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Is Cesar Dog Food Good For Shih Tzu

Hills Science Diet Sensitive Stomach & Skin Small Breed Adult Formula

Healthy food for Shih Tzu [HD video]

Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Chicken, 2. Brewers Rice, 3. Chicken Meal, 4. Yellow Peas, 5. Cracked Pearled Barley

Its not uncommon for Shih Tzus to have a sensitive stomach. But with this formula, everythings sunshine and roses for Shih Tzus as it contains chicken meal and barley, which are good for trouble-free, healthy digestion. Also, this formula places special emphasis on the coat health of small dogs. Hills Science Diet is one of the biggest names in dog food due to the quality of its ingredients. All ingredients in this product are a product of the United States.

Prebiotics are a feature of this food for Shih Tzus, which greatly improves its digestibility. It contains Omega-6 fatty acids which are a lifesaver for dogs with skin and coat allergies. This formula is not only good for digestion but also improves the immune system with the help of vitamins C and E. It contains no artificial flavors or colors, making this food a great choice for your Shih Tzu.

  • Analysis: Protein 21%, Fat 12%, Fiber 4%, Moisture 10%
  • Caloric content : 392 kcal

Is Cesar Wet Food Good For Dogs

There are allergenic grains and artificial colorings, too. It pains us, but wed have to agree with a number of food reviews this is not really a dog food that youd want your pet to have. However, if youre after the delicious taste that your dog will really love, then Cesar wet dog food is always a good choice.

How To Properly Feed Your Shih Tzu

Usually, dog foods will provide you with instructions regarding the feeding schedule of your Shih Tzu. But if youre doubtful, you can always check with your vet. Usually, the number of daily calories that your Shih Tzu must consume will depend upon their level of activity, their age, their health condition, and their overall bone structure.

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Foods That Are Dangerous For Your Shih Tzu

Is your Shih Tzu eating the right food? It is a big concern for every owner, after all, this is how they will get properly nourished. So, if you are not sure about their diet and that, in turn, is reflecting on their growth, here is a list of foods that are dangerous for your Shih Tzu.

11 Foods That Are Dangerous For Your Shih Tzu

Here are the foods that should never be on your pet canineâs plate â

Halo Holistic Natural Dog Food

foods shih tzus cant eat

Halo holistic dog food is a good choice if you prefer whole meat products over meat meal or dehydrated meat products. The ingredients include whole salmon or chicken as the main sources of protein and do not contain any meat meals or dehydrated protein.

With highly digestible carbohydrates like oats, pearled barley, and whole peas it is another good choice if your Shih Tzu has a sensitive stomach. Due to this superior digestibility, it means your dogs stomach will have to work less hard to process the food and more nutrients absorbed into their system.

This food is grain-free and contains healthy ingredients such as salmon and whitefish, chickpeas, lentils, and non-GMO fruit and vegetables. It has also been designed with reduced calories so is great for maintaining a healthy weight in your dog. Also, this dog food contains no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives and no ingredients are derived from animals raised on antibiotics.

Benefits of Halo Holistic Dog Food:

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Overall Best Dog Foods For Shih Tzus


Overall Best Dog Food for Shih Tzus Ollie dog food is a delicious option that is comprised of human-grade ingredients. It is a unique dog food option that offers a tasty meal your Shih Tzu will enjoy. It is made with whole, fresh ingredients that are processed minimally as a way to retain as many nutrients as possible.

Ollie also makes sure that their meals do not include any artificial ingredients or unnecessary fillers.

Ollie delivers their fresh food directly to your front door, making it super easy for you to give your pup quality nutrition on a regular basis. Although they make their meals with human-grade ingredients, they are packed with nutrition that is made specially for dogs.

Ollie does a fantastic job of providing appetizing, wholesome nutrition to your Shih Tzu without any common allergens. When ingredients are wholesome, they are already packed with flavor and do not require any additives, like artificial flavors.

30% Off at

Most Popular Food for Shih Tzus This dry dog food by Taste of the Wild includes tasty buffalo and bison ingredients that deliver great protein content for your Shih Tzu, an important aspect of your dogs diet that offers lot of energy and helps with the preservation of lean muscle mass for optimal weight control.



  • This is not an organic product
  • This product may include genetically modified ingredients

What Is The Best Wet Food For Small Dogs

PetKind® Tripett Green Beef Tripe & Venison Grain-Free Wet Dog Food. Nulo® Freestyle Turkey & Lentils Recipe Grain-Free Small Breed & Puppy Wet Dog Food. Castor & Pollux® PRISTINE Grain-Free Small Breed Cage-Free Duck Stew Wet Dog Food. Blue Buffalo® Wilderness Small Breed Turkey & Chicken Grill Grain-Free Wet Dog Food.

