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Is Dehydrated Food Good For Dogs

How Is Kibble Made

4 Dehydrated Foods For Your Dog | Chewy

The mixed raw ingredients are cooked under high pressure and temperatures to make kibble. The cooked pet food is then extruded through a die to give it unique shapes.

The extrusion cooking technology creates kibble with a 200-300 g/kg moisture level. The wet kibble is dried at high temperatures to reduce the moisture content between 60 and 90 g/kg to prolong shelf life.

This production methods benefits include excellent pasteurization, density control, nutrient retention, and flexibility.

Kibbles raw ingredients often cook at 340°F and 2-3 bars of pressure for up to 15 seconds inside an extruder. The high temperature and pressure cooking are one of the kibbles primary shortcomings, lowering its nutritional value.

How Do You Dehydrate Ground Beef For Dogs

As soon as you score the meat into a checkerboard pattern using a blunt knife, you can cut it up by cutting it into bite size pieces. For best results, let the whole thing rest for 2 days on the baking sheet before removing it and dropping it over the sink as carefully as possible to eliminate any grease seen.

Dehydrated Veggie Treats For Dogs: Cheap Healthy And Homemade

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Does your dog love the taste of dehydrated whole foods like sweet potato chews or crispy green beans? Have you been surprised by the price point of these snacks at the pet store? Try making them at home!

Heres exactly how to make dehydrated veggie snacks for your dog with the greatest of ease. If you dont have a dehydrator or arent sure youre ready to commit to one, you can use your oven on the lowest setting for similar results.

Dehydrating is an interesting method. All the work is upfront when youre prepping and blanching your veggies. After that, sit back for about eight hours and wait for your tasty, healthy goodies to be ready.

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Is Dehydrated Food The Same As Freeze Dried

Yep! Food with a high level of nutrition stays fresh as long as it is dehydrated, whereas freeze dried retains less moisture than dehydrated but has an extended shelf life. Compared to dehydrated foods, freeze dried food rehydrates more rapidly, due to its better composition and lower porous nature.

Sojos Complete Natural Raw Freeze

Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Dog Food

Top 5 Ingredients: Turkey, Sweet Potatoes, Whole Egg, Broccoli, Apples

If youre looking for a fresh and flavorful alternative to kibble, Sojas dog food topper is all you need. This nutritious formula adds extra flavor to everyday dog food. You can easily serve this food by adding water. It contains high-quality lean protein and has limited fat content. Plus, the carbs come from easily digestible sweet potatoes. It also contains superfoods like cranberries and broccoli. If youre looking for dog food with omega oils and vitamins, this one is a great choice.

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Benefits Of Green Tripe For Dogs

Green tripe is full of natural enzymes that promote a healthy digestive system. Its also full of natural omega-three fatty acids.

These essential fatty acids help your pup maintain healthy skin and coat while also helping to build a healthy immune system, improving joint health, and assisting with brain development.

Green tripe will also help your pet build a healthier digestive system due to the enzymes and bacteria contained therein.

The pungent smell of green tripe can also help encourage picky eaters and senior dogs to eat their food.

There is also an environmental benefit in that you are helping to get rid of products that would otherwise just have gone to waste. This reduces the amount of land needed for cows and agriculture.

What Is Dehydrated Dog Food

Dehydrating is the oldest food preservation method known to man hence its only fitting that he extends it to his best friend. Its the cheapest, healthiest, and easiest way to preserve fresh food.

Drying fresh food requires heating it over low heat to remove the water content, much like sun drying. The dehydration process mimics the sun, but it occurs in a controlled environment.

Dehydrated dog food has all the benefits of raw unprocessed foods, including high nutrients bioavailability and minimal processing. It combines the best of dry and wet dog foods since the dehydration process preserves all the nutrients and goodness your pet needs to stay healthy.

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What Is The Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Food For Dogs

This dog food is a whole grain recipe made with real, whole-food ingredients that are gently dehydrated to maintain nutrients and taste.

According to The Honest Kitchen, in order for their food to meet their human-grade standard, they use the same whole foods youd recognize in your own kitchen in their dog food and make their recipes in a human food facility.

All you have to do is add warm water and wait three minutes for a tasty, homemade meal that your dog will love!

Some of the different recipes you can choose from for your pup include:

To give you an idea of the ingredients used, here are the ones for the turkey and fish recipe that we tried:


Dehydrated turkey, organic barley, organic oats, organic flaxseed, dehydrated eggs, dehydrated carrots, dehydrated white fish, dried organic coconut, dehydrated pumpkin, organic quinoa, dehydrated turkey bone broth, dried parsley, dehydrated broccoli, dehydrated kale, dried apples, turmeric, minerals , taurine, vitamins , fish oil .

