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Is Purina Dog Food Made In The Usa

Which Type Of Dog Is Purina Bella Best Suited For

Pet Care is Our Only Business: Purina’s Pet Food Priorities

Purina Bella dog food is specifically designed for small adult dogs. Good candidates for this formula include breeds like Yorkshire Terriers, Boston Terriers, Pomeranians, and similar-sized dogs.

Because of the smaller mouths and digestive systems of small dog breeds, Purina Bella formulas are designed with smaller bite-sized pieces. The Purina Bella recipes also provide the nutrition that smaller dogs need to support their lifespans, which are considerably longer than those of large dog breeds.

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  • Parent company, Nestlé, has a controversial reputation
  • No puppy-specific formulas

How Does Purina Dog Food Rate

Overall brand rating for Purina dog food. rates Purina dog food with an average 3 out of 5 possible stars. Some of its products truly are great, and the other leave room for improvement when it comes to ingredient selection. This is not to say they are not FDA approved and do not provide dogs nutrition, they do all of that its just as with anything else, there are tiers to quality.

Which Is The Best Dog Food

The 7 Best Dog Food Brands of 2021

  • Best Overall: Royal Canin at Amazon.
  • Best Budget: Taste of the Wild at Chewy.
  • Best Dry: ORIJEN at Chewy.
  • Best Wet: Hills Science Diet at Amazon.
  • Best for Puppies: Blue Buffalo at Amazon.
  • Best for Large Dogs: Purina at Chewy.
  • Best for Small Dogs: Wellness Pet Food at PetCo.

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What Should I Do If I Want To Report A Product Concern To Beneful

Were pet owners too, and take all concerns regarding our products seriously. We encourage our consumers to contact us directly so that we can better understand the facts involving a particular concern. To help us investigate, we need you to provide information regarding the situation, this includes UPC & manufacturing date code information, and we may ask for a sample of the product for physical examination. We may also ask for additional supporting documentation if available or permission to speak with your veterinarian. We can be reached at 1-888-236-3385 or by visiting our Contact Us page.

Purina Bella Dog Food Recall History

Purina Busy Made in USA Facilities Toy Breed Dog Bones ...

As of writing this Purina Bella Dog Food review, there have been no official recalls of the Purina Bella line of products. However, Purina has issued recalls of a few of its other dog food products:

In 2016, select varieties of Purina Pro Plan wet dog food were recalled for insufficient vitamins and minerals.

In 2013, select batches of Purina ONE dog food were recalled for potential salmonella contamination.

When it comes to future recalls, Purina recommends that consumers stay up to date on the FDAs list of pet food recalls.

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What Do Others Say About Pro Plan

At the time of this update

Chewy customers rate Purina Pro Plan 4.7 out of 5 stars and 96% say they would recommend it to others.

Heres an actual user review

Sample buyer reviewYou cannot go wrong with Pro Plan, so many blends for so many dogs ! You have to find the right blend for your dog. This Shredded Blend is pretty good. You have the larger kibble mixed with the shreds.The kibble is hard and the shreds are soft. I have three German Shepherds and they love it ! However if they eat it too fast the shreds kinda make them choke a bit. Other than that This blend comes in a 47lb bag ! GREAT !! And at a sweet price of course Try it for your medium to large dog. they will like it.. You can even put warm water on it. they love that !

Get free recall alerts when you subscribe to The Dog Food Advisors recall notification list.

Who Makes Purina Bella And Where Is It Produced

Most people have heard of the Purina brand, which is responsible for creating and manufacturing some of the most popular dog food recipes around. However, like countless other commercial brands, Purina isnt independently owned. Instead, Purina is owned by the large conglomerate, Nestlé.

According to Purina, 99% of the brands dog food is manufactured in the United States. Owners will also be happy to know that Purina owns its own factories, so the production process is not overseen by a third party.

Unfortunately, there is no information about where the remaining 1% of Purina dog food is manufactured nor which products are included.

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Is Beneful Dog Food Safe

Yes. Beneful dog food is safe to feed and can be fed with confidence. Purina selects dog food ingredients for nutrition that helps your dog live his best life possible. Every product Purina produces passes through thousands of quality and safety checks before its ready for your dogs bowl. Purina knows you want the best for your dog and so does every team member at Purina. Visit the Purina website to learn more.

More Ingredients Of Concern

Purina Little Bites Dog Food Review Chicken and Beef Flavor

Other ingredients that stand out include more corn soy flakes and soybean meal possibly in the new SMARTBLEND spongy bits, Im guessing pea fiber which is being used by many dog food manufacturers today animal fat which would be better if it were a named fat and animal digest. Its best to avoid digest in your dogs food. Its not really food you want to feed your dog. And when it is the generic animal digest it can come from any source. The food also contains menadione sodium bisulfite complex , which is synthetic vitamin K3 a controversial ingredient.

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Purina Dog Food Company Review

Nestlé Purina PetCare is the second largest pet-food company in the world.

In the United States of America, it is first.

From humble beginnings, to absolute market dominance, Purina is now in its third century and competition has never been more fierce.

