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Is Wet Food Good For Dogs

What Wet Food Is Good For Puppies

Nutrition 101: Wet or Dry Food — Which is Better For My Dog?

The 8 Best Wet Puppy Foods

  • Purina Pro Plan Focus Puppy Canned Dog Food.
  • Hills Science Diet Puppy Canned Dog Food.
  • Royal Canin Puppy Canned Dog Food.
  • Wellness Complete Health Just for Puppy.
  • Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Puppy Chicken Dinner.
  • Pedigree Puppy Chopped Ground Dinner.
  • Solid Gold Love At First Bark Canned Dog Food.

Canned Food May Reduce The Risk Of Bloat

Dogs that eat dry food may immediately drink a lot of water, which causes the food to expand in their stomach.

This may lead to a serious condition called bloat. Dogs that gulp their food down are also at a higher risk of bloat because they swallow more air as they eat.

Vets dont know exactly what causes bloat, but it happens when a dogs tummy fills with gas, food or fluid and causes it to expand. Sometimes, a dogs stomach will rotate or twist. Its a very serious, life threatening condition.

Large, deep chested dogs are more prone to bloat then other dogs, but any dog theoretically can get bloat.

  • stretching and unable to get comfortable
  • looking anxious

Wet food doesnt expand and your dog probably wont nose dive into its water bowl after eating it. Eating food from a raised bowl, eating quickly, having one large meal a day, and eating or drinking too much can also lead to bloat, according to Fetch by WebMD.

How Long Does Wet Dog Food Last If Its Not Opened

Depending on the brand, wet dog food can have a shelf life of up to 3 years. However, its good practice to note the manufacturers Best By date.

The Best By or Best Before date printed on the bottom of the can indicate the point in time when the product no longer contains the specified nutrients.

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The Benefits Of Wet Dog Food

Wet dog food, or often times referred to as canned dog food, is a great source of things you don’t often get as much of in dry. This includes:

  • Greater water content: Wet dog food is particularly valuable for hydration. If your dog doesn’t drink enough or you live in a dry, hot climate, a wet dog food can keep your dog properly hydrated, according to PetMD. Even so, you should still make sure fresh water is readily available for your pup.
  • Helping dogs who have trouble chewing: Dogs can have issues chewing hard kibble for a variety of reasons, such as loss of teeth, misaligned jaws, or even a uniquely small mouth. In these cases, a canned dog food may be much easier for them to manage.
  • The smell: Older dogs lose some sense of smell, and therefore might not eat their dry food with the same gusto or interest that they used to. Wet foods such as Hill’s® Science Diet® Adult 7+ Beef and Barley Entree have a richer scent and flavor that could spur an increase in appetite.
  • Satiety: The higher moisture content in canned food often helps a dog feel full. This may be useful in a weight management program for those dogs who appear to have an endless appetite.

Cons Of Mixing Wet And Dry Dog Food

Diabetic Dog Food May Prolong Your Dogs Life

Since wet food is more expensive than dry dog food, mixing the two adds an expense to mealtime in comparison with only feeding dry. It also requires refrigeration of the wet food after it is opened if not all of it is used in one meal. Plus, it can be smellier than dry food alone, creates more waste with the small cans and pouches that house the wet food, and may provide less dental benefits than a strictly dry food diet.

Finally, if a dog doesn’t finish the mixture of dry and wet food within a few hours, the dry kibble will get soggy and the wet food will get crusty and could spoil so it cannot be saved and, consequently, may create more waste.

There is no ‘best’ option when it comes to wet and dry food. Cost, storage, ease of feeding, medical issues, physical restrictions, accessibility of food types, pickiness of the individual dog and more may play into your decision as to whether you feed only wet or dry food or a mixture of both.

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What Are The Differences Between Wet And Dry Food

The fundamental difference between wet and dry food is primarily the different water content. Whilst dry food has a moisture content of just 3 to 12%, this is between 60 to 84% for wet food. This huge difference affects the shelf life of the food, since dry food can be kept for significantly longer than wet food, which in comparison goes off sooner.

There are also significant fluctuations between wet and dry food regarding calorie content. With dry food, dogs consume lots of calories in small quantities. In contrast, dogs must eat twice or three times as much wet food in order to reach the same calorific value. The question of which food is better for dogs’ teeth is also debatable. One side argues that the hard consistency of dry food cleans the teeth, whilst the other claims that dry food stays too firmly stuck to the teeth, which can lead to dental problems.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Natural Senior Wet Dog Food Turkey & Chicken Grill 125

