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Life’s Abundance Puppy Food

Mail Order Doesn’t Work For Our Family

Life’s Abundance Dog Food Is Cheaper Than Most Dog Foods

What I loved about Life’s Abundance was that it was delivered straight to my door. And I could get many things dog food, cat food, treats, and supplements.

The downside was that I could never schedule the orders right I kept running out of food before my next delivery. I don’t know what I was doing wrong back then, and I admit this was lame. How hard can it be to set up a recurring order? Today, I do it all the time without issues with Life’s Abundance, I was always a week off, no matter how I set it up.

Reasons Why I Stopped Feeding Lifes Abundance Dog Food

by Kimberly | Aug 14, 2022 | Dog Nutrition |

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Not long after I launched Keep the Tail Wagging I was introduced to Life’s Abundance pet food and saw it as a fantastic business that I could build from home. I was told that Life’s Abundance makes dog and cat food with the finest ingredients, and I was excited to feed their food to our pets and build a small business through my blog.

A year later, I was no longer a Life’s Abundance representative, and our dogs were enjoying a raw food diet. Quite often, someone will reach out to me to ask about my thoughts on Life’s Abundance and their products Spoiler Alert: I have no issues with the company. I chose to stop being a Life’s Abundance representative six or so months after I started for many reasons.

Lifes Abundance Dog Food Product Line

Lifes Abundance offers All Life Stage product lines in both grain-free and non-grain-free options. The Grain-Free formula is a bit more expensive but has a better ingredient list and better nutrient content.

They also have a puppy line of dog food and an adult weight loss dog food to cover all dogs life stages. After looking at the ingredients and nutrition info for all of these, its clear that the Grain-Free formula we looked at above is the best option they offer, these other formulas are a cut below and should be avoided.

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Lifes Abundance Dog Foodhow We Reviewed The Formulas

Evaluating dog food is one of the ways to help you sort out which products on the market are worth your attention and thus provide your pooch with the best option.

We have compiled a list of strict criteria that we have to follow during our reviews. Only the formulas that pass those criteria will get the highest marks. There are numerous ingredients to avoid in dog food, so we need to be meticulous. All the formulas must:

  • Name their meat sources
  • Derive protein from healthy ingredients
  • Avoid vegetable and meat by-products
  • Have a low presence of grain
  • Avoid artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives
  • Meet the requirements of the Association of American Feed Control Officials
  • What you need to remember is that our reviews are not biased. Our findings are solely ours, and our team went into
  • great depth to provide you with nothing but true and verified information. Our data comes from reliable sources.

Why Is Lifes Abundance The Best Puppy And Dog Food


Lifes Abundance foods are veterinarian-formulated with select ingredients to help your dog achieve optimum health. We use a fast-cook process at low temperatures to help preserve the nutritional value of each and every wholesome ingredient. And we maintain strict inventory controls to ensure the quality and safety of our foods.

Lifes Abundance foods are made with the finest ingredients, including

  • A proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals
  • High-quality protein from chicken meal for strong muscles
  • An antioxidant system including vitamins A, C and E
  • A selection of nutritious vegetables and fruits
  • Omega-3 fatty acids for healthy skin and a shiny coat
  • Calcium and phosphorus for healthy teeth and strong bones
  • Dietary fiber to help maintain a healthy digestive tract

Since we use only wholesome ingredient, this formula contains

  • No artificial flavors
  • No corn or corn gluten
  • No wheat or wheat gluten

Lifes Abundance delivers concentrated nutrition in every bowl.

  • A balanced blend of calcium and phosphorous to support growing and aging bones
  • Our kibble has tested extremely positively with both puppies and adult dogs, regardless of breed or size
  • Optimal protein levels for growing puppies and adults
  • Unique blend of antioxidants that support dogs throughout their life cycle

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Learn More About Raw Feeding For Dogs

Transitioning to raw turned out to be the best step for my dogs. This diet cleared up food sensitivities, environmental allergies, and more. You can check out my book, A Novice’s Guide to Raw Feeding for Dogs, to learn more about my experience. And visit my Resources Page if you’d like to learn more.

As humans, we know that eating processed foods daily isn’t healthy, so it’s not a leap to understand that feeding our pets a diet of processed foods will lead to health issues.

Join the fresh food movement today!

Life’s Abundance Dog Food

Robust Nutrition, rich in high Quality Proteins for a savory, Healthy Feast

They love us and trust us completely. Utterly devoted, they comfort us and provide unconditional love. Dogs are family. Feed them abundant nutrition. Feed them Lifes Abundance Dog Food! It’s fuel for their soul and its formulated for all the life stages of your dog. Most importantly, it’s packed with nourishing, high-quality ingredients. It’s perfectly balanced with all of the proteins, omega-3s, vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients your precious canine needs to thrive.

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How We Evaluated Lifes Abundance Dog Food

Our guide will give you info on all you need to know about Lifes Abundance dog food recipes. We conducted thorough research on their products and lists of ingredients so that we can paint a complete picture of the brand.

