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Is Pure Balance Good Dog Food

What Products Have Been Recalled Recently

Pure Balance Dog food review

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Other Factors To Consider

Independent testing of dog foods ensures their purity beyond what you can read on the ingredients list. In todays dog food industry, the production process is actually able to introduce many contaminants. These contaminants can also come from the ingredients themselves.

For instance, if the farm sprayed pesticides on the vegetables used in the food or if the animals were ever fed hormones, these things will impact the final product. However, youll never be able to tell the cleanliness of a dog food unless you have results from a third-party lab.

Pure Balance has yet to get tested by such a lab. While the dog food line itself launched in 2012, the market of dog food testing is still in its infancy. With that said, some of the other premium dog foods already have test results published from various sources, like the Clean Label Project.

The results can change with time as companies are always sourcing ingredients from new places to find the best price and keep up with demand and availability requirements. The unfortunate thing is that, without contamination tests, the only way to really estimate the cleanliness of a dog food brand is to look for recalls.

Recalls often occur in response to a contamination. While accidents surely happen and are sometimes out of the manufacturers control, frequent recalls or recalls due to a result of mishandling of ingredients or the final product will clue you into how clean the dog food likely is.

Wet And Canned Dog Foods

Most dog owners will know that dogs will always prefer wet or canned food over dry. It is generally more enjoyable to eat, has a fresher flavor, and is more natural to them than crunchy kibble. For any dog owners thinking of going for the meatier choice, here are your options:

Pure Balance Grain-Free Wet Food Pots:

  • Lamb Dinner Recipe
  • Turkey and Sweet Potato Dinner Recipe
  • Chicken Dinner in Gravy With Peas and Sweet Potatoes Recipe
  • Beef Dinner in Gravy With Carrots and Sundried Tomatoes Recipe

Pure Balance Wild & Fresh Chub Rolls:

  • Beef, Salmon & Egg Recipe

Pure Balance pro+ Canned Food Range:

  • Performance Chicken Recipe
  • Puppy Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe
  • Healthy Skin & Coat Turkey & Potato Recipe

Pure Balance Classic Canned Food Range:

  • Chicken, Veg & Brown Rice Stew Recipe
  • Beef, Veg & Brown Rice Stew Recipe

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What We Dont Like About Pure Balance

Though, as with anything, the Pure Balance brand does have its downsides as well. Fortunately, there are not very many negative points, but we feel the need to highlight them anyway for the sake of transparency and to ensure you are definitely getting the food that you want:

  • Except for its price and its brand name, theres really nothing substantially different from other dog food brands.
  • Some previous customers have reported less than satisfactory customer service support.
  • Every recipe contains some kind of protein allergen, even if they are predominantly novel protein-based.

As a little side-note to one of the above cons, though the recipes are not massively different from other similar brands, the protein and fat contents are considered above average. When taken together with its pricing scheme, this is perhaps one of the primary reasons why you might want to get Pure Balance for your pooch.

Pure Balance Dog Food Lamb & Brown Rice Recipe:

Pure Balance Wild Free Grain Free Formula Salmon Pea Recipe Food For ...

This product is simply a perfect and suitable option for dogs having a sensitive stomach. Another good thing about this product is that it provides all the nutrition with reasonable pricing. This product is a dry food that doesnt contain grains and corn, if your dog is allergic then this product is highly suitable. Also, the product has no fillers and artificial flavors. The manufacturer has carefully selected the ingredients which are another good thing about this product. The product contains real lamb, which is a perfect and rich source of protein. with the combination of brown rice that makes it easily digestible. Brown rice is a rich source of fibers. not only this, but the product also contains other essential nutrients such as vitamins and mineral which keeps your dogs healthy and energetic.


sunflower oil, d-calcium, calcium carbonate, thiamine mononitrate, iron, vitamin E supplement, tapioca, pea protein, salmon, salt, biotin, polyphosphate, niacin, copper, riboflavin supplement, vitamin A supplement, folic acid, vitamin B12 supplement, vitamin D3 supplement, calcium iodate, flaxseed, brown rice, lamb.

