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Maximum Bully Dog Food Review

Orijen Tundra Dog Food Goat Venison Bison

Bully Max Dog Food review!!!

Orijens is famous for their slogan biologically appropriate food. Their food is based on the ancestral foods of wolves, which are the ancestors of all domesticated dog breeds. Orijens food is not highly processed or filled with nothing but carbs and starches. What you find here is a dog food that provides the complete nutrition that your evolved dog requires.

Tundra dog food is made with fresh meat from wild-caught whole fish, beef, wild boar, bison, lamb, pork, goat, venison, and free-run poultry. Youll find this kibble also makes use of these animals organ meat, cartilage, and bone, which is what a wild wolf would also eat.

Whats more, this dog food also contains vegetables and grains, including whole red lentils, green lentils, green peas, chickpeas, yellow peas, pinto beans, duck fat, apples, parsnips, and so much more.

In addition, this dog food offers more calories from fat and protein, with fewer coming from carbs. Your dog will have all the nutrients he needs with this dog food!

Where To Buy Bully Max Dog Food

Bully Max is mostly available online on the manufacturers website as well as Amazon.

The best thing when buying in Bully Maxs own online store is that you will enjoy a discount. Just type in BREEDINGBUSINESS to redeem the offer. Or click the below link so its applied automatically at checkout.

The most important thing to remember when buying Bully Max chews is to buy at least 180 capsules. It is because muscle building wont happen overnight. It is a continuous process, and it takes time for the results to develop. Even if you achieve the results, you would still have to maintain it. If you cant find yourself being consistent, then its better not to continue with this diet for your dog to avoid wasting money.

How To Transition To A New Food

Athleticism is definitely something to admire, but even the best food for active dogs shouldnt be introduced overnight. Dogs tend to react poorly to sudden dietary changes and develop digestive problems.

So, instead, get your dog accustomed to a new food first. Start by mixing in only 25% of the new food with your dogs kibble. Continue feeding your canine like this for the next 2-3 days, after which you can increase the portion to 50%.

If the dog isnt having digestive problems after another few days, you can increase the new foods ratio to 75%. After that , youre ready to switch it up to 100%.

However, if your canine shows symptoms of digestive distress, you should decrease the amount of new food for a few days. If the problems persist even after that, its best to talk to a vet and determine what might be the problem.

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How To Choose The Best

As a matter of fact, there is a number of good canine meals for these breeds.

When you choose any food you should lay emphasis on optimizing nutrition.

It is quite obvious that you would like to feed your furry buddy with nutrition which contains real meat and less or no artificial ingredients.

Maximum Bully dog food is the best because it focuses on the requirements of the canines which make them the best in their class.

If you want to see some remarkable changes in your canine then you should make him eat this diet.

The level of nutrition provided with this product helps in gaining mass and muscle strength.

In addition, the coat of your four-legged friend will become shinier and healthier than before which is another reason that your pet should eat this nutrition.

Dog Food Comparable To Bully Max Reviewed

Maximum Bully All Life Stages Dog Food

The Bully Max dog food range used to consist of three dry dog foods and one wet food. The rest of the products include supplements, powders, and pills.

However, suppose you looked at their Gorilla Max 31/25 Ultra Performance and Bully Max PRO Series 31/25 High Calorie recipes. In that case, youd notice these dry dog foods seem pretty similar.

We reached out to Bully Maxs customer support and asked for the difference between these two formulas. They explained there was none:

So, with that information in mind, lets look at the best alternatives for Bully Max dog food.

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Is This The Right Food For Your Bully

There are a lot of great dog foods on the market. When choosing any food, you want to make sure that a focus has been placed on optimizing nutrition. You want to feed your dog the formula that contains more real meat and fewer artificial ingredients.

Of the top foods available, Maximum Bully stands out for feeding bully breed dogs because it takes into account what they need in order to be at their best. If you want to see how great your bully dog can be, then transition it to Maximum Bully dog food and experience the benefits for yourself.

Benefits Of Protein On Dogs

Proteins are beneficial for dogs as they help their body to function and develop correctly. It helps in muscle development and tissue repair. Moreover, the essential amino acids from protein contribute to healthy hair and skin. Not to mention, proteins also help in maintaining and repairing cells in the dogs body.

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Bully Max 30/20 High Protein & Fat Dog Food

First 5 Ingredients: Chicken Meal, Brown Rice, Chicken Fat, Dried PIain Beet Pulp, Ground Grain Sorghum

While Bully Max High Performance food is made for all dog breeds and life stages, we cant deny the fact that a big chunk of its loyal clientele is from American Bully or Pitbull dog owners.

For inexperienced or first-time pet parents, looking after a bulldog can be challenging. Their powerful body and spirited nature need to be supported with the right amount and type of food that can give them high energy sources. And such a crucial food choice should also allow them to recuperate after a day filled with energetic activities, and rigorous training.

