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Is Freeze Dried Food Good For Dogs

Primal Freeze Dried Dog Food

The 411 on Freeze Dried Dog Food & Treats | Chewy

This is another food product that comes in two sizes. It is 78% meat and organ tissue and is good for dogs in all life stages.

There are no additives, artificial flavoring, or other negative ingredients, and it comes in five flavors your dog is sure to love. It is made particularly to rehydrate with water so make sure you read the package for feeding instructions.

Veterinary Concerns And Opportunities With Clients Feeding Raw Diets To Their Pets

Dog and cat patients fed raw diets raise some concerns for veterinarians:

  • Safety for ourselves and our staff is the same as for our clients. We have to assume that all pets can be carriers of zoonotic microorganisms . Veterinarians and staff must engage in hygienic practices at all times.

  • Our responsibility to advise our clients about safety, and potential problems for our patients. As we inform our clients about the risks of feeding RMBDs we need to record our recommendations and advice in the patients medical record.

  • Various veterinary associations have issued position statements discouraging the use of RMBDs including the CVMA, AVMA, WSAVA, and AAHA . The CVMA and the BSAVA recommend that veterinarians advise owners who feed RMBDs to ensure that hygiene measures are in place to minimize the risk of the transmission of communicable disease .

As a veterinary specialist, I decide which therapies and pet management approaches I discuss with my clients, and:

  • recommend a specific diet

  • recommend medication use that is off-label

  • advise owners who choose a strategy that I am unenthusiastic about

  • refer the client to a colleague or

  • disagree with but still support the client and the patient .

And in every case, I record my advice and the owners decision in the pets medical record, a copy of which is provided to the owner. I work with my clients so they have the best information for their decisions about the care of their pets.

Stella & Chewys Stellas Super Beef Meal Mixers Freeze

Life stage: Adult small, medium, or large dog breeds.

Nothing will transform the usual boring kibble mealtime like a few scoops of Stellas Super Beef Meal Mixers Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food Topper. Your dog will go crazy with every bite, thanks to this tasty, mixer or topper, which you can also feed as a complete and balanced meal.

Key benefits

  • Protein-rich topper with 95% raw beef, nutrient rich-organs, and bones obtained from grass-fed cattle plus nutrient and antioxidant-rich wholesome organic fruits and vegetables.
  • Increased content of vitamins and minerals and added taurine to boost nutrition.
  • The mixer is enriched with antioxidants as well as probiotics to support healthy immunity and digestion, respectively.
  • It doesnt have hormones, antibiotics, gluten, grains, artificial preservatives, colorings, and worthless fillers as well as pea, lentil, or potatoes.
  • Besides being a mixer, you can serve it as a complete and balanced diet to your dogs, both with and without rehydration. Use their free-feeding chart or calculator to determine the amount depending on your dog size.

Additional information

Besides Stellas Super Beef meal mixer, others are Chicken Meal, Tantalizing Turkey, Savory Salmon and Cod, Dandy Lamb, Duck Duck Goose, and Purely Pork Meal mixers.

Finally, besides mixes, Stella & Chewys have Freeze Dried Lil Bites , Dinner Patties, Meal Mixer Superblends, and Dog supplement powders.

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Why Do We Recommend Hydrating

While freeze-dried formulas contain excellent high-quality protein and healthy fats, they have zero moisture, which can put unnecessary strain on your pets organ function over time. If freeze-dried food makes up more than 25% of your pets diet, we recommend adding some bone broth, goat milk, or warm water. Allow the food to soak for 5-10 minutes to absorb the moisture before feeding.

5. Palatability

Freeze-dried foods tend to be a favorite amongst picky pets, commonly small dogs and cats. Heres why: The freeze-drying process yields a final product that smells great and is relatively soft in texture. Prior to hydration, the food is dry but softer than kibble. After hydration, the food resembles canned/wet food. If your pet prefers a shredded texture, simply break up the pieces with a fork or your hand. If they prefer a smooth pate texture, leave the food intact.