  • PACKED WITH REAL TURKEY AND CHICKEN: This grain free dog food contains more of the turkey and chicken dogs love
  • FEED THREE WAYS: High protein BLUE Wilderness senior dog food makes a delicious treat, adds interest mixed into their favorite dry foods or can be fed as a meal on its own
  • NATURAL DOG FOOD: All BLUE canned dog foods are made with the finest natural ingredients enhanced with vitamins and minerals
  • WHOLESOME INGREDIENTS: BLUE wet dog food contains NO chicken by-product meals, NO corn, wheat or soy, and NO artificial flavors or preservatives
  • Contains twelve 12.5-oz cans of BLUE Wilderness High Protein Grain Free, Natural Senior Wet Dog Food, Turkey & Chicken Grill
  • Beef Broth, Beef & Chicken Are The First Three Ingredients
  • Contains Carrots & Peas with Chunks Of Meat In Gravy
  • No Added Grain No Added Corn, Wheat, Or Soy No Added Artificial Color And Flavors Or Chemical Preservatives
  • Made In the USA With The Finest Ingredients From Around The World
  • Serve By Itself Or Mixed In With Kibble
  • Gradual Transitioning Is Important To Help Avoid Dietary Upsets. Please Allow 7-10 Days To Ease The Transition From Your Dogs Current Food
  • If you like Wellness Canned Dog Food, we invite you to try Wag Wet Dog Food
  • Contains twelve 13.2oz cans of wet dog food with easy pull can tab
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: Were proud of our products. If you arent satisfied, well refund you for any reason within a year of purchase. 1-877-485-0385
  • An Amazon brand

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Is A Combination Of Wet And Dry Food Possible

Since both wet and dry food offer different advantages, the obvious conclusion would be that the best thing is to simply feed dogs a combination of the two. In principle there’s nothing against this, but you shouldn’t mix the two types of food and should always serve them at different times. Due to wet food’s high energy content, you should also make sure that the daily intake isn’t exceeded despite switching between wet and dry food.

When it comes to dogs that have a tendency to develop digestive problems, their owners should ideally choose just one type of food, because the to-and-fro between wet and dry food can lead to diarrhoea or constipation for sensitive stomachs. In general, combining the two types of food offers no advantages for the dog’s health, since both varieties allow it consume all vital substances. So if you’ve established that your dog likes the taste of one particular food and tolerates it well, feel free to stick with it!

Pedigree Small Dog Steak And Vegetable Flavor

Homemade Wet Dog Food Recipe (Healthy, Extremely Easy to Make)

Small dogs need special kibble for their mouths and energy requirements. This one does an adequate job of keeping weight in check while providing a balanced meal. It uses both corn and by-product meal so be aware of what youre getting into and use it only when you cant find something else or if your budget is set in stone.

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Guide To Mixing Wet And Dry Dog Food

Mixing wet and dry dog food is another option that may provide the best of both worlds. However, it is very important to ensure you are still providing the proper daily feeding amount to prevent overfeeding.

The best way to do this is to have your local vet calculate your furry friends daily calorie requirements for maintenance. Then you can calculate how much dry and wet food your dog should have each day to reach that number of caloriesand dont forget to factor in any calories from treats.

What Is Dry Dog Food

Dry dog food contains less than 11% water. The majority of dog food is dry and comes in bags that have a long shelf life. Dry kibble may contain pieces of dried meat, but they don’t have a high water content like canned or pouched food will have. If you walk down the aisle of a pet store, the bags of dog food stacked on the shelves contain dry dog food.

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Canned Dog Food: What You Should Know

If you want convenience in dog food, you might wonder about feeding canned dog food.

Canned food could have some advantages over kibble. For one thing, you can store it a lot longer. But it is better or worse for your dog?

Well the quality of both kibble and canned dog foods varies enormously. So that question doesnt have a short answer. But Ill explain some of the main pros and cons of canned food.

First, a little history.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Canned Dog Food

Pedigree Wet Dog Food, 22 Oz.

Canned dog food has some advantages as well:

  • It has a very high water content which often means the dog can enjoy a larger portion per meal to provide the same number of energy calories as an equivalent portion of kibble.
  • Some dogs prefer the palatability of canned food over kibble.
  • When dogs have to spend time away from home, it may help them to eat more normally if they have a little encouragement from some delicious canned food along with their kibble.

Canned food is more expensive per energy calorie than kibble due to the high water content and the packaging. Another disadvantage to canned dog food is that for some dogs, canned food may contribute to periodontal disease.

Once the can is opened, it is best to transfer the remainder into a small food container for refrigeration. Be sure to consult with your veterinarian to determine the appropriate daily portion.

“Be sure to consult with your veterinarian to determine the appropriate daily portion.”

One option for feeding dogs is to use a combination of dry and canned food each day. Remember to stick to the total daily portion that has been calculated for your dog. The only way to prevent your dog from becoming overweight or obese is to measure each day’s intake carefully. Mealtime is bonding time, so meals should be fun for you and your dog!

Contributors: Krista Williams, BSc, DVM Robin Downing, DVM, CVPP, CCRP, DAAPM

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Natures Recipe Wet Dog Food

Natures Recipe is an old brand that makes quality and delicious meals that meet all the nutritional needs of the dogs. The main ingredients in the canned food are real and turkey. The two provide high-quality proteins that help to maintain the dogs lean muscles. The other ingredients include barley and sweet potatoes that supply the meal with carbohydrates for the dogs sustained energy.

Other essential ingredients include tomato paste, sunflower oil, minerals, vitamins, brown rice, and chicken fat, among others. The ingredients come in a savory broth that meets the nutrition needs of the dogs as well as great taste and flavor. One food can contains 12 servings. The food is free from artificial preservatives, flavors, and colors. The formula is ideal for dogs of all sizes and ages.