Also, while bulldogs are active dogs, they can also be very greedy when it comes to their meals. They tend to eat until theres nothing left on their plate, and they would still ask for more. Hence, they are also prone to developing health-related issues, especially if you are giving them large servings of unhealthy dry dog foods.

Bully Max 30/20 High Protein and Fat Dog Food can help ensure that your active dogs health and nutrition are well taken care of, and at the same time make certain that he can perform at his prime not just when duty calls, but even when he is just at home playing at your backyard.

Whats more, the formula used in this high protein and fat premium dog food meets the AAFCO guidelines for both growth and reproduction, and adult maintenance.





Weight Gainer:

Bully Max 30/20 High Protein Dog Food

Maximum bully dog food
  • 535 CALORIES PER CUP: More than any other premium dog food in its class
  • The ONLY performance dog food with a 5/5 star rating
  • The ONLY meat-based formula in its class
  • PREMIUM INGREDIENTS: Natural with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. 30% Protein, 20% Fat
  • FOR ALL BREEDS & AGES : All life stages formula. For dogs 4 weeks and older. For pregnant & nursing dogs.
Description >

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How Long Does It Take To See Bully Max Results

With proper diet and exercise, you can start to see the results of Bully Max puppy food on your dogs within the first three weeks of consumption. If you want to achieve maximum results, you can use the supplement longer. You can also combine Bully Max dog food with Gorilla Max to achieve best outcome.

The Specific Nutrients Needed By An American Bully Dog

In the last section, we looked at what an American Bully requires to be healthy. Now, well take a look at the specific nutrients that your canine friend needs to stay healthy and happy!


Your dogs protein needs to come from meat. Meat contains essential amino acids that help build up and make muscles healthy. The protein can come from animal sources such as beef, poultry, and fish. You may find high-quality dog foods that use the protein from the heart, liver, kidneys, and spleen. Some dog foods may also use the intestines .

When reading the ingredient label on any dog food, you should see meat listed as the very first ingredient. The protein should be from a natural source.

Next up on the nutrient requirements for a Bully dog is fat. Yes, you read that correctly! Most people believe fat is a bad thing. However, fat is needed in any healthy diet, whether that be for a dog or a human! Fat is needed to help the body absorb vitamins to keep your dogs skin and coat healthy.

Fats in premium dog food usually are sourced from poultry, fish, vegetable, or soybeans. Dog food for an American Bully should contain 10% to 15% fat, which is the right amount to keep a Bully dog healthy. More fat than this is not healthy in dog food.


Carbs found in dog food usually come from wheat, oats, rice, corn, and barley. Some of these ingredients also provide the fiber your Bully dog needs!

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Bully Max Dog Food Review The Verdict

Based on the ingredients and products meat content, we can tell thatthis dog food by Bully Max can provide above-average results compared to typical dry dog food. Bully Max contains a significant amount of meat along with different minerals, and vitamins needed for building muscles. Moreover, this dog food also supports the immune system and overall health of the dog. From the least essential ingredient to that high-quality meat, this dog food is beneficial.

Aside from muscle building, it is also significant in strengthening bones and improving the dogs vision. Moreover, Bully Max dog food can supply energy for increased performance and aid digestion. What makes this dog supplement excellent is that it provides a formula for aging dogs that helps them with their hips and joints issues. It is also a good source of Omega-3 that is essential for active dog breeds. Most dog owners also encountered little to none Bully Max side effects at all.

One thing is for sure, bully max dog food works. It is a high-performance supplement that is suitable for all dog breeds for both puppies and adult dogs. If you want your furry friend to build muscles in his body or keep your dogs healthy, Bully Max can help you. However, it is essential to set up a proper diet for your dog and follow the recommended Bully Max dosage by your veterinarian.

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How Much Bully Max Should I Feed My Dog

Bully Max Dog Food Reviews

The amount of Bully Max you should feed your dog depends on their age, weight, and activity level. For puppies, the recommended amount is 1/4 to 1 cup per day, depending on their size. The recommended amount for adult dogs is 1 to 2 cups per day, depending on their size. And for active dogs, the recommended amount is 2 to 4 cups per day.

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What To Expect When You Feed Your Dog Maximum Bully

This is the type of food bully owners feed their pets when they want to earn a Best in Show award. It provides the dogs with the level of nutrition that will help to maximize muscle strength and mass.

Owners who have made the switch have found that not only did their pets gain power and energy but that their coats became shiner and healthier.

However, it is important to make the transition gradually, as some of those who did not found that their dogs could not stomach the higher protein and fat content so well, resulting in loose stools.