  • The only con about this product is that it does contain some lamb meal.

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Pure Balance Dog Food Reviews

Long-term buyers of Pure Balance dog food praise this option. They say their dogs love the flavor and have healthier-looking coats.

Furthermore, dogs with sensitive stomachs seem to react well to this food. Many pet parents like the value they are getting for the money. They say it is one of the best affordable premium dog foods.

Still, some dog owners say that their dogs wouldnt touch the Pure Balance food. Not only that, but certain grain-free options seem to aggravate food allergies further. Additionally, some commenters complained that the food quickly turned moldy.

This is to be expected every dog is unique. Based on ingredients alone, this is above-average dog food. Yet, if you havent used it before, it might be best to talk to your vet first. Y\u should feed your dog only a small amount first and see how they react before deciding on a bigger buy.

Is Pure Balance Salmon And Peas Good For Dogs

The first ingredient is real salmon, which helps build lean muscle mass in your dog so he can run, jump and play. And peas which deliver a natural source of fiber as well as carrots which offer beta-carotene to help support healthy eyes.

proud mom of Baby, and i am an animal lover as I have at home a cat, a dog, a fish tank, birds This diversity makes me special because I provide many answers to your questions that increase your knowledge about your pets friends. I have 7 years of experience working with pets. i hope you enjoy our tips.

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Pure Balance Dog Food Summary

Pure Balance Dog Food Quality Verdict

Pure Balance Lamb & Brown Rice Dog Food Review

After taking everything into consideration and comparing this brand to other popular dog foods, I can say that Pure Balance is an above average in quality. The complete lack of cheap fillers, combined with quality ingredients and affordable price are the reasons why you might want to consider this brand.

When taken as a whole, Pure Balance dog foods have a near-average fat, above average protein, and below average carbohydrate count. However, the fun thing is, while the main ingredients are animal proteins, the majority of other ingredients are plant-based. So, it is safe to say that the amount of meat included in Pure Balance dog foods is in fact moderate.


  • No cheap fillers like wheat, corn, or soy
  • Real animal proteins as main ingredients
  • Contains novel proteins for dogs with allergies and sensitivities
  • Easily available and affordable
  • Grain-free and grain inclusive formulas
  • Uses high-quality ingredients

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Is Pure Balance Dog Food Made In The Usa

I have always been concerned about the quality and origin of the food I feed my furry friends. When I first heard about Pure Balance dog food, I was intrigued by the companys commitment to using high-quality ingredients sourced from the USA.

After doing some research and talking to other pet owners, I learned that Pure Balance dog food is indeed made in the USA. The company sources its ingredients from trusted suppliers across the country, including farms, ranches, and processing plants.

In addition to using American-sourced ingredients, Pure Balance is also committed to using only natural, whole ingredients in its products. This means that you wont find any artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors in their dog food.

Other pet owners, I talked to rave about the positive effects theyve seen in their dogs after switching to Pure Balance. Many have noticed improved coat condition, increased energy levels, and fewer digestive issues.

Overall, it seems that Pure Balance dog food is a great choice for pet owners who want to feed their dogs a high-quality, USA-made product. It has received positive reviews from both pet owners and veterinarians, and its commitment to using natural ingredients is a major plus.

Wild And Free Bison Pea And Venison:

This dog food product has been produced wisely while paying keen attention to your dogs nutrition. In simple words, this product contains all the important ingredients which you are looking for your dog for their better health.

This product is free bison and pea, venison also grains free dry food for dogs. Including this, the product has no soy, wheat, or corn, thus which makes a perfect choice for dogs that have allergic reactions to grains.

Why Its Good?

This food product is highly suitable for all those highly active dogs as it will help them in the growth of their lean muscle mass, this is because the product contains fully loaded proteins and real venison.

Because of this, your dog will be able to play and run without any difficulty. Not only this the product also contains vitamins C and E which are good to strengthen your dogs immune system.