Why Make Dog Treats

How To Make Homemade Dehydrated Dog Food For Travel | Dr. Peter Dobias

For the same reason everyone loves warm, fresh bread versus store bought. Homemade just tastes better! Plus you are in control of every single ingredient that goes into your dogs mouth. As pet parents we need to have a good baseline understanding of easy and healthy ways to take care of pups. Knowing how to make healthy and whole dog treats is one of the easiest things to do for our dogs. Specially in this day-and-age of pet food and treat recalls.

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Types Of Tripes For Dogs

The word tripe essentially just refers to the stomach lining of any animal. Beef tripe, which is the most common, actually comes in four forms.

Smooth tripe originates in the first ruminating stomach, while honeycomb-textured tripe comes from the second stomach or reticulum. These are the two types of tripes that are the most widely consumed.

The green of the name has no reference to the color of the tripe but instead means that the product has not been altered in any way for human consumption by blanching, cleaning, scalding, or cooking.

Green tripe is, in fact, brown, although the consumed grass can give it a slight greenish hue.

What Dog Foods Are Killing Dogs

A pet food recall is widening after the Food and Drug Administration announced that more than two dozen dogs died after eating Sportmix brand dry kibble. The statement issued on Monday said that the suspect is aflatoxin, a byproduct of a corn mold Aspergillus flavus, which at high levels can kill pets.

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Review Of Food Dehydrator

About this dehydrator

  • It has 5 trays which means you have plenty of room to do a variety of dog treats in there.
  • Temperature ranges from 95 to 155 degrees
  • You can make fruit or meat treats. Both work really well.
  • The fan at the bottom means the treats dry well and there it no need to rotate them

About this dehydrator

  • The fan is at the rear so you get good air flow around the machine and dont need to rotate your shelves.
  • Adjustable temperature and digital timer so you get things dehydrated perfectly.
  • 7 adjustable trays and each tray is 13 X 12
  • Trays are dishwasher safe
  • It dehydrates meat and fruits so plenty of choice for dog treats.
  • Easy to use controls simple temperature control and start button
  • 5 easy to clean trays

Is Air Dried Dog Food Better Than Kibble

The Best Freeze Dried Dog Food for Optimal Heart Health ...

Premium air dried dog food not only offers minimally processed ingredients, but contains more than 70 percent protein than most pet foods which is then mixed with veggies, antioxidants, and fruits. The air-drying process also kills dangerous pathogenic bacteria, making the food a safer option for both people and pets.

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Is Pedigree Really That Bad

It is not in your dogs best interest to purchase a low-priced dog food, regardless of the price, as well as the fact you did not know it was so good. Describe the context of this issue. In spite of the fact that Pedigree has been highly recommended by many people for many years, high-quality food hasnt been introduced to the market.

Do I Have To Be An Iron Chef

Heck no! If I can do it, then you can do it. Basically you need a dehydrator, a good knife and mandolin, and something to store the treats in. Making dehydrated foods for cost saving dog treats doesnt require a lot of expertise. You simply need to slice the food to the desired size and allow it to dry in the dehydrator. This is the basic process. Some foods may require modifications, like jerky sticks.

While there are several methods of making homemade dog treats, including baking, we like the dehydration method for its simplicity! And the fast that the treats retain much of their nutritional value and preserves the food for quite some time when properly stored.

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To Grain Or Not To Grain: Do Dogs Need Grain

Most green tripe products are grain and gluten-free to make it easier for your pet to digest these products. These products are thus also ideal for pets with allergies to corn, wheat, and soy.

In addition to being grain-free, many green tripe products are also sourced from free-range grass-fed cows, lamb, or venison, so you can be 100% sure that no allergens are included in your pets diet through these protein sources.

What Are The Top 6 Dehydrated Foods For Cost Saving Dog Treats

The Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Pet Food

The beauty of dehydrated treats is how easy they are to make. Wash. Slice. Lay flat, not touching, in the dehydrator. Set the timer. Go about your day. Ding, ding, ding, treat time! Once you do this enough times your dogs will figure out what you are doing and come running when the timer goes off.

Dogs Theyre so Pavlovian.

Well, I guess I do the same thing when the pizza oven timer goes off.

So, here they are: the top 6 dehydrated foods for cost saving dog treats!

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Super Easy Liver Dog Treats

Buy your liver in any protein you like. .Slice into 1/8 to 3/8 pieces. Layout on your dehydrator trays and dry for 3 12 hours. The middle should be dry and moisture free, with the same colour throughout. To make sure all of the bacteria has been cooked out and your homemade dog treats are safe to eat, preheat the oven to 275F, layout your dried liver dog treats on a pan and bake for 10 minutes

Want to be a bit different? Dont limit yourself to liver, try making dehydrator dogs treat out of any organ meat.

Can Dogs Eat Dehydrated Food Without Water

Make sure the food is given enough water and time to hydrate. It is very important that the food is covered with sufficient hot water to allow it to rehydrate. The time taken for the hot water to cool is sufficient for this process to take place. Dehydrated food should never be fed to a dog without proper rehydration.