Which Bully Max Is The Best

The best Bully Max food for your dog depends on their individual needs. If youre looking for a complete and balanced diet, Bully Max Original is a great option. Bully Max High Performance is perfect for dogs who need a little extra protein to support their active lifestyle. And for picky eaters or those with sensitive stomachs, Bully Max Grain-Free is a great choice. No matter your dogs needs, theres a Bully Max food thats perfect for them.

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Which Is Better Bully Max Or Gorilla Max

Bully Max supplements are a powerful muscle-building product that improves the health of dogs and encourages muscle growth in dogs. Gorilla Max provides more wholesome proteins per scoop, which allows you to gain optimal muscle size at an optimal rate. Both are very impressive, but the Bully Max delivers better performance.

What Is Maximum Bully Dog Food

Bully Max High Performance Dog Food Review

This dog food was designed by a group of passionate bully owners.

They created a special formula that is easy to digest and fulfill this type of dogs protein and energy needs.

Maximum Bully comes with a high 32% protein. It is also high in fat at a whopping 22%, but this very beneficial to the health of active bully dogs. Nupro 2000 is another important part of the formula.

This ingredient is a mighty yeast protein proven powerful at optimizing health and muscle strength in bullies. Digestive health has also been addressed in the designing of this formula, as Maximum Bully contains pumpkin, probiotics, cranberry, and oatmeal. Another thing bully owners will appreciate is that this dog food contains pork meal and real chicken.

It is highly recommended that Maximum Bully dog food be fed only to bully breed dogs.

Animals of other breeds might not be able to handle the high protein and fat content. Moreover, it is important that the bully dog focuses on optimizing all aspects of their pets health when feeding it this formula, for it will be essential that the dog get a sufficient amount of exercise.

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Which Type Of Dog Is Bully Max High Performance Best Suited For

One might assume that Bully Max is geared toward bully breeds only, but that is not entirely true. Bully Max is a high-performance dog food that is designed for any breed but is most compatible with working breeds that expend a lot of energy. The food is designed to meet the nutritional requirements throughout all life stages, starting at 4 weeks of age.

Natural Balance Beef Formula

Natural Balance Beef formula is another high-quality dog food, which keeps their ingredient list limited. The protein in this dog food comes from beef, and youll find this is the first ingredient on the label. Other ingredients include peas, chickpeas, canola oil, flaxseed, and plenty of vitamins and minerals.

Natural Balance provides all the nutrients your dog needs, including the right amount of protein, carbs, and fats .

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Which Type Of Dog Might Do Better With A Different Brand

Since Bully Max High Performance foods are geared toward active, working breed dogs, they are higher in calories, protein, and fat to meet those energy requirements. This food isnt going to be ideal for dogs that are overweight, obese, or have a low to moderate overall activity level. This food could contribute to weight gain for dogs that dont expend the energy it is designed to provide.

Dogs that suffer from food allergies because of chicken would also be better suited for a different brand. All of Bully Maxs recipes are derived from chicken, which is one of the most common protein allergens that dogs suffer from. So, for pups that have known chicken allergies Bully Max is not recommended.

Is Maximum Bully Dog Food A Good Brand

maximum bully dog food vs victor

As simple as it may sound, this is a yes or no answer. The dog food has various nutrients, not limited to high-quality protein and healthy carbs. Thus, a spectacular recipe to keep your pouch with full energy while at the same time enhancing the development of strong, leaner muscles.

Furthermore, every Maximum Bully kibble packs superior antioxidant properties, thereby reinforcing the defense against disease-causing bacteria.

However, if your dog is sensitive to all grains or specifically rice, oats, and or barley, Maximum Bully isnt the right nutrition for you. Youll have to look for alternative Grain-free diets that suit the nutritional requirements of your pet.

As for the controversial ingredients, yeast extract, and brewers yeast, its yet scientifically proven they can trigger allergies as the vocal minority claims. But since we all want whats best for your pet, we recommend you look for an alternative solution if positive your dog is allergic to yeast ingredients.

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What Are They Known For

Victor dog food has had a lot of effort, science, and research poured into it. The company has a team of nutritionists that they work with, who validate their food and continually try to improve their standards.

They have over 20 formulas and six varieties so that you can purchase the dog food that meets your dogs needs. They cater to all life stages and small to large breeds. Victor cares about their customers and actively tries to build a trustworthy relationship with them. They manufacture their own products and test every ingredient in every recipe to make sure it meets their standards.

Theyre known for the high-quality ingredients that are used in their kibble and canned food. They offer high protein recipes however, they predominantly use meals over fresh meat. Their recipes are low in vegetables and contain no fruit. Their dog food is best suited for large breeds with moderate to high activity levels as well as working dogs.

  • The various formulas are very similar
  • The recipes typically have little to no vegetables and fruit
  • Some recipes contain a few controversial ingredients

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