A short and quick description of the product is this: 30% protein, 12% fats, 5% fiber, 42% carbs, and 10% of moisture.


The product is fully loaded with highly nutritious ingredients which are these:Salman, dried ground peas, tapioca, pea protein, fish meal, dried ground peas, dried plain beet pulp, dried carrots, whole potato, flaxseed, zinc, vitamin E, iron, choline chloride, B12 supplement, pyridoxine hydrochloride, sunflower oil with natural flavor, calcium carbonate salt, niacin, copper, d-calcium, thiamine mononitrate, calcium iodate, vitamin A, D3 supplements.

  • Has venison, which not all dogs love.

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Pure Balance Ingredient Analysis

It is essential to see what goes into the recipes to answer How good is Pure Balance dog food? Lets review the most common ingredients for this brands dry dog food products:

  • Chicken, lamb, beef, salmon. Theres always at least one source of animal protein.
  • Brown rice. Its a healthier alternative to wheat, corn, or soy that provides carbohydrates.
  • Dried peas. Besides carbohydrates, these also provide a good amount of dietary fiber.
  • Beet pulp. Despite being a by-product, its a great source of fiber and is good for proper functioning of the intestines.
  • Poultry fat. Its an affordable source of Omega-6 fatty acid that is of essential importance to a dogs health.
  • Flaxseed. This ingredient provides Omega-3 fatty acids along with soluble fiber.
  • Sportsmans Pride Professional Formula 30/20

    Pure Balance Lamb &  Brown Rice Flavor Dry Dog Food 30 lb. Bag

    Sportsmans Pride is a dog food line geared towards canine athletes and is billed as supportive of the endurance and energy requirements of working dogs and active pups.

    While that sounds good, we need to take a look at the recent recall of one of its products and the ingredients it contains.

    On June 3, 2021, the FDA issued an alert regarding one lot of Professional Formula 30/20. Sunshine Mills, Inc., which manufactures Sportsmans Pride and the brands Sprout, Intimidator, and FRM Gold Select , issued a voluntary recall of this recipe for potential salmonella contamination.

    But looking past the recall alert, wed have to say that this recipe doesnt meet our standards either. The main ingredient in this food is chicken byproduct meal, a rather dubious ingredient with regards to quality.

    Chicken byproduct can mean any leftover part of the chicken, and not just its organs. With quality recipes, manufacturers generally state chicken liver, chicken heart, and so on.

    When a manufacturer lists byproduct only, that means its probably a combination of a lot of unsavory things that wont sound as good when listed down and specified.

    Lastly, this food uses more carbs than protein to supply the energy needs of dogs because there are three grain and corn ingredients within the first five slots.

    The potential for contamination was noted after a sample of 5 lb. Sprout Sporting Dog Food product was collected and tested positive for salmonella during routine surveillance.

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    The Analysis Of Ingredients Used To Make Pure Balance Dog Food

    When analyzing the Pure Balance dog food line as a whole by the quality of ingredients used to make it, it comes out to be an average dog food line.

    The kibble contains chicken, chicken meal, brown rice, brewers rice, peas, poultry fat, rice bran, beet pulp and dried egg which are all acceptable ingredients.

    Beet pulp is one of the most controversial ingredients used.

    Beet pulp is a byproduct of sugar beet processing and is high in fiber.

    While some believe that beet pulp is nothing but a cheap filler ingredient, others believe that it is good for intestinal health and has blood sugar benefits.

    The dog food also contains the following notable ingredients:

    Flax seeds: They are good to plant sources of Omega-3 fatty acids. If theyre first ground into the meal, they are rich sources of soluble fiber as well. They are also high in protein

    Sunflower oil: High in Omega-6 fatty acids, sunflower oil, helps maintain the dogs coat and skin. The oil is also resistant to heat damage during the cooking process

    Dried peas: They are rich in dietary fiber and good sources of carbohydrates. They are also high in protein

    Probiotics: After processing, the surface of the kibble is sprinkled with friendly bacteria that aid the process of digestion and keep the dogs gut healthy and happy

    Lets Take A Closer Look At Ingredients

    Pure Balance dog food utilizes premium quality ingredients and real animal proteins as the primary ingredients. The good news is that even with the use of these ingredients, Walmart managed to keep its prices well within the budget range of average-income dog owners. It is this excellent combination of quality nutrition and affordability that makes Pure Balance dog food so popular. So lets take a closer look.