For over 100 years now, Purina has been guided by the belief that people and pets are better together. Recently however, conscious consumers have been voicing concerns over Purinas operations and end products.

But: Do the claims have any merit? Let us find out by examining this brand further.

Buying Tip

Compare this product with Amazon Best Sellers in the Best Dog Food category.

Why review Purina? Aside from the fact that Purina products have the largest market share and thus the biggest impact on dogs in the US and abroad, there has been a lot of noise surrounding this brand as of late in the form of consumer reviews and complaints.

Concerns such as:

  • is Purina dog food healthy?
  • was Purina dog food recalled?
  • does Purina dog food cause seizures?
  • does Purina dog food cause cancer?
  • how does Purina dog food rate?
  • and, whats in Purinas dog food?

Thus: We felt compelled to do the right thing and look further into this brand history and philosophy.

What Are The Main Changes To Your Existing Recipes

All of our Beneful dry dog food recipes are made with real, wholesome ingredientsincluding real beef, chicken, or salmon as the first ingredient. In addition to wholesome ingredients like high-quality proteins, whole grains and real fruit and vegetable accents, theres also no added sugar, no artificial flavors and the great taste that dogs love.

Beneful wet food is made with real lamb, beef, chicken, turkey or salmon as the second ingredient behind only water or broth. Our wet recipes now feature no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, while still having the delicious taste your dog is guaranteed to love.

Additionally, weve expanded no artificial preservatives across our Originals Beef, Originals Chicken, Originals Salmon, Playful Life, IncrediBites Beef, IncrediBites Chicken, Healthy Weight and Healthy Puppy dry dog food recipes.

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Other Dog Foods Of Note

Some other pet food manufacturers and companies source ingredients inside and outside the US but have taken the pet food transparency pledge to ensure quality and report the ingredients’ origin.

This means that they are willing to be fully transparent about the ingredients that go into their dog food made in USA recipes. Here are all of them:

  • Addiction Pet Food
  • Souly Raw Pet Food
  • Verus Pet Food

Note: Although all of the above mentions are dog food made in the USA or pet food brands that have taken the transparency pledge, neither myself nor Top Dog Tips explicitly endorse anyone’s dog food product over another. There are several reasons when food not made in the USA can be just as good, if not better, than dog food made in the USA. As a responsible pet parent, always research the brand fully before feeding it to your dog.

Effects Of Melamine On Dogs

Is Purina Cat Food Made in the Usa?

Melamine is a small, nitrogen-containing molecule. It has several industrial uses, like being a binding agent and flame retardant. Also, manufacturers use this chemical as part of the polymer in the production of plates and cooking utensils. Moreover, manufacturers use it to produce glue, countertops, laminates, and other construction purposes.

Combining melamine and cyanuric acid could form crystals in urine and kidney tissue, and eventually, kidney failure. A study conducted in 2007 showed that when given separately, melamine or cyanuric acid did not cause renal failure in cats. But when they gave both compounds together, the cats showed signs of intra-tubular crystals and renal failure. The FDA continues to study the interactions of melamine and other related compounds to find how they cause pet illnesses and death.

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Where Does Purina Get Its Ingredients

All Purina products made outside of Blayney are either imported from our global Purina factory teams in the USA or France, or in a Nestle contracted facility. Quality ingredients start at the source. Some pet food brands are content with buying straight off the shelf from their suppliers, but we demand more.

Is Sportmix Dog Food Made In China

SPORTMIX sources all ingredients from US suppliers if ingredients are available, grown or produced in the US. Certain subparts of the vitamin premixes are only available overseas but rest assure their US supplier makes every effort to source from reputable non-Chinese vendors.

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Are We Being Lied To Merrick Purina Fromm

A California man is suing popular pet food and treat manufacturers, Merrick Pet Care, Castor & Pollux, Nestle Purina, Fromm, and Wysong alleging the pet food makers knowingly mislabel certain dog and cat food and treats as Made in the USA when they include ingredients sourced outside the U.S. In three separate $5 million class action

Does Purina Dog Food Cause Cancer

Puppyhood: Met a Girl, Ate Human Food & Puppy Food Together | Purina® Puppy Chow®

The council’s recent tests on 39 dry pet foods revealed traces of the carcinogen aflatoxin B1, which can also cause liver damage, in four dog foods and three cat foods, including Purina One Smart Blend chicken and rice formula adult premium dog food, and Kitekat tuna flavour for adult cats.

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Where Does Pro Plan Get Their Ingredients

In the past, the Nestle Purina PetCare company has had problems with recalls due to poor-quality ingredients sourced from China. On the Pro Plan website, however, Purina makes many claims about the quality and safety of their ingredients they also remind their customers that Purina was the first dry dog food brand to use real meat as the first ingredient.

When it comes to their ingredients in general, Purina claims that each ingredient is selected to play a role in the advanced nutrition that helps your pet thrive. They do not, however, provide specific details about where their ingredients come from.