None of our reviews is complete until we seek help from our team of experts. Two veterinarians have gone through the ingredient lists with us to help us understand their components.

  • We ran through online reviews to check the customers experience
  • Pet shop owners have shared their vast experience in selling the brand
  • Based on all the knowledge we gathered, we have prepared our final results.

Im Often Asked What Should I Feed My Puppy What Do You Recommend

Life’s Abundance Dog Food Kibble Sizes

I have always researched the dog food and looked at the first few ingredients, as I was told that these were the most important and meat should always be the first one. The guaranteed analysis was the next important criteria. We had been feeding Natural Balance then we were introduced to Lifes Abundance Dog Food and the amazing nutrition it provides.

We were so impressed by the quality and high standards of this dog food and the amazing testimonials from the customers and field representatives of this company that we decided to switch to all our dogs and puppies to LA All Life Stage formula.

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How Is The Price Compared To Competitors

As far as price goes, Lifes Abundance dog food costs are slightly higher than your average premium dog food. When it comes to overall quality and ingredients, we think there are competitors out there that offer equal to better quality foods at better prices and you can find these other foods in stores, while you have to go directly through the company if you want to purchase Lifes Abundance foods.

Lifes Abundance Animal Testing

We have no information on what type of testing that Lifes Abundance participates in for their products.

However, to the best of our knowledge, we do not believe they participate in invasive or laboratory testing.

Many smaller or less well-known brands avoid disclosing detailed information on their testing and trials due to fear of backlash from their customers.

We strongly believe that invasive or laboratory testing of animals is a cruel and outdated practice and one which we hope will see a serious decline.

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Benefits Of The Lifes Abundance Dog Food

Lifes Abundance formulas contain named meat sources and dont add meat by-products. As we have already mentioned, these by-products are meat waste that is not used in human nutrition.

Your canine can eat them, but they dont contain large nutritional value. Lifes Abundance food uses real and named meat sources, which is beneficial for dogs who suffer from allergies. These formulas dont contain artificial:

They use their natural counterparts instead. Food that uses butylated hydroxyanisole preservative is dangerous for your pups and increases cancer risks and liver diseases. Luckily, this brands products are deprived of artificials.

Lifes Abundance products are rich in healthy fatty acids. As weve seen, Omega 3 and Omega 6 acids come from wholesome ingredients. If your woofer munches on these formulas, theyll have a beautiful coat to show to the world. Just imagine a slow-motion head shake, while shiny hair dazzles your eyes.

Lifes Abundance offers plenty of formulas. They cover breeds of all sizes and ages, as well as those with typical health issues that can be prevented with their supplements. If your doggo is not allowed to eat chicken, you have a wide variety of other meat products among their formulas.

Which Type Of Dog Is Lifes Abundance Best Suited For

How to Feed Your Puppy

Lifes Abundance formulas would easily suit most dogs. They do offer a small and medium breed puppy formula as well as a large breed puppy formula. They also offer a grain-free option for dogs that have been advised to stick to a grain-free diet and a formula for weight loss. They also include three different canned food options for those that prefer to offer wet food. As far as the variety of main protein sources, Lifes Abundance doesnt provide as many options as wed like to see.

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I Suck At Direct Marketing

I am TERRIBLE when it comes to Direct Marketing. I’ve tried several MLM opportunities over the years and failed because I don’t like sales. I don’t feel comfortable selling to my friends and family. It was difficult to market these businesses through my blog. And I quickly learned that direct marketing companies had gotten a bad rap over the years, so many people aren’t receptive, which was discouraging.

Check out the following podcasts and programs about MLMs:

I’m sure there are great MLMs out there, and there are people who ROCK at direct marketing. My experience with Life’s Abundance, Pawtree, and Young Living repeatedly taught me that I’m not a good fit for sales. I have tremendous respect for folks who are good at sales.

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Nutritious, Tasty Premium DogFood from Life’sAbundance. Our loving dogs are loyal to us throughout their life, so the best we can do for them is give them exactly what they deserve. By feeding your dogLife’sAbundance uniquely formulated dogfoods, you will be nourishing their body in a way that you will see and they will feel. With Lifes Abundance, you can be sure your dog is getting the healthy dogfoodthey deserve, and you get the convenience of having it shipped straight to your door in just 1-3 days. We emphasise quality, safety and expertise when making our dogfood, including research, testing and quality control that smaller companies may lack..

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This Line Of Pet Products Was Formulated By Dr Jane Bicks Dvm

She has been a holistic vet for over 20 years. She has served as President of the American Veterinarian Association of New York City, earned three Presidential Citations, appointed by Mayor Rudolph Guliano to help establish one of the largest animal shelters in the world, the author of three books on responsible care and treatment of pets, and has appeared on 48 Hours, Good Morning America, CNN, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and more. She has also created a non-profit foundation where a percent of her product line is contributed toward rescue and care for pets.