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Is Dehydrated Dog Food Better Than Dry Dog Food

Dehydrated food is less processed and healthier than a kibble diet. With respect to the process of removing moisture from dehydrated foods, the taste, texture, and nutrients in the food often change. Some minerals as well as vitamins break down during the process of dehydration and contribute to lesser nutrient levels.

Dehydrated Dog Food Vs Kibble: Which One Should You Pick

Top 15 Best Dehydrated Dog Food Brands in 2018 (Air ...

Dehydrated dog food provides healthy, nutritious, and tasty sustenance for your dog. The food undergoes minimal processing and doesnt contain unnecessary fillers or ingredients. Drying preserves most of the nutrients, and the ingredients retain their original taste, smell, and flavor.

With kibble, the ingredients are pulverized and cooked under high heat and pressure. The resultant product bears no traces of the original components, and its laced with flavor and other additives to make it appealing to pets. The pet food is high in starch but often contains added macro and micronutrients to meet a dogs nutritional requirements.

Dehydrated dog food makes a better diet for your pet since it is more beneficial, highly nutritious, and contains no fillers, additives, and preservatives. You can feed it to your canine friend without putting their health and well-being at risk.

Kibble is best suited as a snack or an occasional snack instead of making it your dogs regular meal. A sustained kibble diet could lead to serious health problems, including diabetes and unhealthy weight gains.

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What Is Tripe And What Is The Best Green Tripe For Dogs

Have you heard about green tripe but are unsure what exactly it is, where to get it, or how to feed it to your dog? Well, youve come to the right place.

In this article, well have a closer look at the different green tripe dog foods and treats and their pros and cons.

Well also answer some frequently asked questions about feeding green tripe to your furry friend.

Best Bully Sticks 100% Natural Beef Green Tripe Dog Chews

Our rating: 4.5Top Ingredients: Natural Beef TripeType: Raw

High in protein and low in fat, these natural dog treats are made from green beef tripe. Made from grass-fed, free-range cattle, these treats are naturally grain and gluten-free.

They are also free from any preservatives, hormones, and chemicals.


  • The natural grooves of these treats help support dental health by getting rid of tartar and plaque
  • These fully digestible treats are ideally suited for dogs of all sizes


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Are There Other Options For Raw Dog Food

There are several options for raw dog food including frozen, air baked, lightly cooked, and homemade raw food. Each of these options come with pros and cons but the heating/cooking concern associated with dehydrated dog foodthe nutritional losscan also occur with air baked and other forms of cooked food.

Homemade raw food can also be a difficult choice. Either youre serving food that is in its raw form or cooking the ingredients. These purely raw ingredients can be difficult and expensive to access. If youre buying raw meat from the grocery store, you are getting meat thats intended for humans to cook and consume meaning there could be bacteria and other concerns that make this food unsafe for dogs. Additionally, youre relying on yourself, instead of commercially tested dog foods, to provide a balanced diet for your pup.

Frozen raw dog food is a great alternative to freeze-dried food. It maintains the nutritional value by starting frozen and staying frozen throughout the entire process, and offers the closest alternative to a wild dogs natural diet. The main concern with frozen dog food is it requires additional time and effort to thaw before serving .

How To Make Homemade Dehydrated Dog Food

Dog’s first taste of dehydrated dog food
A healthy way to travel with dogs

Today I am writing on a train with sweet little Pax at my feet, snoozing away after running a few errands in Prague. Perhaps you are wondering why I am not taking the North American approach of driving taking trains in Europe is easy and once again, dog-friendly! I know I keep mentioning how dog-friendly the EU is in general, but there is also the other side of the coin.

We were supposed to be back home in Vancouver on Thursday, unfortunately, British Airways made a mistake with one of the documents we needed to enter the UK transit space and despite Pax being confirmed two weeks before, we were not allowed fly. It was pretty stressful except as you see in this picture, he was just his happy self!

I am not sure if I mentioned this in the previous newsletters, but my mother has been in the hospital for more than three weeks and is finally somehow recovering. It has been tough on her and on the family too and Pax has done a great job of cheering everyone up, including my mom. I do have a picture of him in the hospital, but as a courtesy to my mom, this time, I will not be posting it. Just imagine, Pax hanging out at her bedside, sweet as always!

Thankfully, Pax is healthy as a horse growing crazy-fast. His coat is soft and shiny and in terms of his energy, his body feels, touch wood, very balanced. Of course, I am thrilled because Pax is my first pup that I have started on our Essentials. .

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Is Dehydrated The Same As Air

Dehydrated dog food is the same as air-dried dog food.4

Essentially, air-drying is a method of dehydrating or removing much of the moisture in the food. In dehydrated dog food, moisture is removed slowly by low heat.3 It is unknown if the quality of nutrients are highly affected by the dehydration process.3

Just like the freeze-drying process, dehydration may reduce some bacteria however, some bacteria survive the process.3

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