Best Dog Food For Puppies : Merrick Grain Free Dry Puppy Food Chicken + Sweet Potato

The dry puppy food from Merrick has a lot of the same qualities as we talked about above for their adult line – locally sourced ingredients, real de-boned meat, and no grains or other bad fillers. There really isn’t much to not like about what Merrick is doing. The puppy product line has some great added benefits that their customers love over the competition, like added DHA for brain development. It also has other vitamins and minerals to help with physical development. The chicken and sweet potato recipe is absolutely loved by most of the puppies who try it – it’s one of their highest rated recipes.

What We Like

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The Shocking Truth Aboutcountry Of Origin Labeling Laws

Here in the U.S., current country of origin labeling laws are either weak or non-existent. They offer little protection to consumers, especially when it comes to the source of a dog foods ingredients.

For a product to be labeled Made in the USA , regulations require only that the product be all or virtually all made in that country.

Nowhere do labeling rules mandate the identification of sources of the individual components that were used to make a product.

So, even though a company reports they manufacture a dog food completely in a U.S. or Canadian facility, theres no way to assure a consumer the ingredients werent sourced from a foreign producer.

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Is Blue Buffalo Dog Food Made In China

Purina Busy Made in USA Facilities Small Breed Dog Bones ...

None of the ingredients are sourced from China. All Blue Buffalo products are manufactured in the United States. Many of their ingredients, such as most grains and meats, like chicken, beef and turkey come from the United States. Rabbit is sourced from Europe, and trout can come from the United States or Canada.

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Purina Dog Food Recall History

The following list includes all dog food recalls since 2007. If there are no recalls listed in this section, we have not yet reported any events.

  • 9th March 2016 10 ounce tubs of Beneful wet dog food with product code starting #5363 to #6054. 10 ounce tubs of Purina Pro Plan Savory Meals wet dog food with product code starting #5363 to #6054. Reason: Inadequate vitamins and minerals.
  • 30th August 2013 3.5 pound Purina One Beyond Our White Meat Chicken & Whole Barley Recipe Adult Dry Dog Food with production code #31071083 were voluntarily recalled. Reason: Possible Salmonella contamination.
  • St. Louis, Missouri, 30th March 2007 Voluntary withdrawal of 13.2 ounce and 22-ounce ALPO Prime Cuts and 6, 8, 12, and 24 can ALPO Prime Cuts Variety Packs. Recalled product code starting #7037 to #7053 and plant code being #1159. Reason: Possible Melanine contamination.
  • St. Louis, Missouri, 16th March 2007 Voluntary withdrawal of 5.3 ounce Mighty Dog brand pouch products produced by Menu Foods, Inc. between the 3rd December 2006 and 14th March 2007. Recalled product code is #6337 to #7073 with plant code being #1798. Reason: Possible Melamine contamination.

You can view a complete list of all dog food recalls sorted by date.

Worst Adult Dry Dog Food: Iams Proactive Health

The primary ingredient in IAMS Proactive Health Adult Chunks dry dog food is chicken.

Though chicken is a quality item and raw chicken comprises about 80% water, but when cooked, most of the water is lost, which reduces the meat content to just a portion of its initial weight.

After processing, these ingredients would probably account for a smaller fraction of the whole content of the finished food.

The second ingredient is cornmeal which is coarse ground flour made from the dried corn. Corn is a controversial and inexpensive cereal grain of low nutritional value to a dog.

For that reason, it is not a preferred part of any dog food.

The third ingredient of this product is sorghum , a starchy cereal grain with a similar nutrient profile to corn.

Because it is gluten-free and claims a smoother blood sugar performance than other grains, sorghum may be considered a satisfactory non-meat ingredient.

The fourth ingredient is chicken by-product meal, which is a dry product of the slaughterhouse waste.

This meal is made after all prime cuts have been separated, which includes almost anything left, including beaks, feet, and even undeveloped eggs, anything except the feathers.

But on the bright side, these portions are meat concentrates and comprise protein approximately 300% more than the fresh chicken.

The fifth ingredient is beet pulp, a controversial ingredient, as it is a high fiber by-product made of sugar beet processing.

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Is Purina Pro Plan Made In China

Pro PlanPurinaChina

Ingredients from China have been implicated indog illness and death. Purina should confirm or deny that Chinese ingredients are in this product. Stick with Blue Buffalo, Merrick and others actually 100% made of in the U.S. from beginning to end, pet products that dont skimp on quality.

Secondly, is Purina cat food made in China? Purina Cat Chow is made primarily from North American ingredients, with the exception of lamb from New Zealand and synthetic vitamins and minerals from around the world, including China. The food is manufactured in nineteen company-owned plants in the United States and Canada.

Likewise, people ask, where is Purina Pro Plan manufactured?

The Nestle Purina PetCare company is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri but they have operations all over North America and in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America. According to the Purina website, 99% of their products are made in the United States.

Is Royal Canin made in China?

This was then re-branded to Royal Canin in 2011, where it manufactures both wet and dry pet food. Royal Canins twelfth production facility was fully built at the end of 2009 and is located in Shanghai, China.

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