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Is Royal Canin Dog Food Worth The Money

Overall Royal Canin Review

Royal Canin Best Dog Food In-Stock at PetMart��@Dogs Lover

More than many pet food companies, Royal Canin is concerned with pet nutrition instead of particular ingredients. The company tends to look at the precise nutrients that an animal needs and how to provide them instead of trying to provide ingredients that could be fed to humans. Many cat lovers today will disagree with this approach to feeding a cat but Royal Canin produces good quality foods. You may not like the ingredients when you look at the label but the nutrients and percentages will always be correct.

People will point out that shoe leather and steak are both protein, and that is true. You can make chemical formulas look good but it doesnt necessarily mean that you should feed something to your cat. Its a good idea to look at foods on a one by one basis and consider your individual cats needs.

Royal Canin also has a veterinary pet food division that makes many cat foods for pets that have special dietary needs especially animals that have serious health problems. Some of these foods literally save lives. Dont read the ingredient list. Just be thankful that the food helps your cat.

They make foods for cats with sensitive stomachs, skin and coat problems, cats that are overweight, cats with teeth and dental problems, cats that need help with hairballs, cats that are picky eaters, and food for cats that are pregnant or nursing.

Why Royal Canin Is Bad

Another questionable ingredient on the Royal Canin Labrador Retriever ingredient list is corn gluten meal. Its often a byproduct of processing corn is an inexpensive filler that bumps up protein levels in a pet food. For most pets the most digestible protein comes from high quality animal meat, fish or eggs.

About Royal Canins Main Sub

The Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition features various protein sources. Each dog food is designed with a shape, size and texture thats optimized for a specific breed.

Royal Canins Size Health Nutrition sub-brand includes 5 recipes each optimized for a specific breed size. Giant breed, large breed, medium, small and extra-small.

The Royal Canin Veterinary product line includes dozens of specialized recipes designed to treat or prevent various health conditions. These dog foods are available from your vet but can also be ordered online at a significant saving.

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What The Marketing Says

Royal Canin use the slogan Health Nutrition Since 1968. That doesnt mean their food is formulated primarily for the nutritional needs of your dog. Keep in mind its a product, designed for profit, and Mars makes a very lucrative profit out of this brand.

Dont be fooled by Royal Canin breed specific formulas either. Any solid premium pet food should cover nutritional basis of any dogs regardless of breed. If your specific breed is prone to specific conditions then theres no reason you cant address those with supplements, either from natural ingredients or from a pet store. Breed specific formulas offer Royal Canin an excellent marketing angle.

How We Chose The Best Royal Canin Dog Food Formulas

Royal Canin Medium Starter Dry Dog Food 12 Kg: Buy Royal ...

Royal Canin makes a wide range of dog food formulas, and all of them offer balanced nutrition. So, how did we narrow down the options to just five recipes? We wanted to offer our readers a well-rounded selection of food choices for their pets during all stages of life. We read through dozens of Royal Canin reviews that pet parents who use this brand of food shared.

Based on our findings, we were able to narrow down the options to the five formulas that are listed in our review. We are confident that each option will offer your pet the nutrition that he needs to thrive during all stages of his life from puppyhood to his senior years.

Summing It Up

Royal Canin is a premium quality pet food that is based on scientific research to offer dogs the vital nutrition that they need to thrive. Each product mentioned in our review has been carefully analyzed and will certainly meet the needs of your pooch. However, no matter which Royal Canin recipe you choose, you can have confidence knowing that the dietary needs of your four-legged family member will be met.

Dogs have a lot of needs, and as a pet parent, your goal is to ensure that all of those needs are met. Of all the things that you do for your four-legged pal, feeding him a well-balanced diet that meets his nutritional needs is the most important. Just like humans, canines have to receive the right vitamins and minerals that they require in order to thrive.

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Which Is Better Royal Canin Or Hills

4.8/5Royal CaninHill’sHillsHillRoyal CaninHillsRoyal Canin

Likewise, is Royal Canin made by hills?

Science Diet and Royal Canin are made by two different companies. Science Diet is the retail line of pet foods made by Hill’s and are sold in pet stores. Science Diet and Royal Canin are made by two different companies. Science Diet is the retail line of pet foods made by Hill’s and are sold in pet stores.

Subsequently, question is, is Royal Canin high quality food? Royal Canin on Grains: When processed properly, grains like corn can be a healthy part of any cat or dog’s diet. Both are great sources of highly digestible protein, and wheat gluten contains amino acids that support gastrointestinal health. Both corn and wheat gluten are good complements to chicken meal.

Simply so, do vets recommend Royal Canin?

Vets are not paid a commission to recommend any pet food. Royal Canin isn’t even sold in veterinary practices for the most part. Vets either are misinformed about the brand or are distributors of the brand hence they will ask you to feed royal Canin. Likewise, a pedigree distributor vet will ask you to feed pedigree.

Why do vets recommend Hill’s Science Diet?

it is very low quality food especially for the price! Then when they go into practice vets are given a chance to make extra income selling the products. Some practices make a third of their income selling pet food.