  • A tasty savory broth that is easy to digest
  • Does not contain artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives


  • Food more runny than meaty


If you have a picky eater, choosing Natures Recipe is the best care you can give your dog. The formula is highly nutritious, and the protein ingredients help to support the dogs muscle growth and other health issues. The recipe is pricier than many others in the market are but is worth the cost.

With a rating of 4.7 stars, many of the pet owners simply love the formula because their dogs appreciate it and look healthier after consumption.

Help For Dogs With Dietary Problems

Have an overweight dog that needs to lose weight?

The moisture content of canned dog food can make the same amount of nutrients occupy more volume. So, your dieting dog can feel fuller faster.

And what about older dogs?

Seniors are frequently afflicted with chronic dental problems that can make chewing dry kibble difficult even painful. So, canned dog food can be the perfect solution.

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They Are What They Eat

Good health and longevity begin with good nutrition. The educated dog owner strives to feed the best and most beneficial food that their budget allows. Even the choice of canned food versus dry is a big one, thanks to a wide variety of formulations, price points and health claims with strong proponents on either side. As always, your veterinarian should be the last word on your dogs nutritional needs.

But for how canned and dry foods compare, heres the scoop:

Are The Best Foods Those By Veterinarians

How Much Wet Dog Food Is Good to Give a Dog? : Dog Training & Care

While large brands sold in veterinarian’s offices may be marketed as premium, top of the line foods, one look at the ingredients tells a different story. These formulas, made by large conglomerate food manufacturers, derive far more protein from grains or grain by-product sources such as corn gluten meal, brewer’s rice, and wheat, than from healthy meat sources.

These brands, and so many like them found in grocery stores, also contain poultry by-product, which consists of the leftovers unfit for human consumption, like feet, beaks, undeveloped eggs, and intestines everything BUT clean meat. It’s a cheap, low quality source of protein that is far less digestible than clean chicken meal. These ingredients are a tell-tale sign of poor quality food and are no different than discount brands at the grocery store.

Although the formulas may contain a few specialized ingredients to position them as a special diet for health conditions such as joint support, urinary tract health, etc., a better way to treat these conditions is with a truly healthy food and one or more daily supplements.

When looking for the best food, meat and a named meat meal, like chicken meal or lamb meal, should be listed before any grains. Our dogs and cats are designed by nature to eat protein from meat sources, not grains. The high grain content of many pet foods is a primary contributor to the growing obesity and allergy problems in pets .

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Wet Vs Dry Dog Food: Which Is Better

Wet dog foods are certainly becoming more popular, especially as we learn more about what our dogs need out of their diet in order to thrive. While there are tons of benefits that come along with wet dog food, its important to remember that it does have its pros and cons when compared to dry dog food and even raw dog food.

Wet dog foods are palatable for dogs, made with less room for additives or artificial ingredients, and they are often easier to digest, says Jen Jones, professional dog trainer and behavior specialist. However, wet dog foods also contain less carbs, which are helpful to keeping your dog feeling full and satiated.

Some wet dog foods can also upset your dogs stomach if they are not made with quality ingredients. Be sure to choose dog foods that are high quality and contain real meat protein. Avoid wet dog foods with additives, preservatives, dyes, byproducts, or other unnecessary fillers.

Canned food is higher in protein and moisture than dry food, which is the primary benefit for feeding a combination of both canned and dry food, adds Dr. Sarah Wooten, a Colorado-based veterinarian.

What About Wet Food

Wet food is a convenient way to hydrate your pet and help ease the digestive process. Wet food can be the entire meal, a topper, or fed as a snack!

If your pet eats their food quickly, feeding wet food is an excellent way to help them slow down . You can always add extra water to wet food to help slow your pet down even more! Mealtime should not be over in five seconds. Slowing down mealtime makes it more satisfying and helps your pet feel more satiated.

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Should A Dog Eat Only Dry Food Or Wet Food

One of the most common questions I get asked is about the type of food to give a dog: only dry or only wet?

To answer, we need to understand how a dog approaches its food: by sight ? By taste? Or by smell?

If we put ourselves in our dogs shoes, we know we can put the foods visual appearance in last place: a dog certainly does not pay attention to whether the food offered is presented nicely.

So, taste and smell remain therefore a good recipe will be the first thing that attracts their attention. Lets take a look at the differences to see which sense prevails in the choice of food.


Square centimetres of olfactory mucosa

Human 3-4 cm² Dog 18-150 cm² Cat 20 cm²

A dog actually chooses its food first and foremost using its nose and then tastes it.

However, we should also explore the behavioural aspect that affects nutrition. The dog is a social animal used to living in a pack its meal plays a key role in its co-existence with other dogs and, in our case, humans. Food gratification is a method often used by humans to encourage appropriate behaviour and to strengthen the relationship between them and us. To serve our dog, a rewarding meal is not only a gesture of affection but also a behaviour that will lay a solid foundation in our relationship with our four-legged friend.

What to do?

One tip is to feed your pup both dry and wet food to take advantage of the positive features of each option.

Dr Benedetta Giannini, veterinarian and nutrition expert

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