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Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Senior Wet Dog Foods

View on Chewy |

Blue Buffalo in Wilton, Connecticut, was founded in 2003. Blue Buffalo Homestyle wet dog food contains only high-quality natural ingredients with real meat. Never any soy, wheat, or corn, nor do they add poultry by-product meals to the recipes. Every BLUE wet dog food formula starts with real meat and contains the finest natural ingredients enhanced with vitamins and minerals. A 12.5-oz can of this recipe has 396 calories and the guaranteed analysis shows minimum contents of 7.5% protein 4.5% fat, and 2% fiber. The first five ingredients are chicken, chicken broth, chicken liver, carrots, peas. Depending on the breed, life stage, health, environment, and activity level, every dog will have different nutritional requirements. Maintain optimal body condition by adjusting food as necessary and asking your veterinarian if you have any doubts. Dogs with sensitive stomachs may need to transition to new wet dog food gradually to avoid any digestive upset.

Shih Tzu Dog Food Choices: Should You Give Your Shih Tzu Dry Kibbles Wet Food Raw Diet Or Homemade

Best food for shih tzu puppies | shih tzu puppy food guide and how to feed a puppy #shihtzu #dogfood

There are so many different options of pet food on the market. Some owners even resort to homemade meals. Dry food remains the most popular option as it is convenient.

Kibble size should suit their small frame because large kibbles pose a choking hazard for little dogs. It can also cause indigestion.

Wet food might be more appealing to fussy eaters, but it doesnt have the same oral benefits that kibble provides.

Since Shih Tzus can be rather picky eaters, certain owners have no choice but to feed them wet or raw food. However, it should be mixed with some dry kibble to prevent tooth decay.

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What Are The Best Wet Dog Foods For Huskies

The best wet dog food for a Husky depends on the age of the dog. Husky puppies, adults, and seniors all have different nutritional needs. Adult Huskies can thrive on just about any well-balanced wet dog food. However, Husky puppies are predisposed to develop Hip Dysplasia, a crippling, permanent disease that can be prevented by ensuring their food does not contain too much calcium while they are growing.

Below is a list of top-quality wet dog food for each life stage of Huskies.

  • Husky Puppy Up to 12 Months

Blue Buffalo Wilderness is a natural wet puppy food with real turkey and chicken at the top of the ingredients list to meet all the nutritional needs of a Huskie puppy.

  • Husky Adult 12 months to 8 years

Ollie Fresh Dog Food has the profile of a moisture-rich product containing a significant amount of meat, suitable for Huskies 12 weeks and older.

  • Husky Senior over 8 years

Taste of the Wild Pacific High Prairie Wet Dog Food. The protein content of this is significantly high however, at 44% you wont want to be giving your husky too much of this. This should definitely only be used as a topper for your huskys dry kibble.

Senior Huskies need diets with fewer calories and more protein than the younger huskies. Therefore, the age of a husky plays a significant role in a wet dog food choice.

How Do I Change My Shih Tzu Dogs Diet

You should always do it gradually, whether its just changing brands, recipes, or transitioning to an age-appropriate diet.

Checking their stools is an easy and accurate way of seeing whether the new diet sits well with them. A suitable diet will provide firm, brown stools which should not have any undigested food.

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Important To Know When Caring For A Shih Tzu

If you want to take excellent care of your dog, it is important to know the best options for the particular breed of dog that you have. Breed-specific advice is better than guidelines only about dogs in general.

In this case, you have an adorable Shih Tzu. This small breed definitely has some unique attributes that can affect the type of dog food you choose to feed them.

We will discuss some background information about your dogs common health conditions, as well as diving into the nutrition needed for them to keep healthy.

Shih Tzu Puppy Feeding Chart

3 Best Dog Food For Shih Tzu With Sensitive Stomach

6 Week Old Shiz Tzu Six-week old Shih Tzus are heartwarming and can fit in the palm of your hand, but this does not mean they are ready to go home with you. Baby Shih Tzus still need to be fed by their canine mama because she provides wholesome nutrition during this important developmental stage.

In addition, early time spent with littermates is crucial because it helps your Shih Tzu get socialized and become comfortable interacting with other dogs and humans. This will ensure he grows to be the affectionate and playful pup he is meant to be.

10 Week Old Shih Tzu During the tenth week of your Shih Tzus life, he will already be enjoying the comfort of his new home with you, becoming acquainted with the new environment, and with your family.

At this stage, you should be providing the same food as the breeder. This means a puppy diet should be provided so that he is getting the balanced nutrition his body needs. If you transition your Shih Tzu to a different type of food, make that change slowly.

So long as you start your little one off with the same type of food originally provided by the breeder, you can make future changes with care, incorporating a little bit of the new food along with the old food until your pup is fully transitioned.

Puppies need extra time to get used to a new diet. If changes are made too hurriedly, your Shih Tzu puppy will probably experience gastrointestinal discomfort, something that can be avoided with proper attention and care.

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General Nutritional Guidelines For Shih Tzus

The best food for Shih Tzus should have a good balance of three main nutrients: protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Protein helps build your dogs muscle and tissues. Fats provide support for your dogs brain, immunity, skin/coat and are also a source of energy. Carbohydrates give dietary fiber that will support your dogs digestive system along with providing some vitamins and minerals.

Proteins are the most important out of all three, because dogs are largely carnivorous and would benefit the most from this nutriet. But did you know that protein can come from both plant and animal sources? Do note, though, that dogs can mostly process meat-based protein better than plant-based ones, so you should ideally look into food that has meat-based protein sources.