Who Manufactures Royal Canin

Royal Canin manufactures their own pet foods. They have manufacturing facilities all over the world. All of their pet food distributed and sold in the United States is made in company-owned plants located in the United States and Canada. The U.S. headquarters for Royal Canin is in St. Charles, Missouri, with plants in Missouri and South Dakota. The worldwide headquarters for Royal Canin is in the south of France.

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Individual Recipe Review Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Spayed/neutered Appetite Control

If you are completely opposed to the use of grains especially corn in cat food, then you are going to hate this food. Its just loaded with grains, including corn and wheat. But we already mentioned that Royal Canin looks at nutrients and not ingredients.

Royal Canin has this to say about grains:

Many people will tell you that corn causes allergies and has no nutritional value. And while a food reaction may affect some dogs with rare, documented food allergies, there is no evidence to support claims that grains in general cause health problems.

When processed properly, grains like corn can be a healthy part of any cat or dogs diet. In fact, properly processed corn contains far more nutrients than ingredients commonly used as replacements for it in grain-free diets.

Royal Canin grinds the corn very finely before its added to any of our formulas. This makes it a very effective and digestible carbohydrate source.

We also recently added corn gluten meal and wheat gluten to some of our feline and canine formulas. Both are great sources of highly digestible protein, and wheat gluten contains amino acids that support gastrointestinal health. Both corn and wheat gluten are good complements to chicken meal.

Chicken meal has had most of the moisture removed. It is a condensed source of chicken protein and nutrients.

Corn is mostly carbs. It is 82 percent carbs, 7 percent protein, and 11 percent fat.

Guaranteed Analysis

Moisture 8.0

What Is The Best Puppy Dry Food

Royal Canin Breed Specific Dog Food

The 6 Best Dry Foods for Puppies

  • Wellness Complete Health Dry Small Breed Puppy Food.
  • Wellness Complete Health Dry Small Breed Puppy Food.
  • Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Dry Puppy Food.
  • Merrick Classic Healthy Grains Dry Dog Food Puppy Recipe.
  • Chicken Soup for the Soul Large Breed Puppy Dry Food.


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Is Royal Canin Worth The Money

Royal CaninIt’sworthitThe Top Ten of Vet Recommended Dog Food Brands

  • Hill’s Science Diet. Topping my list of vet recommended dog food brands is Hill’s Science Diet.
  • Royal Canin.
  • Wellness Natural Food for Dogs.
  • Castor & Pollux.

The Best Dry Dog Foods

  • Wellness Complete Health Dry Dog Food.
  • Instinct Original Grain-Free Dry.
  • Nature’s Logic Dry Dog Food.
  • Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry.
  • Canidae Grain-Free Pure Dry Dog Food.
  • Orijen Dry Dog Food.

Royal Canin Pet Food Reviews

Royal Canin Dog Food Reviews There are better fresh options.

Getting dog kibble can be quick and easy, but now new fresh dog food delivery competitors offer better, fresher dog food delivered right to your door.

Is Royal Canin a good dog food company? Before we started, we acknowledged that Royal Canin isnt going to be the dog food brand for every pup. We feel like there are better options out there. Here are our favorite fresh dog food delivery companies you can choose from today. Most offer a heavy discount on your first order so you can see how your dog likes it

Based out of a massive headquarters in the south of France, Royal Canin boasts having one of the worlds most advanced pet food manufacturing facilities. The company also maintains a US headquarters in St. Charles, Missouri, as well as manufacturing facilities in both Missouri and South Dakota, and works under the idea that that pets are not people they are unique animals with unique nutritional needs that are distinctly different from our own according to their website.

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Best Overall Dog Food

According to our experts, owners of large and giant-breed dogs should avoid foods that contain legumes as a protein source. Nicole Goudey-Rigger, the owner and CEO of doggy daycare service Pets a Go Go, told us she took her two purebred Akitas and two medium-size mixed breeds off their low-grain diet after the connection between DCM and grain-free food was raised. Instead, she now feeds her four big dogs Purina Pro Plan Salmon Sensitive Stomach, which contains brewers rice and barley . She and two other experts we spoke with like Purina Pro Plan foods because, as Gstrein points out, the recipes meet AAFCO standards and are formulated by a veterinary nutritionist. Goudey-Rigger adds that Purinas Purina Pro Plan line features a wide variety of proteins, including chicken, beef, salmon, duck, lamb, pork, and even quail. Looking for a variety of proteins in a brands line is important, she says, because not all proteins agree with all dogs. Ochoas dog also likes Purina Pro Plan and gets a small portion of its shredded chicken food as a complement to Hills Science Diet.

What The Labelling Really Says

Royal Canin Dog Food Golden Retriver Junior 3 Kg: Buy ...

There are four main ingredients in the food, so dont be duped by meat as the first ingredient. The 2nd and 3rd ingredients happen to be corn andmore corn This is a cunning labeling trick known as ingredient splitting where an ingredient is split into two to make another ingredient look more significant. Its possible theres twice as much corn in the formula as meat, and given the 4th ingredient is wheat flour were likely faced with 3 parts grain to 1 part meat.