6. A Raw Transition Meal

Many pet-owners become frustrated if their pet doesnt instantly fall in love with a frozen raw diet. For some pets, this transition can be off-putting: to go from eating a processed, extruded dry kibble to a cold, wet raw meal . Freeze-dried formulas can help to bridge the gap with a room-temperature, palatable, fragrant, enticing meal that can gradually replace your pets kibble without the shocking change.

7. A Frozen Raw Back-Up Meal

The Benefits Of Freeze Dried Dog Food

Nulo FreeStyle Grain

So, why should you feed your four-legged family member freeze dried dog food? Heres a look at some of the benefits that are associated with this type of diet:

  • Its highly nutritious. The best freeze dried dog food is comprised of the highest quality ingredients usually more than 90 percent is made up of real animal meat, marrow, bones, and other animal-based products. It can also contain fruits and veggies. Combined, freeze dried dog food offers a bevy of vital nutrients that your dog needs to thrive.
  • No harsh chemicals. Since the freeze drying process naturally preserves the food, theres no need for artificial preservatives, which means that your pup wont be exposed to harsh chemicals. Additionally, the highest quality freeze dried foods are free of hormones and other agents that have been found to cause adverse effects.
  • Its easier. While a raw diet can certainly offer your pup many benefits, its also pretty complicated. If you dont want to deal with the hassle of preparing a raw meal, freeze dried food is an easy solution just add water or mix it in with your pups wet food and hell get all of the goodness of a raw diet.
  • Palatable taste. Lastly, freeze dried dog food usually has a highly palatable flavor. Thats because its made of the best possible ingredients and the flavor of those ingredients is locked right in.

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Challenges And Opportunities That Patients On Raw Diets Present To Veterinarians

A surprising number of veterinary canine and feline patients are being fed RMBDs, and/or are being given raw meat, eggs, or treats in addition to their regular food . Clients have learned not to inform their veterinarian . Pet owners who choose to feed RMBDs have lower levels of trust in veterinary advice in general, as well as with respect to nutritional recommendations . These clients present opportunities for veterinarians, supportive and knowledgeable about the advantages and disadvantages of RMBDs, to provide veterinary services and advice to these generally well-informed and conscientious pet owners.

Clients who find that their veterinarian is only negative about RMBDs:

  • Often omit or obfuscate what they are feeding their pet

  • Consider their veterinarian poorly informed about the best nutrition for their pet

  • May believe their veterinarian only cares about selling veterinary pet food and making money

  • May complain to their friends, in person and on social media, about their veterinarian

  • Distrust their veterinarians advice about both medical and nutritional issues, ignoring or questioning veterinary medical recommendations and/or

  • Take their pet veterinary needs elsewhere .

Regulations For Dog Treats

The pet food sector simply is not as strictly regulated as perhaps it should be. What cannot go into human-consumed foods due to regulations, can and often does go into pet products. Often times, by the time a recall hits the news, dogs have already started to display symptoms and side-effects. Also, depending on the issues, pet products often rely on voluntarily recalls that sidestep accountability.

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Raw Or Lightly Processed To Preserve Taste And Nutrients

Most of the manufacturers use raw ingredients or lightly process to ensure they closely resemble their original state.

Secondly, since the preservation happens under a frozen state, the food retains most of its natural taste, nutrients , natural enzymes, and nutrition. Cooking and processing of the usual canned or dog kibble usually degrade heat-sensitive nutrients.

Finally, they retain their initial shape , size, and may also maintain their color and appearance. You can even identify a pea, broccoli, or meat. However, this is not valid for some foods.

How To Feed Freeze Dried Dog Food

What to Feed Your Dog – Raw, Freeze Dried, or Kibble?
  • Open the pack of freeze dried dog food. If it is nuggets, we can serve it directly along with kibbles or separately by crumbling them over food.
  • In the case of freeze dried mixers for dogs, measure out the portion to be served daily. Then add it to a bowl with water. Stir well.
  • After a few minutes, the food will be ready. You can add this type of food to home cooked meals also.