Fat is the second most important nutrient in your Shih Tzu puppy food, as it is the most concentrated source of energy for a dog. Similar to protein, the fats in your dogs food should come from meat-based sources. Plant fat can be used to balance out the fatty acid contents of food as well. Fats can also help your dog utilize fat-soluble vitamins better.

Best Dog Food For Shih Tzu Adults

Once your Shih Tzu becomes an adult, shell need less calorie-dense food to help maintain her weight while getting all the essential, high-quality nutrients to stay fit and active.

Its also best to feed her a diet that will help stave off any health issues to ensure the longevity of your pooch.

1. Wellness Beef Stew Grain-Free Dog Food

Our rating: 5Top ingredients: Beef, Beef Broth, Water Sufficient for ProcessingType: Wet Stew

You may have a Shih Tzu who prefers wet dog food over dry kibbles, and this option is worth checking out. Its a recipe formulated by animal lovers, veterinarians, and nutritionists.

They made sure that breeds of all sizes would get the right nutritional balance.


  • Crafted with nutrient-rich veggies and premium real meat slow-cooked into a savory and palatable gravy
  • Developed with added minerals and vitamins to ensure dogs get a complete diet when consuming this wet dog food as a snack or as a meal
  • Free of grains, additives, artificial preservatives, fillers, and meat by-products


2. Hills Science Diet Adult Small Paws Dry Dog Food

Our rating: 5Top ingredients: Chicken Meal, Brewers Rice, Whole Grain WheatType: Dry

Boost your dogs healthy lifestyle and immune system with a nourishing recipe made for adult canines who are 1 to 6 years old.

Its made with high-quality protein, wholesome ingredients that promote a shinier coat and healthier skin, muscle and bone strength, and more!







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Best Adult Specific Food: Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Shih Tzu Adult Dry Dog Food

Best Adult Specific Shih Tzu Food

This food is designed not just specifically for small dogs, but for Shih Tzus in particular. This means its the best-suited option on the market for their specific health concerns and dietary requirements. It also has the signature Royal Canin kibble shape, which allows the Shih Tzu to successfully munch the pieces in spite of their larger underbite. It supports skin health with antioxidants and vitamin E, which ensures your Shih Tzus coat will always look its shiny best. Its also highly digestible and high in fiber, which can help promote healthier stools.

Pros and Cons

  • For Shih Tzus with particularly bad allergies, a specific breed of food like this one can minimize potential flare-ups.
  • For Shih Tzus suffering from chronic health conditions, many vets recommend this specific food to try to cover all bases in terms of well being.
  • While most healthier Shih Tzu food options can have an unpleasant odor, many claim this one to be very mild and inoffensive.
  • Some owners comment that this can be difficult to wean your pet on to at first. Many Shih Tzus prefer an unhealthier flavor . However, if you persevere, its likely your pet will eventually come around and its well worth it to ensure they stay in the best of health.

So What About Fruits And Vegetables Even Apples

Which is the best food for puppies ? Complete dog food guide, shih tzu eating habits, #shihtzuFood

Well, a bit like for humans, fruit and vegetables are good for Shih Tzus too. Remember to keep in mind the list above of foods they shouldnt eat though.

An apple, for example, provides a crunchy treat that can be great for your dogs dental health. Additionally, it is packed with nutrients that are good for their health!

Other fruits that are not only good for you but your Shih Tzu as well, include peaches, pears, melons, berries, and bananas. Make sure your beloved pet does not each the pit from any fruit though. Remove any seeds or pits before feeding the fruit to your pet.

Avoid canned fruit or canned food as it is often swimming in sugary syrup and your Shih Tzu does not need that added sugar in their diets.

However, if you are buying quality dog food, it should have the right combination of food- even including fruits and vegetables, so you wont have to feed them anything else.

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Royal Canin Canned Puppy Food

With Royal Canin Puppy Food you can give your Shih Tzu a balanced meal that they’ll love with this nutrient-rich wet food featuring Vitamins C and E, taurine, and fish oil to help support your pup’s developing immune system, digestion, and growth.

Your dog will get everything she needs, all in a delicious pate-style recipe.

What Are The Best Wet Dog Foods For Dogs With Pancreatitis

Choosing the best wet dog food for a pup with pancreatitis is crucial. Pancreatitis is a serious, painful condition. One of the dietary tools vets often use to ease the dogs pancreatic enzyme production is a low-fat, highly digestible diet while allowing the pancreas recovery time.

A palatable, digestible low-fat wet dog food, formulated for dogs that may have difficulties digesting fat and pancreatic issues. Prebiotics help with maintaining the balance of good bacteria in the gut. A blend of dietary fibers supports healthy digestion for optimal stool quality. Omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, from fish oil help nourish and soothe the GI tract. A precise blend of antioxidants supports a healthy immune system.

In severe cases, pancreatitis can affect the health of the liver and other neighboring organs. It is crucial to take your dog to your trusted veterinarian if you suspect pancreatitis

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