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Is Crave Dog Food Grain Free

What People Like And Dislike About Crave Dog Food:

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Different pet owners expressed that their dogs love the taste of the crave dog food. The thing they love in their product is that they dont contain cheap fillers and artificial flavors or colors. The second thing most people like about crave food is their grain-free range that can prevent your dogs from different stomach diseases. The best part of their formula is their first ingredient is real meat that most dogs love about them. Pet owners think that crave dog formula is a complete and healthy diet for their canines.

What most people complain about their dog food is that their kibble bag size is too small for the dog. People notice that the kibble size is smaller than the other kibble size available in the market.

Are There Any Drawbacks

Crave is seeking to revolutionize the way owners approach feeding their canines by tapping into their ancestral diet. This is an approach that wont suit every pooch but does have some potential benefits.

Although there is paté available for wet food fans, there are currently no jelly or gravy recipes available. Picky eaters may turn their noses up, particularly if theyre more familiar with a moister type of food.

The lack of variety may be a problem for other dogs who have specific dietary needs. This includes puppies and senior dogs, neither of which are catered for in the range.

Crave also doesnt differentiate for active or large dogs, and offers a one-size-fits-all approach which will be unpalatable to some.

The other problem relates to allergies. Although Crave is grain-free, chicken is another common allergen that dogs struggle with.

Out of the eight available wet food products, six contain chicken. One dry food product also contains chicken. This seriously limits the options available for any dog who has a chicken allergy.

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Crave Beef Pate Grain

Made with real beef as the first ingredient, this canned dog food helps keep your dogs muscles lean and healthy. 99% of the protein in this product is sourced from animals, which is a plus!

The recipe is packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and omega fatty acids to keep your dog at peak performance. The food can be fed as a complete meal or to accompany your dogs dry food. In addition to being grain-free, this Crave dog food is free of soy, corn, wheat, chicken by-product meal, artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

The pate texture of this canned dog food makes it easy for your dog to chew and enjoy. Its suitable for dogs of all shapes and sizes too!

Reviews for this Crave dog food are mostly positive and many consumers have found it works very well for their dog, especially paired with dry dog food for some added flavor and nutrients.

Although the majority of dogs enjoy the taste of this canned dog food, some picky eaters might take a while to warm up to it. This could be due to the gelatinous texture. Additionally, chicken is listed quite heavily in the product even though it is beef flavored. Some owners of dogs with food allergies have found this to be a little misleading.

Additionally, guar gum and carrageenan are listed in the ingredients.


  • Real beef as the first ingredient
  • Contains a good amount of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients
  • Grain-free
  • Could be unpalatable for picky eaters
  • Recipe contains chicken
  • Contains guar gum and carrageenan

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What Types Of Dog Foods Does Crave Offer

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Crave offers a line of dry and a line of wet dog food. They arent separated by life stage or breed size, but most of the recipes would be suitable for most life stages beyond puppyhood. We wouldnt recommend feeding for your younger puppies because it may be difficult to tell if your puppy is getting enough DHA or other elements critical for growth.

The wet formulas could be good for seniors or small breeds who need a little help with chewing. Theyre also good for dogs who are especially picky and need some incentive to eat dry kibble. The recipes are somewhat similar, focusing on the four main protein types and both use grain free complex carbohydrates.

All the formulas use peas and legumes, so talk to your veterinarian first before switching to these foods. They could be great for dogs with grain sensitivities, but there has been a tentative link established between diets rich in peas and legumes and the possibility of an enlarged heart .

Rich In Protein And Full Of Flavor

CRAVE High Protein Adult Grain Free Natural Dry Dog Food ...

Your dog deserves the best nutrition. Feeding your pup a diet inspired by his ancestors means feeding him a diet that’s rich in animal proteins and full of flavor. Each Crave formula contains no chicken by-product meal no corn, wheat or soy protein no artificial flavors or colors and no artificial preservatives.

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Which Types Of Dogs Is Crave Best Suited For

As protein is an important nutrient for all dogs, it is essential in every formula of pet food you consider. That being said, recipes that concentrate on this nutritional value and lack in others can be better suited for active canines like working dogs and other high-activity level pups.

As mentioned, Crave offers both wet and dry dog food, and all of their recipes are grain-free. Although this is good for any pets that have wheat or corn allergies, healthy grains can be very beneficial to a dogs diet which we will discuss in further detail below.

It is also interesting to note that this brand has more canned food formulas than dry. Their recipe is broken into two categories the first is pate meals with added shredded chicken. The second is basic meat-based formulas. Also, keep in mind that all of their canned meals are made in the standard pate form.

  • Salmon and ocean fish

Crave Dog Food Recall History

At the time this article was written, the Crave pet food line has not had any recalls. You want to keep in mind, however, that when looking at recalls you want to take into consideration the company that manufactures and produces the food, as they are responsible for the outcome of the final product. It is also they who will be issuing any recalls.