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Kibble Is Unnatural For Dogs To Eat

Despite being around for over 100 years, kibble is not a species appropriate diet for dogs or cats. Dogs were not designed to eat rendered, overly processed, repeatedly cooked food. And we know this because of the health issues our dogs have today after decades of feeding kibble along with the teeth in a dog’s mouth, teeth meant to rip and tear into food, not kibble.

Rodrigo developed a laundry list of health issues due to kibble:

  • gastrointestinal health: kibble is difficult to digest, impacting the GI system and immune system
  • synthetic vitamins: because of Rodrigo’s GI issues, he has a hard time absorbing synthetic nutrients
  • inflammation: kibble is an inflammatory, leading to joint pain and allergies

Pet food manufacturers are trying to lead consumers to believe that adding freeze-dried meat to the food offsets this critique of their food, however, it just doesn’t hold up because the nature of kibble hasn’t changed. As I said above, the freeze-dried meat may improve the kibble for some dogs, but I’m not sure if that improvement offsets the downsides.

Stella & Chewys Chewys Chicken Patties Dinner Freeze

Life stage: Adult dogs of all breeds and sizes, including small, medium and large breeds

Chewys Chicken Freeze-Dried Dinner Patties is a delicious raw adult dog made with minimal processing to resemble this pets ancestral diet closely. It is one of the many premium quality and biological appropriate Stella & Chewys freeze-dried raw dog dinner patties to buy.

Key benefits

  • Protein-rich and nutritious, i.e., it is made with 95% raw, cage-free chicken, organs, and pure chicken bones together with a blend of nutritious 100% organic fruits and vegetables.
  • The food has added vitamins, minerals, and taurine to make it complete and balanced.
  • No added antibiotics, hormones, or fillers, and it doesnt have gluten, peas, potatoes, or grains.
  • It has probiotics to boost digestion and antioxidant to help create an oxidative balance and boost immunity.
  • You can serve it with or without rehydration.

Additional information

  • First ingredients: Chicken with ground bone, chicken liver, chicken gizzard, pumpkin seed, organic cranberries, organic spinach, organic broccoli, organic beets, organic carrots, organic squash, organic blueberries, and fenugreek seed.
  • Calorie content: it has a calculated 4420 kcal ME /kg or 50 kcal/patty
  • Guaranteed analysis: Crude protein : 48%, Crude Fats : 28%, crude fiber : 5.0%, moisture 5.0%, microorganisms : 50,000,000 CFU/Oz.


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What Do People Like And Dislike About Instinct Dog Food

Most people like the balance of price with high-quality ingredients. Those who feed kibble note that the presence of quality ingredients allows dogs to receive benefits of a raw ancestral diet without the mess and uncertainty of a real raw food diet. Its a convenient way to feed dogs excellent nutrition.

Some complaints centered around bag size, which could be too small for owners with very large dogs or more than one dog. Also, freeze dried bits tend to sink to the bottom of the bag, making mixing food up a frustrating endeavor.

Most Popular Freeze Dried Dog Food Brands


Dr Martys

Dr Martys freeze dried dog food is made from premium materials. All the nutrition is packed into a single pack to make our canines overall healthier. Also, their product comes with a mix of multiple proteins, vegetables, and fruits. Of course, we have to mix this well with water for good immunity, digestion health.

Stella & Chewys

Stella and Chewys premium dog patties serve as the best organic freeze dried food for pets in the market. These patties are best for dinner meals, and our dogs loved their taste from common meat products added. This food can be used as a topping for regular home cooked meals as well.


Most of their freeze dried products are in nuggets form. This saves time in measuring portions of food and mixing with water to serve. They also come in a delicious beef flavor that our dogs love. Other flavors are also available for sale. Only high quality ingredients are used in creating the best dry freeze dog food.

Natures blend

Natures blend has made the best quality freeze dried dog food in the market for wholesome nutrition to pets. This pet food brand is preferred by the pet owner for all adult dogs with good activity levels. Also, their protein levels are high, thereby increasing the fat proportion as well. Various meats are added in one pack for better results.

