagine they lovecamping trips!

    Homemade dog food gives us the flexibility to fine-tune their diet as needed. Im forever grateful for the extra time we were given with our beloved Bug as a result of the food we chose to feed her.

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    Our Final Thoughts On Natures Domain Dog Food

    Despite how prolific Costco stores are, and despite Diamond Dog Foods being in operation for almost 50 years, Kirkland Signature Natures Domain is not as well-known as other brands and lines from the same category.

    Luckily, this is about to change as more and more pet owners recognize the quality behind the affordable price. Regular users have only good things to say, and the most critical reviewers of all the dogs themselves love the taste of Kirklands Natures Domain dog food.

    Nature’s Own Usa Peanut Butter Flavored Cow Ears For Dogs


    Natural and Healthy Pet Treat. Cow Ears are baked, making chews Low Fat and High Protein. Cow Ears are a great alternative to rawhide because they are all-natural. Only Food Grade Product in the Production of these Cow Ears. A Grease Free Alternative to Pig Ears. Expect natural size variation. Product is made in the USA and all ingredients and …


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    Natures Domain Dog Food Recalls: What You Need To Know

    A few years back, on May 4, 2012, Diamond Pet Foods performed a voluntary recall of the Kirkland Signature Dog Food from Costco due to potential Salmonella contamination.

    Diamond Pet Foods offered free replacements or refunds for dog owners who purchased products included in the recall. The Food and Drug Administration confirmed the recall several days later.

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