For Adults Seniors And Puppies

Life’s Abundance Review and Why Do They Have the Best Cat and Dog Food

Dry Kibble, Grain Free or Canned

Why Choose Life’s Abundance

For the most part, your dog eats the same food every day. That is why carefully choosing a food is so important to your dogâs long-term health. For nearly a decade, tens of thousands of dogs have been eating and thriving on Lifeâs Abundance Dog Food. This success is attributed to the painstaking attention to nutrient details. Each ingredient in Lifeâs Abundance food is carefully chosen to work with all the others to provide your dog with a wholesome, highly-nutritious and perfectly-balanced meal every day, all year. With Lifeâs Abundance, you can be confident that you are feeding your best friend advanced nutrition. Choose any of the Lifeâs Abundance formulas for your dog because a recipe for a better life is more than meeting minimum requirements.

Save up to 20% when you order Life’s Abundance on a regular basis. Life’s Abundance pet foods are always delivered super fresh to your door.

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At Lifes Abundance We Dont Leave Any Factors That Impact Safety And Quality To Chance

We exercise control at every stage from preparation to packaging to storage. While leading brands stockpile tons of food for months on end we make our food in small batches every week. Once its made the food is shipped to one of our 5 warehouses which are clean and climate controlled. The products are packaged and then shipped with care and arrive at your door within 4-6 weeks of being made.fresher food is more nutrient-rich!

We feed our dogs and are raising our puppies on Lifes Abundance All Life Stage Dog food which is holistically balanced and provides the nutritional harmony thats important to help your canine achieve and maintain optimal health.

The Lifes Abundance All Life Stage dog food recipe contains only the finest ingredients, like

  • A proprietary blend of vitamins & minerals
  • High-quality protein from chicken meal for strong muscles
  • An antioxidant system including vitamins C & E
  • Prebiotic fiber & guaranteed probiotics
  • A selection of nutritious vegetables
  • Omega-3 fatty acids for healthy skin & a shiny coat
  • Calcium & phosphorus for healthy teeth and strong bones
  • Dietary fiber to help maintain a healthy digestive tract

To be the best dry dog food, this premium kibble contains

  • No artificial flavors or colors

When you buy this Lifes Abundance dog food,

your sweet pup will benefit from our strict inventory controls

and product safety considerations that are second-to-none

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. Click Here For Lifes Abundance Dog Food Chewy The 18 Finest Chew Toys for Pet Dogs That Are Vet-Approved Pet dogs enjoy chewing. They just really, actually enjoy it. Chewing on stuff makes teething simpler for pups and keeps jaws strong for aging canines. Canines likewise explore the world through smells, licks and nibbles,.

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Rodrigo Is Allergic To Chicken

Rodrigo presented with food sensitivities during the first few years of his life. I turned to Dr. Google and convinced myself that my dog was allergic to chicken. Not a surprise, really, because the food and treats I purchased always had chicken as an ingredient. A sensitivity test confirmed that I should limit the chicken in my dogs’ diet.

I tried other dry dog food brands and cleaned Rodrigo’s paws daily, but this didn’t help. The paw licking finally stopped when I switched our dogs to a raw food diet.

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Life Abundance Puppy Food Where To Buy / All Life Stage Dog Food Happy ...

Click Here For Lifes Abundance Dog Food Chewy The 18 Finest Chew Toys for Pet Dogs That Are Vet-Approved Pet dogs enjoy chewing. They just really, actually enjoy it. Chewing on stuff makes teething simpler for pups and keeps jaws strong for aging canines. Canines likewise explore the world through smells, licks and nibbles,. Click Here For Life Abundance Dog Food Chewy The 18 Finest Chew Toys for Dogs That Are Vet-Approved Pets like chewing. Chewing on stuff makes teething easier for pups and keeps jaws strong for aging dogs. Chances are the first toy you bought Olly was a chew toy! Toxic substances common in canine toys.

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Lifes Abundance Dog Food. $13.18. Lifes Abundance Dog Food is holistically balanced and provides the nutritional harmony to help your dog achieve and maintain optimal health. In fact,. Lifes Abundance Dry Dog Food is a pet food line with a 3-star rating around 31% of all the pet food we review fall in this tier. They seem to have nutrition ratio similar to a. Oh no. Lifes Abundance is a great food for dogs. I thought I made that clear in this post and I apologize if I lead you to believe any differently. I initially stopped feeding it, because.

Life’s Abundance provides an array of superior quality, safe & effective products born out of a commitment to improving the health of people, pets & the planet. Nationwide delivery in just 1-3 days. CALL 877-387-4564.

Note: No Lifes Abundance products are involved in this or any other recall. On March 27th, the FDA announced a massive recall of 140 lots of dog and cat food produced by Midwestern Pet Foods. This voluntary recall spans many brands and is the result of possible Salmonella contamination. What Pet Parents Should Know.

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