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Instinct Freeze Dried Raw Boost Mixers Grain

Top 5 Ingredients: Chicken , Chicken Liver, Pumpkinseeds, Chicken Heart, Dried Pumpkin

This dog food topper from Instinct is another good option for owners who want to supplement their dogs dry kibble. It is grain-free to reduce allergies and contains raw fiber and live probiotics for optimal digestive health and includes cage-free chicken, pumpkin, sweet potato, and more. This topper is a great pick for those who want to try and see if freeze-dried is to their dogs liking.

Kibble Contains Unnecessary Carbs

The addition of freeze-dried meat doesn’t take away the higher percentage of carbohydrates that are in kibble even the grain-free kibble. While carbs are a quick way to gain energy, they are also contributing to obesity and diabetes in our dogs. And when they break down into sugar, they serve as a food source for cancer cells.

A better source of energy is protein and fat. Raw dog food provides dogs with fuel to support an active lifestyle without increasing their blood sugar or breaking down into sugars.

Just like with humans, if a dog has a reserve of carbohydrates in their system, their body will consume those carbs for energy first, because it’s easy to process. This leaves fat to be stored . If there are little to no carbs, then a dog’s system will consume the fat in the diet for energy.

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Best Freeze Dried Food For Dog Buying Guide

We have concentrated so far on various products that are the best organic freeze dried dog food in the market. All the items were either in mix, nuggets, or broth form. We could easily mix up dehydrated foods with water to form a complete meal within minutes. The forthcoming sections will include a buying guide that gives all answers to generic questions about freeze dried dog food. Also, a small segment of FAQs will provide quick and knowledgeable information with proper facts to decide the best food suitable for your pet at home. As we did, choose the best flavor profile possible to get them licking the bowl completely.

About Wellness Core Dog Food Products With 100% Freeze Dried Meat:

Freeze Dried Dog Food? Providing shelf stable fresh food for your dog

At Wellness CORE we believe firmly in always doing things the right way and never the easy way, so our freeze dried products feature only 100% meat ingredients. We produce our freeze-dried products in our company-owned facilities in Minneapolis, MN.

Wellness CORE offers pet parents premium freeze dried products such as Wellness CORE Bowl Boosters. Wellness CORE Bowl Boosters are freeze dried meat pieces that can be added to any current wet or dry dog food to customize a dogs meal and add some extra protein. At Wellness, we also offer Wellness CORE RawRev, which combines Wellness COREs nutrient-dense, high-protein kibble with pieces of 100% freeze dried meat evenly dispersed throughout the bag. The inclusion of these 100% freeze dried meat pieces in every scoop means your dog will get the crave worthy aroma of meat along with the nutritional benefits of high-protein, mineral-rich freeze-dried meat.

Our Wellness CORE RawRev dog foods are available in both grain free and with wholesome grains varieties. Wellness CORE Bowl Boosters can be added to your dogs existing food without transitioning, but if you are planning on transitioning your dog from a current food to Wellness CORE RawRev with freeze-dried meat, you should slowly transition your dog to the new food over the course of 3-5 days to avoid any digestive issues.

Has your dog tried Wellness CORE RawRev? If so, share your photos by using @wellnesspetfood and #WellnessCORERawRev on , or for a chance to be featured.

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Should You Freeze Dry Dog Food Pros Cons And Tips

Freeze drying is a fast-growing method of food preservation across the US. The availability of cheaper and more readily available home freeze-drying units means that many people are beginning to start doing this themselves. Of course, this extends beyond just peoples food, and many people are starting to see the benefits of feeding their canine companions freeze-dried foods too.

Freeze-drying dog kibble may not be worth it, as it already has a shelf-life of up to several months. Freeze-drying foods for a dogs consumption may be worth it both financially and for storage, especially if the dog eats a more natural or raw diet.

Freeze-dried food lasts for an extremely long time, as well as retaining taste and texture benefits that other storage solutions dont. But is this a good way to make feeding your pooch that little bit easier? Read on to find out more in our comprehensive guide to how you can make your dogs food last that little bit longer

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