That being said, Mars Petcare has had its fair share of recalls in the past. Most recently, they voluntarily recalled Cesar filet mignon wet dog food after pieces of plastic were found in the containers.

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Salmon And Ocean Fish

Finding a dog food with a high protein count and fish as the #1 ingredient is not the easiest thing in the world, but Crave delivers with this blend. Much like the Lamb and Venison mix, however, buyers should be aware of the fact that this formula also makes use of chicken meal, meaning that it might not be suitable for dogs with severe allergies to that protein. That said, however, it is an all around high quality food, and is fortified with plenty of vitamins and minerals to ensure a healthy, balanced meal in every bowl.

What Do People Like And Dislike About Crave Food

Crave Dog Food – Top 5 Best Grain Free Dog Foods 2018

The taste was a critical reason for high reviews from many happy customers. They expressed joy that their dogs tended to like the taste and actually look forward to eating their kibble. They also liked that the food contained none of the usual cheap fillers and seemed to help their dogs maintain energy and stamina all day long.

The lack of grains is a huge plus for those dogs with sensitive systems. If your dog is itchy and has constant bowel issues, getting rid of gluten and grains could help settle those problems. Check with your veterinarian before switching foods and be sure to transition your dog slowly.

Most of the complaints centered around kibble bag sizes. The largest size currently available is a 22-pound bag, which could be fine for a single dog household, but multiple dog households may find that inconvenient. Also, people noted that the kibble size seems significantly smaller than standard kibble, which could make it difficult for larger dogs to consume.

One complaint is the use of peas and legumes to take the place of grains. If your dog is a breed already susceptible to an enlarged heart, the extra taurine from these ingredients could hasten the condition. Talk to your vet first before you begin the transition.

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Crave High Protein Chicken Adult Grain

Crave food claims that this product contains animal-rich protein. This product does not contain any meat by-products or grains such as corn, soy, etc. So, Crave high protein Chicken adult grain-free dog food is rich in animal protein and flavor that is a real treat for your pooches.

  • The formula may contain chicken that may cause allergies to some dogs.

Healthy Ingredients And Benefits

As described in the mission statement from Crave, protein is the main focus of their recipes. Compared to other brands, the protein content is much higher than you might find elsewhere.

In the past, there had been a school of thought that suggested too much protein was a bad thing, but experts now agree thats not the case.

Providing the protein is easily digestible and from a quality source, dogs can cope with far more than previously advised.

This is the basis of Craves philosophy and a quick glance at their labels reveals a number of different protein sources in the food.

Alongside the meat proteins are plant-based proteins. These include potato protein and pea protein, both of which are vegetable by-products.

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It is common but not desirable for plant proteins to be present in dog foods. Many brands use it as a cost-effective way to bump up the total protein content.

Canines find it much easier to absorb and digest meat-based proteins, so even though plant proteins arent harmful, theyre not ideal.

All of the recipes are grain-free, so if your dog struggles with allergies or digestive upsets, this will be good news. Even if you werent aware of any problems, switching out grain may leave your pooch with more energy than before.

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Crave With Protein From Chicken Adult Grain

This dry dog food from Crave is made with real, farm-raised chicken as the first ingredient. It contains 34% protein, which makes it the perfect meal for dogs who require a lot of protein in their diets.

The recipe is packed with nutrients from meat, vegetables, vitamins, and minerals to ensure your dogs dietary requirements are met. The high-quality and nutritious ingredients in this dog food help fuel your dogs energy levels and keep their immune system healthy.

The recipe is grain-free and doesnt contain any chicken by-product meal, corn, soy, wheat, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

This dry dog food is suitable for dogs of all breeds. All of Craves dog food is made and processed in US facilities.

Reviews for this Crave dog food are very positive, with owners praising the good-quality ingredients used in the recipe. Most dogs seem to really enjoy the flavor of the recipe too!

However, some picky eaters might be a bit reluctant to eat this dog food or grow a bit fussy with it after some time. Additionally, this dog food might cause digestive issues when first switched to it. Make sure you change your dogs diet gradually to try and prevent this from happening.


  • Might not be best for picky eaters
  • Could cause digestive issues at first

What The Labelling Really Says

(24 Pack) CRAVE Grain Free Adult Wet Dog Food Turkey Pate ...

Meat is the first ingredient but its a very ambiguous mix of meat from various kinds of poultry, and fish from various kinds of fish. It includes chicken and salmon, but this will likely be minimal. Usually ambiguous ingredients conceal the fact theyre using the cheapest possible source.

Its possible the vegetables & vegetable extracts as the second ingredient is a similar proportion to the meat. This too is ambiguous, so we have no idea if this is a nutritious inclusion or likely a combination of cheap scraps unusable for human food production.