Not the premium canine diet we were expecting?

The 7th ingredient is more wheat, and given its known to be one of the most common causes of allergies and itchy skin thats not good. Ironically, if your dog develops an allergy or itchy skin your vet will recommended a scientific sensitive formula, likely from Royal Canin . Theres no real science though, its just that sensitive anti-allergy formulas dont contain common allergens, like wheat.

Unfortunately when it comes to prescription diets, or diets targeted at specific breeds, then Hills and Royal Canin are the only options. Generally Royal Canin formulas seem marginally better than Hills, and with both brands the wet foods tend to have significantly more meat compared to the grain-based dry formulas.

The protein in Royal CaninMedium Adult is a mediocre 25%, and with a fat percentage of 14 we can guestimate the food is around 45% carbohydrates, mostly from grains. That isnt great, and not what you would expect given the premium price.

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What Is The Best Dog Food For Sensitive Stomach And Skin

The Best Dog Foods for Sensitive Stomachs

  • Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin & Stomach Salmon & Rice Formula Dry Dog Food.
  • Hills Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin Chicken Dog Food.
  • Solid Gold Leaping Waters Sensitive Stomach Salmon & Vegetable Dry Dog Food.
  • Diamond Care Sensitive Stomach Formula Adult Dry Dog Food.
  • Nutrition Facts To Consider


    Protein should be the main component of a diabetic dogs diet. Roughly about a third of their calories should be from protein. The best type of protein will be from whole meats, not meat by-products.

    Fat should make up about 30% of your dogs daily calories. Fat is important because it gives your dog energy and helps them stay nutritionally balanced throughout the day. Fat will not make your dog overweight by itself weight gain can occur if given too many carbs or being overfed in general.


    Carbs in your diabetic dogs diet need to be low glycemic. Examples of this are barley or sorghum. Carbs should generally be restricted or at least monitored, as they can interfere with the balance of your dogs blood sugar.


    High-fiber diets are not proven to be beneficial nor harmful to a diabetic dog. There are a few studies that indicate benefits for some dogs, but the same diet could cause intestinal side effects or weight loss. Sometimes, weight loss can be good, but it can be inappropriate for already thin diabetic dogs.

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    Our Passion For Pet Health Through Nutrition Began With One Man

    Jean Cathary was born in May 1927 in the small French town of Puy-en-Velay. He started his veterinary career working with horses and bulls. Over the years he came to believe that food could impact the health of animals. In 1968, he creates the yellow soup for dogs. The ROYAL CANIN® brand is registered.

    Royal Canins Dog Food Recall History

    Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Dog Food

    Being informed about the recall history of pet food companies is important in understanding the brand itself. Royal Canins recalls have been issued three times at the time of writing, with the last recall in 2007.

    First Recall

    The first recall was on the 2nd of February, 2006. It involved veterinary diet foods for dogs and cats that contained unusually high levels of vitamin D3.Because of this, the decision to recall a total of six dog and cat meal products followed.

    Too much vitamin D3 can become a problem and pose a threat to a dogs health. However, given no further information at the time, there were no serious consequences indicated.

    Second Recall

    Even so, no reports of any dogs having fallen ill during the time leading up to the official recall. The source gave no other specifics.

    Third Recall

    Issued on May 11, 2017, they experienced their third recall for the company. The reason was traces of melamine were found during a routine call procedure.

    The contamination spearheaded the recall of eight of the brands Sensible Choice dry dog food goods as a safety measure .

    Tainted rice protein concentrate from China is believably the cause of the contamination. Later on, they released a statement saying they would no longer be using Chinese vegetable protein.

    Recalls are not necessarily damning evidence against a company. A brand willing to take the PR hit to put your animals safety first is usually an encouraging sign.

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    What Should I Not Feed My Puppy

    Do not ever feed the following substances as they are toxic to dogs : alcohol, onions, onion powder, garlic, chocolate, coffee or caffeine products, mouldy or spoiled foods or compost, avocado, bread dough, yeast dough, grapes, raisins, sultanas ,

    Dry Dog Food Product Line

    Royal Canin produces a huge variety of foods, catering to most of the standard pure dog breeds individually, but they also have size based selections for those with non-purebreeds. Even further, the company manufactures a different product for each stage of life for those breeds, and often even manufactures sensitive stomach and other specialty choices as well.

    This is great if you have more than one dog at home that are different ages and sizes. You can stick to one brand of food and buy your large breed dog and small breed dog the Royal Canin food regardless of their size and life stages.

    All of the choices come in wet and dry forms and have specific feeding instructions printed on the sides.

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    How Diabetes Affects Diet

    Diabetes requires your dog to shift to a diet where their glucose levels are kept low and controlled. They will probably still need insulin injections to help maintain that balance, but the nutrients included in their food play a big part in keeping their glucose levels low, such as by providing a high-protein diet with minimal fat and carbohydrates. Approximately 30-40% of your dogs caloric intake should be from protein, while the other 60-70% should be derived from carbs and fat.

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