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    Pure Balance Dog Food Reviewed

    Pure Balance dog food is a Walmart-labeled pet line that is intended to provide your dog with a healthy, natural, and cost-efficient option for dinner. They offer a multitude of flavors and recipes, and they have an entire feline line, too.

    Pure Balance dog food not only carries wet and dry food, but also a few other options which we will discuss more thoroughly below. Each recipe contains all-natural ingredients that promote your pups health and overall well-being. Not only that, but Pure Balance maintains that their facilities are run at AAFCO standards, and they follow their nutritional guidelines.

    Lets take a closer look at their products.

    Pure Balanced Chicken Canned Dog Food

    Pure Balance Dogfood Review– Dog’s that have food sensitivity

    Heres a great choice for dogs that love wet food! Were sure your canine companion will enjoy this chicken-flavored wet dog food. It comes in a 12.5 oz can, you can try it as a single test dinner or buy it in a six-pack. This Pure Balance product contains everything thats healthy for your dog, including plenty of vitamins and minerals.

    In addition, the product contains no fillers, wheat, corn, soy, or other harmful ingredients. If your fur baby is on a grain-free diet, youll be happy to learn that this product also comes in a grain-free version.

    The only thing we noticed about this dog food is that it contains high amounts of sodium .

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    An Overview Of The Products

    Pure Balance is not limited to dry or wet foods. They offer varieties such as fresh rolls, wet foods in sauce, and dinners. All of these products are made with natural ingredients, as well as added vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. They also offer grain-free diets, puppy formulas, and LID meals.

    Below we will look at the different types of food recipes offered by Pure Balance:


    Dry food is available in a 4, 11, or 24-pound bag to choose from.


    • Chicken, beef, salmon and egg

    With so many options available, its hard not to find an option that will suit your pet. A notable absence, however, is a seniors plan. Generally, an older dog will need a slightly different formula. Plus, they also benefit from ingredients like glucosamine. Unfortunately, none of the Pure Balance diets offer this supplement.

    Also, most formulas are grain-free, but not all. If you want a more in-depth look at their grain-free meals, take a look at this article that delves deeper into this type of formula.

    Pure Balance Dog Food Formulas Reviewed

    Choosing the best dog food is tricky. Pure Balance is considered by many pet parents owing to its healthy formulation and affordable cost. To know whether it is worth your consideration, read this in-depth Pure Balance dog food review:

    Summary: This is a perfect example of what a balanced meal for dogs should contain. A healthy, grain-inclusive formula with high protein content, boosted with probiotic strains, added minerals, and vitamins that enhance the overall health of dogs, including heart health, vision, muscle health, and skin and coat health.

    Type: Dry dog food

    Best for: Small breeds of all life stages

    Flavor options: Chicken and brown rice

    Price: $1.23 per pound

    • With healthy grains and sources of protein
    • Improves digestive health with probiotic strains
    • Promotes shinier coat and skin
    • Improves heart health
    • Rich in dietary fiber


    • Contains chicken meal and preserved poultry fat

    Ingredient Analysis

    • Great Ingredients: Chicken, peas, brown rice, barley, dried beet pulp, flaxseed oil, chicory root, cranberries, biotin, folic acid, vitamins and minerals, dried fermentation product of probiotic strains
    • Not-so-Great Ingredients: Chicken meal, chicken fat

    Review: Based on 233 global ratings, this premium dog food recipe has an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Pet owners claim that it healed their dogs diarrhea issues.

    Type: Dry dog food

    Flavor options: Salmon and pea

    Price: $1.37 per pound

    • With by-product meals and chicken fat



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