Crave dog food certainly is high-protein and high-fat, with a respectably low carbohydrate percentage listed as 35%. There appears to be a decent amount of meat in the product, although we must assume some of the protein is comprised of ambiguous vegetables.

The ingredients scream budget, all being ambiguous ask yourself what they could possibly mean by natural flavours. Its worrying to see ambiguous antioxidants listed on a label, which I believe in this case are the carcinogenic chemicals BHA/BHT. These have been tested on rats, causing liver, thyroid, and kidney problems, and allergies to boot.

Vitamins and minerals are not very descriptive and added as a pack . Theyre possibly sourced from China .

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Crave Beef Adult Grain

It is a dry dog food item that comes in 12 lb. bag size. They claim to fulfill the dogs desire for natural animal proteins. Their formula is grain-free with no soy, wheat added to it. That helps your dog to develop a good lean body mass and strengthen muscles. Their perfect formula will never disappoint you and your dog. Keep in mind every dog has different energy requirements this is best suited for adult dogs. In their case also monitor the daily requirement of your canines accordingly. This food package is ideal for dogs above 1 year. It is advised to always present your dog with a little moist food.

  • The product may cause digestive issues to some dogs.
  • The product may not be best for picky eaters.

Is Crave Dog Food Good

All of Craves dog food is grain-free and uses real meat as the first ingredient. This sets the brand apart from other pet food brands owned by Mars, which often use lower quality or inferior ingredients. If youve been previously put off by pet foods made by Mars Petcare for this reason, then Crave could change your mind.

Real meat is preferable as the first ingredient in dog food, so this is definitely a noteworthy feature in Craves dog food. In addition to using real meat as the first ingredient, Crave dog food contains appropriate levels of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Craves dry dog food range, in particular, contains 34% protein, so it is a good choice for most dogs, especially those with high energy levels.

However, Crave does use some low-quality ingredients, namely vegetable by-products like pea protein and potato protein. A good proportion of their pet foods use plant-based proteins. Plant-based proteins are common in a lot of dog foods, unfortunately. Even though plant-based proteins will not hurt your pooch, they are less desirable than animal-based proteins.

Regarding recalls, Crave has had none. It is important to note that other pet food brands owned by Mars have had recalls over the years.

However, when comparing Crave to other dog foods of similar quality, Crave are still a bit costly. A 24-lb bag of American Journey costs about $40 on . American Journey use similar high-quality ingredients as Crave but are a lot less expensive.

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Is Crave Dog Food Good Value

Unlike many of the other pet food brands owned by Mars, Crave is a premium product which doesnt compromise on the quality of ingredients.

Although there are some concerns Crave have been emphatic that their brand is all bout delivered high-meat recipes which are packed with protein.

This means that cost is lower on the agenda, and that is clear from the price point. Crave is not the cheapest dog food youll find and you might need to dig deep to pay for this cost.

Of course, Crave has much higher protein content than many other brands on the market and this should be taken into account when calculating cost. They also use raw meat as their first ingredient, a more expensive item than alternative options.

However, even when compared against other dog foods with a very similar high-protein profile, Crave comes out more expensive than many.

Crave Dog And Cat Food Ingredients

Crave Grain Free With Protein From Lamb And Venison Dry Adult Dog Food, 12 Pound Bag BDSN

The overall nutrition and, more specifically, the protein level of high-quality dog foods tend to get the most focus.

However, ingredients should be just as carefully analyzed else you could be providing your pets with recipes full of fillers and junk. Crave uses a wide range of high-quality meat and fish ingredients to provide a significant proportion of its protein and fat nutrition.

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Crave Dog Food Reviewed

Crave dog food provides your pet with a high-protein, grain-free meal that is available in either a dry or wet formula. They have several different recipes available, however, they are limited in their choice of recipes. That being said, Crave uses real meat as their first ingredient, and all of their products are made within AAFCO guidelines.

Crave Range Of Dog Food

Crave produce a range of both wet and dry food, all of which are based on the same protein-rich philosophy.

They dont currently include any puppy food in their range, nor products specifically formulated for senior pooches.

Their dry food includes:

  • Crave with Protein from Salmon and Ocean Fish
  • Crave with Protein from Beef
  • Crave with Protein from Chicken
  • Crave with Protein from Lamb and Venison

The range of wet food available from Crave includes:

  • Crave Beef Paté with Shreds of Real Chicken
  • Crave Chicken Paté with Shreds of Real Chicken
  • Crave Turkey and Lamb Paté with Shreds of Real Chicken
  • Crave Turkey Paté with Shreds of Real Chicken
  • Crave Beef Paté
  • Crave Chicken and Beef Paté
  • Crave Chicken Paté
  • Crave Turkey Paté

All of the above products place protein front and center, offering a meaty taste that Crave say will be successful in satisfying your dogs primeval appetite.

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